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25 Interesting Psychological Facts about Soulmates

25 Interesting Psychological Facts about Soulmates

As the vibration of planet Earth is rising, more and more people are meeting their Soulmates – thus, I’ve decided to put together a list of psychological facts about Soulmates, to help you recognize your Soulmate and also to help you understand your Soulmate relationship better.

Meeting your Soulmate is a beautiful yet life-altering experience.

However, many people don’t know how to behave in a Soulmate relationship.

This could be because they are amazed at how well things are going or puzzled to see how different a Soulmate relationship is from other relationships. 

If you think that you’ve met your Soulmate or you have a strong interest in the topic, I invite you to read the following psychological facts about Soulmates, as you will definitely understand the topic a lot better than before. 

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25 Psychological Facts About Soulmates

1. Soulmates can make you addicted 

When you actually meet your Soulmate, your brain will take place chemical reactions that are similar to addiction. 

These are the chemical reactions that take place when someone is in love – such as the release of huge dopamine quantities.

When you actually meet your Soulmate, these reactions will be even stronger. 

Your Soulmate can literally make you feel addicted to them due to the feelings of deep love and connection that you will experience when you are close to them, and the chemical reactions that take place in your brain that are identical to the reactions of an addiction.

Thus, if you suspect someone could be your Soulmate, check how you feel around them as well as when you’re not with them.

Do you miss them more than normal? Do you feel addicted to them even if you barely met them?

If the answer is yes, the chances to have met your Soulmate are very high.

2. You cannot judge your Soulmate

The same chemical reactions that are responsible for being in love and for feeling addicted to your lover, will make you unable to judge them. 

That is because when you’re truly in love with someone, you tend to idealize them, which means that you will see them through the “pink lenses” of love.

And let me tell you, the pink lenses of love make everyone seem perfect.

When you’ve truly met your Soulmate, you will find it natural to accept them as they are – with good and bad, because to you, they will seem perfect just the way they are.

3. Having a Soulmate friend is more common than a romantic Soulmate

The psychological facts about soulmates

When most people think about Soulmates, they assume that the connection has to be a romantic one. 

However, that is not always the case.

Soulmates are people who share the same soul as us – they come from the same soul family, and they come into our lives to help us learn our spiritual lessons and evolve as we should.

This means that some Soulmates will show in our lives as best friends, parents, or even teachers.

This is because we have a different type of Soul Contract with them, through which they have promised to help us grow and evolve in different ways – not through romantic relationships.

4. More than 70% of Americans believe in Soulmates

I was a bit surprised when I found out that such a big percentage of people believe in Soulmates. 

A study on Soulmates conducted by Behavioral expert and Psychology author Vanessa Van Edwards – the researcher who first talked about the “Science of Soulmates” –  has shown that 73% of Americans actually believe in Soulmates. 

This study has examined the belief in Soulmates – or relationships that are “Destined”, as opposed to the growth mindset in relationships. 

The belief in Soulmates or relationships that are “destined” is believed to increase complacency in relationships, as well as the break-up rate, because when people feel that is a person who is meant to be with them no matter what, they are not motivated to better themselves through the relationship. 

Also, people who believe in Soulmates can sometimes leave a relationship when the first problem occurs, because they think their Soulmate could never hurt them, and anyone who upsets them is definitely not their Soulmate. 

Also, they don’t want to waste their time with someone who is not their Soulmate. 

In contrast, people with a growth mindset are the people who think love is something that you have to build and they understand that you have to put work into a relationship, and that small problems are quite normal.

They are more likely to choose to stay and make the relationship work, rather than to break up very soon. 

From this point of view, it could be better to have a growth mindset rather than a  “Soulmate” mindset in relationships.

However, you can choose to have both – to believe in Soulmates but also to choose to build the relationship step by step.

5. Men believe in Soulmates more than women

The same study on Soulmates compared whether the belief in Soulmates is more common amongst men or women. 

Much to my surprise, men are more likely to believe in Soulmates than women. The study shows that 74% of men and 71% of women believe in Soulmates. 

If you want to read the whole study and the interesting psychological facts about Soulmates it has, click here.

6. People over 40 rarely believe in Soulmates anymore

People over 40 rarely believe in Soulmates

Another interesting psychological fact about Soulmates is that people over 40 rarely believe in Soulmates.

Van Edwards talks about this in her Youtube video called “The Science of Soulmates”.

In this video Vanessa talk about the categories and types of people who believe in Soulmates – according to research, and how this belief can have both positive and negative impacts on relationships. 

Also, she describes in great detail the impact of believing in Soulmates rather than adopting a “growth mindset” in relationships.

It could be a bit sad that people over 40 have lost their belief in Soulmates, but at the same time, it’s normal. 

People over 40 have most likely gone through a divorce or a big break-up that has devastated them, and thus, have lost their hope in “finding the one”.

7. By believing in Soulmates you can fall into the “Soulmate trap”

The “Soulmate trap” is the perfect example of how even a positive belief can become negative if you take it too far. 

The “Soulmate trap” occurs when someone only relates to relationships from the Soulmate perspective – desperately trying to find “the one” – or that one person who is perfect for them.

Thus, they keep looking for the perfect person rather than trying to work to build a relationship, and when they find it, they could become complacent and not put too much effort into the relationship because they think “the one” cannot leave.

Vanessa van Edwards talks about the “Soulmate trap” and she advises that, even if you firmly believe in Soulmates, you should not stop putting effort into relationships or expect someone to be perfect – because these are unrealistic expectations, and even your soulmate will disappoint you.

Thus, by falling into the “Soulmate trap”, you can end up breaking up with your very own Soulmate.

8. Soulmate relationships tend to be either very positive or very negative

The same study I was mentioning before talk about the Soulmate relationships being either very positive or very negative. 

The authors of the study say that, because Soulmate relationships are so much based on a belief that “it’s meant to be”, some people will go from the honeymoon phase to horrible fights and behaviors. 

This happens if one of the partners – or even both believes that the other person will never leave them, no matter what they do, and of course, they lack the healing level necessary for a happy and healthy relationship. 

Of course, some people will just manage to make their Soulmate relationship as beautiful as possible, and would never take their partner for granted.

But again, it really depends on the person and their level of personal development.

9. Soulmates are intuitive

a psychological fact about soulmates is they are intuitive

In the same study, it is shown that Soulmates communicate through telepathy, as Edwards notes that couples who identified as “Soulmates”, had the tendency to think alike, make similar choices, and know what the other one is thinking. 

This confirms what I already believed about Soulmates which is that they are linked by energy cords that make them extremely intuitively receptive to one another. 

Thus, if you and your partner communicate intuitively – almost telepathically, there is a high chance that you are soulmates. 

10. The “Soulmate belief” can lead to violent relationships

This point is related to the previous point about the “Soulmate trap”.

The “Soulmate trap” happens when one person in the relationship gets too comfortable believing that their partner is their soulmate and that they will never leave. 

Some studies show that there are people who claim to be in a Soulmate relationship yet are oftentimes verbally or physically violent with their partner. 

If you happen to find yourself in such a relationship and you’re the victim, I advise you to either talk to your partner about the situation or to just leave, as your soulmate may still need to learn that violence is never allowed in a relationship. 

I think that in order to avoid this trap, is important to remember that even if you are lucky enough to have found your Soulmate, never stop working for the improvement of your relationship.

11. A strong belief in soulmates can sometimes lead to a break-up

Another slightly funny fact discovered by the “Science of Soulmates” is that a person’s strong, almost obsessive belief in Soulmates can oftentimes cause them to break up with partner after partner and end up alone. 

This happens because people who become a bit obsessed with the idea of Soulmates end up romanticizing and idealizing their so-called “Soulmate”. 

When they do meet their Soulmate – or one of the Soulmates they have, they expect the person or the relationship to be perfect and bails out when the first problem appears. 

They are not keen to work through any problem and build the relationship step by step, but rather, they hope that the perfect relationship and perfect partner will just come and decide to stay forever. 

This belief can actually make someone break up with their own Soulmate, or with multiple Soulmates or suitable partners, and end up alone.

This is why is very important to decide to do your best in a relationship and to have patience with your partner – because no one can be perfect for you and all relationships will have problems occasionally. 

You just need to have faith and decide to resolve the issues rather than choosing to break up.

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12. Soulmates have similar life stories

Soulmates sharing similar life stories

Soulmates are destined to meet when the time is right for them – this is called Divine Timing. 

They meet when the Universe decides that they are ready for each other, or when it’s time for them to fulfill their Divine Mission together. 

When they meet, most often Soulmates will discover that until that point they have lived rather similar lives, and have been through very similar obstacles. 

This does not mean that they have identical personalities, but their life stories will be very similar. 

13. Soulmates discover differences later on in the relationship

One thing that most Soulmates relationships have in common is the fact they seem very similar at the beginning of the relationship, but as time passes and they get to know each other better, they also start seeing how they are different. 

This can cause some people disappointment, especially if they like being in a relationship with someone very similar to them. 

However, it’s important to remember that even if someone is your Soulmate they cannot be identical to you, as your lifepaths have been different, therefore your personalities were shaped differently. 

The stage of discovering the differences is also a test phase. If after learning about the differences between you two, you still love each other the same – your relationship will most likely evolve in a very positive direction and has a very high chance to last forever. 

If you cannot over the fact that from some points of view, your Soulmate is different from you, you may not be ready for a relationship with them yet.

14. Soulmate relationships work better with communication

The “Soulmate Science” shows that Soulmate relationships work better if there is very good communication between partners. 

In the same study, Edwards says that she noticed that there were two types of Soulmates couples. 

The first type was the type that lacked communication.

They were people with no belief in the growth mindset, thus, they did not believe that they have to put in some effort for their relationship to work. 

Because of this, they did not communicate with their partners, and the relationship was full of aggressiveness, passive-aggressiveness, and conflict – and most likely ended at some point.

Not a good start for a Soulmate relationship – and yet this is proof that we can shape the direction of our Soulmate relationships – whether they go well or bad – it’s up to us. 

The Soulmate relationships where there was good communication were wonderful, lasting relationships, amazing enough to make anyone jealous.

Thus, I think this point is very important because it’s proof that our behavior can dictate the outcome of a Soulmate relationship. 

15. Soulmate relationships work better when both partners are spiritual

Soulmate couple who is spiritual

In the same study it was noticed that if both partners embrace their spirituality and express it in one way or another – even through religion, the Soulmate relationship will go smoothly. 

This is easy to explain because people who have met their Soulmate are probably old souls, who are expected to embrace their spirituality. 

When an old soul embraces, discovers, and expresses their spiritual side, they will most likely be in alignment with their higher self and they will be connected to the Divine Source, thus, they will be able to establish and maintain a wonderful romantic relationship.

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16. Soulmate relationships can also be… karmic relationships

An important fact about Soulmates that I want to emphasize is that Soulmate relationships can also be karmic Soulmate relationships – thus, they will not be all milk and honey. 

Karmic Soulmate relationships are one distinct category of Soulmate relationships, one that is quite common, because now we are going through a time when many people are meant to meet their Karmic Soulmate, in order to face their deepest wounds and heal them, as a crucial part of their spiritual evolution. 

If you’re interested to read more about karmic soulmates, you can do it by reading the in-depth article I wrote on this topic, which you can find here.

17. Soulmates experience Deja-Vu

I believe this is a very important fact about Soulmates, as when I was doing extensive research about Soulmates, I encountered this point in every article or book I’ve read. 

It seems to be quite clear, that as powerful spiritual beings, Soulmates will remember each other when they first meet. 

The past-life or pre-incarnation memories will be felt like a strong feeling of Deja-Vu.

Thus, if you think that a certain person could be your Soulmate, the first question you need to ask yourself is: did you have a deja-vu feeling when you first met them?

If the answer is yes, there are very high chances that this person is your Soulmate.

If the answer is more of a no, they are probably not your Soulmate but just someone you like or a Karmic relationship.

18. Soulmates often have a deep sense of familiarity with each other

A fact about soulmates shown as a deep sense of familiarity

The deep sense of familiarity is one of the strongest psychological facts about Soulmates.

When two soulmates meet, they feel a strong sense of comfort and ease with each other, as if they already know each other from before.

This happens because they remember each other from a past life or pre-incarnation memories.

Thus, when a Soulmate couple is together, even in an unfamiliar environment or crowded place, they will feel an immediate sense of safety and comfort with each other.

This can help Soulmates easily recognize each other in any situation.

This is something that can't be faked, and it's a beautiful fact about Soulmates.

19. Soulmates know how to communicate better than any other couple

It's almost as if soulmates have this innate ability to communicate, a sixth sense that allows them to express themselves easily.

They understand each other non-verbally, being able to tell right away what the other is thinking or feeling.

They don't need words to know how to reach out and comfort their partner; they do it instinctively.

This can be beneficial in many ways, especially when an argument arises or when one partner needs support in tough times.

Soulmates are a special kind of couple who understand communication on a deep level, allowing their relationship bonds to stay strong and resilient.

20. Soulmates can have a strong physical attraction toward each other

Soulmates are said to have an inexplicable, intense physical attraction to one another.

This is thought to be a result of their spiritual connection.

The physical connection between soulmates is particularly powerful because it is fueled by their understanding of each other's innermost thoughts and emotions.

This creates a bond between them at a deep level, going beyond mere physical attraction.

While they may be physically captivated by each other, their affection originates from a more spiritual place. They feel a strong spiritual connection, which drives their powerful attraction to each other.

This is why soulmates often feel intense love and passion for one another, even when they've only just met.

21. Soulmates can have a strong sense of purpose and meaning in their relationship

Psychologically, soulmates often have a strong sense of purpose and meaning in their relationship.

This may be because they feel a deep connection to each other that goes beyond the physical and allows them to understand their greater plan in life together.

This sense of purpose and meaning can give them a strong foundation and motivation to work through any challenges that may arise in their relationship.

Additionally, the recognition that they were meant to find each other may give them a sense of destiny, further enhancing their sense of purpose in the relationship.

Overall, this psychological factor at play in a soulmate relationship can contribute to a deep sense of meaning and fulfillment.

22. Soulmates often share common values and beliefs

A psychological fact about soulmates sharing common values and beliefs

It's common for soulmates to share similar values and beliefs because they often have a shared life mission.

This shared understanding helps them connect on a deeper level and enables them to engage in meaningful conversations and activities.

It also allows for trust and respect to develop in their relationship. Plus, it helps them stay on the same page when it comes to their spiritual journey.

All these factors can contribute to a strong foundation of trust between soulmates and ultimately benefit their relationship.

23. Soulmates are constantly learning from each other

Another fascinating psychological fact about soulmates is that they always learn from each other.

This can be attributed to their strong connection and ability to understand each other's feelings and emotions.

Because of this, soulmates can gain a deeper understanding of their partner and use this knowledge to further strengthen their bond.

This is why soulmates often have an unspoken language; they learn the nuances and meanings behind the words, enabling them to communicate on a much deeper level.

Thus, soulmates are constantly learning from each other and can use this knowledge to help them grow together.

24. There Are different beliefs on the duration of soulmate relationships

Soulmates are often romanticized in films and literature. They are depicted as two people meant to be together for their entire lifetime.

However, some believe that soulmates can come into and out of each other's lives at different times, and their connection in the physical world may not necessarily be permanent.

This belief is based on the idea that people can have multiple soulmates throughout their lifetime and that each soulmate may fulfill different needs and desires at other times.

Some people believe that soulmates are meant to be together for a specific purpose. Once that purpose has been fulfilled, the relationship may end.

Others believe that soulmates may come into and out of each other's lives at different points in their journey, providing guidance and support.

For example, one soulmate may be a person who helps an individual to grow and learn. While another may be a person who provides emotional support and comfort.

Whether soulmates are meant to be together forever or not, it is clear that they can have a profound and lasting impact on each other's lives.

Meeting a soulmate can bring a sense of purpose and meaning and inspire personal growth and self-discovery.

Soulmates may also provide support and encouragement during difficult times and can help bring out the best in each other.

Even if their physical relationship on earth does not last forever, the connection and bond shared between soulmates can be deeply meaningful and transformative.

25. Even when apart, soulmates have a strong connection and may long for each other when not together

Soulmates face timing each other

Soulmates have a powerful connection to each other, even when apart.

This connection can manifest itself in several ways, such as familiarity or recognition when they meet, also a feeling of longing or missing each other when they are not together.

Some people believe that soulmates are connected on a deeper level and can communicate or sense each other's thoughts and feelings even when they are not physically present.

This sense of connection can be particularly powerful when soulmates are separated by distance or circumstances that prevent them from being together.

It can be a source of comfort and support during difficult times and can help strengthen their bond.

Some believe this connection is spiritual in nature and allows soulmates to remain connected on a deeper level even when they are not physically present.

Despite the challenges of being apart, soulmates often find ways to stay connected and support each other.

This may involve regular communication through phone calls, text messages, video calls, or finding other creative ways to stay connected and maintain the bond between them.

Ultimately, the connection between soulmates can be a source of strength and support and help them navigate life's ups and downs together.

That's the end of this list.

You may not have been sure if you’ve met your Soulmate or not, but I hope that this article on the interesting Psychological facts about Soulmates has brought some light to your confusion and has helped you recognize your Soulmate.  

I also hope that it has helped you understand the dynamic of Soulmate relationships better – especially if you’re a Light Worker that is helping people with their spiritual challenges every day (as I am sure that many of our readers are Light Workers and Spiritual Healers).

If you happen to know other amazing facts about Soulmates, share them with us in the comment section below! 

If you don’t, we would still love to hear from you by reading what your opinion about this article is!

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