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17 Amazing Signs You’ve Met A Past Life Soulmate

17 Amazing Signs You’ve Met A Past Life Soulmate

A past life soulmate is exactly what the name implies – someone you've known in a past life!

We have many soulmates in life, so it's most likely that you have many past life soulmates.

The first step to understanding this topic is to recognize that our souls are eternal, infinite, and limitless. 

So, we are multidimensional beings with powers and avenues of wisdom access which transcend the limitations of the human-mind, and physical world.

What Is A Past Life Soulmate? 

A past life soulmate is someone you are cosmically entwined with. You share many lifetimes together, and your soul remembers. 

The bond is sacred, timeless, and deep. It’s rooted in the connection you both have to the collective consciousness energy field.

The memory of your connection lives on in your DNA, which can be accessed through your Akashic Records. Also, through conscious dream work, transcendental meditation, and other holistic and spiritual avenues.

Fasting is an excellent way to awaken hidden memories. This is because water cleanses, purifies, and revitalizes, further aligning you with multidimensional wisdom.

Water is linked to the subconscious realm and mind, and mystic and ethereal waters. 

This means doing a water cleanse/detox could be an excellent way to activate both your Akashic Records and the memories hidden deep within.

Now we've clarified what a past soulmate is, let's take a deep look at the signs you may have met one.

Signs Of Past Life Soulmates 

The signs of past life soulmates 

1. Instant attraction or chemistry

Firstly, there is an instant and undeniable attraction.

You feel like you vibe together, the loving vibrations are good!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a romantic, sexual, or platonic attraction; you feel each other.

Although you will most likely feel a mixture of all three- sexual chemistry, romantic yearning, and a deep kindred spirit friendly love.

This is because past life soulmates are a very high frequency connection.

They represent the soul and psyche, so the holistic, healed, & balanced self.

Essentially, you will experience many enlightening and profound sensations. Time is what is needed to know exactly what your connection is… Sometimes, you will “just know.”

As for instant chemistry, you flow like yin and yang. It seems effortless, and your spirits complement each other. 

You may finish each other's sentences, and instantly jam together like two musicians who have been playing as one their whole lives.

Or you could discover you share the same soul mission.

2. Deep feelings of knowing each other

You equally feel like you know them, on a deep and timeless level. There’s a spark of eternal love.

You may have glimpses of your love shared together in a past life, literally, or experience profound sensations. 

These sensations can range from intense feelings of love and passion, to romance or a need to be intimate.

There is definitely a feeling of deja vu! 

Also, through eye contact and body language you feel bonded, and this is where your feelings of knowing each other already arise.

There is chemistry, connection, romantic and sexual yearnings, intensity, and inevitable attraction. Furthermore, the feelings are sincere and authentic. 

Depth, sensual majestic vibes, and intense emotions and feelings are the key signs to look out for.

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3. Same Soul Mission? 

You undoubtedly share the same soul mission, a sense of destiny, fate, or purpose. You likely have very similar or identical paths!

This means coming together, joining forces, to combine talents and self-mastered qualities to raise the collective vibration of humanity. 

Or to heal others, help animals or the environment, or engage in charitable or humanitarian goals together. 

One of the core signs of past life soulmates is that unconditional love flows strongly from and between you both.

You have unconditional love for people, animals, and the planet as a whole, and for each other. 

Your evolved sense of empathy and compassion is clear. You’re more selfless than selfish, and you both genuinely care. 

4. Shared passions and hobbies 

Past life soulmates with shared passions and hobbies

If you don’t have a shared soul mission, then you will certainly share the same hobbies and talents.

Passion flows freely, harmoniously, and in abundance between past life soulmates.

When asking what a past life soulmate is, you can surely find the answer by looking towards their passions and hobbies. 

Many past-life soulmates meet each other in specific hobby groups, social circles, or cultural activities.

Alternatively, they are introduced through a mutual friend or relative. 

The latter signifies an already present bond of loyalty and seeking higher things. 

Meeting your past life soulmate through a mutual friend or family friend instantly brings through the vibration of, or the potential for, loyalty, faithfulness, and something lasting.

And of course, deep. 

Either way, there is certainly resonance... You vibe on the same frequency or wavelength. 

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5. A love of freedom and self-expression 

Past life soulmate bonds are defined by a love of freedom, travel, and adventure. And, a love of self-expression.

As individuals, you have many passions and cultural interests.

You most likely have multiple philosophical and spiritual talents and areas of wisdom. 

Specifically, freedom and expression related, you are very individualistic and original. 

Past life connections share a funky soul and free-spirited energy. 

Why? Because it’s the Age of Aquarius, and many of us are awakening to our collective minded selves. 

Humanity is going through a global shift in consciousness, and this means we are aligning with our soul tribe.

Your past life soulmate is very likely from your soul tribe.

If they aren’t, you share the qualities of this New Age; a bright mind, innovation, imagination, a colorful character and personality, a deep interest in art, music, and creative self-expression, and a love for gatherings- festivals included- that bring us all together in harmony and unity. 

Aquarius is the idealistic dreamer who has integrated their inner humanitarian, eco-warrior, and speaker/teacher!

They excel in communication and sharing their wisdom, talents, and ideas. 

6. Caring, nurturing, and sensitive 

You’re also both extremely caring, nurturing, and sensitive.

Self-awareness comes naturally to people who share this soulmate bond, and intuition is at an all-time high.

When asking what is a past life soulmate, you really need to be aware of the possibility of you both being empaths, or highly sensitive people (HSPs).

Even if you’re not, you are certainly empathically-inclined. Compassion is strong within you both. 

Souls who have incarnated multiple times have developed the quality of empathy.

We are sensitive, instinctive, caring, and compassionate, with psychic gifts and clairvoyance integrated.

You may also be clairsentient and clairaudient due to having such an intense sensitivity and spirituality.

This is one of the signs of past life soulmate connections to watch out for. 

7. Colorful, creative, and artistically gifted! 

Of course, the last two signs make these kindred spirit and soulmate bonds incredibly artistically-steered. 

Colorful, creative, and with some aspect of creative genius, past life soulmates are original and quirky- with big spirits!

You possess an immense creative life force, and are likely inspiring.

Your soulmate may actually be an inspirational speaker, coach, teacher, musician, healer, performer, or spoken word artist.

Be mindful of any unique creative or imaginative gifts. This is your key to recognizing the clear signs of a past life soulmate bond, especially if they are shared by you.

Or, if they complement your creative gift, service, or talent.  

8. A master of manifestation…? 

Soulmates embracing each other

Past life soulmates are masters of manifestation. They have mastered the spiritual and quantum laws, and this includes the multidimensional planes of existence.

It is here where astral knowledge, wisdom of the self and deeper mysteries of life, subtle and spiritual forces and energies, and sacred essence and life force of life are present, and available. 

You know how to work with universal laws, sacred energy and themes, and tools for manifestation and attraction.

Magnetism flows through you too. 

You can both magnetize things to you and take a more direct, masculine, and consciously action-oriented approach.

9. Self-awareness and psychic abilities 

After just a relatively short period of time practicing meditation, transcendental meditation, mindfulness, and other spiritual practices, you may find yourself gaining psychic and intuitive gifts.

The same is true for your partner or lover. Spiritual gifts tend to develop and expand quite quickly in past life soulmates. 

Because your souls have shared many lifetimes together, and because you have encountered each other already, you spark each other. 

This spark is positive. It assists you both in finding yourselves through the other’s reflection.

Positive mirroring or conscious reflection is enhanced and awakened. 

Also, you find an increase in self-awareness, the imagery, wisdom, and symbolism found through the astral & subtle/spiritual realms, and psychic and intuitive insight. 

10. Telepathic communication

Point 9 is equally linked to telepathic abilities shared between you.

If you want to grasp the full scope of one of the ultimate signs of past life soulmates and what they stand for, picture dolphins.

Dolphins communicate telepathically, through supersonic sound frequencies and wavelengths of light.

They stand for community, playfulness, and family- if you observe a community of dolphins, you will see how they work together.

They live for peace, harmony, and cooperation.

They are deeply affectionate and loyal creatures, yet they also represent the power of community & family in general. 

This visual image will help you to understand your special bond better. You have been connected throughout all time and space, so the connection you share is deep.

It, therefore, transcends the physical realm and thus solely physical senses.

It further transcends everything related to the mind, where the primary (or only) focus seems to be on logic, reason, and rationality. 

11. Synchronicities galore

Synchronicities are frequent and rather intense or vivid with your past life soulmate. Synchronicity is the seemingly “random” occurance of interconnected events. 

They appear random, but when we get in tune with our intuition, evolved spiritual perception, and extra-sensory abilities, we see that they are not random.

They’re connected- there is a divine order and natural law to everything.

Thus, sharing synchronicities while in the presence of this soulmate helps to awaken and stimulate your higher mind.

Your higher self comes alive with self-knowledge, esoteric wisdom, and “ah-ha!” moments, where you realize profound truths. 

You may get glimpses into the holographic and timeless nature of reality, seeing into and through past, present, and future cycles… 

Synchronicity can help to awaken you to the magic and inspiring wonders of the natural world and universe, and natural soul connection. 

It then helps you and your partner to become inspiring, because you have created a cord, through self-awareness, to the organic vibrational magic of the cosmos. 

In short, the presence of synchronicities as a sign to your bond assists in your self-empowerment and self-evolution.

Wisdom is the key to higher truth and deeper knowledge. 

12. Self-realization to self-actualization

Self-realization to self-actualization

Individually, you both have been on the journey of self-realization to self-actualization. You’ve had many moments of self-realization in your life…

Now, you are able to transform this into self-actualization.

Instead of spending significant periods of time reflecting, exploring the subconscious messages & insights, you realize it straight away.

This allows you to speed up your journey and ascend to self-actualization.

As opposed to reflecting on something, you live it. You be it, become it, and experience it, with full awareness!

This is very common in past life soulmate bonds and relationships. 

“Normal” relationships are defined by karmic lessons and somewhat toxic cycles to outgrow and heal from.

Both parties may realize something, but then require longer time periods to integrate the knowledge or teaching.

Yet, in your bond, you have already been there; you’ve been on your own journey of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. 

13. A dislike of drama, conflict, and chaos

Quite simply, you despise conflict and chaos because you know your connection is written in the stars.

You’re aware on some level that you came together to heal and raise your consciousness.

If you find yourself strongly disliking drama and disagreements leading to conflict, of any kind, you are likely with a past life soulmate!

You would rather be focusing your energies on ways you can unite, you don’t want to get lost in petty conflict or irrational and insignificant distortion. 

Feeling a strong resistance to conflict, on a soul level, is a step towards full awareness of your bond. 

14. You’re more empathic than narcissistic! 

You’re not narcissistic, neither of you. Narcissism and the narcissistic culture society has created comes into conscious awareness at some stage on your journey. 

If you’re very far along your soul path, from a timeless and quantum perspective, you may even teach about overcoming narcissistic abuse.

Or ways to connect to your empath nature, also being aware of HSPs- highly sensitive personalities- and the various therapies that can help. 

A few past life soulmate connections share this similarity; that learning about this topic or even teaching about it is part of your path.

15. You may start to share dream space

Past life soulmates sharing dream space

After just a short period of time knowing each other, you will quite possibly start to share dream space together. 

This is a surreal but beautiful sensation, and you will know, with full certainty, that the bond and love you share is timeless. 

The subconscious mind, higher self, and soul come alive during Dreamtime.

So sharing space on the dream levels opens amazing doors to shared resonance, love, healing, wisdom, connection, evolution, etc. 

Pay attention to dreaming patterns and any lucid or spiritual and astral experiences you might have together. Then, talk about them. Share your perceptions, beliefs, and insights. 

This is another pathway to unity and bond strengthening in itself.

16. Quickly evolving through toxicity 

In a past life soulmate connection, you quickly evolve through toxicity. Toxic traits that come up for self-discovery and healing are seen for what they are.

There is less to little self-denial, a lack of accountability and authenticity, and an unwillingness to embrace and accept.

Your higher eyes are intact, and this enables you both to recognize and realign.

Toxic traits, shadow personality characteristics and behaviors, and karmic issues are open to scrutiny.

You’re open to self-development.

When self-mastery is on the cards, your personal evolution becomes easier and much more speedy. 

This isn’t suggesting you won’t have any toxic or karmic cycles to evaluate- quite the contrary. One of the signs of a past life soulmate relationship is working together on your healing. 

Thus, there will be final and lingering energies that come through.

Your journey together is defined by helping each other rise in love, not against it. Self-love comes into this. 

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17. Conscious mirroring

Finally, there is a lot of conscious mirroring in a soulmate connection. You reflect each other’s beautiful qualities, and you simultaneously bring up the undesirable ones.

Both light and darkness can come up for healing and unificiation. 

Your eyes and openness to intimacy serve as a catalyst to growth, on the deepest of levels. 

You both share the intentions of transcending and evolving to new heights within and around. Because you are both on a spiritual path… your souls recognize each other.

This makes you very susceptible to healing, ancestral, shamanic, and subtle energies.

Whether you consciously call them in, or have a soul contract with people who can help you, awakening is part of your path.

Oneness is the main lesson… we are one. 

Conscious mirroring and reflection serve as a gateway to this.

Higher consciousness, self-love, and unconditional love are attainable when you see how your past life soulmate is a reflection of you.