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Spiritual Herbs: 6 Amazing Herbs to Use in Your Spiritual Practice

Spiritual Herbs: 6 Amazing Herbs to Use in Your Spiritual Practice

You might be a little surprised to find out that most, if not all the herbs in your kitchen are actual, medicinal plants that can work in your spiritual practice. 

The healing properties that come from the many different types of spiritual herbs have been proven to reduce negativity, help heal mental wounds and illness, improve mood, clear energy, and even boost one's manifestations. 

Cleansing herbs aren't new in the spiritual community either. They have been used for thousands of years to cleanse the body and spirit and there is a rich history of using herbs as spiritual tools throughout history.

There are many ways to use these spiritual herbs, whether you want to just freshen up your space or start a more profound spiritual journey.

It doesn't matter what your purpose, cleansing, energy healing, or just want to maintain positive energy within your life, you can use these powerful spiritual plants. 

Some of these herbs have very powerful healing properties, while others may just bring about a feeling of general well-being and increased energy.

Which type is right for you? Let’s look at 6 of these useful and spiritual herbs.

6 Amazing Spiritual Herbs

Lavender: Calming and Purification

Lavender the spiritual herb

Lavender is a favorite Spiritual herb, as it can be used in so many different ways.

Calming and peaceful, this purple flowering herb that originated in the Mediterranean is a welcome smell.

This spiritual herb is easy to grow in a garden or even a bright south facing sunny window. This herb is drought and pest resistant!

Lavender is especially popular because it is known for its calming effect that is said to be a form of spiritual healing.

It can really help to bring clarity when placed in a beautiful bowl of hot water. When added to a warm bath, you will find yourself much more refreshed and relaxed.

Lavender can be used as incense during meditation for body purification, can be brewed in a warm calming tea for after Yoga, or stuff a sachet under your pillow to curb nightmares.

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Rosemary: Memory and Clearing

Spiritual herb Rosemary

Rosemary has long been known to have positive effects on the brain.

It has been used for hundreds of years in the Mediterranean and Middle East as a medicinal treatment for different conditions. 

Rosemary contains several compounds that are thought to have mental, beneficial qualities, which include its ability to treat depression and improve memory.

The aromatic oils in Rosemary draw negative energy away from a person just by breathing in the smell.

Brush your hand gently over the plant and cup your hands and inhale!

This herb can be burned for protection against psychic attacks or to protect you when doing deep meditation or astral travel.

Use an infusion of rosemary to wash hands before any healing work for clearing or removing negativity. Hang Rosemary on your front door to keep the energy clear.

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Lemon Balm: Optimism and Balance

Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm is in the Mint family and is also known as Melissa.

This sweet lemon smelling plant is a favorite of the bees. This makes it perfect for getting work done with positive energy. 

Create a success oil using lemon balm and the carrier oil of your choice, like sweet almond oil or Jojoba oil. And when you get your success, Lemon balm can help your body fight against psychological stress.

After a breakup or huge letdown, drinking some lemon balm tea, or burning as an incense will help you feel more optimistic and back into balance in no time.

Basil: Harmony and Attraction

Basil being used as a spiritual herb

This spiritual herb is commonly given to couples who are moving in together to help with the adjustment period and bring harmony to the living space.

This can be used when going into any new living or work situation. 

Use as a cute desk plant at the office or place the crushed leaves in hot water and mop the floors of a new space to attract prosperity and good intentions.

In Arabic, Basil is called Rayna, which means “warm feeling.”

It's also the name of a plant that provides a warming sensation when squeezed between the fingers, and in Middle Eastern Spiritual practices, basil is associated with memory and sexual attraction. 

Basil can be used in teas for astral projection and to help shift consciousness.

Burning the herb can help attract abundance while manifesting wealth or love.

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Oregano: Focus and Manifestation

Oregano in a bowl

This herb isn’t just for cooking. Using oregano in your bath water will give you clarity and focus.

Place a sprig of oregano on your pillow or in your hair to help you receive visions while sleeping.

Manifesting gets a boost from oregano, especially when manifesting love into your life. This spiritual herb is used in woven bouquets during handfasting ceremonies.

All spiritual endeavors connected to love and joy can be helped by this herb ruled by Venus. 

Pathways of communication can be opened by eating or using oregano as an incense.

Making an oil of the leaves can help you focus on releasing what or who holds you back from manifesting joy and balance in your life. 

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Sage: Healing and Wisdom

sage is known as one of the spiritual herbs

Salvia is the Latin word sage for sage, an offshoot of the word for heal, ‘salvare’. 

Using sage smoke as a ritual tool to rid your space of negativity is an everyday use of this spiritual herb.

Purification of a place or a person is another benefit of this spiritual herb.

Lift away past traumas, bad experiences, or negative energies. Establishing a positive environment for meditation or ritual is a must for feeling safe.

Sage can also be smoked to help in stress reduction and is thought to help heal lung infections.

Smoking spiritual ceremonies are found in almost every culture on Earth. This is still legal in most countries today.

When made into tea, it can help with healing the mind and gaining wisdom. Taken before a ritual or deep meditation can help you gain insight into your unconscious mind and how to push past mental blocks.

When using herbs in our spiritual practices, we must recognize there are no hard and fast rules.

Spiritual herbs have many different properties and use. Listen to your intuition and pick what speaks to you. 

Have fun with these herbs, grow them in your sacred spaces and homes, bath with them, make teas and oils and cook with them as well for direct inner spiritual workings.

Remember to honor the plants and thank them, with a loving heart filled with gratitude.