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Crystals For Manifesting Love And Romance (The 17 Best Ones)

Crystals For Manifesting Love And Romance (The 17 Best Ones)

The idea that a person can manifest their wants and desires isn’t a new one, in fact, the origins of the practice can be traced to the 9th Century BC.

We all manifest each and every day, sometimes without realizing it.

Every thought, want, and desire is a little message to ourselves and to the wider universe that directs and dictates our decisions and life choices. 

Many spiritual individuals choose to consciously manifest the things they desire or need in their lives, from love and romance, to confidence, happiness, and even new job opportunities, because making your intentions known to yourself and the universe can illuminate the path to success. 

Crystals are one of the most common tools used to channel manifestations and each crystal is imbued with a variety of meanings which can herald love, truth, calm, enlightenment, and so on.

These crystals work as an amplifier for your intentions, helping you to focus on the steps you need to take to manifest your dreams into reality. 

In this article we’ll be exploring the best crystals to use to successfully manifest love and romance. 

Understanding How to Manifest

While we can all manifest without realizing it, if you’re looking to actively manifest change in your love life the first thing you need to know is how to manifest your desires.

The act of manifestation can be broken down into four easy steps:

1. Desire: Work out what it is you want, pinpoint the exact nature of your desires.

2. Believe: Trust the process. Believe in what you are manifesting and work to eliminate the negativity that is holding you back from your dreams. 

3. Connect: Work on connecting your energy and emotions with the energy in the world around you. This is where channeling your intentions into an item such as a crystal can help you.

4. Expect: Center your expectations. Remove self-sabotage from your dictionary and focus on the positive changes that you deserve. 

Why Crystals Make Great Manifestation Tools

Image of Hands holding a crystal to help manifest love and romance

Wants and desires are concepts that lack a concrete or physical form.

This means they can float around in your mind and can become difficult to capture and capitalize upon.

An item, such as a crystal, provides a physical object for you to channel your intentions upon.

This makes it far easier to focus your dreams and desires and can make the path ahead more clear.

Crystals are a great choice for this because their crystalline structure naturally absorbs, holds, and radiates energy.

This means that when you project your manifestations onto a crystal it will absorb those intentions and store them within a physical form.

Better yet, many crystals will radiate the energy that you project upon them which amplifies your intentions and increases the chance of making your manifestation become reality. 

17 Crystals For Manifesting Love And Romance

Just as love and romance come in so many different forms, for example, platonic love vs. romantic love, passionate romance vs. life-long love, and so on.

So do the crystals used to manifest love and romance. 

Some people may feel happiest choosing one crystal which they feel suits their needs and will carry it close to them such as in their pocket or on a pendant.

Others may want to pick a selection of the crystals on this list and scatter them about their home, bedroom, or create a crystal grid that they can use within manifestation practices. 

As with everything in the spiritual world it’s about listening to your heart and trusting your instincts.

This list features both common and obscure crystals.

Each entry also mentions the chakras each crystal works with, as this can provide some valuable insight into why they are so beneficial for manifesting love and romance.

So without further ado, the 17 crystals for manifesting love and romance.

Rose Quartz

Image of Rose Quartz crystal

Rose quartz is probably the first crystal many of us think of when working with matters of the heart.

This stone is connected to the heart chakra and is widely viewed as the stone of unconditional love.

Rose quartz teaches us to take the good with the bad, and to open our hearts and minds to the knowledge that true love is rarely perfect.

We all reap what we sow and in love, we need to be ready to accept and learn before growth can be achieved.

A piece of rose quartz placed in the heart of your home will open the door to love and kindness allowing it to flow freely and potentially draw in loving relationships of all kinds.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz

Clear quartz is known as a universal stone that due to its clear color can be used for many different applications.

It is connected to the crown chakra and because of this encourages us to look more deeply into our own lives and find areas in which we need to grow or change.

In regards to finding love and romance, this insight can be greatly beneficial as often we are not as ready to receive romantic attention as we might think. 

Clear quartz may be particularly useful if you’ve found yourself in a string of unsatisfying dates or relationships as through looking within you may find something about yourself you need to address before you can move forward and find genuine romantic connections. 


picture of Amazonite

Amazonite concerns itself with both the throat and heart chakras.

This means it is a stone that can be used to manifest new love or increase positive communication in existing loving relationships.

Amazonite is great for balancing out emotional energy due to its soothing green color, which can allow for reparations in existing romantic relationships which have started to break down.

Placing this stone in areas where you reflect such as your study or bathroom can help you to process the negative emotions associated with a disagreement.

This can allow you to look at the argument more pragmatically and find the source of the negative emotions which can lead to a more meaningful and long-lasting resolution.

Lastly, Amazonite will help to empower you to speak about difficult truths.

This could manifest in a heart to heart with your significant other that needs to be had in order to return back to a healthy loving romance.


Picture of Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is perfect for finding your soulmate.

This stone stimulates the heart chakra and is considered to be another stone which channels unconditional love.

Rhodochrosite is a crystal that brings strength and helps the user to recover from past hurt and hardship and look forward to a bright future. 


Photo of chrysocolla to help with manifesting love and romance

A lesser-known crystal, chrysocolla works to heal the heart chakra.

In this capacity it is able to help a person to heal from past heartache.

Chrysocolla helps to give tranquility and strength which can be useful after a messy break up as it allows a person to dust themselves off and start to date again.


Seraphinite crystal on a table

Seraphinite is a spiritual problem-solver.

In regards to love and romance seraphinite can be a useful tool to consult with your angels and spiritual guides at a time when the path ahead may be unclear.

This is perfect for people who can’t put their finger on why they are unlucky in love or who want to start dating but feel like something is holding them back.

Seraphinite works with a heart chakra and will help demystify matters of the heart.

Pink Tourmaline

close up picture of pink tourmaline

If you’re looking for an upsurgence of love of all kinds then pink tourmaline is the stone for you.

Pink tourmaline works with both the heart chakra and the thymus chakra.

This high vibration stone is used to channel and manifest love within you by expelling previous negativity and emotional trauma.

The idea of this process may make you feel vulnerable or exposed, but you shouldn’t fear this because pink tourmaline is also a protective stone.

Trust that pink tourmaline will protect your heart and leave it open only good things within the love and romance department!


Manifest love with an Emerald

Emerald represents successful love.

This stone is perfect for those looking to promote good energies within a positive and long-lasting relationship.

Placing an emerald within your home will help encourage harmony, balance, and wisdom within your relationship.

Emerald works with the heart chakra to soothe and revitalize, this is why emerald is so commonly associated with long-term love as without harmony and reinvigoration even the most thrilling romances can become stale. 


group of Amber cryastals

Amber is a stone that represents good luck in many facets of life; particularly in love and marriage.

This stone energizes old love and calms tempestuous and passionate relationships.

Unlike many of the crystals on this list, amber works with the sacral and solar plexus chakras and can be used to cleanse environments of negative energy.

In a loving relationship arguments and disagreements are par for the course, but keeping amber close by can help to purge any negative energy that remains in the home.

Amber also protects from the consequences of built-up negative relationships allowing you and your partner to avoid toxicity and focus on positive solutions to romantic problems.


Garnet crystals on black surface

If you find that your romantic relationship is lacking passion and your sex drive is flat then consider wearing or using garnet around your home.

Garnet is a lucky stone that is associated with the base or root chakra, this means it can be used to help ground you.

Grounding can be a great time to reflect upon your romantic relationship, it can help you to notice if you and your partner have slipped into a mundane routine and give you both the confidence to reignite old flames of passion. 

Lapis Lazuli

Picture of Lapis Lazuli used for love and romance manifestation

Lapis Lazuli is a crystal that can be used to find enlightenment and increase effective communication within the love and romance department.

It activates the third-eye chakra and also harmonizes the energies of the throat chakra.

When applied to love and romance lapis lazuli can be used to provide insight regarding the steps needed to be taken to find love, or wisdom regarding improving or setting an existing relationship back on a positive trajectory. 


Picture of Moonstone

Moonstone is known as a lucky crystal particularly when speaking of matters of the heart.

It is because of this that moonstone has often been given as a lucky charm to newly married couples throughout the centuries.

In fact, moonstone was so well-regarded that European and Indian folklore both hold the belief that two persons wearing moonstone during a full moon would become passionate lovers!

Like lapis lazuli moonstone resonates with the third-eye and throat chakras. 


Image of Opal which helps attract new love

Opal is a crystal that can be used to attract new love or foster passion and desire in a new relationship.

Opal can increase romantic feelings and encourage openness and honesty between lovers.

Similar to clear quartz, opal is somewhat known as a universal crystal due to the many colors it can take.

These differing colors can be used to resonate with a variety of different chakras and can even activate several chakras at once.

Put simply, wearing opal or bringing opal into your home may just give your budding romance the ‘oomph’ to reach the next level!

Red Agate

Red Agate to manifest romantic relationships

Red Agate can be used to find confidence and security within relationships.

This stone may be used for friendships and familial relationships but is more commonly used to soothe feelings of anxiety and uncertainty within new romances or romantic relationships that are starting to become serious or long-term.

Red agate activates the root chakra which is why it works so well to reduce anxiety and allows the user or wearer to better center themselves. 

 Strawberry Quartz

Picture of one strawberry quartz crystal

Not to be confused with rose quartz, strawberry quartz is another member of the quartz family which can be used to manifest love and romance.

Strawberry quartz is the perfect middle-ground between the universal clear quartz and the universal love stone; rose quartz.

This combination makes strawberry quartz a powerful crystal that can be used to send the message to the universe that you are ready for true love and to find your soul mate.

Like red agate, strawberry quartz also resonates with the root chakra.

Green Aventurine

green aventurine helps luck in love

Another crystal used to gain some luck in love, green aventurine is perfect for modern swipsters having little luck finding the one on dating apps.

Used to increase your chances of finding a meaningful match this green stone is the color of the heart chakra and therefore works closely with the manifestation of love and romance. 

Cobalto Calcite

Picture of Cobalto calcite which helps manifest self-love

A lesser-known stone Cobalto calcite is a stone with a pinkish hue that allows the user to manifest self-love.

This may not seem important when seeking to manifest love and romance externally, but it’s important to remember that without loving ourselves we cannot expect anyone else to truly love us.

Cobalto calcite is known as the stone of unconditional forgiveness and resonates with the heart chakra to encourage us to let go of the demons that are holding us back, and to open our heart to loving ourselves

Pink Topaz

Picture of 2 Pink topaz crystals

Image Source:

Pink topaz and green aventurine work hand-in-hand.

Where green aventurine can help put an end to meaningless swiping, pink topaz can help to remedy those stuck in a rut of short-term flings.

Pink topaz is a stone of guidance, it works to cleanse the heart chakra and opens up the heart to true and meaningful love and connections, starting most important with self-love.


bowl with Malachite crystals in

Malachite is a transformative crystal.

Ideal for fostering change, malachite can be used to create positive and meaningful change in an individual's love life.

It can start to free you of life-long emotional hang-ups and help a person to move away from negative thought patterns that have held them back from finding love.

Like green aventurine, malachite is the color of the heart chakra and therefore works closely with this to recenter your mind and soul in a way that is conducive to finding meaningful and loving romantic relationships.

Can you Use Crystals to Manifest a Particular Person?

Now, having read this you may be thinking of a special someone you’ve been crushing on and wondering if you can use crystals to seal the metaphorical deal.

I hate to break it to you, but love is a very complicated thing that centers itself around free will.

We all know that love cannot be forced and that while a passion may be faked for a time (such as pretending to like something as a teen to fit in) after time cracks start to show. 

It is for this reason that crystals cannot be used to forcibly manifest romantic feelings for a particular person.

While I’d love to be able to manifest the affections of Benedict Cumberbatch I know that if it were possible to do so, any connections created would be untrue and forged upon deception. 

This is why many crystals that work with matters of the heart focus themselves on creating change within the user or wearer as this person is making the choice of their own free will to open their heart to the powers of the crystal.

Using crystals in this way tends to result far more often in success because often the problem lies with the person who is unlucky in love and not the suitors they are drawn to.

Commonly, to find true love changes need to be made within, whether this is shaking off negative thought patterns, healing from previous traumas, or re-centering one's focus. 

So no, you cannot use crystals to manifest a particular person.

Instead, you can use these powerful spiritual tools to change your personal outlook and prepare your mind, soul, and emotions or meeting your soulmate

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