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7 Amazing Crystals for Abundance and Prosperity

7 Amazing Crystals for Abundance and Prosperity

Crystals, in their best performance, are used as protectors from negative energy and help to dispel everything that is not in our best interest, or for our highest good.

We use them as generators of a higher vibration to drive forward in our desired direction. Our focus with the crystals listed below is on abundance and prosperity, which, of course, is no small task.

So, how to begin? How do we approach such an important goal of feeling like we are prospering?

It is no doubt that the key to abundance and prosperity lies within the heart. This is because we are dealing with feelings of worth.

We must believe in our worthiness in order to believe in true abundance. Where we focus our sense of worthiness is the next step towards receiving.

We use crystals to purge our physical bodies of negative energies that can keep us feeling ruled by our ego thoughts.

Now, our ego is designed to protect us from pain. It doesn’t want us to hurt or feel too vulnerable, but in order to guard against pain, ego becomes the voice in our heads that keeps us small, and seemingly safe.

Unfortunately, this keeps us feeling stuck and drives us away from opening ourselves to abundance.

These crystals will help to sift out the ego thoughts so that we begin to recognize our own voices again. Once we are grounded in ourselves, we are able to radiate thoughts of receiving abundance and prosperity.

7 Amazing Crystals for Abundance and Prosperity

Rose Quartz: Abundance In Love

Rose Quartz Crystal for Abundance and Prosperity

Rose quartz is a fairly common crystal, however, that doesn’t make it any less valuable or potent when it comes to opening the heart to love.

Our heart chakra is essential for understanding ourselves in relationships and how we attract them. If our heart is blocked by pain from the past, we can only let people in so far before they meet these blocks.

This, of course, is not our fault, but it’s a recognition that it’s time to heal our hurt and open ourselves to believing that we are enough, no matter what.

Rose quartz is associated with the planet Venus – the goddess of love.

This sort of love signifies abundance and growth, meaning there is no room for ego with this stone, it is pure openness and love.

This energy is all about kindness, compassion, and tenderness, and will ultimately allow us to dive deeper into our love organ.

It helps with restoring trust in ourselves, the universe, and love itself. This is at the center of abundance and prosperity, you must be able to trust in the process of life to be able to give and receive without being ruled by fear.

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Green Jade: Addressing Our Wants And Needs

Green Jade crystal for abundance

This stone is a specific ‘good luck’ stone as it promotes an energy of self-sufficiency and the harmonizing of physical and spiritual selves.

Green Jade focuses on bringing abundance to our physical and material needs by helping us recognize and feel worthy of our needs and wants.

The belief in our worthiness is essential here.

Wants and needs are a very human thing, it is absolutely okay to need things in life; be it physical or spiritual, we all have basic needs. Recognizing that will help us move with clarity.

Speaking our needs and acting towards them inevitably brings abundance because we are more aware of what needs to be satiated.

Understanding the necessity of prioritizing ourselves is a key first step. It calls us to get quiet and listen to what we truly need to feel good.

Once we get there, we can see where we need to go and will have a better idea of how to achieve it.

Attracting financial abundance and good luck can feel intimidating.

This stone will help you start with the little things and teaches you not to be discouraged by small disappointments.

This stone gets rid of the scarcity and lack mentality, which then eradicates the need for feelings of greed and excess. It’s an important reminder of your own abilities and pours in self-confidence.

When we see ourselves with these eyes, we change our vibration. It brings a cyclical nature to the process. Trusting in the abundance is about trusting in what we need and want.

We are then able to trust in the universe because we have asked for what we wanted, we have put the energy out there, which brings us to a state of gratitude and attraction.

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Pyrite: Abundance In Wealth

Abundance abd prosperity crystal Pyrite

Pyrite is about abundance in wealth, but in the sense of driving passion in order to carry things into completion.

The name is derived from the Greek word for fire, Pyr, so it can be used to literally strike fire. Think of it as the ignition of passion.

Often referred to as fool’s gold, and commonly mistaken for gold, this stone is a positive omen. You can use this crystal to receive abundance in wealth and prosperity – it’s literally in the nickname.

The term ‘Fool’s gold’ can even be dissected further; for example, in tarot, we look at the card ‘The Fool’ as a leap of faith, a step forward, a trust in yourself and the unknown. So, in this sense, the universe is asking you to hone in on yourself and your skills, taking the leap of faith towards your success.

Learning to trust your own guide will naturally build a stronger sense of self-confidence, increasing your emotional intelligence and intuitive guide.

The underlying theme is that this stone trusts in your own personal power and generates wealth from this energy.

Pyrite trusts you, it holds a firm belief in you as a beautiful entity, seeking to propel you forward with all of your abundant capabilities.

There is a purification that is involved in the process that then generates a higher currency of creativity. This is essential as creativity comes from the passion and fire within that drives individuality forward.

Work with Pyrite as a talisman by wearing it on your body, meditating with it, or put it somewhere in your home to generate its powerful energy.

Amazonite: Abundance In Communication, Tranquility And Peace

Amazonite the abundance stone

The emerald hue of Amazonite is created by a combination of lead and water from the amazon; which is, of course, where its name is derived from.

It is connected to indigenous groups who reside in this sacred Brazilian water source and was used to protect female warriors during battle by relieving stress with its beautiful watery, tranquil energy.

With the ability to relieve any energies of pessimism, Amazonite asks us how to assess the spaces that feel like our own battlegrounds.

How can we find tranquility internally, in order to bring in more peace externally? Well, when we’re looking for help bringing in abundance in tranquility and peace, there is a focus on speaking one’s truth.

When we do this, we are no longer hiding from ourselves or others. We no longer seek to please anyone but ourselves, and that is immensely powerful.

We use Amazonite to become our own warriors and honor ourselves by no longer hiding from ourselves. This immediately changes our energy because we know where we stand in our own hearts.

This sort of self-acceptance floods us with calm because we are not holding back. When we tap into a more heartfelt tranquility, we are honoring our human need for love and connection, which is brave and bold.

By choosing the courage to be guided by our tranquility and speak our purest truth, we are saying to the universe that we are ready to trust ourselves in the rivers of life.

We can use amazonite to be open to our feelings and communicate more clearly to bring in the prosperity we are meant for.

Selenite: Abundance In Energy And Lunar Magic

Image of Selenite the abundance and prosperity stone

Selenite brings us abundance in energy. This particular stone is truly unique in its healing properties as it both cleanses and rejuvenates our energy at the same time.

At times we can feel stuck or stagnant as if we’re not moving and feel unsure of our path forward.

Selenite brings a huge sigh of relief from this sort of energy. Not only will it cleanse your own personal energy, but it helps to cleanse and charge other crystals.

Charging crystals is important for optimizing their impact. Now, we typically charge crystals around the full moon, but Selenite exists on this higher vibration, daily.

Selenite actually means ‘moon’ in ancient Greek, giving it a greater connection with the universe, as if it's opening channels into other worlds.

It floods in that calm, cool, rejuvenating energy that we seek during the full moon. So, when you have Selenite around, there is no need to wait for the full moon, simply charge your crystals whenever you feel necessary.

You can place the Selenite over your chest and just breathe.

It invites a deeper, more satiated breath and floods your vessel with white light energy. It’s as if you can feel your own light coming back and dispelling the clutter.

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Emerald: Abundance In Patience And Practicality

A few pieces of Emerald

Emerald is essential for patience and practicality with achieving goals. The beautiful green color of this stone carries a ray of energy, signifying its connection to nature, natural abundance and confidence.

There is a distinct earth element here, which is important as it signifies the grounding of your energy into the physical and opening your physical environment to change.

The focus is on balance and clarity of thought, bringing about a stronger sense of self and confidence, which then allows for the abundance to flood in.

Now, this, of course, requires a great deal of patience. Patience can sometimes feel hard to come by, however it’s a requirement for embarking on any journey towards abundance and prosperity.

Being open to receiving is a process we must cultivate. It requires reciprocity, which generally requires being vulnerable, which can feel like a risk.

So, receiving and having patience can feel difficult at times, but the seeds must be planted in order for abundance to flood in.

Meditate with this crystal, or keep it on you. By including the stone in your daily practice or environment, you are cultivating the beauty of patience and the fruits of your labor.

Stibnite: Abundance in Rebirth

Stibnite crystal

Stibnite is all about abundance from rebirth.

What is the significance of rebirth?

Well, to put it lightly, it’s massive. Any sort of rebirth is essential for creating change in our lives. It’s associated with the planet Pluto which influences transformation, rebirth, and power.

Pluto is an outer planet so it affects us on a collective level, therefore this crystal influences us personally but for the purpose of contributing to humanity as a whole. It’s a personal cleansing for the collective good.

Rebirth doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge tower moment, a total change in who you are, or getting rid of the relationships in your life.

Change can feel daunting, at best. Rebirth is more about letting go of things that are holding us back; whether it’s an old belief pattern that affects your confidence, the way you dress, or the mask you present to the world; whatever it is, something needs to go.

Using Stibnite helps us acknowledge what we want to let go of, who we feel we are now, what we are yearning to cultivate.

The outcome can be a simple yet deep transformation. We can go through several experiences like this throughout our lives and we must embrace them.

Yes, it’s scary to step forward, but these experiences undoubtedly flood in growth and prosperity in their aftermath.

Place it in your environment, wear it on you throughout the day, keep it somewhere that feels significant.

Use this magnetic silvery stone and its transformational qualities to activate all seven chakras.

With all of the crystals outlined above, and when working with crystal energies, we make a choice to change something in ourselves and our environments.

We remember that we must choose to acknowledge our hearts, our needs, and our wants, which changes our frequencies and creates the space to receive what comes next. What we will find is that the universe is always pouring love and abundance to us, if only we have the courage to see and trust our power within.

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed this article on the best crystals for abundance and prosperity.

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