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Angel Number 133 – The TRUE Meaning Of This Spiritual Number

Angel Number 133 – The TRUE Meaning Of This Spiritual Number

Have you been seeing the number 133 a lot lately? Is the number 133 your favorite number for some reason? Do you wonder what it means when you keep seeing Angel Number 133 or how it fits in with your personality, love life, or twin flame relationship?

Angel Number 133 is special in many ways.

Aside from the fact that it is a number related to new beginnings—especially focused on sharing spiritual wisdom—it also is closely tied with the Holy Trinity, Christ Energy, and even Ascended Masters!

If you see the Angel Number 133 often, or if it is your favorite number, you may have a higher mission or purpose to fulfill in this lifetime, and it might be time for you to make changes in your life that will help you fulfill your mission here on Earth.

How Angels Send Us Messages

Each one of us has a group of angels dedicated to helping us navigate our lives and find the best path forward.

Our angels are always with us, sharing wisdom and insight when we need it. Angels often use repetitive numbers to get our attention and share messages with us.

Don’t worry about missing an important message from your angels, either. When the angels have a message for you, they will repeat it often enough for you to know—without a doubt—that what you are seeing has a special meaning for you.

Today we will be talking about Angel Number 133 and what it means when you see it.

The Core Meaning Of Angel Number 133?

Meaning of 133

Angel Number 133 is made up of the numbers 1 and 3. To understand the meaning of the number 133, you should look at those numbers individually.

The Meaning Of Number 1

As you may already know, number one is related to new beginnings and is generally a sign to move forward.

Angel Number 1 indicates you have everything you need to succeed.

The number one also shows that you might be alone during this part of the journey. But, you are complete in yourself if you see Angel Number 1. It is a good sign for independence and being capable of accomplishing what you put your mind to!

The Meaning Of Number 3

Angel Number 3 is a special and powerful number for so many reasons. It denotes teams, families, or expansion, and it is also related to a special kind of balance and harmony.

All parts of a three relationship are equally important to the whole of the relationship. Without one, the meaning or balance of the relationship would change significantly.

Three can also indicate power dynamics or a hierarchy and is oftentimes used in tarot to represent the balance of power in relationships.

The number 3 can remind us of the caring of parents—the mother in particular—for a child.

Angel Number 3 can be related to many different phases in life and trinities: Maiden, Goddess, Crone; Father, Son, Holy Spirit; Beginning, Middle, End; Man, Woman, Child, etc.

There are three Muses and three Furies, three Graces and even Shakespeare had three Witches in his famous story, Macbeth.

It is also a very sacred number and can be linked to many religions, including the Christian Holy Trinity and the Egyptian Sun Gods, Horus, Ra, and Osiris.

Numerology And Angel Number 133

Another important energy to consider when thinking about the numerological meaning of Angel Number 133 is the sum of the numbers: 1+3+3=7.

Seven is a number associated with self-mastery, finding spirituality through meditation and reflection, and connecting with internal wisdom.

When you look at the number 7, you can see a representation of kundalini energy running from the base of the spine to the third eye, which only adds to the powerful, mystical associations there are linked to the number seven.

There is a combination of introspection, intuition, and activity tied to the number 7.

People who connect with number 7 are generally in control, sensitive, and perhaps even a bit rigid. They know what they want and are working on getting it. They do not give up their ideals for what is available; as a matter of fact, seven people prefer to be alone over being with the wrong people.

The independence of the number one connects with the mystical balance and harmony of 3 in the numerological meaning of 7 and fits well with the overall theme of the meaning of Angel Number 133.

Master Number 33

Angel Number 133 also contains 33, which is a Master Number in numerology.

The duplication of the 3 amplifies its energy. The number of mentions of the number 33 in the most well-known spiritual books and teachings is profound!

Certain numerology systems also link the number 33 with the Ascended Masters. Ascended Masters are people who incarnated on the Earth to help mankind grow spiritually, like Jesus, Buddha, St. Germaine, Mother Teresa, and more.

One of the qualities that is a part of Master Number 33 is spiritual giving.

The Ascended Masters freely share their love and wisdom with those around them, often asking for nothing in return.

These figures are called to work for the greater good of humanity and are said to reincarnate or make their spirit available for those who call on them in times of need.

As you can see, Master Number 33 is associated with many different holy and literary figures whose mission was to change the world for the better.

The Angel Number 133 And Its Biblical Meaning

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity” Psalm 133

While Angel Number 33 has many religious references, Angel Number 133 is also an important passage in the Bible.

King David, who incidentally ruled for 33 years, is said to have written Psalm 133.

Wikipedia says:

“According to 18th-century theologian John Gill, David may have composed this psalm after he was unanimously crowned as king by the united tribes of Israel, or after his son, Absalom's revolt was put down and the tribes hurried to show their loyalty to David. Gill noted that it may also be viewed as prophetic…”

As you can see, Angel Number 133 is a special number that not only relates to new beginnings but also a more peaceful, unified society.

It is also tied to intuitive or prophetic messages from figures who have changed their communities for the better.

Its relationship with Master Number 33 and its special energy reinforces its mystical importance and the energy Angel Number 133 represents.

Biblical And Religious References To The Number 33

The number 33 is very special in religious texts from around the world, including the Bible. Jesus was said to have lived 33 years.

The name of God was mentioned 33 times in the book of Genesis.

The Tree of Life is said to have 33 components, including 10 globes, 22 paths, and one channel of creative life force or Sephira in Esoteric Jewish Wisdom or the Kabbalah. This teaching also used the number 33 to represent the number of steps it took to gain divine wisdom.

Is Angel Number 133 Your Favorite Number?

Oftentimes, people are attracted to numbers that resonate deeply with them for subconscious or intuitive reasons.

You may have a favorite number that represents an aspect of your personality, lessons you need to learn in this lifetime, or even your mission or life path and purpose on Earth.

If Angel Number 133 is your favorite number, you are likely a visionary who has been born with a mission to change society in a big way.

Because the combined vibrations of the numbers represent new starts, healing and holy energies, and nurturing structures, you may embody those characteristics; they are a staple part of your personality.

Don’t worry too much about being a larger-than-life figure or let the weight of your mission intimidate you.

You’ll likely be a natural healer—someone others feel comfortable enough to open up to and share their troubles and concerns with.

Because Angel Number 133 is also related to the number 7, you may need to learn to master yourself or your emotions. Your spiritual journey will be important to you and you’ll also be drawn to introspection and finding a deeper meaning in life.

You might also feel that your independence is a key to your happiness if Angel Number 133 is your favorite number. Even though you are kind and generous with your gifts and healing energy, you might be more of a loner or feel like you don’t fit into the crowd.

If your favorite number is 133, you might even know that you have been put on the Earth with a mission to help with the ascension process or to help society transcend and vibrate at a higher level.

You might be drawn to do missionary or religious work, to be a healer or work as an intuitive helper, or you might take a role as a psychiatrist or social worker—or even a civil rights lawyer.

Angel Number 133 And Love

Angel number 133 meaning love

As you can see, Angel Number 133 is very special. When Angel Number 133 comes up regarding your love life, it indicates progress in your relationship and a special bond between you and your partner.

You may face challenges together, but you will rise above them.

The situations you work through together will help you both grow and heal old wounds and traumas.

Because Angel Number 133 represents both the individual (1) and a family dynamic (3), you can expect your relationship to allow for a certain level of freedom and individuality while remaining close, nurturing, and supportive.

Family matters and children will also play a significant role in couples who are linked to the number 133.

There will be nurturing and supportive energy within the family, with an emphasis on harmonious interactions and balanced power for all members of a 133 family—even when multiple generations live under the same roof.

If Angel Number 133 comes up regarding your love life, you’ll know it is a special and sacred relationship, focused on balance, harmony, cooperation, and independence. It is a love relationship with the best of all worlds included.

If you don’t have a partner yet, seeing number 133 often when thinking about your future partner is a very good omen.

It shows that the person who will be entering your life will be someone who will help you heal and be whole—as an individual and in your relationship.

Twin Flames And Angel Number 133

As you can likely tell, Angel Number 133 is a powerful number regarding love and relationships.

When Angel Number 133 represents your twin flame relationship specifically, you know that the relationship is one that was divinely designed to help both people grow as individuals and together.

A twin flame couple defined by the 133 might also band together to help other couples or families find more peace or they may do work together that helps humankind evolve in some way.

You may meet your 133 twin flame after both of you have turned a proverbial corner in life or are starting over—when both of you are working to put the past behind you and strive for more fulfilling, healthy, and healed relationships.

Twin flame relationships represented by 133 can go through phases within the relationship, too. The partners will grow together in a natural and almost predictable way and complement each other in each relationship phase.

It’s possible for people involved in a twin flame relationship represented by Angel Number 133 to grow up together, knowing each other almost from birth.

These twin flames go through life cycles together—from childhood to the teenage years, and then on through adulthood and old age.

There is a certain level of peace in a 133 twin flame relationship. Both partners will know when to take some alone and when to give 100% to the relationship.

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Summary Of Angel Number 133

Angel Number 133 is a powerful number for a variety of reasons.

It relates to both individuality AND being a part of a group. It is holy and sacred and is linked to people who are here to make a difference in the world.

Angel Number 133 represents love and twin flame relationships with a distinct balance between freedom and belonging.

If Angel Number 133 has been coming up a lot in your life, it is a sign for you to pursue ambitions that focus on creating a better world for yourself and everyone around you.