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747 Numerology – The Powerful Meaning Of Angel Number 747

747 Numerology – The Powerful Meaning Of Angel Number 747

747 Numerology number / Angel number. What does it mean?

Number 747 is a mysterious and ‘secretive’ numerological representation. If you keep seeing this number appear, it is suggesting you may be hiding something or many things from those close to you.

You may appear distant, detached and mysterious, and those who believe to know you such as close friends and family don’t really know you at all.

747 numerology does imply, however, that you are extremely spiritual.

This ‘mystery’ and detachment that accompanies you is met with a deep inner knowing, intuition and connection to the universe.

The secrets which you feel need to keep you reserved and disconnected are not dirty or impure, but are natural and a part of your shadow.

The shadow self is an integral theme with angel number 747.

Looking To The Number 7

Because angel number 747 has two 7’s, being aware of the vibrational qualities of the number 7 are important to understanding why this number may be showing itself in your life.

7 relates to spiritual illumination, wisdom and intuition.

It is a very high vibrational number, in that it holds a high frequency.

Numerology number 7 has strong associations with light, and with light there is a natural tendency for shadow.

This is why 747 holds a strong sense of shadow; because secrets and hidden truths are often prominent with the shadow self- which naturally accompanies light.

In truth, you cannot have light without darkness just as day spirals into night and dark back into day.

747 numerology therefore shows you the parts of yourself you are wishing to hide, subsequently bringing them to light for healing, integration and wholeness.

Are you lying or keeping something important from someone close to you?

Do you feel a part of yourself will be seen as ugly, impure or dirty if exposed?

Are you ashamed of yourself in some way, either through thought, belief or past action?

These are just some of the questions number 747 asks you when it appears in your life.

Furthermore, too many distruths can hold you down and keep your real sense of purity polluted.

You may have become ‘heavy’ with lies, deceit or self- imposed feelings of shame, or perhaps you have steered of course through lying to yourself.

Either way, 7 numerology is all about truth, spiritual wisdom and maturity. The presence of number 747 in your life is asking you to address these.

747: Spiritual Illumination

As briefly mentioned, angel number 747 brings spiritual illumination. Number 4 brings the energy and qualities of protection, it is a highly grounded and protective number.

When viewing the 4 in between the two 7’s, therefore, seeing this number suggests that you are protected within your spirituality, or that you need to start recognizing your earthly connection as a part of and in addition to your spiritual sight.

Groundedness and being in tune with your earthly and bodily needs are not separate to vision, higher perception of spiritual wisdom- they are both integral to the human experience.

Due to the grounded quality numerology 747 brings, seeing this number may also be showing you some physical achievement or success is near.

Maybe you are set for a promotion, or will soon be rewarded and recognized for hard work accomplished? Perhaps you receiving more clients, income or work requests?

However it manifests, number 747 brings a sense of material success and achievement, combined with spiritual or higher values and ideals.

An alternate meaning is that you may be so set on spiritual sights, goals or dreams that you are neglecting your physical duties and responsibilities.

Your work may be suffering, or you may not be paying sufficient attention to practical reality, issues or concerns.

Are you repressing certain practical essentials due to your secrets and things you perceive as ‘shadow?’

Foundations and structures are an important part of life just as feeling secure and safe in your physical vessel is.

Due to the links number 7 has with mysticism, the introduction of 747 to your reality may be suggesting that you have become ungrounded and neglected your body or duties to others in the process.

Angel Number 747

Angel number 747 is showing you that you are protected and supported by your angels or some higher power (god, the universe, Spirit…).

Again, because of the double 7 it is a very powerful number to have make its way onto your path, so it is most likely providing confirmation that you are in alignment with your life’s mission or soul purpose. (That is, if you are in alignment with your life mission and soul purpose!)

If you are not, then your angels or higher power are asking you to look to your shadow and things you wish to keep hidden- to allow you to step fully into the light.

It is in the light where we can fulfil our divine life purpose or soul mission, truly being of service to others.

This links with career paths of the 7. The energy of numerology 7 relates to spiritual teachers, healers, shamans, mystics, intuitives, counselors, therapists, humanitarians, philosophers, teachers, psychics and dreamers.

There is a very strong sense of service connected to the number 7, and this comes with its vibrational frequency of spiritual illumination.

Have you always known within you are a lightworker, healer or destined for greatness?

Perhaps you feel limited by certain structures and imposed physical realities in your world?

Whether the associated qualities of both 4 and 7 are seen as negative or positive all depend on your personal path and current life situation.

Meditating and connecting to your strong inner intuition can greatly help you determine the exact meaning of the number 747 occurring in your life.

Number 747 Associated meanings:

  • Begin to live with more honesty and integrity.
  • Be true to yourself- everyone has a shadow self!
  • Learn to transcend shame, self- blame and self- judgment. You are beautiful, loved and cherished.
  • Be open with those who love you. It is OK to ask for help.
  • Practice self- love and engage in self- healing.
  • Balance energy of number 4 (practicality, responsibility, foundations and structure) with the energy of 7 (spirituality, wisdom, mysticism, intuition, healing…).
  • Secrets and dishonesty will prevent you from aligning with your truth and higher purpose in the long run. Be honest with yourself!
  • Light is shining on you, and you are protected.

Thank you, I enjoyed learning about the meaning of seeing angel number 747!

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Thursday 25th of August 2022

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