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Numerology Number 808 – The Real Reason You Keep Seeing 808!

Numerology Number 808 – The Real Reason You Keep Seeing 808!

The number 808 in Numerology is a high vibrational number.

Any three or four-digit number in Numerology brings an extensive meaning along with it, especially when any of those digits repeat.

As I look at number 808, I see the strong energy of the number 8 surrounding the spiritual energy of the number 0.

I also see this energy continuously bouncing off each 8 signifying an endless flow of abundance and energy if alignment is maintained. 

What is the meaning of 808 in Numerology? 

The meaning of the number 808 is an overall message of abundance and professional gain as long as you stay conscious of your spiritual guides and maintain discernment and clear-judgment in the business sense.

It is also a number that signifies karma and other spiritual universal laws, as well as being more in-tune with your intuition. 

A Deeper Look At The Meaning of 808 in Numerology

angel number 808 symbolism

The number eight is a known number in Numerology for abundance, professional decisiveness, and self-confidence, but it is also a number that connects us to our inner wisdom.

The number eight is also seen as a very strong number energetically speaking because it signifies nearing the end of a cycle.

The momentum is causing things to speed up and come to a close in some situations in your life when you see this number. 

To continue, the energy that amplifies from the zero is an energy of purity and of divinity.

The number zero has yet to be touched by any other number. This is the number connected to the energy of the Divine Source. The number zero provides a sense of clear and introspective vision. 

In the number 808, you can literally see the number zero radiating off of the two eights.

This continuous cycle of energy is what makes 808 such a powerful number. A number that promises so much if you are willing and able to tune into your spirit guides.

Forgetting about the material world entirely will prove to be your strongest asset. 

When you continue to see the number 808 everywhere, the Law of Attraction is on your side.

Eight is also the number of karma, and if you see yourself as the zero sandwiched between two eights, you quite literally have karma on your side as well.

If you have not yet settled your life’s mission or awakened to the destiny that is your life’s purpose, attuning to the energy and spiritual message attached to the number 808 will be given a glimpse of what your life could be like if you follow through with your intuition. 

Looking ahead may be terrifying at times, and a trigger for immense anxiety, but sometimes big changes warrant small anxieties.

In the case of the number 808, your anxieties are just a warning to use discernment as you step on the path that leads you to your dreams.

Your ancestors are telling you to leap ahead without fear, just as long as you maintain some level of grounding and realistic viewpoints. 

Breaking 808 Down Even Further

angel number 808

If you would like to take it one step further, the number 808 can be simplified down to the number 7. 

I.e.: 8 + 0 + 8 = 16 and 1 + 6 = 7

In Numerology, the number seven is one of the numbers with the highest spiritual vibration.

Not only does 808 have the amplified energy from the double-eight and the consistency of the energy from zero in the middle, but it has an underlying direct line to your higher self.

Seven is also a spiritual prime number, which means it can’t be divided by negative energies or influences.

Knowing this fact means it is a great time for you to try to progress toward your dreams because you are likely to benefit greatly from the criticism and feedback you reason along the way.

You are being protected by the positive energies of the 7th prime and can transmute all negative energy into something meaningful. 

You have the opportunity to listen to your intuition with little to no interference. Whatever you are feeling in your gut, listen to it when you see the number 808 repeatedly.

Your ancestors are always trying to connect with you and guide you toward your biggest hopes and dreams, and you will never miss a sign.

The signs will just continue to become more obvious until you make the decision to listen and try something different for yourself. 

808 is asking that you take the time to slow down and listen before you make any big moves in the physical world.

It is giving you the encouragement that you need to progress forward, but only if you take this time to first slow down and analyze. 

Seven and eight are both numbers that symbolize high energy with a lot of endurance.

You have come so far on a certain path or have been working your self-confidence up for some time to finally start living the way you always have dreamed.

This number continuously reminds you to believe in yourself and to remember why you started. There is so much happiness waiting for you on the other side of your fear and doubt.

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