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23 Amazing Signs Of Soulmate Telepathy (Experienced Any?)

23 Amazing Signs Of Soulmate Telepathy (Experienced Any?)

The spiritual connection between soulmates is undeniable, and if you’ve ever been part of such a connection, then you definitely know what I am talking about. 

Soulmates are people who come from the same soul family and share the same soul.

Thus, they are pieces of the same soul and they are united through soulmate telepathy.

Soulmates were destined to meet in this lifetime.

They have made a soul contract to meet and help each other on the path of spiritual evolution. 

A few common things for soulmates are that they are very similar to each other, they are magnetically drawn by one another, and they share a profound spiritual connection, which I like to call the “telepathic connection between soulmates”. 

If you think that you may have met one of your soulmates but you are not sure, continue to read as I am going to present 23 signs of soulmate telepathy. 

If you recognize yourself in more than 5, you can be sure that you have met a soulmate. 

What Are The Signs of Soulmate Telepathy?

Soulmate Telepathy Signs

1. Soulmate telepathy before meeting 

Yes, this does exist. Some people sense that they are about to meet their soulmate before this has actually happened. 

When you experience soulmate telepathy before the meeting, you intuitively know that you are about to meet someone who is going to change your life. 

You just sense that something great is about to happen to you, that a big change is coming, or that an amazing love story is just around the corner. 

There will be no logical explanation for this feeling, it will just be an intuitive feeling that you will not be able to shake off, and eventually, reality will confirm this intuition. 

2. Omens that predict love

Your soul could be communicating to your soulmate’s soul through omens.

The Universe also communicates with us through omens, and it’s important to pay attention to these signs as they can often show us the path. 

One way in which your soul and your soulmate’s soul are communicating is by sending each other undeniable love omens. 

A few examples of love omens are: hearing the same love song everywhere you go, seeing heart-shaped objects a lot more than often, a feeling of love and peace in your heart, angel numbers that represent love, and so on. 

3. Psychic predictions

Psychic predictions as a sign of soulmate telepathy

Psychic predictions such as intuitive or tarot readings are very fashionable these days. 

People who are at the beginning of their spiritual journey use them a lot, as they may not be able to listen to their intuition yet, but they also feel that they need to receive spiritual messages. 

Bearing in mind that is very important to distinguish between real psychics and imposters, these types of readings can be one way in which the Universe or your soulmate’s soul is sending you omens. 

If you are seeing a real psychic and they keep saying to you that your soulmate is right around the corner, you need to stop going to psychic readings and get ready to meet the love of your life. 

These readings can be a great tool for the Universe to communicate with you if you have a hard time listening to your own intuition. 

Through tarot or intuitive readings, the Universe is using a person to put into words what it is trying to say to you through feeling. 

However, it is not mandatory to go to tarot or psychic reading.

If you can understand your intuition and it is telling you that you are about to meet your soulmate, you can trust that. 

4. Deja-vu feeling 

Another sign of soulmate telepathy that happens before you meet the person, is an intense feeling of deja-vu.

You feel that you have somehow been in this place or situation before and can’t shake off a feeling of familiarity. 

This feeling of familiarity appears when your soul senses that your soulmate’s soul is approaching and it is trying to tell you that.

When you see your soulmate for the first time, you will also experience a feeling of deja-vu, which is just another sign that a telepathic soulmate connection existed before you met in real life.

5. You know what they think

One undeniable sign of soulmate telepathic connection is knowing what they think even when you are apart. 

Your soulmate does not need to be near you, for you to occasionally get glimpses of what they think in a certain situation. 

This could be a huge surprise at first, but it is natural for soulmates to experience this.

When they are with you, this telepathy will be even stronger, as you may not distinguish between your thoughts and theirs at some point.

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6. You know what they will say

Soulmates knowing telepathically what they will say

A great sign of telepathic connection between soulmates is knowing what they are about to say in certain situations.

When you talk to your soulmate or you hear them talking to someone else, at some point, you will have the feeling that you know what they are about to say to certain people and in certain situations. 

You can hear the words in your head before you hear your soulmate uttering them. 

This also can be quite shocking at first, but you will get used to it eventually.

This happens because you are so connected at a soul and energetic level, that your minds communicate at a very deeper level already. 

7. You know when they are about to call 

As your soul and your soulmate’s soul are deeply connected, you intuitively know when they are about to contact you. 

You may hear your phone ring, and before seeing who is calling, you know it’s them. 

This is another undeniable sign of soulmate telepathy. 

8. You sense their presence 

Another powerful sign of soulmate telepathy is sensing that your soulmate is somewhere, without even seeing them. 

If you are in the same place, you will know they are there too before seeing them. 

Also, if you are about to just randomly bump into them on the street, you will sense that before it is happening. 

This is also because the connection between you two is very powerful, and your souls can sense each other from miles apart. 

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9. You can feel their emotions

Soulmates with deep connection

Another soulmate telepathy sign is feeling the emotions of your soulmate as if they were their own. 

You have to be very spiritually awakened to pay a great deal of attention to how you truly feel, to be able to distinguish between their emotions and your own.

This can happen in their presence as well as in their absence. 

If your soulmate is experiencing some very powerful emotions while you are apart, you could sense that something is going on with them and feel their emotion. 

When you are together, this type of soulmate telepathy will be very strong, as you will feel everything they feel, very intensely.

10. You know when they are lying 

Now, this is obviously to be expected if you can know what they think and feel what they feel. 

It should not be a surprise that soulmates cannot lie to each other, as the other one will instantly know.

Of course, soulmates should not lie to one another, but life sometimes puts us in all sorts of uncomfortable situations, so they may have their reasons. 

If you feel they are lying, my advice is to try to not get angry, but rather understand their motives behind it and create a safe space for them to tell you the truth. 

Also, bear in mind that you will not have much success trying to lie to your soulmate, so, even when faced with an uncomfortable truth, is better to say it, than to attempt to lie. 

11. You know their past 

A huge part of the soulmate telepathic connection is the fact that they don’t have to tell you much about them, because you somehow, intuitively know. 

After spending a bit of time with them you will start feeling or knowing details from their past, such as where they went to school, how they were as a child, what sports they played in high school, etc. 

Of course, you will not just know their whole life in detail without them having to tell you anything, but certain details will be revealed to you.

You might surprise them by knowing all these things, and they may even suspect that you’ve been doing some “background research”.

As they are a part of your soul, you were always spiritually connected to them, so this information is just surfacing from your subconscious.

12. You can predict their future 

Telepathic Communication Between Soulmates

Another sign of soulmate telepathy is intuitively knowing what will happen to your soulmate.

Sometimes, this can even seem like you are predicting their future. 

This also happens because you are strongly connected through energy, and your spirit guides help you know information that you need to know to help them or guide them. 

Also, some things will be revealed to you to help you cope with certain events when they happen, or in other words, to prepare you.

Sometimes when you will share with them what you feel is going to happen, they may not believe you.

However, in time, they may realize that you have a real gift when it comes to sensing things about them.

13. You have vivid, real dreams with them

The next sign of telepathic connection between soulmates is dreams.

When you meet your soulmate you will start to have very vivid, real, and emotional dreams. 

From these telepathic dreams with your soulmate, you will wake up not knowing if it was a dream or a real event.

The emotional connection will be very real, the images very vivid, and you will just feel as if you are there, in the “movie” that you are watching.

The most unbelievable thing about these dreams is that sometimes, they may predict what is going to happen or reveal things from your soulmate’s past. 

When you tell them about the dream, they will most likely confirm what your dream revealed. 

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14. You share telepathic soulmate dreams 

Dreams usually reveal a very powerful soulmate telepathy connection. 

When it comes to dreams, a lot of interesting things will happen after you meet your soulmate. 

Besides dreaming about real things from their life (whether from the past or the future), sometimes you will realize that you dreamed the same thing.

Again, I’m talking about very vivid, seemingly-real, and emotional dreams, that will leave you in awe when you wake up. 

The most interesting thing is that you will feel the urge to tell your soulmate about the dream, and you will be very surprised to find out that you had the same dream.

This also happens because you are intensely connected on an emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. 

Some soulmates even try to cause these dreams on purpose and manipulate what happens in the dream, to create a world of their own.

15. You finish each other’s sentence

Soulmates finishing each others sentences

As you are connected to your soulmate on all levels – emotional, intellectual, and spiritual, and you read each other’s minds and emotions, you will also find that you finish each other’s sentences when you speak. 

This will be completely unintentional, but you will always subconsciously know what your soulmate wants to say.

This also happens due to the strong soulmate telepathic connection, and it’s a strong indicator that you’ve met your soulmate.

16. Their emotional states are contagious

Some people naturally take upon themselves other people’s emotions and feelings. 

One such category is empaths, who usually end up with a lot of heavy emotions which are not their own. 

However, whether you are an empath or not, when you spend time with your soulmate the degree to which their emotions are contagious to you is unbelievable. 

As soon as something upsets them, you will also feel sad. As soon as something makes them happy, your day will be brighter as well. 

Your mood is going to change instantly, to match theirs. Of course, it will also happen the other way around. 

Your soulmate will be influenced by your moods and states as well. 

17. Other people notice you have a connection

The soulmate telepathy can become some strong that other people you spend time with can start noticing. 

Your friends can start making jokes about you and your partner being telepathically connected, or simply state they have noticed how you two can read each other’s minds. 

Also, an intuitive person will feel that the energy bond between you two is very strong, and will openly say that you are “the perfect couple”, “a perfect match for each other”, or even “soulmates”. 

18. They know things about you

A strong sign of soulmate telepathic connection

The strongest sign of soulmate telepathic connection is when the other person also knows things about you that you never shared. 

They will start sharing with you things from your past, or things that they know will happen to you, and they will be right. 

At first, this could shock you. After a while, you will just notice that this is a soulmate connection and accept it as it is. 

I would say that if your soulmate gives you some advice, would be great to take it, as they are very connected to you at a soul level, therefore, they may know exactly what they are saying. 

19. They know what you feel and think

Your soulmate can pick up on your emotions the same way in which you pick up on theirs.

Also, just as you can know what they think, they also know what you think.

The strongest indicator of telepathy between soulmates is when both people are sensing the other one’s emotions and thoughts. 

If only one person senses these, it could show that the other one is not as involved in the relationship as the other one, or that one person is more intuitive than the other – which would not be the case with soulmates. 

Soulmates have usually reached the same level of spiritual evolution, thus, they will both have their intuition developed and will have the ability to intuitively sense things about their partner. 

You can assume that if you’ve reached the spiritual level at which you are meeting your soulmate, your intuition has developed by now. 

20. You can trust them with anything

Around your soulmate, you will have an intense feeling of peace, and the strong belief that you can trust them with absolutely anything. 

With a soulmate, you know that you can share your deepest fears and worries, and they would never laugh about them or share your secrets with anyone else. 

A soulmate gives you the strong sensation that you are safe around them, no matter what. 

This is one of the greatest feelings a person can feel – infinite love, trust, safety, and inner peace.

21. Amazing conversations

Soulmates having amazing conversations

The best conversations you will ever have are the ones with your soulmate.

As you are connected to them on all levels – emotional, intellectual, and spiritual, you will instantly “click” during conversations. 

It will be fascinating to see that someone can think just like you, feel just like you, and also has very similar life experiences. 

You will be fascinated to discover new things about each other every day, and the conversations with them will be something that you look forward to.

A conversation with your soulmate has the power of transporting you to amazing worlds or realms, without even leaving your room. 

One hour of conversation will feel like 5 minutes because you will not want it to ever end.

22. Comfortable silence 

With your soulmate, nothing is forced or awkward.

The connection between you two is so strong that you can sit together in silence for hours, and you will still feel comfortable.

Of course, you will have amazing, stimulating conversations that will feel like an escape to a dream world.

However, an undeniable sign of soulmate telepathic connection is when you both feel the need to be silent at the same time, and feel comfortable in this silence. 

This silence will be different than the awkward silence you may have experienced on other dates when you didn’t have much in common with the other person. 

This type of silence is soothing, and pleasant, and will only strengthen the telepathic connection you have with your soulmate. 

23. You can’t picture your life without them

The connection with your soulmate is so powerful and dear to you, that after experiencing this, you simply can’t picture your life without them anymore.

It’s like you would ask someone to only drink water after they have tasted wine. 

Once you know how great it can feel to have a soulmate in your life, you will not want to imagine your life without your soulmate. 

How to Connect to your Soulmate Telepathically

Showing how to connect to your soulmate telepathically

Sometimes you may want to connect to your soulmate telepathically, if, for example, they are not available to talk to you or you are separated for a while. 

Since the connection between you two is so strong, this should not be too difficult. All you have to do is first relax and get into a meditative state. 

This will help you reach the Theta state of the brain from which anything is possible. Then, visualize your soulmate as vividly as you can.

Feel the emotion between you two and visualize the energy cord which exists between the two of you.

After this, think about the message you want to tell them and visualize how the message travels through the energy cord uniting you. 

After this, wait for a sign that they have received your telepathic message.

The sign will most likely come, in one form or another – they may call, text, or simply prove through their behavior that they have received your message.

If you enjoyed this article about the soulmate telepathy signs, or if you have a lovely story about soulmate telepathic connection, share your story/opinion with us in the comment section below, and let us know what you think!