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11 Fluorite Metaphysical Properties, Benefits & Uses

11 Fluorite Metaphysical Properties, Benefits & Uses

An acclaimed crystal, Fluorite is known for its spiritual detoxification properties and the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy, boosting our mental clarity and helping us achieve peace of mind.

The purpose of this article is to explore 11 of the Fluorite metaphysical properties, its benefits, as well as everyday uses of Fluorite. 

Fluorite is derived from the Latin word flux, which means flowing and mixing materials to create better materials.

In addition to its shifting colors, this word describes Fluorite's ability to unblock stagnant energy and promote energy flow. 

Fluorite is commonly used as a flux to join different metals, making its name a very fitting one. In addition to clear and transparent shades, Fluorite is also available in blue, yellow, purple, and brown.

When held under certain angles of ultraviolet light, Fluorite emits a fluorescent glow, giving it a magical glow.

There are many different shades and colors of this enigmatic crystal, and every one of them is as captivating as the next. 

What Are Fluorites Metaphysical Properties And Benefits?

the metaphysical properties of Fluorite

Due to its rarity, incredible colors, and designs, Fluorite has been prized throughout history, and it remains one of the most sought-after stones to this day.

The use of this crystal will bring harmony and beauty into your life on a level few have ever experienced, whether in meditation, on your body, or on your altar.

Let us take a look at eleven of the metaphysical properties of Fluorite and how it can benefit your life. 

1. Great stone for affirmations

The Fluorite stone is often used in homes and work environments to absorb negative energy and eliminate it.

The metaphysical properties of Fluorite make it a perfect crystal for affirmation use since it enhances positive energy.

As it comes in many different colors, this stone connects to all the chakras.

Stress is released, and this crystal neutralizes negative energies. Furthermore, Fluorite facilitates concentration and focus by stimulating the mind. 

2. Clears the solar plexus chakra

Yellow Fluorite's golden hue is a good match for those seeking to clear their solar plexus chakra.

Ready to wake up dormant psychic abilities, work wonders using balancing properties.

With meditation, healing group energy, and saying yes to life’s sunny flow, Yellow Fluorite is all positive intent with meditation, healing group energy, and saying yes to life’s optimistic flow.

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3. Clarity 

clarity is a metaphysical benefit of fluorite

The 3rd on this list of Fluorite Metaphysical Properties is clarity. With its connection to the crown chakra, Clear Fluorite focuses on bringing clarity to your mind.

A Clear Fluorite crystal is a fantastic addition to someone who tends to get muddled in their thinking and who craves a slicker perspective on things. 

As a result, you are able to see more clearly, make fewer mistakes and find solutions to problems.

In addition to working in harmony with other crystals, Clear Fluorite enhances the energy of your favorite stones, making it a famous stone for aligning chakras.

4. Spiritual awakening 

Blue Fluorite is a beautiful healer of the throat chakra.

It elevates your voice so it catches the attention of others.

This stone’s calming blue energy is about rational thinking, spiritual awakening, and cutting through the noise to improve communication.

You are able to focus more on your soul when using this stone.

Your ability to hear your inner thoughts and awaken your spiritual awareness is overwhelmingly powerful when you use this crystal to help open you up to the ‘voices’ around you. 

5. Protection

Purple Fluorite's energy is similar to that of the Amethyst, as it opens the third eye chakra, provides protection, and is a radiant pleasure to possess.

Its luminous light and love make it the ideal amulet for those who thirst for more profound spiritual connections in their lives.

You tend to feel safer and lighter when wearing this stone.

You can feel the powerful aura of light and love that is placed upon you for your mental, emotional and physical protection. 

6. Boosts Self-love and confidence 

confidence is a metaphysical benefit of fluorite

Fluorite's fabulous healing properties will help you spring clean your soul and clear out the junk in your mind.

Crystals like this one are among the most popular aura cleansers as they remove smoky uncertainty, allowing you to make decisions based on truth and clarity. 

This beautiful crystal has healing properties for your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.

Hence, it is ideal for those who have trouble gaining direction, tend to hold themselves back by worry, and require a little help towards self-love and confidence.

7. Wavers any negative energies 

Fluorite stone is well known for its ability to wave goodbye to any negative energy that ruminates. This does not mean that Fluorite is about positive whitewashing.

While you can feel all your feelings, this stone helps you maintain perspective, stay objective, and not fall into a destructive mindset.

Fluorite can eliminate electron fog, which attracts or holds negative energies and makes you feel emotionally, mentally, or psychically drained.

8. Prosperity and wealth 

Green Fluorite attracts inner wealth and prosperity for those who are looking to boost their luck and abundance at home.

Crystals like this are excellent for attracting good news, favorable opportunities, and pleasant surprises.

Maintaining high motivation levels is essential to achieving all your goals.

9. Unlocks creativity 

fluorite helps unlock creativity

It is also known as the Genius Stone for its capacity to conjure up profound thoughts of the most extraordinary complexity and wonder.

Fluorite enables you to function at your total capacity in perfect harmony. It is said to activate both sides of your brain.

With this ability, you would be able to access ideas within your mind that had been trapped for a long time.

When we focus on this beautiful stone, we can develop creativity and ingenuity.

10. Releases controlling and manipulating energies 

This stone will let you know when you are being manipulated or controlled by external forces.

It is an astonishing stone that can help you release those ties you might have that are preventing your everyday life at the moment. 

This can be effective in shutting down any mental or psychic manipulation that may be going on.

This is a valuable crystal to possess if you find yourself surrounded by hostile or opposing forces at work.

11. Brings structure and balance to your life

In the same way as the Desert Rose, the energies of this crystal help you to become more organized.

You will be more likely to overcome small and large challenges if you have more structure in your everyday life.

You can use this crystal to declutter your life and let go of what is no longer healthy for you, whether things or even people.

That's the main Fluorite metaphysical properties, now let's discuss how to use fluorite the right way.

How To Use Fluorite In Your Life

using fluorite for it's metaphysical properties

It is one thing to learn about Fluorite's powers and properties, but you need to know how they can be applied to everyday life. 

You can use Fluorite crystals in a variety of different ways to optimize their benefits, and the process is easy and straightforward as you'll see. 

The first way to use Fluorite is…

Meditate with your crystal 

By meditating with Fluorite, many people are able to absorb its healing properties.

As you spend time in meditation, you can place Fluorite on your lap, in your hands, or close to your body.

A gorgeous piece of jewelry

Choosing jewelry made of Fluorite is a beautiful way to absorb its healing energy.

Whether it is a pendant, a ring, or an energy bracelet, wearing this stone close to your skin will help cleanse your chakras.

It is as if crystals seem to amplify their power when they are in direct contact with us.

It is almost as if they can tap into our own unique vibrations and communicate with us.

Home and office use 

The Green version of Fluorite can be placed in the bedroom as a way to enhance intimacy in a relationship.

A purple fluorite stone is an excellent choice for the south of a home for those who want to feel appreciated and respected. 

When you bring Fluorite crystals home, you can pick tumbled stones or unique crystals that emit energy, such as Fluorite towers, spheres, or large crystals, and place them around your home. 

Not only do they look magnificent, but the energies from the stones will surround your home with love and light. 

Placed in the bedroom 

You can place this magnificent stone near your bed (not under your pillow), and its energy will be transferred into your dreams, causing you to have beautiful dreams never before experienced.

With this stone, you have plenty to choose from, and you can also harmoniously combine it with any other stone you have in your collection, no matter how small or large it may be.

How To Cleanse Fluorite

Showing how to cleanse Fluorite

Crystals are massive energy collectors and healers, so they need to be cleansed periodically in order to be at the top of their game.

Your crystals are a bit like vacuum cleaners, and sometimes they need to be emptied and recharged after sucking up so much energy. 

Even though you do not have to clean crystals every time you use them or even every week or month, taking a little time to clean and recharge every few months can work wonders for your stone.

It is possible to cleanse Fluorite by using sage sticks and smudging to burn away the negative energies.

To clear negative energy, wave the burning sage smoke over it and let your intention sink in.

How To Charge Fluorite

Crystals emit positive energy that requires time and attention.

When using crystals to improve different aspects of your life, you should charge your crystals to provide you with the positive energy and healing energy you need.

It may be possible to wash many stones with soap and water, but Fluorite is relatively soft, and doing so over time may leave a negative imprint.

One of the best ways for you to keep your Fluorite cleansed and charged at the same time is to leave it in a soft slant of moonlight or sunlight.

Charging crystals with earth energy and soil is a perfect way to make them sacred and help recharge them.

The charge method allows your crystals to reconnect with the earth in order to reactivate the earth's powerful healing energy. 

Once you have access to the natural earth, it is easy to perform this method.

A crystal can be buried in earthy soil to have a powerful cleansing and energy reset effect, as dirt requires a powerful cleansing and energy reset. 

Gardens are helpful, but they are not necessary.

It will also work with a plant in your home that has soil. As long as you place the crystal on natural earth, you will get the benefits.  

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What Crystals Go Well With Fluorite?

different colors of fluorite

A crystal with similar energy can enhance the healing properties of another crystal with complementary power.

Fluorite works well when combined with agate, carnelian, malachite, tiger's eye, as well as red jasper. 

You can experience even higher levels of healing and inspiration when you collect crystals whose energies harmonize with one another. 

Final Thoughts 

Fluorite is an incredible stone for those who just need an extra dose of clarity in their life.

The 11 metaphysical properties of Fluorite will help enhance your life in a positive way. 

There can be many choices and tangled webs that can make it difficult for the mind to make decisions. 

Maintaining connection with our deeper feelings and uncovering our true hearts' desires is so tricky. This is something Fluorite is aware of, and so it cleans our chakras and makes our auras sparkle. 

You can literally spring clean your heart and your mind with this stone.

Due to the fact that Fluorite comes in so many different colors, it is easy to pick out the one that speaks to you based on where you need counseling.

Thank you! I hope you enjoyed this article on the metaphysical properties of Fluorite. If you like learning about crystals check out our other crystal articles here.