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What Is a TRUE Platonic Soulmate + 10 Signs You’ve Met Yours

What Is a TRUE Platonic Soulmate + 10 Signs You’ve Met Yours

The concept of soulmates has been around for decades now, but it’s often associated with romantic soulmates. Just as there are romantic soulmates, there are also platonic soulmates.

By definition, a soulmate is someone compatible with you in every sense of the word. A platonic soulmate isn’t the love of your life or “the one,” but they’re your go-to person.

It’s the deepest friendship that can occur between two people, and it’s far different from the other friendships they have in their lives.

In this article, we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about a platonic soulmate. 

What is a platonic soulmate?

platonic soulmates drinking together

With a platonic soulmate, you naturally feel more connected and intimate with them compared to your other friends.

You don’t have any romantic feelings for them, but there’s an unexplainable connection in the friendship. 

Platonic love is not focused on anything romantic or lustful, which is what makes it so pure.

So when you find your platonic soulmate, this is someone who understands your thoughts, feelings, and behavior as if it were their own. 

They seem to get you more than your other friends, even without explaining your thoughts or feelings. The term soulmate was derived from two souls connecting and understanding one another. 

This is because when you find your platonic soulmate, it’s as if your soul recognizes theirs. It’s also possible that even as you just met, you instantly click effortlessly. 

They meet your wants and needs on a friendship level more intimately. While you can’t put a term to it, they’re more than your best friend. 

Your friendship feels so out of this world, as if in a divine sense or as if you’ve known one another in a past life.

A platonic soulmate is one you never see coming but enters your life to make you learn a specific lesson and to become better. 

Just like in a romantic soulmate, there is also evident growth and betterment in a platonic soulmate. 

10 signs you’ve met your platonic soulmate

platonic soulmates smiling

1. There’s an instant connection

When you meet your soulmate, regardless if it’s your romantic or platonic soulmate, there will be that instant connection.

Even though you’ve never met before, you’ll feel a connection instantly. It’s precisely why you two get each other on a level that you just don’t experience with anyone else. 

You feel comfortable with them, no matter what your plans are for the day. Even if it’s as simple as sharing silence together, you feel at peace with their company. 

You understand one another in a way that doesn’t happen with your other friends. You’re not just best friends, but you’re platonic soulmates. 

There’s no need to speak every thought or emotion you have out loud as most often, they already know. 

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2. The friendship is easy

It’s a general fact that both relationships and friendships require hard work and effort to maintain. Otherwise, it’s easy to drift apart from them. 

However, if they’re your platonic soulmate, the friendship will feel easy and effortless.

You might finish each other’s sentences, always know what to do for the day, and meeting halfway isn’t challenging for both of you. 

With your other friends, your effort tends to be more. Even when dealing with awkward silences and serious conversations, you don’t have to try as hard with a platonic soulmate. 

Since they practically know your soul as if it was their own, the friendship feels like a breath of fresh air.

It’s not easy to the point where you don’t have to try at all, but it’s easy because you already know what’s on their mind and soul.

That’s the entire definition of soulmates, after all. So if they’re your platonic soulmate, the friendship feels calm and easy for the both of you. 

There’s no hard attempt of filling awkward silences and always coming up with activities to do. 

3. Distance doesn’t matter

two people who are platonic soulmates

When you have yourself a platonic soulmate, distance doesn’t matter.

Even if you’re far apart, the moment you come together again, it’s as if nothing has changed. 

Also, even if you communicate through calls and texts, it’s evident that the connection is still there. You can still get and understand one another even if you’re miles apart from one another. 

You also miss one another more intensely than you do with your other friends, all because they’re your platonic soulmate.

It’s as if a piece of you is missing, and the only reason you’d feel this way is that you share souls. 

After all, wouldn’t you miss someone who gets you in a way nobody else does and shares the same interests and humor as you?

If something big happens in your life, they’re the first person you call. 

4. There’s evident growth in the friendship

Not all friendships will help you grow and become a better version of yourself.

In fact, when differentiating soulmates and twin flames, soul mates are known for making you grow into someone better so that when the right time comes, you’re ready to meet your twin flame. 

This doesn’t just go for romantic soulmates, but platonic ones as well. When they’re your soulmate, they encourage you to become the best version of yourself. 

The premise behind soulmates is that you knew one another in a past life, which is accurate even for platonic soulmates.

So if you notice that you naturally help one another become better and grow, especially when compared to your other friends, that’s one of the evident signs of a soulmate. 

It’s often why they show up in the most timely circumstance in your life, specifically when you need them the most. Soulmates don’t just make your life better, but they also teach you a lesson. 

5. There’s no judgment 

With a platonic soulmate, they won’t judge or criticize you for anything in your life. Even when you try to make one another grow, they won’t judge you for your mistakes and flaws. 

While this can also be seen in normal friendships, the lack of judgment is even more evident in a soulmate setup.

The friendship and love run so deep that it overrides any room for judgment in your friendship. 

It’s what makes platonic friendships so pure and wholesome in the first place. They will never judge you for anything you’ve done, as they know it’s all part of the human experience. 

They’ll encourage growth in you without being critical of your mistakes and putting you down. Your friendship with your platonic soulmate is nothing less than supportive.

So the basis of your connection is an abundance of love and encouragement, which leaves little to no room for judgment.

They might provide constructive criticism every now and then, but it will never be in the form of harsh criticism, but an act of love. 

If anyone can understand where you’re coming from or going through, it’ll be them. 

6. It’s a substantial and deep friendship

deep friendship

Unlike your typical type of friendship, a platonic soulmate is the kind of friendship that runs with depth and meaning.

While you’ll also settle for small talk, you’re both comfortable with talking about anything and everything with them. 

One minute, you could be talking about the weather with them. Next, you could be conversing about how the universe works. 

Your friendship isn’t superficial, but it runs deep to the core. This also explains why your friendship with a platonic soulmate will be unlike your other friendships. 

You’ll have no limits to the topics you talk about, and it’s why your friendship grows deeper by the second. With your platonic soulmate, you never run out of things to discuss, which makes the friendship run deeper.

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7. You can tell how they feel

One of the characteristics of a soulmate is you can both tell what you’re thinking and feeling, even before saying it out loud.

A soulmate bond is so strong that you can predict what they’re about to tell you. 

So in instances they’re about to open up about how upset they are, you already know beforehand. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the friendship seems so effortless that you know exactly how they feel. 

That’s how strong your bond is, and this even happens when you’re far apart. Remember that a platonic soulmate is the most intimate connection you can have with a friend, and it’s why your connection is different from others. 

Soulmates mean you share a similar soul, which explains why they get you on a level nobody else does. This also goes for your unfavorable emotions like your anxiety and fears. 

When one of you feels anxiety, your platonic soulmate would likely feel it as well. 

8. You can be yourself

woman smiling

A platonic soulmate is someone you can be unapologetically yourself, in all aspects. They’re an extension of who you are, so you feel most comfortable and natural when you’re around them. 

There’s no need to try as hard to put your best foot forward or constantly please them, but being yourself is enough. Even if you’re particularly quirky and honest, you feel most like yourself when you’re around them. 

Particularly the little quirks and flaws you’re too embarrassed to tell others, you’re not afraid to show around your platonic soulmate.

You might be reserved and awkward to reveal your authentic self to others but to them, you don’t care at all. 

In fact, because of the instant soul recognition and connection you shared, you don’t shy away from being yourself. 

9. They fill you up rather than drain you

Whether you’re an introvert or extrovert, friendships can undoubtedly be high-maintenance. So you won’t always have the energy to keep up with them or maintain them. 

There are also toxic friendships that do more harm than good in your connection. With a platonic soulmate, you feel the opposite of any of these.

They fill you up with energy rather than drain you. When you’re with them, every moment feels fulfilling and not at all exhausting compared to your other friendships. 

You can never explain this feeling, but it’s primarily because your friendship goes beyond what meets the eye. 

10. They feel like your better half in a friendship way

platonic soulmates having a deep friendship

Being your better half doesn’t always have to be romantic. Sometimes, it can also be pertaining to a friendship. 

So if you have this friend and they feel like your better half in every sense of the word, they’re most probably your platonic soulmate. This is because they get you, understand you, and make you into the best version of yourself naturally. 

They don’t just feel like your best friend, but it’s as if they can see right through your soul. Everything feels better with them in your life. 

You have a mutual understanding of things you haven’t experienced with anyone else, and that’s what having a platonic soulmate feels like. 


In conclusion, I hope this article was able to help you gain insight into platonic soulmates.

This is the one friendship that feels so out of this world because of that instant and powerful connection you feel with one another. 

Even when you’re miles apart, the connection is still evident. They’re your better half in the friendship sense and they’re not just your best friend, but something more.

Even without words being spoken, you can tell and feel what one another is thinking and feeling when you have a platonic soulmate. 

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