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Answered: “Is He My Soulmate?” 50 No Bull Sh*t Ways to Know

Answered: “Is He My Soulmate?” 50 No Bull Sh*t Ways to Know

Is there a special man in your life? Do you want to spend every waking moment with this man? Are you wondering in fact this man might actually be your soulmate? Maybe he is asking these very same questions.

There are several ways to know if someone is indeed your soulmate. The signs will be there, all you have to do is figure out what to look for.

Today we are going to take a look at 50 no bull s*hit signs that answer “Is He My Soulmate”. 

Let's get started.

How to Know He's Your Soulmate

Throughout our lives, we generally tend to have several romantic relationships.

Obviously, in most cases, our high school crushes are not the people who are meant to be with us for life, and they generally are not our soulmates.

But, there is a soulmate out there for everyone, and when you find this person, you need to take whatever steps necessary to keep him in your life.

Maybe you've already met the man who you think is your soulmate.

Let's take a look at 25 important signs that he definitely is your soulmate.

#1: You Can Be Honest With Each Other

Wondering is he my soulmate

When we first meet someone, we tend to not be completely honest. It's not as though we actually lie, but we don't always reveal everything about ourselves.

This is a natural reaction, especially if you have been hurt in the past. You don't want to be hurt again, and you don't want to share painful memories that could later be used against you.

But, when you have met your soulmate, you will just know it. You will almost have an urge to tell them every little detail about your life, no matter how good or bad those details are.

If you are telling him things you have never shared with anyone else, chances are he is your soulmate.

#2: The Chemistry Is Amazing

When you are near this man, do you feel butterflies in your stomach?

Is it as if there is electricity running through your body while you are making love? Do you just seem to click in every possible way?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you are a very lucky person, because you have an amazing chemistry with someone who is very likely your true soulmate.

You seem to really come together and mesh in all areas of your lives.

Hang onto this man, because you may never feel this kind of chemistry again.

Also, if your family and friends like him, then you know you really do have a winner.

#3: When You Are Apart, You Really Miss Him

Woman really missing her soulmate

While it may seem childish to think that you would miss someone when they have simply gone to the store to grab something.

But, if you are truly soulmates, chances are you will miss him if he simply leaves the room for a few minutes.

You don't want to spend even one minute of your life apart from this man. You love to enjoy all aspects of your life with him, and it is a good possibility that he feels the exact same way.

You can't wait to see him every day, just so you can sit down and tell him about all of the weird and wonderful things that happen to you every day.

#4: You Know Happiness Such As You Have Never Known Before

When you think about this man, your face automatically lights up with a smile, because you are just so much in love with him.

This type of happiness isn't something that comes along every day.

Only a true soulmate could make someone as happy as this man makes you. You smile more than ever, and you are able to see positive things in any negative situation.

Make sure that you take steps to let them know how happy you are with them.

Also, make sure that you find ways to make him as happy with you as you are with him.

#5: He Gives You a Challenge

While some women prefer to have a man in their life that they can boss around, this is definitely not the case with your soulmate.

He will stand up for himself, and he has a backbone.

But, this is probably one of the things that attracted you to him in the first place. He isn't going to simply let you give him orders and say, “yes ma'am” to everything you ask.

In fact, he is going to be a bit of a challenge, and he will challenge you to be the absolute best you that you can possibly be.

Just make sure that neither of you ends up bossing each other around.

#6: You Are Truly In Love With This Man

Couple in love

Think back to other relationships you have had in the past.

Did you have the same feelings as you do for this man, or is it something completely different, something that you can't even explain?

If you just know it deep in your heart and soul that this man is the one, and that you have never felt the way you do for him, then chances are he is definitely your soulmate.

There is absolutely nothing you don't love about this man. In past relationships, you may have loved some things about your partners, but not everything.

This isn't the case with your true soulmate.

#7: He Knows You Inside And Out

It is a wonderful feeling to be with someone who seems to know you better than you even know yourself. If this is what you feel when you are with this man, it is a good sign that he is your soulmate.

You don't have to worry about everything now, because he will be there to share some of that burden. He knows what makes you sad, angry, and happy.

You have found that one person who not only doesn't mind helping you through every aspect of life, but actually wants to.

He will remind you when you have forgotten about something, and he will take care of you as much as you take care of him.

#8: You Don't Have To Pretend

When you are with your soulmate, you don't have to pretend to be anything that you are not.

Your soulmate is going to love you for who you are, and they aren't expecting you to be perfect all of the time.

Throughout your life, you are going to have good and bad days. You will feel free to show your feelings, no matter if you are happy, sad, or angry.

He will always be there for you, and if there is nothing he can do to help, he'll still be there as a shoulder to cry on. He will be your rock, and you his.

#9: He Knows How To Keep You Happy And Calm

A sign to know if he is my soulmate

We talked about the fact that your soulmate will know you inside and out. Because of this, he will also know just what to do no matter what type of mood you are in.

If you are happy, he will be happy with you. If you are sad or depressed, he will find ways to make you smile.

Remember, true love is all about the little things. If he is always understanding your moods and trying to make you happy and calm, he is definitely a keeper.

#10: You Can Simply “Be”

Some people think that if they are in a relationship, they always have to be doing things together in order to create special memories.

This is definitely not a real soulmate relationship.

On the other hand, if you and this man are more than happy to just sit and watch television, or even just read books while not doing anything else together, that is more of a soulmate situation.

You don't always have to be in each other's faces, and you are happy to just be together. You don't feel a need to always have to entertain each other.

#11: You Truly Empathize With Him

If he really is your soulmate, you are going to feel his feelings as if they were your own. If he is sad or in pain, you are going to feel down yourself.

When you are really able to empathize with a person, chances are this person is your one and only soulmate. You are truly made for one another, and the universe has brought you together for a reason.

Remember, relationships are not always about nothing but moonlight and roses.

There are always going to be ups and downs. But, when you are in-tune to each other's feelings and have empathy for one another, you are likely in your soulmate relationship.

#12: You See Past Relationships For What They Really Were

You may have been in relationships in the past, and thought you were so deeply in love and that you had found your soulmate.

Then, the relationships went sour, and you were once again left wondering when you would find Mr. Right.

Now that you are really with your soulmate, you can see your past relationships in a much different light. But, don't think of these relationships as mistakes.

Remember, everything happens for a reason.

The universe was preparing you for the soulmate relationship, and there were things you had to learn before you could meet your soulmate.

#13: It Seems As Though You've Known Him Forever

Knowing each other

When you met this man, did it seem as though you have always known them? Maybe it felt as though you and he have always been together, or at least connected in some way.

This is something that is common with soulmates.

You just can't imagine life without them, because it feels as though they have always been a part of your life, and vice versa.

Because you are soulmates, it may be that you have actually crossed paths in past lives as well.

Our souls live on and on and on, so it only makes sense that we meet in many lives. This is likely why you seem so familiar with one another.

#14: You Complete One Another

Throughout your life, you may have felt like there was a piece missing. It's almost like a puzzle, and you need to have that one piece to complete it.

Well, maybe the truth of the matter is that you had to wait for your soulmate to enter your life before you found that missing piece.

If it feels this way with him, then it is a good sign he is the soulmate you've been waiting for.

You just seem to complete each other, or at the very least, complement each other. You are two sides of the same coin. Yin and yang.

#15: He Makes You Feel Safe

A couple who feel safe together

You are finally able to let go of your fears. For the first time in your life, you are with someone who makes you feel safe and secure.

You never have to worry about bad things happening. Sure, bad things will happen, but with him by your side, you know you can ride any wave that hits.

This man makes you feel safe and secure. You never have to worry when he's around, and you will always feel like he is your safety net.

#16: Your Relationship Is Easy

In past relationships, it felt as though you had to constantly work at everything in order to make the relationship work. This really is not how it should be.

Sure, a good relationship does require a bit of work, but when you are with your soulmate, most things should just come easy.

When there are problems, you find ways to work around them, together.

There is not a ton of drama in this relationship.

As mentioned earlier, you complement one another, and you are able to deal with problems as they arise without letting things build up and turn into heated arguments.

#17: You Respect Each Other

Total love and respect for each other as soulmates

Chances are you've been in past relationships with men who clearly disrespected you.

Not only did they do this while you were alone with them, but also when you were with friends and family members.

This guy was NOT your soulmate.

A healthy relationship thrives on respect from both sides, and it is time to forget about those who were not meant for you.

Instead, focus on this new relationship. He gives you the respect you deserve, and you do the same for him. That's something that soulmates do.

#18: You Are Best Friends

You feel as though this man is your absolute best friend in the entire world. There is nothing you can't tell him, and he can also tell you everything he is thinking and feeling.

This is the person who knows everything there is to know about you and vice versa. He understands you just as much as you understand him.

This is practically the definition of the ideal soulmate relationship.

Cherish him, and your relationship, because you will never find a greater friend in life.

#19: You Work Well Together

You and this man are more than just a couple. You are a team, and you are easily able to work together to overcome any challenges in life.

You don't just act this way in public.

When you are alone together, you still work together as a team. Maybe you even do the dishes together, one washing while the other one is drying.

You can always count on each other to pick up the slack when you are tired.

You both carry half of the burdens in your relationship, instead of one carrying much more than the other.

You are a true team.

#20: You Feel Good About The Relationship

In past relationships, you may have found yourself always worrying about doing or saying the right thing. You may have always had fears that things weren't going to end well.

When you are with this man, you don't have these negative feelings.

You are completely secure in this relationship, and you don't even think about what would happen if you break up, because you just know it isn't going to happen.

You are finally happy, and in a relationship where there are no clouds of doubt hanging over you all the time.

#21: You Just Know He's The One

Heart hands being shown

The universe, and your angels, have worked hard to bring the two of you together. It is a romance that has been written in the stars, and somehow, you just know it.

It is said that soulmates do know when they have met one another. If you truly feel this way, chances are that you have met your ideal soulmate.

The world finally makes sense, because you now feel complete. You have your soulmate by your side, and you know it.

#22: You Are Planning a Future Together

Think back to past relationships and remember how your partners weren't quite ready to think about the future and many any real plans.

These men were not your soulmates, not by any stretch of the imagination.

Maybe you and this man are already working on a plan for a great future together. You have a shared vision, and you both seem to want the same things in life.

Now, you can work together to achieve all of your goals and dreams together. That is what soulmates do.

#23: He Brings Out The Best In You

In past relationships, you were never encouraged to be the best you can be. They just wanted you there, and to encourage them.

This is a one-sided relationship, and not meant for you. On the other hand, if your new man does everything in his power to make you feel good about yourself and encourage you, he could be your soulmate.

He always knows just what to say and do that will bring out the very best in you, and you are the same with him. If you have a gut feeling he is your soulmate, then he probably is.

#24: You Leave The Past In The Past

Woman feeling free from the past

Now that you are with this man, you don't worry about things that have happened in past relationships.

In fact, it is difficult to imagine that you ever had a life before meeting him.

Past relationships may have seemed like they were nothing but work. You had to constantly work and struggle to keep the relationship going. That is definitely not a soulmate relationship.

When you find yourself not worrying about past relationships, looking towards the future, and not worrying about anything because it all makes sense now, it could be that you have found your soulmate.

#25: Ask a Gifted Advisor

Obviously, you have made mistakes in past relationships. We all have. But, it may be that the past is still playing games with your mind, and you are second-guessing yourself about this new man in your life.

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More Signs That He Is Your Soulmate

More signs that he is my soulmate

Let's take a look at 25 more signs that he is the soulmate you have been waiting for all of your life.

  1. You support each other's dreams and goals
  2. You don't feel the need to keep looking for a romantic partner
  3. You feel comfortable and at home in this relationship
  4. You don't get jealous if he talks to other women
  5. You listen to and understand each other
  6. You finish each other's sentences
  7. You overcome all obstacles by working together
  8. You want nothing but happiness for him
  9. You share the same core values
  10. He understands your strange little quirks
  11. You now know what true love really is
  12. You had an instant connection to one another
  13. You are completely open and honest with each other
  14. You encourage each other in everything that you do
  15. You feel a sense of calmness in your life
  16. You enjoy quality time together
  17. You don't even notice other men
  18. You make a great team
  19. You can be vulnerable with each other
  20. There is no childish jealousy in your relationship
  21. You feel a great sense of security
  22. There is nothing you can't work through together
  23. You just have a gut feeling that tells you he is your soulmate
  24. You don't mind his weird hobbies and he doesn't mind yours
  25. Your differences don't matter

To wrap things up:

If you can find yourself agreeing with all, or at least most of the signs in this article, chances are you have met your soulmate in this man.

Hang onto him.

Always let him know just how much you love and appreciate him, and let him love you the way you deserve to be loved.

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