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Karmic Soulmate: What One Is + 13 Signs You’ve Met Yours

Karmic Soulmate: What One Is + 13 Signs You’ve Met Yours

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a karmic relationship, a soulmate, a twin flame, and a karmic soulmate? 

You may have found yourself at some point in a complicated relationship, which was very intense yet painful, and you were not quite sure what the lesson is or why everything is happening this way.

The truth is, that as planet Earth is meant to ascend, we are all meeting people with whom we are meant to have life-altering relationships such as karmic relationships, karmic soulmate relationships, twin flames, or pure soulmate relationships, to help us grow and evolve spiritually.

Out of all these types of life-altering relationships, the most difficult one to handle – at least in my opinion, is the karmic soulmate relationship. 

Thus, in this article, I am going to explain what a karmic soulmate relationship is, what purpose does it have in your life, how you recognize one, and how is it different from the other types of spiritually meaningful relationships you can have. 

What is a Karmic Soulmate?

Showing what is a Karmic Soulmate

A Karmic Soulmate is someone who first, is your soulmate – this means that you came on planet Earth from the same soul family and you are sharing pieces of the same soul, and second, someone whose purpose is to teach you spiritual lessons and help you pay your karma in this process.

As you can see, the relationship between karmic soulmates is quite intense and deep, as they have a very meaningful purpose in each other’s life. 

To put it short, they have a pivotal role in each other’s growth and development.

Your Karmic Soulmate is part of your destiny – it was written in the stars that you were going to meet them before you were born. 

A Karmic Soulmate relationship is part of the Soul Contract you sign before coming into this incarnation. 

In a Karmic Soulmate relationship, you will feel intense love and affection towards the person and a very powerful connection – maybe even telepathy.

However, what makes this relationship so difficult is that it is very similar to a purely karmic relationship, which means that it will put you through a lot of emotional turmoil, to help you learn difficult lessons and pay heavy karma. 

Being put in difficult situations by someone who is your Soulmate, can be quite challenging because the love you feel for this person is very deep, thus, you will feel very conflicted.

If you think you could be in a Karmic Soulmate relationship, have a look at the following 13 signs of such a relationship: 

What Are The Signs You’ve Met Your Karmic Soulmate?

Karmic soulmates together

#1. Instant connection 

 The first sign of a Karmic Soulmate relationship is that when you first meet the person, you “click” instantly. 

You are drawn to them from the very first second, and the feeling is mutual. 

You may even feel very intense emotions the first time you meet them as if you’ve loved them your entire life. 

This happens because you share the same soul and also because you’ve met in previous lifetimes.

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#2. A deja-vu feeling

When you first meet your Karmic Soulmate, you will experience a deja-vu, which is the feeling that you already know the person. 

This can be quite powerful, as you may feel that you’ve known them forever. You may be finishing each other’s sentences or be reading each other’s minds, even if you barely just met. 

Around them, you could also experience a weird out-of-body feeling or the sensation that you are time-traveling. 

This happens because they make you remember the lifetimes in which you’ve met before, making you see images from those lifetimes, feel emotions from back then, or think thoughts that are stored in your subconscious from those previous lifetimes.

This feeling can be a bit intense and bizarre at the same time, but you shouldn’t worry about it, as it is very normal to experience this when you meet a Karmic Soulmate.

#3. Mutual affinity

When you meet your Karmic Soulmate, not only you will have an instant connection and a feeling of deja-vu, but you will like each other very much and discover that you have a lot in common. 

Most likely, you will have the same hobbies and passions, as well as the same interests and similar life experiences. 

To put it short, you will be able to talk for hours and never get bored, because every conversation with them helps you discover and understand yourself more. 

You will be fascinated to see how much you can still learn from each other, and amazed to see that someone can have identical life experiences as yours. 

You will also feel very emotionally safe and understood in their presence. 

#4. You feel complete around them 

A sign of meeting a karmic soulmate

I am not saying that you are incomplete without another person, but when you meet a soulmate you experience a higher degree of feeling whole and complete. 

This is because your souls are pieces from the same soul, which complete each other like two pieces from the same puzzle, and which draw each other just like magnets. 

Even if you are an emotionally independent and balanced person on your own, around your soulmate you will experience a higher sense of completion and emotional safety.

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#5. You have very similar life-experiences

When you reach the stage of sharing life stories, you will notice that your stories are almost identical – so identical that it’s almost unbelievable. 

When you share with them your deepest wounds and traumas from the past, you will notice that they have experienced the exact same wounds and traumas. 

Because you are Soulmates, your life stories have been written in quite similar ways. 

The lessons that you have to learn are quite similar also. 

Now, you have met to help each other bring clarity to the wounds that have to be healed and to trigger each other’s healing process.

If you wouldn’t be so similar, the healing process could not be so powerful, and the lessons would be a lot harder to learn because you wouldn’t see them as clearly. 

Looking at your Karmic Soulmate, you can see yourself in a mirror.

#6. The relationship is difficult, yet addictive

When you meet a Karmic Soulmate, the relationship will be very difficult and occasionally unpleasant. 

Yet, you will find it almost impossible to let it go, even if it will push all your triggers and bring all your “inner demons” to the surface.

The fact that you are so similar can also make the relationship difficult because you will trigger each other’s traumas and insecurities. 

Even though the relationship is difficult, you will find it almost impossible to let it go, because the other half of your soul will pull you like a magnet.

#7. You are facing your deepest wounds

As the relationship progresses and the honeymoon phase fades away, the relationship with your Karmic Soulmate becomes difficult. 

By difficult I mean you could have potential arguments and quarrels, or events will happen that will hurt you, to show you what still triggers you. 

By showing you which are your biggest wounds and insecurities, this Karmic Soulmate Relationship is helping you grow, because it is giving you the opportunity to heal them

#8. It’s like a rollercoaster

The rollercoaster of a karmic soulmate relationship

Despite loving the person very much, your relationship looks a lot like a rollercoaster, because the moments in which you give each other love and affection are always followed by moments in which the relationship goes slightly bad – you either argue, or your Karmic Soulmate hurts your feelings in one way or another. 

The moments when the relationship goes bad are the moments in which the relationship fulfills its karmic purpose. 

Through the suffering it causes you, it’s helping you pay off heavy karmic debt, and also helping you see which parts of you still need healing. 

#9. They bring you closer to your purpose in life 

A Karmic Soulmate will somehow help you see what is your purpose in life

This is why they could have come into your life when you are lost or when you need a slight re-direction. 

They may help you see which one is the right path through the fact that they have similar interests to yours, or they could be doing something that inspires you as well. 

They could also help you re-connect with yourself, through all the suffering, and help you understand when and where you lost your path. 

#10. They read you accurately

A Karmic Soulmate reads your emotions and thoughts really well. 

They instantly know what you feel and think the second they see you. 

This is because you are connected at a deeper, soul-level. 

Sometimes they will even know what you are about to tell them, or when you are going to call. 

The connection between you two is so strong that they know you just as well as they know themselves. 

#11. Patterns from childhood will re-surface

In a Karmic Soulmate relationship, you will find yourself re-enacting and re-creating the same patterns you had during your childhood with the parent that had the most impact on you. 

This usually is the opposite-sex parent, but it’s not always the case. 

For example, if you always had to seek approval from one parent, you will end up in a Karmic Soulmate relationship in which you always seek the approval of your partner. 

The purpose of this is that you notice you have a pattern of seeking and asking for approval and give up doing it, thus, breaking the pattern. 

This will also help you pay off karma from lives in which maybe, you were a harsh person, never approving anyone else’s opinions and beliefs, and will also help you heal childhood wounds.

#12. The relationship will be on and off 

A tumultuous Karmic Soulmate relationship

Most Karmic Soulmate relationships are quite tumultuous, and they have a pattern of being on and off. 

This is because when you are together with your Karmic Soulmate partner, misunderstandings will surface, but when you are apart you will miss each other a lot. 

This can create quite a dramatic pattern of being on and off and a lot of drama and chaos in your life. 

#13. They will reveal your dark side 

A Karmic Soulmate will always reveal your dark side. As people, we all have a dark side, or “the shadow”, as Psychologist Carl Jung used to call it. 

The only problem is that we are used to hiding and ignoring it, which allows our dark side to lead our lives from the shadow. 

For example, a part of your dark side could be that sometimes you can be a bit impulsive. 

This impulsiveness leads your life from the shadow by nudging you to make certain snap decisions that you later live to regret. 

A Karmic Soulmate will put you in situations in which you can realize that you are impulsive, so that you learn to be more calm and collected, and give up making snap decisions that affect your life. 

But of course, you need to also pay attention to your dark side and to be willing to change the behaviors that stem from it.

Karmic Soulmate Versus Other Relationships

The difference between karmic soulmates and other relationships.

Relationships that are spiritually meaningful for us and are aimed at helping us grow or pay karma, can be a bit similar to each other. 

It is important to understand what type of relationship you’re in, to know how to best handle it.

This is why I am going to teach you how to differentiate between the Karmic Soulmate Relationship and other types of relationships. 

Karmic Soulmate vs. Karmic Relationship

The difference between a Karmic Soulmate relationship and any other karmic relationship is that in a karmic relationship you don’t feel that love and connection that you feel with a karmic soulmate. 

In a karmic relationship, there is not much love, empathy, telepathy, or connection.

A Karmic Relationship is just a difficult relationship that will hurt you and challenge you. 

At the end of a Karmic Relationship you will be wondering yourself what did you see in that person, whereas after completing a Karmic Soulmate Relationship, a part of you will always miss the person. 

To learn more, check out this article by Psychic Advice, they do a great job of explaining the true nature of a Karmic Relationship.

Karmic Soulmate vs. Soulmate

The main difference between a Karmic Soulmate and Soulmate relationship is the degree of difficulty that the relationship comes with. 

In other words, you can differentiate between the two by having a look at how challenging the relationship is for you. 

A Karmic Soulmate relationship will have very difficult moments and can be an on and off sort of relationship, whereas a Soulmate relationship will be smooth and easy, unfolding effortlessly and bringing you a lot of love and joy.

Karmic Soulmate vs. Twin Flame

These two types of relationships are quite similar because they are both with people that whom you share your soul and both can be quite challenging and intense.

What differentiates them is the runner-chaser dynamic. 

The runner-chaser dynamic is only present in the Twin Flame relationship. 

To read more about the runner-chaser dynamic, click here.

A Karmic Soulmate connection can be on and off as well, but both people will feel the need to take a break from the relationship when they end it, whereas in a Twin Flame relationship, the wiser and older soul will always seek reconnection, and the couple will end up in a runner-chaser dynamic.

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Do Karmic Soulmates come back?

Thinking if their karmic soulmate will comeback

Breaking up with a Karmic Soulmate can be quite painful. 

The most honest answer I can give to this question is that it depends. 

Like I’ve said before, a Karmic Soulmate Relationship can be a potentially on and off the relationship. 

But at some point, the on and off dynamic has to end, especially when the Karma has been paid. 

This will then be a pivotal point, in which the faith of the relationship will be decided. 

The answer is that if the Soulmates are meant to be together in this life, they will come together for good at some point. 

If they are destined to be with other people, they will not, but they will continue their spiritual journeys on different paths.

How to Release a Karmic Soulmate

Maybe you are wondering how to end a Karmic Soulmate relationship for good if it’s too challenging and too heavy for you. 

This can happen when the karmic debt is very big, and the situations they put you through are so difficult that you start resenting the person a little bit (yes, this can happen even if they are your Soulmate). 

The easier and fastest way to release a Karmic Soulmate is to see what is your karmic lesson in the entire situation. 

Once you have understood your lesson, the Universe could offer you really fast ways to pay your karma and be released from it. 

One thing to take into account though is that you cannot always release a Karmic Soulmate when you want it to. 

Depending on your karma, your lesson, and the importance of the relationship, the Universe may ask you to stay in it as much as you are meant to. 

If you enjoyed this article on Karmic Soulmate relationships, let us know in the comments section below. 

Or, if you have a breath-taking story about your Karmic Soulmate, we and our other readers would love to hear about it!

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