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6 Amazing Healing & Metaphysical Properties Of Blue Apatite

6 Amazing Healing & Metaphysical Properties Of Blue Apatite

Crystal healing is an amazing tool that allows us to grow emotionally and spiritually.

Crystals have incredible metaphysical and healing properties and have been used for centuries to assist in wellbeing and health. 

In this article, we will take a look at blue apatite healing properties. We will also take a look at the incredible metaphysical powers that the stone holds.

This powerful crystal has so many benefits and is deeply attuned to souls and spirits.

Read on to discover what blue appetite can do for you! 

Meanings of Blue Apatite 

Blue Apatite is a crystal with so many benefits, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.

Its strong vibrations will connect you with your spiritual side and bridge any gaps in your emotional intelligence that might be holding you back. 

It assists you in developing psychic powers and your own personal power, overcoming anxieties and stressors. 

Blue apatite allows you to see what is truly real in the world and motivates you to be who you really are. 

Healing Properties of Blue Apatite

Blue Apatite  and it's healing properties

Now we know generally what this amazing stone means, let’s dive deeper into blue apatite healing properties and what incredible things this crystal can bring about. 

Heals Communication

Blue apatite is a great stone for communication. Its soothing vibrations will clear your throat, heart, and mind and allow you to see and say how you really feel. 

If you are finding it hard to articulate your feelings towards someone, using blue apatite will enhance and heal this communicative rift.

Whether it be a friend, colleague, or lover, blue apatite will aid communication and connections. 

Blue apatite is connected with the element of air. This element is connected with breath, new beginnings, and communication.

When we meditate and heal ourselves with blue apatite, we are bringing the element of air into our process. We are allowing the powers of the universe to heal us. 

Blue apatite is also a great crystal to overcome public speaking anxiety and social stress.

If you have a public speaking event and you are feeling nervous about it, bringing along blue apatite and you will feel at ease. The vibrations from the crystal will open up your communicative skills and put you are ease. 

The crystal will give you the confidence that you need to express yourself clearly and concisely. It will allow you to speak the truth to people who need to hear it.

The power of blue apatite enhances the power of speech and the deep meanings behind everything that we say.

Aids Self-Acceptance

This wonderful crystal is a great tool in connecting you with your true self. The modern world seems to be designed to disconnect us from our souls, bringing about anxieties and distress.

We are constantly being told that we are not good enough, not rich enough, or not successful enough. 

One of the amazing healing properties of blue apatite is the way it heals our relationship with ourselves. It provides us with clarity on our situation and who we are as a person. This includes our flaws and mistakes.

However, it is so important that we acknowledge and accept our flaws and any mistakes that we have made!

When meditating with blue apatite, we can accept ourselves for who we really are, and release negative energy that we might have towards ourselves. 

Crystal healing allows us to reconnect with nature and the magic of the world around us.

Every crystal and stone holds energy from mother nature and therefore connects us with her powers.

With crystals, we are becoming at one with air, water, earth, and fire. With these powers, we can truly accept ourselves for who we are. 

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Encourages Spiritual Growth

Blue apatite is a deeply spiritual crystal that connects us to higher psychic realms and allows us to grow spiritually and emotionally. 

If you are feeling lost and uncomfortable within yourself, you may wish to develop your spiritual side to find fulfillment and peace. 

Blue apatite brings you spiritual healing and comfort, allowing you to be at one with the universe and the beauty and peace it contains. Because of this, meditating with this crystal will allow you to fully connect with your spiritual side and develop your soul. 

This amazing crystal is connected with the third eye and therefore can be used to heal and heighten your psychic powers.

If you feel blocked and unable to access your psychic powers, try meditating with blue apatite to connect with your third eye and be at one with your spiritual gifts. 

Blue apatite is an amazing stone to use when you are wishing to grow any psychic powers.

Using this stone with spiritual exercises will awake your inner self and grow your spiritual aura. 

This healing crystal will heal your spiritual pain, allowing you to develop your psychic powers. Doing this allows you to truly achieve inner peace and harmony. 

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Blue Apatite Metaphysical Properties

picture of Blue Apatite symbolising the metaphysical properties

This amazing crystal does not just have incredible healing powers, it also has metaphysical properties that allow you to manifest and flourish. 

So, what metaphysical powers does blue apatite hold, and how can you use them in your life?

Blue Apatite Opens the Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra located at the bottom of the throat. It governs communication, expression, creativity, and purpose. 

When the throat chakra is blocked, you will find yourself with a fear of speaking and an inability to express your thoughts and feelings. You may feel a lack of purpose in life and have an inability to be creative. 

An overactive throat chakra will cause you to speak too much and too freely!

You may become critical of both yourself and the people around you and struggle with communication. You may also find yourself not being able to properly listen to those around you. 

Thankfully, if you are having issues with the throat chakra, you can heal it by using crystals.

Crystals and chakras are intrinsically linked and stones have been used for centuries to balance the chakras.

All chakras are linked to a specific color and a range of crystals. The throat chakra is connected with the color blue and blue crystals are often used to heal the throat chakra. 

There are many different crystals that can heal the throat chakra and blue apatite is a great one to open up and unblock the throat chakra.

When meditating with blue apatite, placing it at the base of your throat will help your throat chakra unblock and heal. 

Allows You To Develop Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection

Blue apatite is a very spiritual stone, with its vibrations connecting you to higher consciousness.

It can heal spiritual pain and disconnect, but it can also allow you to develop your psychic abilities.

Two incredible abilities that blue apatite allows you to develop are lucid dreaming and astral projection. 

These are life-changing powers and allow you to be at one with the spiritual world and your inner truth.

Lucid dreaming is when a dreamer is aware that they are dreaming and can control events in the dream. It happens during REM sleep and the dreamer is aware of their own consciousness.

Lucid dreaming is completely safe and allows the dreamer to explore new realms of existence, deal with fears and trauma, and gain creative ideas. 

If you are wanting to develop your lucid dreaming skills, there are so many activities and methods that you can do, and these all can be enhanced by blue apatite!

The energy that comes from blue apatite will help you and you may wish to place a blue apatite under your pillow at night when wanting to lucid dream. 

This intensely spiritual stone does not just assist in lucid dreaming, it also allows you to develop the ability to astral project.

Astral projection is a voluntary out-of-body experience where somebody intentionally meditates in order for their consciousness, or astral body, to leave their physical body.

The astral body will then travel to astral planes. These are new levels of consciousness where you can see into the past or future. You can also communicate with souls in the astral planes. 

If you are interested in astral projection, incorporate blue apatite into your meditating will open your third eye. This allows your astral body to wake up and project to new and exciting planes of existence. 

Helps You Manifest The Future

Blue apatite is a manifestation stone that allows you to bring about your future goals and wants. 

Meditating with blue apatite will help you realize your goals as the vibrations from the stone will connect you to the universe, allowing the universe to listen to you. 

Remember, when it comes to manifesting the future, be very specific in your intentions!

When you are meditating with blue apatite, repeat your intention out loud and with courage. Allow yourself to open up to the universe, the elements, and their powers.

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How To Use Blue Apatite

using Blue Apatite as jewellery

As you can see, this beautiful stone has so many benefits. From its healing powers to its amazing metaphysical properties, blue apatite can do so much for you spiritually and emotionally!

So what are the best ways to use blue apatite? 

Wear It 

When it comes to using crystals for healing, wearing the stones is a great way to constantly connect with their energy.

It is no different for blue apatite and wearing this crystal allows you to develop spiritually at all times. 

The best way to wear blue apatite is on a chain or ribbon around your neck so it is resting on your throat chakra.

This allows the stone to heal and open your throat chakra, letting you communicate what you need to communicate. 

Meditate With It

As blue apatite is a deeply spiritual stone that allows you to develop your psychic abilities, meditating with this crystal is a great way to connect with its incredible energy. 

Blue apatite gives your spirituality a boost, allowing you to develop and grow in order to achieve inner peace and wisdom.

Meditating with the stone will enhance your spiritual practice and allow you to develop amazing psychic abilities! 

Place It In Locations Around the House 

When placing crystals around the home, always be mindful about where you are putting them.

Take time in thinking about the best place to put your blue apatite in order to fully enhance your life! 

Putting blue apatite by your bedside is a great way to connect with your deep subconsciousness and develop lucid dreaming skills.

As sleep is where you are most open to your subconsciousness, your mind is able to pick up new energy and ideas. 

How To Cleanse Blue Apatite

It is really important to cleanse your crystals as this will get rid of any unwanted energy that they might have picked up. As blue apatite is a very powerful spiritual stone, you should try and cleanse it every week. 

Like other crystals, blue apatite can be cleansed in a variety of ways. As it is linked to the element of air, blue apatite is best cleansed with incense or smoke.

As blue apatite is quite sensitive to light, do not cleanse it by sunlight. However, it can be cleansed by moonlight

Blue apatite can also be cleansed by running water. Natural running water from a stream is best, but you can also use water from your home. 

Summary Of Blue Apatite Benefits

We hope you have enjoyed this article about blue apatite and how it can benefit your life.

There are so many wonderful things that this crystal can do and it can really change your life!

Here is a summary of blue apatite healing properties and metaphysical properties

  • Blue apatite heals communication.
  • Blue apatite allows you to fully accept yourself.
  • Blue apatite can be used to grow and heal spiritually. 
  • Blue apatite opens up the throat chakra.
  • Blue apatite can be used to develop lucid dreaming and astral projection. 
  • Blue apatite can be used to manifest the future. 

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