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How To Write Powerful Affirmations For The Law Of Attraction

How To Write Powerful Affirmations For The Law Of Attraction

You probably wonder how some people have successfully managed to pull such resources and opportunities their way.

One of the secrets is writing powerful affirmations.

By writing down an affirmation, you are able to stay focused on your goal, and more importantly, solve any challenge that crops up.

Words are powerful!

I'm sure you already understand that affirmations are a great tool for helping you manifest with the law of attraction. 

So let's not waste any more time and get stuck in with some actionable tips. 

How To Write Powerful Affirmations In 7 Steps

knowing how to write affirmations

These will help draw to you the very essence of your desire.

1. Fill Them With Emotion

Affirmations can be spoken or written.

Whichever way,

You should ensure these two elements are represented.

What you're SAYING and the EMOTION you feel.

What you're saying is simply the outcome you desire.

Emotions express your feelings towards that outcome.

Your thoughts (or words) are the signal to the universe of what you want.

Your feelings are the magnet that brings it back.


2. Write Affirmations In The Present Tense

When it comes to affirmations, your desire needs to be stated like it is achieved.

So use terms such as “I am…” “I have…” “I am becoming…”.

For instance, you can say, “I am fit,” or, “I love my wife above everything else.”

It would not be good to say, “I WILL have a healthy relationship,” or “I WILL be healthy.”

If you say WILL  have something then you are affirming you don't already have it.

I HAVE or I AM has much more power!

Next is,

3. Speak The Positive Statement

“I'm not shy when speaking in public.”

What is wrong with this statement?

The word NOT.

Scientists say that our subconscious mind does not recognize the word NOT.

The statement is therefore interpreted by the brain this way…

“I'm shy when speaking in public”

This tells you how important your wording is.

So imagine yourself as having achieved your desire.

That blissful feeling is what should feel when saying your affirmation.

The best way to say that last affirmation is to say…

“I AM always CALM when speaking in public.”

This positive outlook builds such a great belief in yourself which helps you overcome any negative thought that comes your way.

Next thing you should do when writing powerful affirmations for the law of attraction is…

4. Repeat Affirmations Till They Feel True

woman knowing how to write affirmations

Remember that affirmations are meant to change your beliefs from negative to positive.

For example…

If your old high school bully may have repeatedly called you ugly,

You may have chosen to believe this even if it wasn’t true.

And this went into the subconscious and slowly became what you believed.

To reverse this,

Think about how powerful it can be to believe something positive about yourself.

If you tell yourself every day for months…

“I am beautiful,”

Then over time will probably believe that that is the absolute truth.

Not that you wish to be so.

When you keep telling yourself this, with no doubt nor fear in your heart, you will be able to change for the better.

Next, you need to remember to…

5. Keep Affirmations Simple

An effective affirmation is that which you can remember wherever you are, in whatever the situation.

So the shorter the better.

Avoid long affirmations that are difficult to recite.

If you keep then short you'll easily remember them.

A simple statement like this would be good,

“I am grateful for the love in my life.”

And remember…

6. Affirmations Must Be About You

Affirmations are meant to change you, not anybody else.

Don’t say, “My wife is understanding.”

That way you are focusing on somebody else’ personality.

Instead, say…

“I know what it takes to help my wife understand me better.”

You can NEVER expect someone else to change. 

YOU need to be the change you wish to see. 

The last step in learning how to write powerful affirmations for the law of attraction is…

7. Recite Your Affirmations Daily

This helps tie in with step 4.

If you keep doing your affirmations daily with positive emotion then they will start to “FEEL” true.

That feeling part is key.

Once you have your affirmations written, you have to remember to recite them.

Do this three times a day,

Preferably loudly to yourself.

You may choose to speak it first thing in the morning, around midday, and before you go to bed.

Set a reminder on your phone,


Pin them at some strategic place you will not miss them.

Maybe on your computer monitor or the washroom mirror.

The purpose of such repetition is to rewire the unconscious mind for success.

It will take a bit of time and patience to do away with all the negativity that has maybe built up for decades.

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Final Words On Writing Affirmations

Now you understand that you are in a position to change yourself for the better.

It is time to write down your affirmations if you have not done so yet.

Or rather change if you had done them wrong.

I hope this article helped and remember you can DO, BE or ACHIEVE anything you want in life!

As a bonus to this article, if you want to see how affirmations work on the subconscious mind then check out this video.