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Eliminate Negative Thoughts From Your Subconscious Mind In 3 Steps

How To Remove Negative Thoughts From Subconscious Mind

Do you often feel inner resistance, right before doing something important?

Do negative thoughts bog you down once in a while?

Have you ever wondered how to remove negative thoughts from your subconscious mind?

If your answers are yes…

Then it is time you communicate with your subconscious mind and train to remove these potentially dangerous thoughts.

While I do know that this is easier said than done…

With proper focus and the right techniques,

You can EASILY reprogram those thoughts and surround yourself with more positivity.

I'm sure you’re wondering how to do that,

So here’s everything that you need to know about getting rid of those negative thoughts. 

How To Remove Negative Thoughts From Subconscious Mind – A Quick Tip

Regardless of your situation or societal condition…

Always remember that it is self-doubt that keeps you from achieving your goals and making it big in life.


Self-doubt is perhaps the most self-destructive process that doesn’t merely bog you down,

But also can make you negative and bitter.

So one of the first things that you need to do is…

Get rid of this crippling self-doubt.

You might find challenging when you start out.

But trust me,

After a while;

You’ll get completely accustomed to this new situation. 

You can begin by asking yourself to stop contemplating negatively about people.

Do not tell yourself that you can't do this,

Because if you say so,

Your brain will automatically believe it.

So instead of thinking negative thoughts about your inherent situation, try BELIEVING in YOURSELF for a change.

Every time you start doubting yourself or a situation, reassure your sub-conscious with positive affirmations like…

“I can achieve anything. I will not let self-doubt hinder my success”

After repeating this for a while, you’ll witness a steady but significant positive transformation in your life.

Discredit All Negative Thoughts

After starting off with removing your self-doubt,

You can then move on to discredit all the negative thoughts that cloud your consciousness.

Always remember…

That there is no real truth to negative thoughts because life will never support it.

These thoughts merely serve in blocking the natural movement of your life towards prosperity and harmony.

Give some time to yourself,

And then slowly let your awareness deepen.

Once it reaches the utmost depth…

You’ll be automatically able to see through the subconscious negative patterns that plague your free-thinking abilities.

Once you’ve developed this awareness,

You can then start discrediting and dis-identifying with them.

While you follow this exercise…

Make it a point to let yourself align with the positive thoughts of your life.

When you develop positive insights about life and society,

It will soon be embedded in your subconscious mind…

Which will eventually help you achieve your goals.

Focus On The Things That Make You Happy

As you’d already know, a functional subconscious mind thrives on positivity.

And one of the best ways to stay positive…

Is by deliberately focusing your attention on the things that bring joy and harmony to you.

If you’re just starting out,

Come up with a notebook and write about five things that make you incredibly happy.

Once you’ve done this,

Try to focus your attention on these things throughout the day.

For instance,

If talking to a friend/colleague makes you happy…

Then talk to them without inhibitions;

If a certain piece of music invigorates your soul with positivity,

Then listen to that song time and again;

If a certain picture makes you smile,

Look at the picture and smile for no reason.

Whenever you focus your thoughts on joy, you’ll inadvertently activate the neural pathways of your brain…

And that’ll help you train your subconscious mind faster.

Listen to Subliminal Audio


Subliminal audio can work wonders in helping you remove your inherent negative thoughts.

According to most psychologists,

Individuals start absorbing positive affirmations more quickly when they start hearing subliminal audio.

The positive phrases in the audio…

Can make you happy at any point during the day.

And the best part is;

It won't put you into a state of trance.

This means you can always listen to subliminal audios,

And carry out your daily tasks simultaneously.


If you’re looking to get rid of negative thoughts, this is yet another option you need to try.

Bottom Line

Once you follow these four key guidelines, getting rid of your negative thoughts will be unbelievably faster!

I hope you enjoyed this article “How To Remove Negative Thoughts From Subconscious Mind””

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