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13 Signs You’re Healing From Trauma

13 Signs You’re Healing From Trauma

Healing from trauma can be a painful and confusing process – sometimes you can feel like you’re healing, and other times you can feel like you’re back to square one.

Healing is not linear, but rather is a messy and painful process, and this is why, in this article, I will briefly explain what trauma is and what are the main signs you’re healing from trauma. 

Healing from trauma is very important for your general (mental, emotional, and physical) well-being because trauma impacts how you perceive the events and people around you, and sometimes it can prevent you from seeing things clearly. 

To put it short, trauma creates what I like to call “the dark lens” that alters your view of the world and causes you to be a more pessimistic person, dominated by fear, prejudice, and limiting beliefs.

For you to get rid of this “dark lens” and change your view of the world into a more positive one, you have to go through the process of trauma healing.

What is Trauma and How Does It Impact You?

The signs you're healing from trauma

I would define trauma as “the negative impact that a certain life event has had on a person’s mind, emotions and body”. 

I would like to emphasize the fact that trauma is not defined by the event itself, but by how the person has perceived this event and how it has impacted their emotional and mental state, as well as how it has changed how they relate to the world. 

I mentioned the impact on the body as well because our bodies are the vessels that contain our minds and souls and they too are impacted by the emotions that we feel. 

When a negative event (or one that is perceived as negative) happens to us or around us, we start having certain thoughts about it.

Thoughts cause certain emotions, and emotions cause certain chemical reactions in our brain (certain neurotransmitters being released or inhibited).

These chemical reactions cause reactions throughout the whole physical body, impacting the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system, the internal organs and so much more. 

This is basically how emotions get stored in our physical bodies – by causing an impact on them, which sometimes is not healed or reversed for a long time. 

Negative emotions also get stored in our energy body, and if they are not released from there they start causing imbalances and physical illness.

Trauma is something that we all acquire as we go through life, as no one can live a life without negative or painful events – it is not how things unfold on planet Earth.

Trauma can cause certain negative behavioral patterns, based on fear and dysfunctional (irrational) thoughts, and can make a person have low self-esteem, a bad self-image, and make multiple harmful decisions for themselves.

Healing from trauma is very important for you to release from these toxic cycles and to reach complete mental, emotional and physical wellness.

However, trauma healing is not a linear process at all, and sometimes a person who is on their path toward healing can feel like they are stuck in the same toxic patterns, and they could feel like they are going through hell. 

Thus, sometimes, when people are healing, it doesn’t feel like healing at all. This is why I’ve written below the main trauma healing signs.

If you can thick at least 4 of them, I would say that you are definitely on the path toward healing, regardless of how messy and painful the process is.

What are the Signs You’re Healing From Trauma?

Healing from trauma signs

1. You acknowledge your deep need for healing

The first trauma healing sign is the fact that you have become aware of how much healing you need. 

I strongly believe that the more healed a person is, the more they understand how much healing they still need to do. 

This does not mean that there is something wrong with you, but rather that you are very spiritually awakened and you understand healing at a deeper level than before.

All of a sudden you start acknowledging how much trauma you have been through and how much of your behavior is just a trauma response. 

You start understanding that you are living a life based on toxic patterns, and you want to break free from all of them.

2. You notice new “wounds”

As you go through the process of healing, you will start noticing more and more things that need healing, such as emotional wounds or old thinking patterns.

That is because you have started to understand how trauma works and how it can impact a person. 

Once you heal one pattern created by trauma, you will start noticing all the other ones, because your self-awareness is way higher than it was before.

3. You understand transgenerational trauma

Another one of the signs you're healing from trauma is a deeper understanding of the trauma bonding from your family and of how the trauma has been passed on from generation to generation. 

Because you have understood what trauma is and what it looks like, you can now recognize it in your parents, grandparents, and so on. 

Thus, you can see that the same patterns or very similar have been repeated by different generations, and you understand that you have been “doomed” to repeat the patterns of your family members. 

This is a very important step, as it’s the first step towards breaking free from strong traumatic and harmful behavioral patterns.

4. You notice your own toxic patterns

Another important trauma healing sign is noticing how most of your behavior is based on toxic, repeating patterns, acquired early in childhood as a survival mechanism, or learned from your parents. 

Now, when you look at some major, difficult events from your life you can see that somehow, most of them are similar and that your behavior was mostly similar in all of those cases. 

5. You crave healing

When you start to understand that the reason why you’re not happy or why you don’t live the life of your dreams is because you are repeating the behaviors that are trauma responses, you start to deeply and desperately crave healing. 

You will want to try any healing method that can help you and will start looking for therapists, mentors, healers, and coaches. 

You will also become very curious about any method, philosophy, or practice that can help you and you will be open to discovering and exploring a lot of things.

When your main focus and purpose in life has become healing, you can be sure that you are healing even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like that at all. 

6. You understand the causes of your physical problems

trauma healing woman with flowers

When you are truly healing from trauma, you start noticing a connection between your thoughts, emotions, patterns, and your health problems. 

As I always say to my customers, everything that happens in the physical plane has a cause in the spiritual plane. 

This mainly applies to health problems. Any issue that your physical body has, was a spiritual (mental or emotional) imbalance first. 

This imbalance can be a negative emotion you haven’t released, a dysfunctional thought, or a negative behavioral pattern ( a behavior that you kept repeating even though it was harmful to you).

One major trauma healing sign is when you no longer believe that feeling sick happens randomly, but when you are ready to take accountability for the thoughts and emotions you maintain, and start noticing the connections between the two.

This is when you can start changing your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors for the better and engage in a real, profound healing process. 

7.  You learn to listen to your body

As you notice that your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are directly linked to the state of your body, you will understand the importance of listening to your body. 

Your body always sends you signals about all the choices that you have to make in life and about all the situations you find yourself in. 

When you’re not making the right choice or when you’re in a situation that is harmful to you, you will experience symptoms such as muscular tension, headaches, lack of energy, and your gut feeling telling you that something is wrong. 

As you start healing yourself you will notice the connection between the signs that your body gives you, and the difficult situations you find yourself in from time to time. 

You will also learn to pay attention to the signals your body gives you with regards to foods, people, places, and so on.

When you start listening to your body, you will manage to get out of many difficult situations and to find the right path. 

8. You take responsibility for your life

Next on this list of signs you're healing from trauma is when you start taking responsibility for your life.

As you understand that you have a say in what you allow into your life and in how you respond to certain situations, you will no longer feel like a victim. 

Rather, you will be happy to see that you can choose which thoughts you entertain, thus, you can choose to focus on the positive ones, and you can also have partial (if not total) control of your emotions. 

You will start controlling your thoughts and paying attention to your emotions, managing them better. 

You will also start making better choices in all areas of life, taking your power back, and taking real responsibility for your life. 

When you understand that you are not a victim in life but rather a creator of your own life, you will fall in love with the feeling of being responsible for your life. 

9. You start breaking the patterns

A clear trauma healing sign is when, after understanding how you can create your own life and break free from the impact of trauma, you actually start behaving differently and start breaking the old, dysfunctional patterns. 

When you are truly healing, you start making different choices and behaving differently than your old version would have done.

You may not break all the toxic dysfunctional patterns at once, but even a small change is an indicator that the healing has started. 

Even if sometimes you still make the wrong choice, the fact that in some situations you have started to choose what is good for you shows that you have healed and released some of the trauma.

10. Your emotional, mental and physical health improve

The biggest trauma healing sign that you can see is when your overall state is improving. 

When you are feeling only a little bit better than in the past, then you are definitely on your healing path. 

This doesn’t mean that you will not have bad days, or that all your negative emotions and thoughts will disappear at once. 

But when you can honestly say that at least one aspect of your life is improving or one health problem has diminished, then you are definitely healing your traumas effectively.

11. You’re focused on inner peace

One major sign that you’re healing from trauma is when your main focus in life becomes your wellness and inner peace. 

You may have been very focused on other things in the past, such as your career, your love life, making others happy, making a lot of money, your looks, etc. 

But once you are truly in the process of healing your traumas you understand that the most important thing in life is to be healthy mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

From that moment on, you will only choose people, situations, and places that give you a good overall state, and leave the ones that make you feel bad about yourself. 

When you’ve achieved a higher level of healing, almost nothing can disturb your inner peace anymore, as you have understood that everything happens for a reason and you have let go of any expectations and attachments that were causing your suffering in the past. 

12. You understand your journey

Understanding the trauma

Another way to know that you are truly healing even when you’re hurting is when you notice that you understand why you had to through all the difficulties you have been through. 

Maybe in the past, you have been resentful toward God or towards the Universe for putting you through all the hardships, but when you are healing, you no longer feel that way. 

Instead, you have reached a higher understanding and a level of acceptance towards everything you have been through. 

When you are really healing, you can honestly say that you see the bigger picture in your life, and you see how every painful experience has served a higher purpose. 

Even if you don’t like everything you’ve been through, you can accept it as a natural part of life, and you do understand that everyone’s life has ups and downs – this is just the way life is!

13. You learn to forgive

Another important trauma healing sign is when you learn to forgive the people who have hurt you – including yourself.

The ability to forgive only comes when you are healing because when you’re completely “unhealed” emotionally, you tend to play the victim and want to blame others for what you have been through. 

When you forgive, you give up blaming other people and you accept the higher purpose of everything that has happened. 

Are There Signs Your Body is Releasing Trauma?

One way to know for sure that you’re healing from trauma and releasing it is to pay attention to your body. 

Your body talks to you in a multitude of ways, giving you signals when something important is happening – when a situation is positive or not, when you’re healing or falling sick, etc. 

When you are releasing trauma, the physical symptoms you can experience include: 

  • Muscular tension
  • Abundant sweating 
  • Muscular or eye twitching
  • Feeling tired for no reason 

All these symptoms are considered trauma-release symptoms if they come with a feeling of relief, like feeling your body gets lighter, as a huge energetic burden has been lifted from it.

Moving on From Trauma

Moving on from trauma

Moving on from trauma is something we all have to do, no matter how deep or powerful the trauma was. 

Trauma can be difficult to release and some trauma responses can become so familiar that you start identifying with them, however, if you want to live a better, happier life, you must release the trauma, and move on from it. 

To move from trauma, the next steps are important: 

1. Acceptance & forgiveness 

Accepting what happened is a crucial part of your journey, as well as forgiving anyone who has been causing the trauma (including yourself).

2. Attending trauma therapy 

Sometimes, we need some professional help to release the trauma, especially in the case of heavy, difficult trauma.

I would advise absolutely anyone to seek therapy to heal their traumas because doing the work on your own is a more difficult process. 

3. Creating new behavioral patterns 

After you have identified which behavioral patterns you developed as a response to trauma (or that helped to maintain the traumatic situation in your life, you must give them up and replace them with positive behavioral patterns. 

An example of replacing a toxic behavioral pattern developed as a response to trauma with a healthy behavioral pattern is when you realize that you have abandonment trauma from your childhood – if your parents were physically and/or emotionally unavailable, and this makes you cling to toxic or unavailable partners. 

Clinging to this type of partner was a trauma response you developed as a child, and you should give up now as an adult, and replace it with the habit of letting go as soon as possible of any toxic or emotionally unavailable person from your life. 

Moving on from trauma can be a long, difficult journey, but at the end of it, it will be worth it, as you will be able to live a happier, more fulfilling life!

If you enjoyed this article about the signs you're healing from trauma and it has helped you on your healing journey, drop us a comment in the comment section below and tell us what you enjoyed about it!