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5 Reasons Why Your Affirmations Are Not Working

5 Reasons Why Your Affirmations Are Not Working

Have you ever been repeating affirmations day in and day out and just thought these are not working?

Something wasn't just quite right. Like a robot you repeat “I am a millionaire, I am a millionaire, I am…” you get the point.

And after repeating these affirmations you didn't feel any change.

In fact, they made you feel WORSE than you did before, because now you feel more hopeless because something you were told would work, didn't.

If that sounds like it could be you then don't worry! I've been there and I know what to do.

I know how it sucks when your affirmations are not working, and I know how a few simple tweaks can make all the difference.

In this article, I have listed the five biggest reasons that your affirmations are not getting you the results you'd hoped for.

I'm betting that you will be making at least one of these common mistakes yourself.

I know I have!

Once you know why your affirmations haven't been working you'll be able to correct what you do and create affirmations that DO WORK!

So without further ado let's get into it…

5 Reasons Why Your Affirmations Are Not Working

Woman wondering why affirmations not working

1. You Have No Emotion When Saying Your Affirmations

If you're saying your affirmations daily without any real emotion then they just won't have quite the same effect.

If you're just repeating statements to yourself but not finding a positive feeling then you are not giving them any power.

The problem is, most people, affirm negative statements with negative emotion to themselves all the time without realizing.

And that's why they keep experiencing the things they don't want.

For example…

“I am so broke” “

“I hate having no money”

“I can't afford that”

When someone keeps saying things like that to themselves all day whilst feeling pretty crappy and helpless they are just strengthening their belief that they have no money.

Their own behaviors and actions will keep them in line with those affirmations and feelings.

And yes it's still an affirmation even if it's negative and unconscious. It's still affirming something to yourself.

You need to feel POSITIVE EMOTION as much as you can when you are saying your affirmations.

Here are a few things you can do to help feel positive emotion when using affirmations:

  • Listen to your favorite upbeat music when you say your affirmations.
  • Say affirmations that you TRULY want. (more on this shortly)
  • Move your body. Incant those statements, don't just say them.

The lesson here is to make sure you aren't just repeating those affirmations without any real emotion behind them.

You need to get yourself in a positive state of being when you say them for maximum effect.

You'll also find that a couple of the other points on this list will probably make a big difference in how you FEEL when you say your affirmations.

2. Saying A Few Affirmations Here And There Isn't Enough 

This is pretty straight forward.

Most people just don't say affirmations enough to really take effect on the subconscious mind.

Saying them for just a few days and a few times here and there just won't cut it.

You need to commit to saying them for months if needed. 

I've been guilty of committing this mistake myself.

I'd create these wonderful affirmations and then just say them for a week max and then just stop doing it.

Then I'd look back and wonder why they didn't work.

You need to commit to keep saying them until you get the desired effect.

Eventually, you should just notice that your thoughts are naturally becoming in line with those affirmations.

The next one on this list is a biggie!

3. Your Affirmations Are So Far From Your Current Situation

This is a big mistake that I myself have made in the past and many others still make.

Saying affirmations that are soooooo far from your current reality that they just remind you of how far away you actually are.

If you don’t completely believe it's attainable or it makes you focus on how far you have to go then you won't feel good.

Your mind will just battle with you and say this is stupid or not true.

You want your affirmations to feel true.

Here's an example of what you DON'T want to say if you wanted to lose weight.

You might want to lose say 75 pounds so you would think it might make sense to write an affirmation like…

“I have lost 75 pounds and am slim and trim”

Even though this is a positive statement, written in the present tense, it would just keep reminding you about just how overweight you are, which would NOT make you feel good.

Something like this would work better…

“I am feeling more comfortable in my skin and can move with ease.”


“Slowly but surely my pants keep getting looser and looser”.

Make sense?

It's the same with money, don't just say “I am a millionaire” 100 times a day if you have $10 in your bank with no source of income.

That will just keep reminding you that you are NOT a millionaire.

Say something more like…

“I give myself permission to prosper and grow.”


“I have the power to create success and build the wealth I desire.”

Hopefully you now understand how that little change will make a BIG difference. 

The most important thing is to focus on how you feel when you say an affirmation. If it doesn't make you feel good then try a new one till it does. 

4. Your Affirmation Is A Tongue Twister

Something I see people do is create long complicated affirmations that are more like tongue twisters. 

Actually, in a book I just read yesterday the author wrote about using affirmations and gave a script to use when creating them.

To me, it was more like a mission statement. It was like 4 paragraphs long. 

That's way too much to remember. 

It just needs to be nice and simple and easy to say. 

The only exception for longer affirmations is if it's a rhyming affirmation like this…

‘I have wonderful work, in every wonderful way, I give wonderful service, for wonderful pay!’

Rhyming ones are fun to say as well aren't they? 🙂

So this takes us onto the last reason why your affirmations may not have been working.

5. You Don't Truly Want The Desired Result

This is another biggie! 

Many times I've said affirmations for a goal I didn't honestly want, and because of that, I didn't feel excited about doing them because unconsciously I didn't care about the result.

For example.

I used to have a goal of owning a Lamborghini and I would create affirmations to help me manifest that goal.

The only problem was, I didn't actually desire one (even though I thought I did). 

I had it as a goal as that's what I thought success was at the time.

I now realize I don't actually want a new car never mind a Lamborghini.

At the minute I'm truly happy with the car I own as it is already good and makes me happy. 

It's the same with money. 

I had a goal of earning £100'000 per month. Probably because I'd seen others have goals like that.

It took me a little while to realize I didn't actually want some of the things I had as goals.  

When I sat down and honestly thought about it, I just wanted freedom.

Freedom from any kind of worries and freedom to do what I want.

And that meant,

  • A normal-sized home without a mortgage or a very small one.
  • Enough money to go on vacation with the family 3 times a year.
  • Money for good food and nice clothes.
  • Savings in my bank, and free from any kind of debt.

To have a great life like that, I realized £100k a year would be plenty.

That's only 10% of my original goal. 

I felt good with that goal as I knew what I wanted it for, and it's not even that big or crazy.

So the moral of this point?

Make sure your affirmations are to help you do, be, or achieve something you TRULY DESIRE. Not something you THINK you desire.

Anyway, that's it for this post.

Feel free to post some of your best affirmations for us to see 🙂