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11 Signs You Have Blocked Third Eye Chakra

11 Signs You Have Blocked Third Eye Chakra

In this article, we shall investigate the third eye chakra and blockages that can occur within this energy center and organ.

The third eye chakra allows perception of the world beyond just your physical senses.

This is an essential depth of perception if you seek to consciously manifest and understand your life experiences.

To be able to perceive how everything you experience fits into a bigger picture understanding. 

A blocked third eye chakra will decrease the quality of your life experience and slow down the process of spiritual awakening.

Knowing the signs that this chakra is blocked will hopefully assist you in identifying areas and habits that you may need to revaluate, choices that you need to become more conscious of in order to open this center, and experience full and empowered awareness.

‘Blocked’ is just one way to describe an out of alignment or unhealthy energy center.

These blockages can manifest due to either over-activity or under-activity.

An overactive or underactive third eye chakra is in need of balance. Bringing your energy and health into balance shall remove and protect you from such blockages.

The following are some of the signs that your third eye chakra may be blocked:

11 Signs Your Third Eye Chakra Is Blocked

Sign #1: You have a feeling disconnection from your clear intuition or instincts 

The third eye chakra is an energy center that when in balance is receptive to our natural clear intuitive nature.

Intuition can be understood as your reliable inner voice or inner knowing.

It can provide you with the highest version of insight and beneficial guidance in all aspects of your life.

Instinct is also known as the sixth sense which is the innate wisdom we have that affects our response to various life experiences.

Feeling disconnected from intuition and instincts can have you feeling very confused about your life purpose.

When you feel like you do not have access to, or struggle to hear this internal guidance it may be a strong indication that your third eye energy centre is blocked.

This kind of blockage could also show up as struggle or a fear of trusting your intuition or instinct which is offering the perspective of your highest self.

Sign #2: You feel disconnected from other people

Image of blocked third eye chakra sign

The active third eye chakra is well known to encompass the feeling and experience of oneness or unity consciousness.

This is due to the frequency that it allows you to perceive which is one of understanding and acceptance of duality.

It allows us to make sense of the validity of the seemingly polarized perspectives that exist in our world.

It also will allow you to see the perfection in your path and the paths of each person you come into contact with, seeing each unique path as interconnected.

Gaining an understanding of how the various beings and experiences we have are vital to our growth and evolution.

If these concepts sound far and foreign and you are feeling disconnected from people around you or other humans it could be a strong indication your third eye is blocked or imbalanced.

The blockage can cause you to view the world from a perspective of complete separation or unconscious ego which can also bring about feeling of loneliness, isolation, and disillusion in relation to experiencing meaningful connections with the humans around you.

Through clearing blockage you will allow yourself to once again experience the feeling of community and belonging, this clearing can be achieved through using the various techniques for awakening the third eye chakra which is linked at the very end of this article.

Sign #3: You have a feeling of disconnection from nature

As explored in the previous point the third eye chakra is a center of unity consciousness that does not only include human beings but most definitely includes our beautiful home planet of mother earth.

Seeing through this spiritual eye we can become more aware of how we are inextricably interwoven as part of nature, which is what truly makes possible our survival and thriving on earth.

When you feel disconnected or unaware of the power and importance that nature constantly provides us with it can be a sign of an imbalance of your third eye energy center.

If this is part of your experience I would recommend practicing the third eye awakening techniques such as meditation and breathwork specifically in a natural environment, you may also greatly benefit from intentionally working with plant medicines.

Sign #4: You find yourself unconsciously slip into judgmental thoughts 

It is easy to constantly unconsciously judge other people's choices and actions; this could just be mentally in our internal chatter or quite verbally by having strong polarized opinions and prejudices.

It’s, of course, necessary to be discerning but you will know if you are in the headspace of being unjustifiably or excessively judgmental.

This energy of judgment is the result of an inability to accept duality and uniqueness; it is also the result of being blocked off from unity consciousness.

In the previous points, we learned how the third eye chakra is the center of these energies, and therefore if your third eye is blocked you may find yourself being unnecessarily judgmental.

Sign #5: You experience an intense sensitivity to light

man sensitive to light because his third eye chakra is blocked

It is well known that the organ linked to the energy of your third eye is the pineal gland.

Found in the very center of your brain the pineal gland is highly light-sensitive as one of its primary functions is the production of melatonin which regulates our circadian rhythms which is influenced by the light that we are exposed to.

It is healthy for this organ to experience the natural cycles of light, especially sunlight. If you find that you are extremely sensitive to natural light, especially low or filtered light it may be that you might have some imbalance within your third eye energy center.

It can be helpful to train your body to get used to healthy amounts of natural light, starting with indirect sunlight and moonlight; you can also practice sun gazing during the beginning and closing times of sunrise and sunset (ideally the first and last hours of sunlight).

Sun gazing is a well-known practice utilized since ancient times to activate and stimulate the third eye chakra.

Sign #6: You experience insomnia or sleep imbalances

As mentioned in the previous point, the pineal gland produces melatonin which the neurotransmitter that regulates our sleep cycles (circadian rhythm).

As the pineal gland is the physical manifestation of your third eye energy, an unhealthy or blocked pineal gland can affect production or release of melatonin which can seriously mess up your sleeping patterns, causing common problems like insomnia or constant lethargy.

If you struggle with your sleep cycles it could very well be a sign that part of the problem is a blocked third eye chakra.

It could also be that inadequate time is being dedicated to quality sleep as well as exposure to excessive unnatural light; both these factors can aggravate this third eye blockage.

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Sign #7: You experience unexplained depression, anxiety, and feelings of sadness 

man experiencing depression

The pineal gland also plays a role in the production of the hormone serotonin. Serotonin is also known as the happy hormone which affects our brain chemistry and has a direct impact on our moods and emotions.

A pineal gland or third eye which is not functioning in a balanced manner can impact your moods intensely.

This can be due to the serotonin imbalance which is caused by the pineal gland not functioning in an optimal state and also because of the energetic block that could have you feeling disconnected from people, nature, and from perceiving your inner truths.

A blocked third eye can, therefore, be a cause of some of your unexplained anxieties or feelings of depression.

You will benefit greatly from the conscious practice of breathwork which is known physically stimulate the pineal gland to produce these neurotransmitters that keep our brain in an optimal happy state and make it much easier to transcend these heavier experiences and emotions.

Sign #8: You have an underactive imagination 

Through awakening your third eye chakra you gain a great ability to intricately perceive life and its infinite potentials.

This experience of expanded and integrated consciousness gives rise to innovative interesting ideas and thoughts which can manifest in various forms.

This is the energy of an awakened creative mind.

If you feel like you have trouble with visualization, creative problem solving, artistic creation, and maybe even get bored easily this can be because you have an underactive imagination.

This underactive imagination may be due to a blocked third eye chakra.

I find it quite exciting to know that no one lacks the ability of a wonderfully vivid imagination, we are innately creative beings, sometimes it is just a matter of identifying and unblocking, awakening, and releasing the natural energy that wants to flow uniquely within and through each of us.

Sign #9: Feeling disconnected from your dream world or inability to remember your dreams

dream catcher

If you are one of those people that feel like maybe you do not even have dreams or you are rarely able to remember your dreams.

The reason could very well be that your third eye chakra is blocked.

This chakra provides the ability of inner visualization, deep and clear perception of our inner world.

The content of our dreams is generated from the subconscious mind and non-physical realms which are usually experienced through inner vision or extrasensory abilities that an activated third eye chakra facilitates.

Awakening the third eye can allow you to fully and vividly explore the dream realm through the development of the ability to lucid dream.

Sign #10: Your diet is high in processed foods 

If you partake in a diet that is predominantly made up of processed foods it is likely that you have a blocked third eye chakra.

The maintenance of a clear and optimal functioning third eye chakra requires that we maintain a clean and high vibration diet.

To be free from this block it is essential to welcome a lifestyle that is centered on eating the most nourishing foods that you have access to.

Consuming foods in their purest form which are free from excessive processing, additives and chemical modification.

What you eat becomes part of your physical body and part of your energy body and so in order to have a clear third eye chakra, it is best to leave out or significantly cut down the junk food in your diet.

This will obviously not only help with clearing this blockage but will also be of benefit to your entire chakra system and general health of your precious physical body.

Sign #11: Calcification from fluoride and exposure to heavy metals

The pineal gland is quite sensitive to calcification which can be caused by drinking water with high fluoride content as well as exposure to heavy metals.

Fluoride is also found in the ingredients of many toothpaste brands. A calcified pineal gland will result in blocked energy at this third eye center.

If you are aware that the water you are drinking is of poor quality or aware that you are regularly exposed to heavy metals this is a sign your third eye chakra is compromised.

We just need to become aware that these factors impact the third eye and make the relevant efforts such as water filtration or sourcing clean water to prevent this common cause of blockage of the third eye.

It would be wise to be aware of the quantity of chemicals entering your body.

If you can cut them out completely by finding alternatives solutions that would be best, but at the least, mindfully begin to reduce the quantities of toxins where you can.

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Unblocking And Rebalancing The Third Eye Chakra

Now that you have identified the source of some of the stagnant energy in your life you can further empower yourself to heal the aspects that you need to.

Remember to be gentle and patient with yourself as all healing is a process.

We can be grateful to have access to so many wonderful resources and with committed action you will be the embodiment of the highest version of you, enjoying life to its fullest.

Your healing is not just of benefit to you but to all those around you and the world at large!

Some of the ways you can heal these third eye chakra blockages and imbalances are through the practices of intentional meditation, breathwork, sound healing, crystal healing, and sacred plant medicines.

If you are seeking more in-depth information about these practices that can be used to rebalance, care for, energize and awaken your third eye chakra I would recommend studying and implementing techniques from the article ‘How to Open Your Third Eye and Activate Your Pineal Gland, or check out this article for a list of third eye exercises you can do.

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Sami Ben Tovim

Monday 23rd of January 2023

whats do the diference, in general , betwen underactive, weak ,blocked , no active chakra?thanks

Alan Young

Friday 10th of February 2023

Hey there! To put it simply, the terms "blocked", "weak", "underactive", and "inactive" all refer to a chakra that's not working the way it's supposed to.

An underactive chakra is one that's just not functioning at its best - this could be because of stress, lack of exercise or spiritual practice, or a poor diet.

A weak chakra is one that's not working as strong as it should be - again, this could be due to similar reasons as an underactive chakra.

A blocked chakra means there's something stopping the energy from flowing freely - this could be physical, emotional, or spiritual blockages.

And an inactive chakra is just that - not working at all. This could be because of things like trauma, not practicing enough, or simply not being awake yet.

Hope that answers your question. 🙏

Lonnissa Debrow

Friday 24th of September 2021

Thank you. 🙏🏽