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Soulmate vs Life Partner: A No BS Guide

Soulmate vs Life Partner: A No BS Guide

As more and more people start meeting their Soulmates, there is an increasing interest in the topic of Soulmates and everything related to it. 

Meeting your Soulmate is a wonderful experience – an experience that many people pray to have. 

However, it's not all rainbows and butterflies when you meet your Soulmate

Your Soulmate is meant to help you grow spiritually- thus, inevitably they will put you in slightly difficult situations. 

You and your Soulmate have signed a Soul Contract before incarnating in this life- a contract that states how you will meet and what will happen when you meet, in order to help each other grow spiritually. 

However, there will be other relationships in your life that will shape you and will be very relevant to you – and which are not Soulmate relationships. 

In this article, I will help you understand the main 5 differences between a Soulmate and a life partner so that you know what type of relationship you currently are in and how to handle its challenges in the best way possible.

Soulmate Versus Life Partner – What is the Difference?

Before talking about the main differences between a Soulmate vs Life Partner, I think the best thing to do is to define each of these terms. 

A Soulmate is someone who shares the same Soul as you and comes from the same Soul Family.

You share an undeniable and strong spiritual connection with them, that makes your relationship unique and you tend to meet them throughout incarnations to play various roles in each other's life 

With a Soulmate, you can be lovers in one life, parent-child in another, and best friends in another.

Basically, you will experience a multitude of roles together and will help each other learn many important spiritual lessons.

In contrast, a life partner is someone with whom the spiritual connection is not as strong as it is with your Soulmate, but their purpose in your life is mainly romantic. 

They have come into your life to fulfill their role as a stable romantic partner, and will probably offer you a lot of guidance and support, but things will not be as intense and passionate as they are with your Soulmate.

This person’s presence can be temporary if we think about the broader picture of all your incarnations – you will not encounter them as much as you encounter your Soulmate. 

However, you and your life partner have a Divine Mission together – to share a romantic and stable connection that will help both of you understand important lessons about life and love. 

If you have met them in previous incarnations or will meet them in future ones, most likely the relationship will be romantic – or if you’ve wronged them in another life, then it will be a karmic life partner relationship. 

Now that I’ve explained what is a Soulmate and what is a life partner, let’s have a look at the 5  main differences between a Soulmate and a life partner. 

Soulmate vs Life Partner – The Main 5 Differences

Soulmate vs Life Partner

If you’re trying to understand whether your current partner is a Soulmate or a life partner, I suggest that you a look at the following 5 differences: 

1. The intensity of the connection

If you suspect your partner could also be your Soulmate, the first thing to analyze is the intensity of your relationship. 

A Soulmate relationship will definitely be more intense than a life partner relationship because the energetic bond between Soulmates is usually very strong. 

WIth a Soulmate, you will have a lot in common and you will experience a strong sense of belonging and feeling at home when you are with them. 

This will make you feel addicted to them and you will miss them a lot when they are not with you. 

Also, with a Soulmate, you will go through various difficult or challenging situations that you two decided to experience together before being born. 

Another thing that will make your relationship with a Soulmate very intense is the telepathy you will experience and the strong intuitions you will have about them. 

To put it short, a Soulmate relationship is felt in a very intense way and is very different from a life partner relationship or any other relationship.

2. The similarity between you two 

Another thing that makes a Soulmate relationship stand out from other relationships is the fact that when you first meet a Soulmate you will be amazed to see how many things you have in common. 

As you come from the same Soul family, you will be very similar in many aspects – taste, habits, life values, and so on. 

Also, when you share your life story with them you will be amazed to discover how many life experiences you have in common – because the Universe has put you through the same challenges and difficulties, most likely because you have similar lessons to learn. 

In contrast, a life partner could be someone who is your opposite from many points of view, because their role in your life is to teach you certain lessons as well. 

A life partner can be someone who has those qualities which you lack, and vice versa. 

One of the primary purposes of a life partner is to support you and help you in life – either with specific tasks or just to grow spiritually. 

They can do this best by showing you different ways of being and acting – and this is why a life partner will be your opposite from many points of view. 

3. The variety of roles they fulfill in your life

Showing the difference between a soulmate and a life partner

Another major difference between a life partner and a Soulmate is the variety of roles they play in your life. 

A Soulmate will always play more than one role in your life – because the connection between you two is so strong and they know you on so many levels, it will be very difficult for them to maintain just one role. 

Also, with your Soulmate, you’ve played many different roles through various incarnations, and deep down in their subconscious mind they also remember this.

A Soulmate will never be purely romantic.

As for your romantic partner, they will also be your best friend, maybe you will start a business together, and thus they will be your business partner as well; or oftentimes they will be just as protective as a parent, and so on. 

Your Soulmate can also be your gym buddy, your desk mate, or your favorite co-worker, and the list never ends.

You and your Soulmate are probably doing many activities together, and you are a big part of each other’s lives. 

With a life partner, on the other hand, the relationships can be a bit basic.

They can play about two roles in your life, but usually not more than two.

A life partner is someone who doesn’t know you so well at a Soul level.

Thus, they don’t know how to play a multitude of roles in your life. 

Your Divine Mission together is to be a romantic couple in order to help each other learn about romantic relationships.

This is why you can have a maximum of 2 roles together – for example, life partner and best friend, or life partner and gym buddy, but you will notice that the connection is not so intimate and that both of you need time outside a relationship to recharge your “batteries”. 

With a Soulmate, you will never need time outside the relationship because the connection is so strong that you actually feel addicted to them and you just want to spend more and more time with them. 

A Soulmate will also make you feel nourished and “recharged” energetically after spending time with them. 

Because the Soulmate relationship has a lot of “history” from other lives and it’s very intense, it will also have more ups and downs than the relationship with a life partner. 

4. How challenging the relationship is

By this point, you have probably figured out that a Soulmate relationship will be a lot more challenging and difficult than a relationship with a life partner. 

This happens because Soulmate relationships and life partner relationships are two very different types of relationships, that are given to you in different stages of your spiritual evolution. 

A life partner relationship comes when you’re meant to experience the stability and commitment of a life-long relationship. 

This can happen either when you’re at the beginning of your spiritual evolution ( as a younger soul), and easy relationships are given to you to teach you about love, or when, despite being an old soul you’ve paid most of your relationship karma and you deserve a happy and stable relationship. 

In contrast, a Soulmate relationship will come into your life when you need to evolve spiritually very fast, or when you’re about to enter a new, more challenging stage of your spiritual evolution. 

If you’ve met your Soulmate, the chances are that you are an old soul who is about to enter a new stage of your life. 

5. How the relationship looks

Another very good way to differentiate between these two types of relationships is to have a look at how your relationship looks – to you or from the outside. 

A Soulmate relationship will always look a bit unconventional and special to others, as you are not just life partners but so much more. 

It will be breath-taking and intense, challenging yet beautiful, but it will also be clear to everyone that you are also best friends, buddies, and sources of unconditional support for each other. 

On the other hand, a life partner relationship will tend to be more conventional – it will mostly be a romantic, stable, and committed relationship, and even if it has ups and downs, it will not be as intense and breath-taking. 

Also, in a life partner relationship, the traditional masculine-feminine roles tend to be kept.

The woman will be more in charge of the house – or will simply be someone very feminine, and the man will be someone who has a lot of masculine energy. 

The Soulmate relationship looks more like a mix of roles, and it’s more unconventional, whereas a life partner relationship is more traditional and stable.

Can a Soulmate be a Life Partner?

Soulmate as a Life Partner

This is a question that a lot of people ask themselves – can a Soulmate be a life partner?

In my opinion, some Soulmate relationships can also be life partner relationships.

Those are the Soulmate relationships in which both partners have done the necessary healing and are ready for a beautiful and committed Soulmate relationship. 

This will have all the traits of a Soulmate relationship, but it will also be a rather stable and committed relationship- everyone’s dream come true, if you ask me. 

However, there are some life partner relationships that are definitely not Soulmate relationships. 

These can be karmic life partner relationships or basic romantic connections that we need to have in this lifetime in order to learn about love and commitment. 

There are also Soulmates that are not life partners – such as the Soulmates that are best friends, parent-child, and so on.

If your relationship has both the best traits of a Soulmate relationship and the best traits of a life partner relationship, in my opinion you are very lucky. – because these relationships are stable and committed, yet intense and challenging. 

If you’re in a Soulmate life partner relationship, you are very lucky as you are most likely to grow old with your partner and share a very beautiful love story. 

It’s important to remember that there is no type of relationship that is better than the other, as many people will tend to believe that Soulmate relationships are probably the best. 

In reality, all relationships are beautiful and important for our spiritual evolution, and they should be cherished and valued for the lessons they bring. 

It’s important to understand that the Universe brings us the type of relationship we need to evolve at a certain moment, and if you’re given a life partner relationship, you are very lucky as you’re about to learn a lot about romantic and committed relationships, and how to play your part in one.

Do you think a Soulmate can also be a life partner?

Have you ever met your Soulmate or are you in a rather typical, life partner relationship? 

Is your partner your Soulmate, or your best friend?

We would love to hear about your Soulmate experience in the comment section below, as beautiful stories from our readers always bring a lot of value to our writings. 

Also, we would love to hear your opinion about this article on the difference between Soulmate vs life partner relationships and to know if it has helped you with your spiritual journey.