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Learn Numerology: An Easy To Understand Beginners Guide

Learn Numerology: An Easy To Understand Beginners Guide

If you’ve been following the articles in this blog, you will know that numerology is a very powerful and insightful system for understanding daily life.

Not only can you utilize the wisdom, messages, and signs from numerology, but you can also learn about your passions and desires, fears and worries, beliefs and inner workings, and general or holistic outlook on life.

In short, being attuned to the recurring numbers in your life greatly assists in understanding, acknowledging, and integrating key themes showing up.

The universe is always sending us signs and messages for those with eyes to see, ears to hear, hearts to feel, and intuition to sense. So, why not go a step further and learn numerology?

Numerology is a belief in the divine or mystical relationship between numbers and coinciding events, feelings, and areas or themes of self-development.

It's not only a belief in the synchronicity(s) of a divine and interconnected universe, it is also the application and active engagement in it.

To study numerology is to study the numerical value in letters, words, names, ideas, and concepts.

This essentially means that at birth your soul- the eternal and non-physical part of you is given a name. This name has an energetic and symbolic meaning.

Numerology as a system, has close ties to mysticism, the paranormal or supernatural, astrology, and the divinatory arts; although it is not mutually exclusive with any of them.

For the reason shared above, the most accurate and well-known expression of utilizing numerology and learning about it to help yourself, or others, is to discover your life path number.

Numerology and Life Path Numbers: The Purpose of Numerology

Learn Numerology

Numbers 1- 9 are the building blocks of numerology, with a few exceptions. Master numbers 11, 22, and 33 are also highly signified, as they hold a higher vibration or energetic frequency.

Your life path number, therefore, can either be 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 22, or 33.

So, to calculate your life path number you need to use your date of birth. This is your full date of birthday, month, and year.

Once you are familiar with calculating your own life path you can then help others such as friends or family, or expand and develop your understanding further by grounding your experience into a profession or skilled service.

Many tarot readers, for example, self-learn about Tarot (in-depth!), practice, attune and align with the psychic and spiritual energy inherent, and then go on to becoming Tarot Readers.

The Life Path Number is the most accurate expression of determining your personal vibration, life purpose, or direction in life.

It also sheds great insight into your personality, wants and dreams soul desires, and long-term goals. 

How to Make A Numerology Chart and Determine Your Other Numbers (Expression, Soul Urge, and Personality)





































It may seem pretty basic but knowing this chart alone can be very significant.

This is the chart to use when calculating all other numbers, except your Life Path Number.

For example, the name John Pope would give an Expression Number of 9.

This is because all the numbers from associating letters equal 45, and 4 + 5 is 9.

On the other hand, the name Grace Gabriella Puskas Abuzirr adds up to master number 22, therefore it would not be reduced any further.

Master numbers 11, 22, and 33 remain as they however also have the double impact of having the vibrational qualities of the other 1-9 digit life path number.

In Grace’s case, she is both a 22 and a 4- so the energetic symbolism and association of both 22 and 4 complements one another, and apply to her “personal frequency.” (In terms of Expression or Destiny number.)

The same is true for anyone who is a number 11, in that they also embody Expression Number 2, and 33’s embody 6 energy.

The key with numerology and this chart is to always stick with the exact name given at birth, middle names, and double-hyphenated last names included.

It may seem complex at first but this chart is the basis of learning numerology and integrating the wisdom to help yourself or others.

So, to recap and find your Expression number – the second main expression of numerology (after the Life Path, discovered from your full date of birth):

  • Find the numerological value of your name. This must be your full name at birth.
  • Add the numbers down until they can’t reduce any further. The final number will either be from 1- 9, or 11, 22, or 33.
  • Use the number guide to discover what your Expression/ Destiny is. This number holds a unique energetic meaning and can provide insight into your personality, strengths, soul’s purpose, and best routes to take in life. 

This number also carries a specific energetic frequency, which can further be associated with your ideal frequency or best possible vibration reality in this life.

Other Expressions

In addition to the Life Path Number, the following are all expressions numerology provides as a learning and self-evolution development tool.

  • Soul Urge (also known as Heart’s Desire)
  • Expression (also known as Destiny)
  • Personality

Let’s explore these in more detail now.

Your Soul Urge, Expression, and Personality numbers are worked out from your full name (at birth).

Soul Urge or Heart’s Desire Number

Beginners guide to learn numerology

This number is as it states. It is your soul’s urge and heart’s desire in this lifetime.

It is the inner you, your true motivations, inner desires, and interests.

This number can reveal your likes and dislikes, long term goals and visions, and a general course of action.

In short, it can profoundly influence the choices you make and the paths you take.

Soul Urge is calculated by adding together all the vowels in your full birth name.

Soul Urge Number 1:

You are independent and a leader. You are motivated and inspired by anything which allows you to make use of these talents, and you further may become an inventor of some sort.

You are passionate about your independence and this can determine and shape many choices in life.

Soul Urge Number 2:

You have a deep need for peace, quiet and rich inner life. You are inspired by your ability to be gentle, intuitive, sensitive, and sentimental and you seek harmony in all areas of life.

You are defined by diplomacy, consideration, and harmony, and these qualities can influence your choices in life.

You may become a peacemaker, diplomat, or counselor of some sort, or you may simply choose a “lone wolf” type lifestyle and express yourself introspectively and imaginatively.

You may also be inspired by spiritual concepts and beliefs.

Soul Urge Number 3:

You are inspired by anything creative. Art, creative expression, play, tuning into your inner child, and unbounded imaginative thoughts are areas where you thrive.

These serve as your motivation in life and you are most happy and aligned to your true self when you can be upbeat, friendly, happy, and outgoing, further not weighed down by heavy practical duties or responsibilities.

You are very responsible and believe in duty, however, this is always and only ever through creative and imaginative play and expression.

Soul Urge Number 4:

You are motivated by stability, security, and practical comforts. You like routine, structure, order, and organization.

Anything which brings you these things will be prioritized in life. Practicality defines you, yet you also crave sensory experiences.

Soul Urge Number 5:

You are imaginative, creative, resourceful, and passionate. You are inspired by new experiences, travel, adventure, personal freedom, creative expression, and change.

Any decisions you make in life will be motivated by your need for new opportunities and experiences or new ways of thinking and philosophizing.

Soul Urge Number 6:

You are compassionate, sincere, sentimental, caring, empathetic, and patient. All of these define your motivations, therefore you will most likely be drawn towards some healing, caring or teaching profession.

You find pleasure in being there for others and tuning in to your acute sensitivity and compassionate ways. Family and relationships in general, are of supreme importance to you.

Soul Urge Number 7:

You find pleasure in solace, in introspection, and in philosophy.

You are very motivated by searching for the meaning of life, or life’s deeper meanings, and love anything which allows you to be inquisitive or introverted.

You have a real love of knowledge and spirituality which reflects in your life choices. You may be motivated by the mystic arts or the abstract.

Soul Urge Number 8

You take pleasure in and are motivated by power, material comforts, success, and materialistic comforts.

You thrive from material abundance and success and are drawn to ambitious pursuits that require sheer determination and perseverance.

You have a highly creative mind and a great ability to see the bigger picture.

Soul Urge Number 9:

You are motivated by idealistic and humanitarian interests. You can be sensitive to the suffering and well- being of others and as a result, you enjoy being in service to humanity or the world in some way.

You also take pleasure in the approval and recognition of your good deeds and achievements!

The Expression or Destiny Number


Your Expression or Destiny Number is found by adding together all of the letters in your full birth name, as briefly stated earlier.

It is calculated from both vowels and consonants.

Your Expression number symbolizes the opportunities which will be presented to you throughout life.

It refers to your goals, dreams, ambitions, aspirations, and the talents and abilities which make you unique. 

It can also shed light on the setbacks, potential downfalls, or shortcomings associated with your life’s journey.

The “shadow” elements of the human experience can be seen in your Destiny number.

Expression Number 1:

Independence, individualistic, inventive, and self-reliant. You have a pioneering spirit and are confident and highly expressive.

Shadow/potential setbacks: Overly competitive, self-centered, and critical of others!

Expression Number 2:

Intuitive, sensitive, peaceful, and diplomatic. You are a lover of harmony and cooperation and work well with others. Relationships are a strength.

Shadow/potential setbacks: Too self-sacrificing and lacking boundaries. Be careful not to give ‘too much’ of yourself to others!

Expression Number 3:

Outgoing, optimistic, inspiring, and expressive. You are highly creative and drawn to the arts or imaginative forms of expression.

Creative ventures define you.

Shadow/potential setbacks: Cynical, irresponsible, and undisciplined. Be mindful of these for success.

Expression Number 4:

Practical, ordered, disciplined and responsible. You are drawn to the organization and being a rock for others.

You are highly grounded!

Shadow/potential setbacks: Stubbornness and rigidity. Be wary also of perfectionism and getting trapped in small details!

Expression Number 5:

Free-spirited, freedom-loving, adventurous, and adaptable. You love excitement and new experiences and dislike routines or feeling trapped.

Philosophy and higher deals are your strengths.

Shadow/potential setbacks: Fickle, easily bored, undisciplined, and irresponsible. Try and balance responsibility with your love of freedom.

Expression Number 6:

Honest, sincere, loving, and considerate. You are a natural healer, car- giver, counselor, and friend in times of need. You make an incredible lover, friend, family member, and caregiver.

Shadow/ potential setbacks: Over-protective, self-sacrificing, meddling, and lacking in personal boundaries.

Try and give others their space or be your own support system.

Expression Number 7:

Introverted, inquisitive, intelligent, and lovers of wisdom.

Universal truth or knowledge appeals to you and this can reflect in a number of ways. You enjoy pursuing your own projects.

Shadow/potential setbacks: Secretive, cynical, and detached. Balance your love of solitude and introspection or study with friendships and bonds.

Expression Number 8:

Hard-working, disciplined, ambitious, and materialistically successful. You receive great success in whatever field you choose to work in, or in whatever you choose to do.

Practical success and abundance!

Shadow/ potential setbacks: Stubbornness, intolerance, and imbalance. Seek greater balance in all areas of your life.

Expression Number 9:

Idealistic, compassionate, humanitarian, and inspiring.

You have a purpose and want to make the world a better place. A visionary working for the greater good…

Shadow/potential setbacks: Gullible, being taken advantage of and seeking validation. Keep your intentions pure for success.

Expression Number 11:

Highly intuitive, sensitive, and psychic. You are idealistic and seek balance, peace, and harmony in life.

You are also highly gifted, imaginative, and artistically inclined.

Shadow/potential setbacks: Too idealistic, too sharing of your feelings, and highly impractical! Be mindful of these.

Expression Number 22:

The master builder. You are practical, grounded, determined, and methodological.

You can turn dreams into reality and hold great willpower. A powerful creator and manifestor!

Shadow/potential setbacks: Be wary of doubt and getting stuck on small details. See the bigger picture and vision for success.

Expression Number 33:

The master teacher. Self-sacrificing, idealistic, humanitarian, and service-oriented.

You seek to dedicate your life to something non-personal, something beyond egotistical intentions.

Shadow/potential setbacks: Meddling, lacking personal space and boundaries, overprotective, and self-sacrificing.

Personality Number

How to learn numerology

The Personality Number refers to the characteristics you project and your intentions for daily words, actions, and speech.

It is also how you are perceived by others. Learning about this number, therefore, can provide insight into how others see you.

It is found by adding together all the consonants in your full birth name.

As we have already explored numbers 1- 9 and 11, 22, and 33 in detail, we won’t go into each one here.

To learn about your Personality Number, take inspiration from the information and associations described in Life Path Numbers, Soul Urge Numbers, and Expression Numbers.

The wisdom contained can provide meaning and understanding of the essence of your specific Personality Number!

The History of Numerology

The history of numerology is a slight mystery, as it dates back thousands of years ago.

Ancient Babylonian texts and records found in Ancient Egypt are currently seen as the earliest written records.

However, there are also written records of numerological systems and knowledge all over the world, such as in China, Rome, Greece, the Middle East, and Japan.

Today, modern-day numerology is often associated with Pythagoras-the Greek philosopher known for his beliefs in the stars and, at the time, “esoteric” schools of thought.

Of course, Kabbalah numerology is also one of the main originators of the modern numerology system and this was birthed from Hebrew mysticism.

❤️ Further reading, check out this article about the invention of angel numbers.

Is There Scientific Proof of Numerology?

Unfortunately, there isn’t scientific proof as such because numerology relies a lot on experience.

Faith and an open “third eye” chakra can be all the scientific proof many of us need!

This may sound a bit whimsical or as if we just have an incredible imagination, but the key to remember is that numerology systems back thousands of years to times of ancient cultures, who knew about many systems and schools of thought we are only finding out about today. (Or rediscovering!)

Babylonian texts and ancient Sumeria are as far back as our human history goes, and both of these cultures and communities of people knew about the numerological and energetic value of numbers, and how they relate to ourselves.

Sometimes in life, we have to rely on our intuition and spiritual self and put less significance on science. Life is a balance.

Numerology is a prime example of having faith in something above and beyond us, and paying attention to naturally occurring signs and synchronicities in our lives; even when there is no science to back it.

The Energetic Meanings of the Master Numbers (Only “Life Path!”)

Energetic meanings of master numbers

You are already familiar with life path numbers 1- 9 (and if not a link can be found earlier on in this article), yet you are not yet familiar with Master Numbers 11, 22, and 33.

Here’s what they mean.

Life Path 11

Life Path 11 is the number and life path of intuition and spiritual awareness.

Those with this life path number hold great responsibility, as they are destined to use their spiritual gifts and insight to help others.

11’s make incredible artists, writers, musicians, creatives, poets, philosophers, visionaries, seers, psychics, “prophets,” dreamers, healers, therapists, energy workers, counselors, teachers, metaphysical teachers, physicians, or mystics.

11’s are extremely sensitive with a deep understanding of others. At a young age, this extreme sensitivity (verging on psychic ability) can be too much to handle.

Young 11’s may suffer from bouts of anxiety or nervous tension associated with the high vibration of their life path number.

On a positive note and when channeled wisely, 11s can pick up on other people’s health problems, inner turmoil, and relationship troubles – without any spark of conversation!

11’s “just know” and truly are the most intuitive of all the numbers.

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Any field where the gifts of sensitivity and intuition can be used to help others will be favored, hence why many 11’s become care or support workers, counselors, therapists, healers, or go on to find a career in the creative and artistic worlds.

Finally, the 11’s are inspiring and highly charismatic. They can inspire others just through their being, beliefs, and presence alone.

They are highly idealistic, deep thinkers, and gifted with the potential to be inventors of some sort.

Furthermore, master number 11 also carries the vibration of Life Path 2.

This means they have the capacity for deep bonds and helpful relationships. Number 2 is the number of harmony, balance, and relationships or partnerships.

Number 2, or Life Path 2, can be used as an 11’s base vibration, and therefore the gifts and qualities of Life Path 11 can be expanded and amplified when merged with the qualities of 2.

11’s work and play well with others.

In short, Life Path 11 is the number of “Spiritual Illumination!”

Life Path 22

Life Path 22 is the second Master Number and relates to those who have a great spiritual understanding, and the ability to apply their understanding in a practical way.

22’s are known as the “Master Builders”. In short, they hold the potential to achieve great success on the earth plane.

22’s can manifest ideas, goals and dreams into reality at light speed.

They are master manifesters with a mind and heart strongly rooted in spiritual or humanitarian means.

Life Path 22’s are incredible visionaries, like 11’s, also with the insight and intuition of Life Path 11.

Combined with the practical nature of 4 (Life Path 4), 22’s can be seen as destined for success in whatever they wish to achieve.

22’s must be careful, however, as with such a powerful vibration comes great responsibility.

They need to be careful to not waste their potential, which can happen when not grounded or channeling their energy mindfully.

Those with 22 as their life path have goals and interests above and beyond the individual “I” or ego-based reality.

Their goals and heartfelt ambitions lie in the realm of serving humanity in some way.

Because 22’s hold enormous power, it may not be until later in life that they achieve true success.

Adulthood, perhaps in their late 20’s to early 30’s, marks the start of their true purpose and path in life.

Groundwork and determination, however, is applied earlier on until their true calling becomes in full swing.

Like with 11’s, Life Path 22’s can look to number 4’s as a base vibration to help evolve and develop their unique characteristics.

Life Path 33

Finally, Life Path number 33 is the highest and strongest expression one could hold in a human lifetime.

33’s are literally the “Master Number!” They are known as Master Teachers.

Their focus in life is on uplifting the world in some way and uplifting the loving energy of mankind.

Humanitarianism, selflessness, service and unconditional love combined with compassion are key themes for those with this life path.

33’s have a great devotion to a cause and are not too concerned with personal ambition.

Their intentions and motivations lie in how they can help others, and they are also very nurturing and caring.

Altruism defines 33’s and they may be concerned with raising humanity’s consciousness. It is a very rare life path number to hold.

Combined with the energy and characteristics of Life Path 6, 33’s can go a long way and leave their mark in the world for years to come.

❤️ Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this post on learning numerology.

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