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Does Cosmic Ordering Really Work? The Truth Revealed

Does Cosmic Ordering Really Work? The Truth Revealed

The big question when it comes to forms of positive thinking like the law of attraction and cosmic ordering is always: it sounds great, but does it really work?

So in this article, we are going to breakdown cosmic ordering to see whether we can actually benefit from the practice.

As a short answer, yes, I believe cosmic ordering does work.

I believe this not only for the possibility of getting what you’re looking for in life but also for the additional benefits that come from practicing cosmic ordering.

Cosmic ordering on its own isn’t what is going to bring you tangible results.

Rather, the methods you use and the steps you take along the way are what will really help you to transform your life.

If you’re wondering exactly what I mean by this, bear with me. We’re going to take a look at each process and the exact way in which you can benefit from it.

So at the end of the day, what you put into cosmic ordering is what you’ll get out. If you make the effort and commit, then cosmic ordering will almost certainly work for you.

The Ability To Focus

First and foremost, through practicing cosmic ordering you will probably observe a noticeable improvement in your ability to focus and stay present in the current moment.

If you read our other article on how to do cosmic ordering, you’ll know what to prepare for cosmic ordering.

It’s a good idea to develop some mindful practices.

Practicing mindfulness and simply an awareness of your actions and surroundings brings with its myriad benefits.

Just to name a few, you will be able to focus more sharply on events unfolding around you, and you will also be much more likely to notice opportunities that arise.

Then, you can expect to see a rise in self-esteem and self-confidence.

This is because when we spend more time in the present moment, we spend less time ruminating on negative thoughts.

Rather than beat yourself up constantly over what you could have done differently, or what you did wrong, you will simply be able to let these thoughts float away or dissolve.

Cosmic ordering works on the premise that you are at one with the universe; that you are connected to it.

If you ask me, it’s a lot more difficult to be in tune with the universe if we spend every day consumed by our thoughts and living in our mind.

Your Outlook On Life

Next up, cosmic ordering can do wonders for your outlook on the world, and on life.

If we take the writing down your goal part of the process as an example, you will notice that you have a purpose to move towards.

Often we have goals and things which motivate us to move forward, yet it isn’t until we write them down on paper that we really focus in on them.

By having this greater sense of purpose, it won’t come as much of a surprise when you find that you have what you asked the universe for.

Some people like to think of cosmic ordering as a passive process. However, I’d argue that it’s better seen as an active process.

What I mean by this, is that cosmic ordering can help you to realize what your goal is, and through the actions, you take to get there you will drive yourself in the right direction.

It isn’t a case of writing down a goal and waiting for the universe to grant you your wish, but rather a process of sending out positive energy and putting in the work so that you may be rewarded.

What’s more, the process of visualization is powerful and can help us shift our negative view of the world, into one which is full of possibility and meaning.

Your Health

A surprising benefit of cosmic ordering, perhaps, is what it can do for your health.

Firstly, through your mindful exercises and visualization, you can work to lessen the amount of stress you experience on a daily basis.

We all face a number of stressors throughout the day, things that get us worked up and worried (primarily about the future).

Yet if you do the exercises associated with cosmic ordering, you will get some relief from knowing that your future is intertwined with that of the universe and that alone should provide comfort.

On top of that, you have the obvious benefits of stress reduction. Less cortisol in your body means more moments of calm, which means more moments of clarity and purpose in your actions.

You are less likely to turn to the television or things that aren’t really helping you progress in life if you are fully in control of your feelings and not running around stressed, like a headless chicken.

Then, you have the less talked about, but no less important, mental health benefits. These include a reduction in anxiety and the tools to combat bouts of depression.

If you aren’t as stressed, you are less likely to get caught up with anxiety, and so less likely to freak out when something bad happens.

As for depression, you can’t eliminate it on your own, but what you can do is practice staying present and using cosmic ordering to restore faith that your life is worth living.

Use cosmic ordering with the law of attraction for greater results

Of course, if we want to achieve even greater results with practice, then we have to apply the principles of the law of attraction as well.

The law of attraction is a popular form of positive thinking which argues that we attract the energy that we put out into the universe.

As I’ve already touched upon, positivity is a huge part of what makes cosmic ordering a great practice to draw upon.

So it makes sense that if we use the two together, we’re likely to yield incredible results.

How exactly do we use the law of attraction to help us get results with cosmic ordering?

To put it simply, through improving our self-talk.

If we make a conscious effort to be more kind to ourselves and treat ourselves with love, then we will be able to cultivate the discipline necessary to create a mindful life.

Remember, in order to succeed with cosmic ordering we have to work to build our focus by taking time to observe our actions and surroundings mindfully.

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Focusing is energy-consuming and can seem challenging in modern society when we are surrounded by the constant distraction of technology.

As a result, it’s worth learning to forgive yourself when your attention strays and not judging yourself too harshly if it doesn’t come naturally to you.

By taking the time to reframe how you talk to yourself in a positive light, you are much more likely to stick with the discipline and stay on track.