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How To Perform An Intention Setting Ritual For Manifesting

How To Perform An Intention Setting Ritual For Manifesting

We live in a creative universe that is all about variety and experiences. We each have the innate ability to create the life we most deeply desire.

Manifestation is a natural phenomenon that takes place constantly throughout our lives whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

We can start to have great fun and feelings of empowerment when we claim our ability to manifest consciously.

We have the choice to consciously co-create with spirit and can use various techniques to actively harness this ability.

In this article, we explore one of the most fun and powerful ways to communicate and focus on manifestation power which is through an intention setting ceremony/ritual!

We shall fully delve into this enjoyable practice which you can use to establish clarity and call in your various manifestations.

The Power Of Intention For Manifestation

An intention is a clear signal to the universe, your subconscious, and your conscious mind.

It is a deliberate and well-considered calling in the experiences you wish to receive. An intention can also be understood as a deep commitment.

A clarity within yourself that can serve an anchor of focus and a reminder of exactly what you are creating.

Every time you set an intention know that you have made a request beyond just your conscious mind and human abilities; a sincere request to source energy has been broadcast and all physical and vibrational components of the manifestation are being magnetized to your path.

Intentions originate mentally and emotionally and can be set silently, verbally, or through writing.

Intentions are the blueprint to the aligned action that you will be called to take in order to experience your desired manifestations.

We often unconsciously set intentions all day long, in our mind chatter, within conversations and even a to-do list can be viewed as a very basic form of intention setting.

The magic comes in when we begin to consciously set intentions from an aligned perspective and energy space, being a deliberate creator and deliberately receiving.

One of the most potent vibrational spaces to set intentions is through an intention ceremony/ritual, we shall explore this method fully as this article progresses.

The Core Elements Of A Clear Intention

setting up an intention setting ritual for manifesting

Authenticity and Integrity

Setting intentions that are truly beneficial to yourself and all beings involved will always have universal energetic support.

Clarity and Flexibility

Be specific about the feeling and details of what you would like to experience but also be prepared to receive in interesting and creative ways that may not be exactly what you intended but still fulfill your wishes (possibly even in a way better than you could imagine).

Emotionally charged

Intentions should feel good!

You may sometimes feel fear or nervousness if you are manifesting a big change, try transforming any nervousness into excitement.

You can also set your intention asking that any big changes only become manifest for your highest good and that they integrate as gently and easily as possible.


Intend that what you are creating will be aligned with your highest potential and trust the process of getting there.

You may need to experience certain lessons first in order to truly receive your desires.

Deliberate and conscious

Intentions hold power that should be used wisely, setting powerful intentions through ritual is a great way to set deliberated and meaningful intentions.

As you become well acquainted with the magic of this practice you can have endless fun with the specificity and variety of what you call in.

For example, becoming more specific about exactly how you wish to receive, enjoying the flavors of emotions you can experience throughout the process, emotions such as ease, grace, excitement, and passion.

Utilize intention to refine your experience; a well-set intention can be likened to a personalized spell. Intentions are powerful and sacred words combined with feelings that hold the power of creation.

The Power Of Rituals For Manifestation

A ritual is usually defined as a ceremony of specific activities involving certain words, actions, objects, or gestures.

Rituals can be of specific religious or cultural origin and can also be uniquely created.

When compared to ancient societies we can observe that outside of religion, the general membership of modern society has been much less consciously focused on performing rituals in a defined manner.

With the rise of spiritual embodiment and awakening, there has emerged resurgence in the exploration of conscious rituals, we are beginning to reclaim our energetic powers and enjoy being the sovereign co-creators of our reality.

A ritual serves as a medium and tool to set the tone, energy, and vibration through amplifying and channeling energy through various actions.

Performing an intention ritual for manifesting sends a message that you acknowledge the importance of your manifestation.

Taking the time and effort to perform a ritual communicates to yourself and the universe that you are genuinely dedicated to stepping into the embodiment of being a deliberate creator. 

A Ritual can be a space of reconditioning and reprogramming, carrying the spiritual and psychological energy of commitment, integrity, and ultimately a trust as well as reverence of the spirit which flows within and without.

A ritual can be performed for various functions; our exploration of ritual in this article specifically focuses and designed for intention setting which gives rise to manifestation.

There is not a black and white or one strict way to create a ritual for intention setting and manifesting, it is an intuitive process that you can have a lot of fun constructing.

It is, however, essential to have an understanding of the successful components of creating a powerful ritual.

The Core Elements Of A Powerful Intention Setting Ritual

woman doing an intention setting ritual


Designating and creating the space where the ritual will take place as well as physically and mentally cleaning and adorning your body to enter a ritual.


Setting a structure for your ritual but also allowing for spontaneous action when called, allowing the energies you invite and your higher self to guide your process in the moment.


Be fully in the present moment to your senses, energies and any insights that have been invited or that may arise.


Be open to creative magic as well as higher self-guidance; know that you have created a safe space where anything that arises is sacred.

This is the perfect time to work through emotions or mental blocks that arise. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and accept it.

Focus and flexibility

Allow the time and space to work through anything that spontaneously arises but also presently balances this with your intended structure and outcomes for your ritual.

Indulge and enjoy

Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually fully indulge in the process of ritual which is deliberately intended to awaken your senses and help you set powerful intentions to create your desired life experiences.

Performing An Intention Setting Ritual For Manifesting

There are so many ways you can perform a ritual and it is entirely up to you how simple or elaborate you wish to make it.

The most basic ingredients needed are a quiet private space, a journal and pen, and your full presence.

It can be a lot of fun and beneficial to take some time to decide what elements you would like to include in your intention setting ritual.

Below are some ideas as well as a list of instructional steps to performing an intention setting ceremony/ritual for manifesting.

The elements

This is a great addition to your ritual if you enjoy working with earth energy and nature spirits.

The abundant energy of our mother planet is harnessed to create a powerful ritual space; by including the four elements in your ritual altar, fire in the form of a candle or actual fire, water in a special vessel, earth in the form of a plant or crystal, the air in the symbol of a feather or smoke.

Archetypal ritual

To invite an archetype into your intention setting ritual you can choose one or more specific archetypes to work with.

These can be cultural or religious symbols, gods, goddesses, ascended master, angels, and star beings.

For example, you could call into ritual the energy of Archangel Michael as protective energy when opening your ritual space.

Archangel Gabriel can help ground your visions and intention into the earth realm.

The generous energy Goddess Lakshmi if you are focusing on manifesting money or Goddess Vesta if you are working on manifesting a home, you can also call upon ascended masters to bless your space and intentions such as Christ or Buddha.

Calling upon these benevolent energies brings a sense of support and detail.

You can include a statue or artwork of your chosen archetype or an element that is symbolic of these energetic beings.

Phases of the moon ritual

This is a perfect element to integrate into your intention setting ritual if you wish to keep the ritual open over an extended period of time.

With this ritual you can continue working on your manifestations periodically throughout the month, synchronized with the waxing and waning cycles of the moon.

Each cycle of the moon provides different opportunities of energetic focus; the new moon is a time of new beginnings and unlimited potential and this is a perfect time to set intentions for the month ahead.

The waxing moon is a time of action and patience while your intentions and manifestations take root, the full moon being the peak energy that will amplify and energize your intentions and manifestations.

The waning moon is releasing and receiving all you have created.

You can read more about moon energy in the detailed full moon money manifestation article.

Creative intuitive ritual

You can combine elements of the different rituals and intuitively add in further details and practices as you feel called to.

You can consider adding an element of divination to your rituals such as tarot cards or rune stones.

You could practice some visual creation such a making an artwork or vision board during the ritual.

Performative elements such as dance and song can also be included. 

If you are open to the idea you can incorporate consuming natural mind-opening substances such as raw tobacco, cannabis, psilocybin, mead, or cacao.

This practice was commonly included in many ancient rituals, and ceremonies, and the spirits of these plant substances were respectfully revered.

This can be interesting to experiment with mindfully but is not a necessity as you can easily enter elevated present states through deep meditation, breathing exercises, and even through song and dance.

Personal rituals, coupled rituals and community rituals

Rituals can take place as a solitary activity, this works well when you are setting personal intentions for your manifestations.

You can also perform a ritual within a couple or partnership to set powerful shared intentions, this ritual will additionally serve a time of bonding, deeper connection and understanding.

Ritual can also be held as a community, the intentions within this ritual space can be set for the community at large or this can be a time where the community can collectively bless and acknowledges each other's intentions.

Each of these rituals is powerful as each is a unique experience and combination of energies.

Your ritual will be as powerful as you let it be, show up with full presence, authenticity and receptivity.

Performing A Ritual

  • It is best to start to enter your ritual space freshly bathed or after a swim in natural water. Adorn yourself in clothing and jewelry that personally make you feel powerful and happy.
  • Choose and prepare your sacred space. This can be a quiet space in nature or a space in your home that you choose. Make sure to clean and de-clutter the space if you are doing this in your home or community space.
  • Define this space as scared through opening the space by stating your intention for this to be a powerful ritual space. You can burn some sage or incense to cleanse the air and light some candles to create an ambient feeling which welcomes positive energy.
  • Gently ask any non-beneficial energy to leave and invite benevolent energies into your space. This can be done according to your beliefs or the type of ritual you choose (the specifics of some different ritual ideas above). You can simply ask these energies to be present or include an offering or symbol representing them in your ritual altar.
  • You can set up an altar according to your preference. You can then take some time to become still and present. Engaging in deep breathing exercises or meditation is recommended. Any practice that helps you feel centered and connected.
  • From this calm space of connection become clear about the specific intentions you want to set with regards to your manifestation, you can start by forming these intentions in your mind as visualizations. When you are ready to affirm your intentions out loud, speak from your heart, authentically and as it flows at the moment. Finally, write down your intentions on paper. Throughout this stage in the ritual, you can keep in mind the key elements of intention setting provided earlier in this article.
  • Once more, call on the energies to assist you with creating and receiving your manifestations, releasing any blockages and resistance. With any big changes that you are manifesting always be sure to include in your intention that you would like the change to happen as easily as possible and feel as good as possible.
  • You can give thanks to yourself for your dedication, time, and energy put into creating and performing this ritual. Express gratitude to all elements and energies that you have invited to assist you in manifesting your intentions.
  • You may now choose to close and seal the ritual space and continue with life letting the energies play out as you have tuned them, blow out your candles, pack away everything away with gratitude. You can also choose to leave the space active and return to it periodically to continue working on your intentions or elements surrounding your manifestation. This is your sacred energy space. There are aspects of this energy which you always carry with you, as well as aspects which you can return to at any time.

Ritual is such a great way to set intentions that can manifest through deliberately engaging your body, mind, and spirit.

Your ritual will be effective as long as it is performed with good intentions and feels meaningful to you.

Have fun being creative and using ritual to invite everything you desire in its highest potential form!

Know that you deserve the best when you are shining and embodying your power you are also able to show for those around you and ultimately be of greatest benefit to the world at large.