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How To Use Citrine To Attract Money – 6 Key Methods

How To Use Citrine To Attract Money – 6 Key Methods

Citrine crystals are undoubtedly some of the most powerful minerals you can work with to attract money.

In this article we explore exactly how citrine can be used, we start with a base understanding of the energetic nature of crystals in general and an in-depth look into citrine as a mineral ally.

We then delve into the specific ways you can utilize the opulent vibrations of citrine crystals to attract all the money you desire.

Understanding Crystal Energy.

To understand how we connect with and are influenced by crystal energy we can reflect on the fact that our physical and etheric bodies are essentially energy.

This energy is present in different patterns, physically expressing itself at different densities.

We also know that our thought-forms constantly emit vibrations that affect our experience of life.

Crystals are known as one of the most stable forms of vibration. They have been utilized since ancient times to attain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual rebalancing.

Each crystal consistently and harmoniously vibrates at a particular frequency.

Crystal are minerals that grow in the earth below its surface, they are created from various elements and undergo many processes of merging, dissolving, and pressures.

The structure of a crystal (geometric form, chemical composition and color) is determined by the environmental condition in which it grows.

These various structures influence the vibrational resonance of each unique crystal.

Crystals have the ability to stimulate and interact with our human electromagnetic fields, through this interaction they assist us by amplifying our healing, our power and our potential.

Since each crystal holds such a clear vibration we can interact with these constant crystalline energies to stabilize and tune our personal and collective energy fields.

Specific crystals such as quartz crystal have even been used in technological devices.

Crystals have been utilized to change an electrical signal into sound waves and can broadcast signals.

Due to these abilities, they were used in the working mechanisms of early radios, broadcasting equipment, clocks, and watches.

The use of crystals in technology has been an essential influence and component leading to the development of advanced technology as we know it to be today.

The Energies Of Citrine Crystals

Image of using citrine to attract money

The stone of abundance

Citrine, the stone of prosperity and abundance, is a variety of quartz crystal that has a clear soft honey, yellow or warm brown appearance.

This crystal is representative of the energy of the sun and offers gentle yet powerfully persuasive vibrations.

It is a revitalizing stone that can assist us in achieving financial freedom through embodying and embracing the vibration of citrine.

This stone encourages letting go of the feeling of desperation and this release clears and creates energetic space for abundance to flow freely to you. 

Citrine vibrates the experiences of joy, happiness, contentment, and bliss.  It boosts our creative and physical energy.

Protection and cleansing

Citrine is a highly protective crystal; it can absorb, transmute, and dissipate negative energy in spaces.

It can assist you personally with the gentle release of any negative patterns you may have picked up.

This crystal is fully self-cleansing. This self-cleansing nature of citrine can also be used to cleanse your other crystals.

Citrine and activating the solar plexus

Citrine crystal is used in the balancing and activation of the solar plexus chakra. This energy center is located between the base of the sternum a few inches above the navel.

It rules our personal power, willpower, and confidence. The color energy associated with citrine and the solar plexus chakra is yellow.

An underactive chakra means you are experiencing an energy blockage or stagnation.

An underactive solar plexus chakra manifests as a lack of purpose, feelings of powerlessness, low self-esteem, and indecisiveness.

An overactive chakra means that the energy center is overstimulated, in relation to the solar plexus chakra this can manifest as arrogance, judgment, over critical behavior, and overworking.

A balanced solar plexus chakra will manifest as intentional behavior and the ability to easily turn thoughts into action, confidence, willpower, healthy identity, and knowing your authentic self.

Citrine welcomes the vibration of confidence through activating the solar plexus chakra.

Activation of this chakra enhances the feeling of self-worth; employing us to easily and joyfully embody being the best version of ourselves. 

A balanced solar plexus helps us become less reactive to critique, therefore more sure and graceful in all endeavors and able to take action on our inspiration.

This intentional confident action can lead to receiving an abundance of money.

Truly knowing yourself, you will be certain of your worthiness to fully receive the wealth you deserve.

A piece of Citrine can be placed over the solar plexus chakra area on the body with the intention to completely rebalance.

You can also meditate with the crystal or set your intention and wear the crystal as jewelry whenever you feel called to.

Types Of Citrine Crystals For Manifesting Money

Image showing the types of citrine crystals for manifesting money

Citrine crystals are available in the formation of points or tumbled stones.

You can use your intuition, see and feel which formation you resonate most with. Every citrine stone is powerful and unique.

Something to be aware of when sourcing a citrine crystal is that both natural citrine and synthesized citrine exist. The latter being heat-treated amethyst which takes on a bright yellow color.

Natural citrine will usually be light yellow or warm brown.

You can amplify the energy of any citrine crystal by using it in conjunction with a clear quartz crystal.

How To Sense Crystal Energy

If you feel drawn to a crystal visually this is already evidence you have tuned to the crystal and sensed the energy.

Get to know your crystal, spend time tuning into the crystal by carrying it around with you or you can meditate with it.

You can explore crystal energy using the following techniques:

  • Holding the crystal in your non-dominant hand (your writing hand is dominant the other is your non-dominant or receiving hand). Come into a state of presence, keep your awareness on the crystal and observe what you notice.
  • Have a pen and journal or page ready. Set the intention to deeply tune with your crystal and sense its energy .Close your eyes, hold your crystal, and breathe slowly and deeply. Write down anything that comes up, thought forms or images. You could also pick up physical sensations such as heat, cold, lightness, weight, buzzing or stillness. You may also feel emotional sensations.

Everyone perceives and receives energy differently or rather we each have a dominant method of perception, we can nurture and develop alternative ways as well as refine and use the ways that come most naturally to us.

Setting Intentions To Attract Money With Citrine

It is wise to be aware of your intention when utilizing citrine, firmly ground into the purest intentions as you are opening yourself to attracting great abundance.

In the spirit of this true abundance embrace the idea of freely and lovingly giving and receiving 

The generous energy of citrine will continue to permeate your life as you maintain the high vibration, consider how you can be generous with the abundant gifts you have, there is no lack and end to this energy.

Fully embody this and you will keep attracting the money you desire.

Know that you can be completely fulfilled and overflowing; use this sacred energy to benefit yourself, those that surround you and the world at large.

Citrine crystal is also programmable with your specific intentions; you can set specific money goals and energetically engage the stone to assist you with these.

Utilizing Citrine Crystals To Attract Money

Image of someone utilizing citrine crystals to attract money

Below are some of the ways you can integrate citrine crystal into your daily life and practices

Meditation with your citrine crystal to attract money

You can use the practices mentioned earlier in this article on sensing crystal energy to connect with your stone, and then simply spend time in meditation synchronizing with the vibration of citrine.

Crystal healing using citrine to attract money

You can place the citrine crystal in your receiving hand or over your solar plexus and simply lay back and relax and let the crystal energy merge with your field.

Just relax and stay open to receiving in every way you need to.     

Citrine crystal grid work

You can create crystal grids using pieces of citrine and clear quartz (amplifies the energy of any stone).

A crystal grid consists of creating a sacred geometric or intentional pattern of stones on your altar or through your home or business.

You can place pieces of citrine in the various corners of your office or home and these stones will create a powerful grid of energy throughout the space.

Infusing with citrine crystal to attract money

Infusing your drinking water, you can place a citrine crystal in your drinking water bottle, your water pitcher or filter.

This will infuse your drinking water with the vibration of the citrine and when you drink this water your body will be infused with the joyful and prosperous citrine energy which will assist you with attracting money.

Adorning your being with citrine crystal jewels to attract money

You can spend plenty of time connecting with your stone when wearing it as jewelry. You can get your special stone set in any jewelry style you wish.

Some suggestions are; citrine worn on as a pendant that sits near solar plexus area, a ring or bracelet worn on your receptive hand.

Welcoming citrine into your work to attract money

You can place a piece of citrine in your workspace, cash register or keep a small citrine in your wallet/purse to attract money.

Citrine is a great ally to have with you for a job interview, during a sales pitch or an important meeting.

This is a great stone for entrepreneurs and extremely helpful to have around when starting a business.

Integrating with your citrine crystal and its vibration of abundance combined with the activation of your will power is sure to attract the money you desire and deserve!

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Thursday 29th of April 2021

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