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The Power Of VIBRATION And The Law Of Attraction

The Power Of VIBRATION And The Law Of Attraction

Most of us now know what the Law of Attraction is – or will have at least heard of it. 

From sayings that have been around for as long as I can remember such as “like attracts like”, it never fails to amaze me how this simple law works.  

For those of you who do not yet know, every single one of us has the ability to bring into our lives whatever we truly want, but often what we don’t want. 

Yes, it is absolutely true!

We attract what we think; if we think positively we will attract positivity into our lives; if we think negatively we will attract negativity into our lives – it really is as simple as that!

Don’t believe me?

Think this is a load of old tosh!? 

If so, you would be seriously missing out on a whole other aspect of life!

I urge you to try and see for yourself because you know what they say, “don’t knock it until you’ve tried it”!

How Is The Law Of Vibration Connected To This?

Law of attraction and vibrations

Every single thing in existence has an energy field.

Everything from us humans, trees and plants, insects to water, rocks, air – even dust – emits an energy vibration of some sort. Our thoughts and emotions are incredibly strong energy fields that emit vibrations of differing frequencies, depending on how positive or negative they are.

These vibrations will always attract other vibrations with a similar frequency, and this is how we can find ourselves in a bit of a downward spiral at times.  

Let’s say you are feeling down about your job; long hours, crap money, unfriendly people, etc. Every night you go home telling yourself how trapped you feel, how unhappy you are, and that there is no way out.

All of these thoughts are totally understandable but incredibly negative – therefore you are giving out a big fat negative vibration.

So, remembering that these vibrations will recognize and attract others most similar to yours, this is how that negative spiral manifests, and before you know it, you will be feeling even more unhappy.

Now to get the law of attraction working for (instead of seemingly against you) you need to have a bit of a rethink.

Instead of believing there is no way out and focusing on how unhappy you feel, you have to start telling yourself that there absolutely is a way out and that very soon it will present itself.

You also need to think of how happy you were before and focus on how that felt. The more you think this, the more you will seriously crank up the vibrations you give off. 

So, like a huge magnet, your now positive vibrations will start to find and attach to similar vibrations on that higher, more positive frequency. 

So How Do I Match The Vibration To My Desires?

matching vibrations to desires

We have to be totally honest with ourselves on this one. 

What do we TRULY desire? 

There are a lot of people out there who say they focused every day on becoming a multi-millionaire or owning a big flashy sports car and “hey presto” – it worked! But to be honest, I find that kind of talk a bit clichéd and the whole sentiment quite vulgar. 

In a world where there is so much money yet, people seem more unhappy and dissatisfied than ever before, I personally do not believe that money is the secret to true happiness.

Money can be seen as an unfortunate invention, but sure, it’s pretty hard to live without it. Maybe if we just focused on having enough of it to make our lives comfortable, without worry or deprivation, we would all be a lot happier.

I believe that REAL happiness and fulfillment is about looking into our hearts and finding what will TRULY make us happy.

Things like forging better relationships with our families/friends/partners. Finding peace in our lives; enjoyment in simple things; pleasure in giving something back – no matter how small.  

So you need to look into yourself and find what your REAL desires are. 

They have to be things that you long for so passionately, that you can really visualize and imagine having.  It may be anything from visiting the rainforests of Borneo, owning that beautiful house you always walk past on your way to work, wanting to be able to buy your child that new bike, or being able to get that job you’ve always yearned to do.

Just focus every day and see yourself achieving any of these things, I mean really picture yourself smiling and happy, all flushed with excitement over your accomplishment – and you will make it happen.

How Can I Use Vibrational Energy?

Using Vibrational Energy

OK, let’s take an example of better relationships. For many years I found myself constantly hoping I wouldn’t end up turning into my mum!

Yet much to my absolute horror, it seemed to be happening! I didn’t realize that I was giving out a negative signal and the universe was amplifying it right back at me! 

So after learning more about the law of vibration and how to match it to my desires, I started to focus on becoming the opposite person. Instead of telling myself, I didn’t want to be selfish, unkind, or unsympathetic, I started focusing on being a selfless, kind, and sympathetic person.

This switch of thought process and belief literally changed my life. I felt so much happier and at peace with myself. I was able to tolerate my mother far better and realized that we can’t change other people, but we can change ourselves.

Being able to consciously put your vibrational energy to work to improve yourself and your outcomes is truly an incredible thing yet so few people even know about it, believe in it, or harness it. 

As you and I are now lucky enough to have an understanding of vibrational energy, it really is there for us to utilize and take us to the next level.  It is an intrinsic part of us so don’t let it lie dormant – use it, benefit from it and be thankful for its very existence.

How To Raise Your Vibration

Luckily, we have several ways in which we can raise our vibrations and start to exist within a higher frequency. 

As long as you can decipher what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy, you can raise your vibration.  

Avoid Negative People 

rid yourself of negative people

This is a great place to start.

We all know someone who seems to walk and talk like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders right?

Maybe their life is pretty crappy right now, but because of their demeanor (aka. vibration), they are just making the situation a whole lot worse. You kind of dread seeing them because they make you feel like they’re dragging you down too. 

Well, it’s simple – don’t see them for a while. Just allow yourself a break from them so you can work on YOU! 

And once you have reached and are steadily emitting that higher vibrational frequency, you can maybe get back in touch and help them to improve theirs too!

Avoid The News

I remember the days when the news came on the TV just once a day in the evening. Now we have it thrust at us every minute of every day – 24/7 news channels, on the hour every hour on the radio, newspapers, and social media – it’s endless! 

All of these things can have an extremely negative impact on our vibrations. We don’t NEED to know – especially when a lot of it is half-truths anyway!

Try not listening to any news for a week and you will really feel the benefit of it.

Focus More On The Natural World

surround yourself with nature

Since I moved to the countryside surrounded by nature, I am so much happier and calmer – and this happens to a lot of people. 

Living in a pollutant-choked city can really affect your vibrational frequency. Now I’m not suggesting for you to move to the countryside straight away, but just finding some green space, somewhere away from the constant noise where you can see open skies instead of concrete, where you can hear birds singing and breathe some clean air. 

All of these things have an incredibly uplifting effect on us, making us feel calmer, lighter, and more peaceful. So ditch the tech for a day and find what really resonates with us humans and our vibrations.

Appreciation And Gratefulness

We hear a lot these days about being “thankful” but how many of us see the word and think “oh yes, thank you for giving me my children, thank you for me having money in the bank, and thank you for my lovely new TV on the wall”!?

Then we go straight back to getting on the same old busy lives and totally forget about being appreciative!

It’s about taking a little bit of time out, quietly, whenever you can manage it in your day, and just really thinking about everything in your life that makes you feel truly happy. 

Feeling a smile on your lips as you picture those things, and feeling the positive emotions they bring you. Maybe it is your child, your pet, the beautiful view from your window, how safe and warm you feel in your home, how your favorite music makes you feel.

Just sitting and focusing for 10 minutes and feeling grateful for those things and the positive, happy emotions they bring you – it’s almost like a form of meditation and it will lift your vibrations to the next level.

You can also raise your vibrational frequency by eating a healthier diet with a lot more fresh, colorful produce and staying away from processed foods, which the body sees as a pollutant. 

Exercising and deep breathing of fresh air increase oxygen levels and is great for our physical and mental wellbeing.

So you can see that there is nothing really difficult or complicated about this – it’s actually quite simple.  It just requires some thought, focus, and truth to get you singing like the Beach Boys about those “Good Vibrations”!