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The Prosperity Game – A Powerful Way To Feel Abundant

The Prosperity Game – A Powerful Way To Feel Abundant

If you're like me, you've struggled to feel abundance when your outside circumstances seem to be showing anything but abundance.

I remember when I didn't have the things I wanted, it would be hard feeling abundant.

You see, most people are like that.

They need to have abundance before they can feel abundance.

The problem is, that's not how it works. It's back to front. Feeling must come first.

To manifest abundance or anything else, you need to “feel” it first.

The feeling must come before the experience.

In this article, you're going to get a powerful technique to help you feel total abundance first, so you can then manifest that abundance into your life.

…and this works even if you're broke as hell.

The law of attraction technique that I'll be sharing with you is called The Prosperity Game which I discovered from Esther and Jerry Hicks.

It's from their book “Ask and it is Given”.

It's one of many great LOA techniques they share in that book.

You can get it here on Amazon.

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You can get the free trial and listen to the audiobooks and still cancel if it wasn't for you. 

Here's the link for 2 free audiobooks.

Anyway, back to abundance.

In order to have abundance, you need to feel abundance.

Let me explain.

Like attracts like. Something with the same vibration will attract something else of a similar vibration. The stronger the vibrational match the stronger the magnetic pull. Whatever the vibration you give out will be pulling back something of the same vibration back to you.

So in the context of having abundance you need to give off the same vibration. Abundance.

You can't be focusing on what you don't have and expect to experience abundance in your life.

The struggle to feel abundant.

struggling to feel abundant

A while back I was trying to manifest the money to pay for my family to go on a trip to Cyprus.

My partner Harriet loves Cyprus, it was where her grandmother took her as a child.

They were really close. And Unfortunately, her grandmother passed away from pancreatic cancer a few years ago.

Since then Harriet wanted to go back as it has many good memories. 

Wanting to make her happy I decided to take her and my son there for a holiday.

The problem was I just couldn't make ends meet. It was a struggle to get any money together.

Honestly, I was in a real slump.

It was at a time in my life where all I could see was lack.

The focus was always on the not having.

It was frustrating because having read many books on the Law Of Attraction, I knew to have abundance it needed to be felt first.

Manifesting money for the trip and more abundance was the goal.

So I started trying some LOA exercises to get me feeling more prosperous. Such as affirmations.

I was doing hundreds each day. Saying things like …

… “Money flows to me in ever-increasing amounts on a continues basis.”

… “I have more than enough money to cover my needs”

… ” I am a magnet to money”

The usual money affirmations.

The problem was, saying them didn't muster the feeling of abundance.

Hope was starting to fade. 

Slumped down on the sofa one evening having a pity party

A thought came across my mind, look in the book “Ask and it is Given”.

There's law of attraction exercises that might help.

I had read this book before, but that's all I had done. Read it. With no follow up action.

Lessoned learned. Action is important. 

Skimming through the book, The Prosperity Game stuck out so I choose that one to do.

Below is the EXACT exercise I did.

I'll explain it so you can play it yourself …

The Prosperity Game

the key to feeling abundance

To play this game you can use just a pen and paper or use a spreadsheet.

The book says you can also use an old checking book but I'm not sure everyone has an old checking book to use, so pen and paper or spreadsheet will work fine.

Here's an example prosperity spending spreadsheet.

How this game works.

Firstly, create an imaginary checking account. This is where you will get your money deposited.

Then each day money will be deposited into that account for you to spend on anything you want.

You start with a deposit of $1000. And then you spend it on whatever you want.

It can be one thing or multiple things. It's up to you. Just try and spend as close to it all each day as possible.

As you are spending the money, either write down what you've spent money on for the day or write a check to pay for the items you have purchased. 

If you have an old checking book then use that.

But like I said, if you don't have an old checking book you can use a prosperity spreadsheet to keep track of your spending or write out checks on a black piece of paper. 

Then each day you will be getting more deposited into your checking account.

Day 2, it would be $2000 and you would spend that. Day 3 it's $3000 and the 4th day $4000. Every day add $1000 more.

On day 100, you would be depositing and spending $100k.

Each day allow your mind to think of all the things you want.  Then use the money in your checking account to mentally buy it.

Make sure to write a payment check for what you buy or add it to your spreadsheet so it feels more feel. 

Over time you will be increasing your ability to imagine having money and spending it on all the things your heart desires.

Essentially, you are directing your thoughts to what you want. Not on your current situation.

Even though this is just a game. You will start to “feel” abundant by looking for all the amazing things you want and then mentally buying them.

As long as you are spending your money each day you will get the benefit from the prosperity game.

This quote by Esther and Jerry Hicks sums it up perfectly.

The prosperity game - How to feel abundance first.

So that's the prosperity game

Remember, take action. Try it out for yourself.

Otherwise, you won't experience the power of this game. 

I played this game for only a few weeks before changes were experienced in my external circumstances.

Oh, and if you were wondering did I manage to get the money for the trip?

Have a look…

how to Feel Abundant - The trip I manifested

My fiance Harriets smile says it all.

It was a great trip.

A big group of the family went in the end and we had an amazing time. Especially Harriet as she has so many good memories there. 

It was funny how it all fell into place. 

A friend who had only paid half the money for a car I sold him 2 years back came round and paid the rest of the money he owed.

It was enough to cover the flights.

Then a company I was doing some affiliate promotions for realized their affiliate tracking software wasn't registering the leads correctly and they paid me 3 months worth of leads I didn't know about. 

That meant accommodation and spending money were covered 🙂


It's funny how manifestations happen in ways we'd least expect.

It's because I allowed myself to feel the abundance first by playing the Prosperity Game that it started to manifest into my life.

Give The Prosperity Game a go and see what abundance you can manifest in your life!

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Satnam Singh

Tuesday 30th of November 2021

Thank you very much ,I will start playing this game


Friday 2nd of July 2021

Hi! Thanks for sharing the idea here! We love it so much that we have created Universe Bank. The online game

Alan Young

Monday 5th of July 2021

Thanks for sharing, that's a great idea!


Wednesday 16th of October 2019

: I am starting this as of today. Let's see how my journey goes. Will update you soon.


Monday 5th of August 2019

Excited to start this. Right Now! This very moment! Thanks for this, didnt know how to make it more "actionable" in my life. Excited 😁 to 👀 see results!

Alan Young

Monday 5th of August 2019

Awesome Jeri, enjoying playing the prosperity game. Feel that abundance and happy manifesting :-)