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Angel Number 155 Twin Flame Meaning: BIG Changes Coming

Angel Number 155 Twin Flame Meaning: BIG Changes Coming

If you’ve been seeing angel number 155 then there are some big changes coming, especially as they relate to your twin flame.

Whether you have connected, separated, or are yet to meet, angel number 155 says that you and your twin flame are ready to devote yourselves to each other.

You just both need to be ready to put in the work to get yourselves there.

Read on to discover just what you need to do in order to secure your twin flame connection, or risk losing them forever.

The Key Twin Flame Meanings of Seeing 155

twin flames with 155

In order to understand the impact and influence of angel number 155 on you and your twin flame relationship, it is useful to break down the meanings of the individual numbers.

In the case of angel number 155, this would be the numbers 1, 5, 55, and 11 (since 1+5+5=11).

Number 1

1 is the number for new beginnings and fresh starts. 

Big changes are on the horizon for you; these could be changes in your everyday life or changes in your twin flame journey.

While this is good news, the presence of the 1 at the start of angel number 155 tells you that the most important factor in whether these are positive or negative changes is YOU. 

You are in charge of your future and your reality. 

You must take control of the aspects of your life which are holding you back from connecting with your twin flame.

Since 1 is the number of the individual, this likely means that you are too reclusive or hyper focused on problems in your earthly life. 

You need to open up and make space for the big life changes you and your twin flame need in order to reunite.

Number 5

Much like number 1, the number 5 in angel number 155 emphasizes that there are major life changes coming. 

Your twin flame is soon to arrive but they need you to be ready, but the number 5 is advising you to be more social in your interactions with others in order to prepare for their arrival.

Opening up a bit and being more spontaneous will reward you more than being a hermit in your own little world. 

Only through experiencing the world and gaining more life experience will your twin flame be drawn to you directly. 

Number 55

Since the number 5 is doubled in angel number 155, it not only emphasizes the need for major life changes but highlights that these changes need to come from inside YOU. 

While 55 does tell you that you are on your twin flame journey and leading to a successful union, it also says that doing so requires a lot of soul-searching. 

You need to purge yourself of whatever has been holding you back so that you are ready for your twin flame’s arrival.

Look for those aspects of your life that cause you pain or strife, and remove them or move past them.

Look at those people in your life that cause you pain or strife, and remove them to focus on those who bring you happiness.

As the bulk of angel number 155, 55 is telling you that you need to be in the best form you can be–within yourself–to allow for a successful twin flame reunion.

Number 11

Understanding the number 11 is also important to understanding the meanings behind angel number 155 and twin flames (since 1+5+5 =11).

11 is considered one of the ‘Master Numbers,’ related to an awareness and cultivation of our spiritual beings as separate from our physical ones.

As the sum of angel number 155, number 11 is reminding you that the angels are on your side, providing you with their love and insight regarding your twin flame journey.

1 is repeated here, which places even more importance on your leadership skills and individual resilience in dealing with these new changes.

Overall, angel number 155 is trying to tell you to listen to your intuition and make your own decisions, rather than listening to those around you.

Stop fearing the changes that are ultimately on their way and open yourself to accepting and using them to your advantage.

These new changes will lead you to your twin flame; you just have to trust in the process.

The Impact of 155 on your Twin Flame Relationship

155 and a pair of twin flames

If you are in a twin flame relationship, then angel number 155 has the best message for you: your twin flame is ready to love and devote their entire heart to you.

Such a strong twin flame connection takes a long time to develop, and angel number 155 is telling you that both of you are finally ready for this to happen.

You are both finally equal and complete, both individually and as reflections of each other, which makes it all the better for your future together.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t still keep working towards spiritual enlightenment.

It just means that your souls are ready to meet and work together to improve each other, as twin flames should do.

So, don’t take this for granted.

Open yourself to devoting and loving your twin flame.

As they are your true reflection, they deserve the same affection that they give to you.

Twin Flame Separation Meaning Of 155 

If you have separated from your twin flame then the good news is that it won’t be for long.

Since your twin flame is ready to be with you, it just means that you need to work on your own insecurities and materialistic tendencies to allow for a more positive reunion with your twin flame.

Separating from your twin flame is one of the worst experiences you can go through, but angel number 155 is saying that, as long as you put in the work to fix whatever separated you in the first place, then you won’t be separated for long.

So, buck up and get to work!

It’s time to get your flame back.

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Twin Flame Reunion Meaning For Angel Number 155 

155 with a twin flame reunion

But what if you haven’t met your twin flame yet? 

Then the good news from angel number 155 is that you soon will!

And when you do come together, it will be as if you have never been apart.

Angel number 155 is reassuring you that both you and your twin flame are ready for each other and already devoted to each other (even if you didn’t realize it yet).

But…you just need to open yourself and your heart for your twin flame to find you. Stop hyperfocusing on the material world and open your spirit to your twin flame.

It’s time for you to unite!

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Angel Number 155 and Love

The messages of angel number 155 and your love life are more cautionary than with twin flames.

You need to stop putting work before those you love, or you will lose them. 

You need to open yourself up to new experiences, potentially ones outside your comfort zone, in order to really allow for love to come into your life, even if you’re in a relationship.

You also need to be careful of becoming too overly calculative and focused on the material world.

Angel number 155 is telling you that it’s okay to take that next step in your love life:

If you’re single, a romantic event is soon to happen but you need to be open and ready for it.

If you’re in a relationship, you could take the leap and get married or maybe even have kids.

In either case, the message from angel number 155 is clear: Don’t be scared! Take the leap!

What To Do If You See Twin Flame Number 155

Twin Flame Number 155 On Sign

If you want to draw your twin flame or a new romantic interest to you, then it’s time to stop living in fear and start living a life of freedom.

You need to get your head out of the muck and start making time for others in your life, especially your twin flame.

Like any relationship, you need to show your twin flame that you are also ready and willing to make space for them. 

If you don’t make that space then, like any relationship, it will dissolve and you will separate, no matter how devoted they are to you.

So, take a step back and look at your priorities and the way you’ve been living your life. 

If you want that solid, true, devoted twin flame reunion, then you need to be ready to be solid, true, and devoted to them yourself. 

Thank you. I hope you enjoyed learning about the twin flame meaning of 155. For more about twin flames check out the articles below: