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112 Numerology Meaning [A Powerful Angel Number Message]

112 Numerology Meaning [A Powerful Angel Number Message]

In this article, we discuss the meaning of seeing 112.

Firstly, if you didn't know, numerology is an ancient system based on the energetic meanings and associations of numbers.

Signs and messages from the universe, god, spirit or some higher power appear to us all the time- it is up to us as individuals (and a collective) to tune in to them.

When a number appears in your life, it is presenting a message for you to listen to.

The recurring number may appear in your dreams, through “time”, i.e. each time you look at your watch, clock or phone, or through various other means including walking along the street and hearing the number, or seeing it.

For example, you could keep noticing the time when it's 1:12pm, and then your grocery bill comes to $112.

Numerology numbers are also sometimes known as angel numbers, and this is because they are both believed and known to come from a higher dimension or plane of consciousness.

The angelic realm is where angelic, ascended, multi-dimensional, and “light” beings (beings existing on the higher planes of light) exist and operate, yet these realms are not above and beyond our human reality.

We can still access them and connect with them.

Without further ado, here is the

Energetic Symbolism And Meaning Of Seeing Angel Number 112

Balance, Grounding, and Duality

Because 112 numerology consists of 11 and 2, this has some serious applications. Number 11 is a master number and number 2 is master number 11’s “base vibration.”

2 is referred to as the base vibration because when calculating a life path number, the three master numbers also reduce to a single digit.

Number 2, therefore, constructs the foundational essence of number 11.

So, angel number 112 holds the energetic significance of 11 and 2, and this double combination is extremely powerful.

Number 2 is a sign of duality and balance. Number 11 is the energetic meaning of number 2 amplified.

When looking at number 112 we can further see that the numbers add up to number 4- the number of grounding, practicality and physical manifestation and structures.

Thus, 112 numerology is here to show us that there are some strong and powerful energies and qualities needing to be grounded and merged into the physical, into daily life.

Number 4: The Practical Number

Number 4 relates to practicality, duty, responsibility, security, physical structures and a sense of belonging, and material comforts and manifestation.

If you keep seeing number 112 appear, the universe is sending you a significant message.

This message or sign is to look toward the energetic associations of numbers 11 and 2, and ground them into physicality.

You are being informed that you need to spend more time working towards finding physical structures and means to ground your dreams into reality.

Perhaps you are stuck in the visionary or idea stage of your business plan, vision board, soul or heart’s desires, and real-life plans, goals, and aspirations?

Have you been really putting yourself out there and creating the opportunities and pathways you need to succeed?

Number 4 being the all-encompassing, or holistic number of 112 essentially means that everything explored below with number 11 and number 2 can be amplified, enhanced, and grounded (structured and securitized) into daily life.

Your dreams, ideas, and intentions can take root!

112: Master Number 11 Amplified

Number 11 is the first of only three master numbers in numerology. Therefore its presence here in 112 is deeply significant and potent.

Number 11 is the number of spiritual illumination and vision. Those with a life path 11 are great visionaries.

This signifies that you to hold considerable visionary power and gifts. 11 is the number representing all of the following:-

  • Psychic ability
  • Enhance and evolved intuition
  • Spiritual illumination
  • Imagination
  • Artistic gifts
  • Creative genius
  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Caring and supporting persona
  • Counseling essence
  • “The Shaman”
  • The seer, psychic, healer, and therapist
  • Mysticism/ the mystic arts
  • The musician, writer, poet, or author
  • Astrology/ the astrologer
  • Clairvoyance
  • Dreaming and the subconscious
  • Philosophy
  • Teaching
  • Metaphysical and esoteric studies and awareness

As you can see, master number 11 holds a very powerful vibration.

So connecting to these aspects of yourself or whichever specifically apply to you and working to enhance and integrate them will allow you to shine and succeed in your chosen path.

Many 11’s go on to become incredible teachers, philosophers, writers, creatives, musicians, seers, psychics or spiritual teachers, and healers.

Do you resonate with any of these professions? Perhaps you have already received signs pointing you towards one or more of these paths?

Combined with the energy of number 4, angel number 112 is saying now is the time.

Now is the time to make those changes, take those steps and align fully into your true service, soul- path, and self.

Number 2: Partnerships and Harmony

Number 2 is the number symbolizing peace, harmony, and cooperation.

The energetic associations of this number include a personality represented by valuing compromise, cooperation, mutual respect and understanding, and teamwork.

If you see 112 frequently, therefore, these are the attributes you are being asked to be mindful of.

You are also being shown parts of yourself that either have been neglecting or are present and can be strengthened further for full embodiment and self-empowerment.

Relationships are an integral theme to number 2, and these can include business partnerships, family bonds, friendships, love partnerships, and soulmate or kindred spirit bonds.

So, due to everything you now know regarding angel number 112, this can bring many messages.

Now let’s look at some of the possible Angel Messages Of Number 112 based on master number 11, number 2, and number 4.

7 Potential Angel Messages Of Number 112

Angel number 112

Message One

You have been out of tune and touch with your life path, soul or true direction in life.

Maybe you have lost touch and awareness of the value and importance of close relationships, or alternatively, you have become out of tune with your unique gifts, talents, and passions.

One significant aspect of yourself has certainly been compromised!

Message Two

There is little balance between your service to others, represented through master number 11 and its powerful vibration, and the way this aspect of yourself and life interacts and shares with others.

You are most likely “going solo” in pursuit of higher things, yet failing to include the people closest to you or make room for shared and joint ventures.

Message Three

Alternatively, to point 2, you have been neglecting your individual strengths and talents in your desire for harmony and cooperation.

Perhaps too much importance has been given to the connections and relationships you have, and this has made you steer more towards the “2” in number 112 and embody less of the “11.”

Message Four

You are being asked to get more in tune with your psychic, spiritual and visionary side.

You are most likely a creative soul with unique gifts and artistic abilities.

You are also incredibly spiritually aware and intuitive and most likely possess psychic and clairvoyant powers and gifts.

Yet you don’t access these as much as you should be doing. Your unique life path or soul purpose may specifically be gravitated towards the healing arts or other spiritual services, fields or professions.

Message Five

You are stuck in the “visionary” stage. You have ideas and visions, but you are yet to ground these into physical reality.

Practical structures and means for success may not be in place, or you may still be dreaming and setting intentions for future goals and accomplishments.

Message Six

There is an imbalance between your lower self and higher self.

Your raw emotions, needs, wants, and desires are not balanced or harmonized with your higher self, higher mind, and inner intuitive guidance; you are “at odds” with yourself.

You may have glimpses of your ideal and highest vibration version of yourself, but you are not actively living it or connecting to it.

There is still room for self-development and healing, or the presence of 112 repeatedly showing up in your life is attempting to act as the final catalyst and spark into action and integration.

Message Seven

Do you mindfully engage in cosmic, divine, and higher consciousness? 11 is a powerful number and a master number, therefore it holds a high frequency.

Life is a multi-dimensional experience, and in truth, there are so many different realities existing.

The life and worlds created by your friends, peers, or current partner might not be true to the real you.

You may have fallen into lower vibrational cycles and patterns of thought and behavior.

You may also be unconsciously lowering your morals and standards to match those of the company you are used to.

In other words, have you consciously opened yourself up to true change, and the internal shift you know your higher self desires?

Angel number 112 asks you to balance, merge and ground higher dimensional frequency energies into daily life, so that spirit, soul and a divine or cosmic consciousness become one with your earth reality.

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Katrina M Comer

Monday 13th of April 2020