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How To Manifest Money On A Full Moon

How To Manifest Money On A Full Moon

The full moon is one of the most potent and absolutely free sources of energy available to supercharge your manifestations.

The time of a full moon is definitely the perfect time to alchemize any money manifestation into full bloom!

This article will guide you through exactly how to manifest money on a full moon.

It is always important and interesting to gain a foundational understanding of the energy you are intending to work with.

Through reading onwards you will gain insight into the mystical power of the full moon and how this power influences you on many levels which includes enhancing your manifestation powers. 

This article will bring you the inspiration, insight, and guidelines of exactly how you can actualize your money manifestations on the next full moon cycle that you choose.

The Influence of The Full Moon

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A brief understanding of the cycles of the moon

From the vantage point of planet earth, we are constantly influenced by the moon at its various phases.

These phases are broadly classified as the new moon, the waxing moon, the full moon and the waning moon.

Each phase, and in fact the entire moon cycle can be used in your manifestation practice, every stage has a specific energy and focus.

This article is really about deeply delving into the most powerful energetic peak of the moon cycle, being the time of the full moon.

The full moon, our planet, and the elements

Our earth's gravity attracts the moon and keeps it in constant orbit with us.

Our moon is actually one of the biggest moons in our solar system and it also has a unique pull on the earth, this is a very powerful pull, so strong that it affects all the water found on our planet.

The energy of the moon is constantly, cyclically pulling and releasing at our waters. So many animal life cycles are inextricably linked to the moon both those in the ocean and on land and this definitely includes humans.

The moon affects us both internally and externally, creating tides as the earth turns and energetic tides within our human bodies.

The moon is also known to hold the earth's axial tilt in place which is essential in stabilizing our seasons and weather, therefore, ensuring the suitable conditions which allow for life to exist and thrive on earth.

The full moon and our body system

All the stars, planets, and celestial bodies including the moon emanate frequencies that affect us on various subtle and physical levels.

The frequencies of the moon affect our mental body, which is linked to our thoughts, emotions, and desires.

The moon amplifies our awareness of the activity of the subconscious mind.

We are rhythmically aligned with a magnificent full moon once every month and can more fully understand the energy it offers by observing the effects it has on us as humans.

The moon cycle is synchronized with both our physical and our energetic bodies’.

Within our physical form, the water in our body is impacted by the moon.

Our energetic field is also interacting with this energetic presence, the full moon has an energetic effect of enhancing what energy is already present.

During a full moon, we can indulge in a heightened perception of our subconscious and etheric form. We can learn to harness the effects of this energy and use it to our benefit.

The full moon energy and symbolism

The energy of the moon is often representative of the feminine life force. We can clearly observe this connection through the fascinating cycles of the female body.

It is an interesting fact that the majority of births take place on the full moon, the female menstrual cycle is inextricably linked to the moon cycles. The moon is a symbol of fertility and creation. 

This association with fertility, growth, creation can be paralleled to the process of manifestation. Manifestation is also a process of creation, not limited to just the female body and creating life, but creating all we desire as humans to survive and thrive.

Even though the full moon is associated with feminine energy both males and females can tap into this powerful and natural vibration of creation.

Utilizing the full moon is a time of enhanced creative energy, we can more quickly and easily create various forms and desired experiences in the physical, mental and emotional dimensions of life.

In astrology the moon is known to represent the unconscious, it mostly refers to what is going on beneath the surface.

It mirrors and illustrated the natural cycles of life and death or ebbs and flows which we experience both internally and externally.

The full moon is also a time of heightened receptivity, acceptance, nurturing, transformation, rebirth, regeneration, fresh creative energy, and therefore an extremely powerful time to manifest money or anything you desire.

The Full Moon And Manifesting Money

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How the full moon impacts manifesting money

It is well known that mastery of the techniques of manifestation in the physical starts with the tuning of the mental, emotional, and spiritual awareness of the particular manifestation.

When manifesting money we must mentally allow ourselves to know that abundance is ours, we must emotionally feel and trust the abundance is already with us energetically and be open to receive it through channeling the internal experience into external affluence.

Using the full moon allows us extra spiritual powers that assist with this channeling, powers such as a heightened energized mental state and heightened emotions, we can deliberately use these heightened full moon senses to supercharge our money manifestations!

One of the most specific ways that the full moon can assist us in manifesting wealth is through its effect of amplification.

The full moon amplifies and affects many forms of energy on our planet. It amplifies our inner awareness and as previously mentioned has an effect on the subconscious mind.

This amplification of our inner world gives us the opportunity to use the full moon energy in our manifestations to powerfully set intentions as well as reprogram beliefs surrounding money.

During the full moon, intentional money manifestations are amplified in effect. Our behavior and beliefs surrounding the receptivity and acceptance of the wealth we have been manifesting is also enhanced and can be refined if needed.

Connecting with the full moon to manifest money

We can use this free and abundant full moon energy in various practices to manifest money. A great start to connect with the full moon is to become aware of the cycles of the moon.

Simply check the moon phases online, there are various applications available for download to track the moon or you can get a moon phase chart to display in your home.

Identify the date of next full moon, specifically set aside some time on this date to indulge in the full moon energy and carry out your full moon money manifestation practices.

It is best to do this exactly on the full moon for the most powerful effect but the energy of the full moon is also still effective for a few days before and after the completely full moon.

Another important aspect of connecting with the moon is through gaining an understanding of the moon as a celestial body and its impact on humans.

You have already begun learning and connecting with this knowledge and energy through your reading of this article and can continue your research. The information surrounding the moon is truly endless and fascinating.

Practices And Rituals You Can Use To Manifest Money On A Full Moon

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1. Manifesting money using visualization and full moon energy

  • Set aside time on the day or evening of a full moon, declare a sacred space physically and mentally, and begin by setting your intention. You can verbally express your intention, write it down, or simply clearly mentally affirm it. Stating clearly in whatever way feels best that you acknowledge your connection to the full moon and its powerful amplifying energy. Be specific that you are channeling this full moon energy to manifest money.
  • Next, become clear about the details of your money manifestation, visualize the manifestation coming into form in the most perfect way you can imagine and feel what it feels like to have received this fully. Bring your awareness back to the full moon and allow these feelings to be amplified in intensity and vividness.
  • You can visualize full moon energy however you imagine it, and see this full moonlight, luminescent or white light in streams swirling and glowing abundantly.  Imagine this energy permeating your body and aura, then flowing into the visualization of your ideal money manifestations. Let this energy permeate the scene you are imagining, illuminating all details and feelings.
  • Lastly, write down your visualization and write down the specifics of the money manifestation you wish to affirm. Keeping in mind throughout your writing that the full moon energy is infusing and amplifying each of your requests. 

2. Utilizing the full moon energy to clear any blocks to receive money.

  • You can also take some time to acknowledge any personal limitations you wish to release; energies that may be limiting you from fully receiving what you are manifesting. Bring gentle awareness to mental patterns that no longer reflect your highest manifested reality surrounding money. Allowing the subconscious sensitivity granted by this full moon to assist you in releasing any feelings of unworthiness, poverty or lack consciousness, programmed beliefs surrounding wealth.
  • Set your intention that any energies that are holding you back from fully receiving the wealth you deserve to be gently released as the full moon wane. Imagine all and any limitations being washed away with the outgoing tide of release.
  • Tap into the feeling of freedom, openness, and the magic of infinite creative possibilities surrounding how money can flow into your life. Allow these visions and emotions of true abundance to be amplified by the energy of the full moon.

3. Using crystals to manifest money during the full moon

  • On the day or evening of the full moon take some time to choose a specific crystal that is special to you. A crystal known to attract money such as citrine or clear quartz would be best. You can also use a moonstone.
  • Program your stone with the intention to harness the full moon energy to manifest money. You can do this by saying an affirmation silently or out loud while holding your stone and connecting with its energy.
  • Keep this stone with you in your wallet or purse, in the place you keep your money or in your business or workspace. Your intention is amplified by the full moon and the stable crystal frequency will broadcast constant energy of attracting money.

4. Creating a full moon altar to manifest money

  • Begin by slowly and intentionally gathering items for your moon altar in the days before the next full moon. Items such as crystals, images, or statues of symbols that attract money, herbs, and incenses that attract money and cloths or objects that are money attracting colors. You can also introduce the element of water into the altar to represent the moon or artwork or image of the full moon
  • Choose a sacred space within your home or business space to set up your altar. Intentionally arrange your special objects and call in the energies of the full moon to assist you in attracting money.
  • This altar space can serve as a sacred space that you can sit before while meditating or while setting new intentions surrounding money manifestations. It can also be a space that you visit to ground you into the energy of truth surrounding abundance. You can keep your altar set through the moon cycle or work with it for a few days surrounding the full moon and then pack away the objects with gratitude when you are ready.

The full moon is the most luxurious energy that we all have free access to every month!

Make the most of this cosmic gift and enjoy harnessing the powerful full moon to bring the money you deserve fully manifest into your reality.

Ssettabi Andrea

Saturday 25th of September 2021

This is wonderful wisdom, thanks to the heavens