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How To Get Over Your Soulmate (Even When It Doesn’t Feel Possible)

How To Get Over Your Soulmate (Even When It Doesn’t Feel Possible)

The concept of soulmates has been around for centuries and decades. It’s where the idea of finding “the one” originated. 

Your soulmate is someone who reflects your soul. The moment you meet them, your soul instantly recognizes them, even if you barely know them. 

It’s also why your bond with your soulmate is so powerful that it feels almost impossible to get over them.

They’re the only person who knows you better than you even know yourself, which is why it’s a different type of heartbreak when that relationship ends. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to get over your soulmate. 

How To Get Over Your Soulmate

someone trying to get over their soulmate

1. Focus on yourself

When you fall in love and get together with your soulmate, the bond is so strong and intense that it’s nothing compared to a regular breakup.

Your soulmate is likely someone you knew in a past life, and it’s the sole reason there’s an instant recognition the moment you meet them. 

So if you want to know how to get over your soulmate, it’s going to take a lot of effort and inner strength.

Focusing on yourself is the best distraction for a breakup, all the more so for moving on from your soulmate. 

Instead of dwelling on how much everything hurts and how you thought you’d last a lifetime, shift the focus back to yourself.

Since a soulmate bond is so intense, it’s also possible that you lost parts of yourself in the relationship. 

Focusing on yourself allows you to find those parts you lose and find yourself once again.

What matters is that you keep yourself busy just enough to stop thinking about them and missing them. 

Instead of going on your self-sabotaging tendencies when you miss them, use your energy and time to improve yourself further.

You can hit the gym, take up a class, find a new hobby, or focus on your career. 

Do anything as long as it’s focusing on yourself rather than your soulmate. 

2. Learn the lesson

Our soulmates cross our path for a reason, and it’s to help us learn a lesson. They help us grow and improve ourselves, even if it often requires discomfort and heartbreak. 

If you want to move on from your soulmate, you must first learn the lesson that comes with it.

As painful as your heartbreak feels, think back to your relationship and reflect on what your soulmate is trying to teach you. 

Are they trying to teach you how to be resilient or strong?

Or perhaps they’re trying to teach you the actual definition of what love is? 

Whatever it is, there is always a lesson, and you should learn that lesson and apply it to your life.

A breakup is already tough enough but if it’s with a soulmate, it’s an experience that often feels too difficult to bear. 

Moving on might seem impossible, but it’s only in finding the lesson that you muster a little strength to get over your soulmate. 

3. Sit with your feelings

It’s always an uncomfortable experience to sit with the entirety of our difficult feelings.

However, it’s a necessary step on how to get over your soulmate. 

If you feel anger, pain, devastation, grief, loss, or even resentment, you need to feel each and every one of those.

You can’t escape sitting with your feelings as that will only lead to repressed emotions, which isn’t healthy. 

When you repress your feelings, all you’re doing is distracting yourself from facing your feelings until they build up.

Escaping your heartbreak is the easiest thing to do, but you won’t get over your soulmate that way. 

It requires a lot of discomfort through sitting with your emotions and understanding each one before you’re one step closer to getting over them. 

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4. Forgive them and yourself

getting over your soulmate by forgiving them

With a soulmate bond, you feel what they do and vice versa. The tendency with any breakup is we look for a source of blame, whether it’s ourselves or them. 

If it’s your soulmate who ended the relationship, you’ll likely blame them for the relationship ending.

You might even hold a grudge against them but as you’ll learn eventually, you won’t know how to get over your soulmate with so much anger in your heart. 

Even if you blame yourself for not trying hard enough or for whatever reason, realize that it takes two for a breakup to occur. So both of you have a fault, and you need to accept that. 

Instead of being resentful of them or yourself, learn to let go of all that anger. That’s the only way you’ll get over your soulmate. 

Even if every fiber of your being tells you not to let them go but to hold on tighter, you have to.

You won’t gain anything by holding on to anger and resentment, so you need to let that go. 

That is if you want to learn how to get over your soulmate. 

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5. Realize that you are whole

When you’re trying to learn the ropes of how to get over your soulmate, you’re often focused on the idea that they complete you.

However, remember that soulmates cross our paths for a specific purpose, and they don’t always stay in our lives. 

Once they help us grow and learn the lesson, their purpose in our lives is over. As perfect as your relationship might’ve been with your soulmate, it’s not forever.

You are and always will be whole, and no way will your soulmate complete you.

Even if your connection is stronger than other relationships you’ve had in the past, it doesn’t mean you can’t live life without them. 

The only way you can move on from your soulmate is when you own the realization that you’re whole and that you’re capable of being your own person without your soulmate in your life. 

You’re not incomplete just because you and your soulmate broke up – it doesn’t work that way. 

6. Accept their part in your life is over

When you enter a relationship with your soulmate, it certainly is the most magical and extraordinary feeling in the world.

Your relationship seems perfect and often too good to be true. 

When everything ends, everything starts to crumble down and you’re left to wonder what went wrong.

No matter what happened in your relationship, you need to accept that your soulmate’s part in your life is over. 

Think of them as angels.

They only crossed your path to make you reach your higher purpose and potential but once you grow into your best version, there’s no longer a reason for them to stay. 

Instead of ending the relationship with a sour taste in your mouth, you need to accept and appreciate your connection as a whole.

Don’t focus on finding blame, but appreciate how they came into your life at precisely the right time and place. 

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Do Soulmates Break Up And Get Back Together

soulmates getting back together after a break up

If there’s one concept the world has got all backward, it’s that soulmates are destined to be with your forever.

If not, they’re not your soulmates. 

However, this is a false concept. The Universe has no guarantee that two will end up together forever. 

We’re all led to believe this concept due to the several Hollywood movies that portray romance and love.

In reality, soulmates do break up sometimes, and sometimes, they get back together. 

However, soulmates also don’t end up getting back together. Your soulmate was given to you by the Universe to make you realize something that you wouldn’t be able to realize for yourself. 

There’s always a lesson with every soulmate, and it never gets any easier when they leave your life.

However, compared to an ordinary relationship, the bond is so strong with soulmates that it’s hard to stay away from one another. 

So while they part your life when they teach you the necessary lesson, you can rekindle the connection again and get back together.

Just because you break up, it doesn’t mean you’ll never get together again. 

There’s a higher chance of getting back together when you’re soulmates compared to any regular relationship.

This is essentially why it’s so important to focus on yourself when learning how to get over your soulmate. 

Otherwise, you’ll have to keep breaking up, which is an exhausting thing for soulmates.

On the potential that you rekindle again and get back together, you’ll have to separate again because you failed to do the work. 

Soulmates are a divine connection, so the lesson is a critical aspect.

So instead of resorting to your old self-sabotaging coping mechanism in a break, focus on yourself instead towards betterment and growth. 

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When Your Soulmate Dies

woman getting over a soulmate

It’s difficult enough already when you and your soulmate break up, but the pain of your soulmate dying is nothing compared to a breakup.

When they die, a part of you dies along with them.

This might sound dramatic and unreal, but it’s true.

Soulmate connections are that powerful that even in death, you feel a lack of life and even purpose. 

Your soulmate mirrored your soul, and they get you more than anyone else. So when they die, you feel the absence everywhere in your body, and not just in your soul and heart. 

Losing a soulmate over death might seem like you’ll never be able to move past it, but you will.

You’ll be stuck on grief for a prolonged period but once you’ve accepted your soulmate’s loss and death, you can find a way to move forward the best way you can. 

Soulmates are a divine connection sent to us to make us learn something and even in death, you need to remember the lesson they’re trying to help you learn in your life.

It might seem like you’ll never see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you will. 

As unbearable and drastic as it feels, the death of a soulmate won’t define your life.

If anything, it might be the thing that pushes you to improve yourself further and become better, despite their passing. 

The Universe gave you your soulmate for a reason at precisely the right time and even as they’re no longer in your life, their presence and memories will always be with you.

This is true for any person you love that passes, but even more so for your soulmate. 

For more info check out this post on what to do when your soulmate dies.

It's a really helpful heart-healing guide.

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The Key Takeaway For Getting Over Your Soulmate

In conclusion, this is everything you need to know on how to get over your soulmate.

Soulmate breakups are one of the most intense experiences you will ever have to feel, but it’s part of life. 

The Universe made your paths cross for a specific purpose and often to make you learn something significant. Even when you break up, you must keep that lesson in mind and apply it in your life. 

Also, just because a breakup occurred, it doesn’t mean there’s no chance of coming together again.

Compared to typical relationships, a soulmate relationship’s bond is stronger, which means there’s a higher chance of getting back together even after separation. 

Your relationship is a divine one, after all. 

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