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How to Cleanse Crystals for Optimal Energy – Beginners Guide

How to Cleanse Crystals for Optimal Energy – Beginners Guide

Embarking on the journey of crystal healing starts with understanding how to cleanse crystals effectively. 

Crystals harness energy from their surroundings, which can affect their natural properties. This guide dives into the crucial process of cleansing crystals, ensuring they remain powerful tools in your spiritual journey. 

Whether you’re new to crystal healing or seeking to refine your practice, you’ll find valuable insights on revitalizing your crystals and reconnecting with their pure energies.

Let’s explore together the art of crystal cleansing for enhanced harmony and energy flow. 

Methods For Cleansing Crystals

Moon Light

For those seeking to purify their crystals, the lunar glow during a full moon presents an ideal opportunity. This celestial event, recurring monthly, offers more than just a spectacle in the night sky; it provides a potent energy that is revered in numerous cultures worldwide for its spiritual significance.

Utilizing moonlight for crystal cleansing is not only effective but also infuses a gentle touch of nature’s power. The process is straightforward, yet deeply symbolic. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to harnessing the moon’s energy for your crystals:

Preparation: As dusk approaches on the eve of the full moon, gather your crystals. This preparation aligns your intentions with the lunar cycle, setting the stage for an effective cleansing.

Placement: Choose an outdoor spot where the moonlight can directly bathe your crystals. If direct moonlight is scarce, elevating the stones, perhaps in a tree or on a higher surface, ensures they capture the lunar essence.

Timing: Leave your crystals under the moonlight throughout the night. Retrieving them around 11 am the next day allows them to absorb the early morning sunrays, which complement the lunar energies, embedding a harmonious balance within the stones.

This method, while powerful, also respects the delicate nature of some crystals. It’s a non-intrusive way to cleanse and recharge your stones, aligning them with the rhythmic cycle of the cosmos. By following these steps, you engage in an ancient practice, connecting with the universal energies that the moon graciously bestows upon us.

Sun Light

Group of crystals being cleansed on table

Harnessing the power of the sun is a vibrant and energetic way to cleanse your crystals. The sun, glowing with its masculine energy, infuses crystals with vitality and life-enhancing properties. This method is particularly suitable for those who feel a strong connection to the sun’s warm, invigorating rays.

To cleanse your crystals using sunlight, place them in a spot where they will be bathed in direct sunlight. This could be on a windowsill, a garden spot, or any outdoor area that receives ample sunlight. The duration for which you should leave your crystals in the sun varies depending on the type of crystal.

Please note: Not all crystals are suited for sunlight cleansing. Darker stones like Hematite, and warm-colored ones like Carnelian thrive in sunlight and can be left to bask for longer periods. 

Crystals like Ametrine, Aquamarine, and Amethyst, prolonged exposure to sunlight might not be ideal as it could lead to color fading or damage. Therefore, it’s recommended to limit their sun exposure.


Water, a natural and accessible element, offers a simple yet effective method for purifying your crystals. This technique harnesses the cleansing properties of water to remove accumulated energies that may hinder the crystal’s vibrational efficacy.

When opting for water cleansing, it’s important to consider the type of water and the crystal’s compatibility with water exposure. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Select the Right Water Source: Fresh, flowing water is ideal, such as a stream or river. However, if natural sources aren’t accessible, tap water can suffice. For a more ritualistic approach, consider using rainwater or collected snowmelt.
  • Check Crystal Compatibility: Not all crystals can withstand water. Some, like Selenite or Halite, may dissolve or erode. Research your crystal’s properties to ensure it’s water-safe.
  • Immersing the Crystals: Gently place your crystal in the water. If using running water, hold it under the stream for about a minute. For standing water, like a bowl, leave it submerged for several hours or overnight.
  • Add Salt for Enhanced Cleansing (Optional): For a deeper cleanse, you can add sea salt to the water. This combination is especially effective for grounding and protection stones. However, saltwater can be harsh for certain crystals, so please use this method carefully.
  • Rinse and Dry: After cleansing, rinse your crystal under clean water to remove any salt residue (if used) and then pat it dry with a soft cloth.
  • Setting Intentions: As you cleanse your crystals, visualize or speak your intention for them, be it for healing, protection, or spiritual growth. This practice aligns the crystal’s energy with your personal goals.

Remember, while water is a powerful cleansing agent, the key to effective crystal purification lies in your intention and respect for the crystal’s natural energies. Always approach this practice with mindfulness and gratitude for the best results.


Using sage to cleanse crystals is a simple yet powerful method. Known for its purifying properties, sage effectively clears negative energies from crystals. 

Method: Begin by lighting the tip of a sage bundle. Gently wave your crystal through the smoke, allowing it to envelop the stone for about 30 seconds. This process helps in releasing any stored negativity. 

If your crystal feels particularly burdened or hasn’t been cleansed in a while, extend the smudging to a full minute. Always perform this ritual in a well-ventilated room (or outside) to disperse the smoke and any unwanted energies.


Crystals can easily be cleansed with Selenite. A Selenite cleansing plate is perfect for the job.

As a general rule, the more contact a crystal has with Selenite, the faster and more thoroughly it will be cleansed.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid using anything small or spherical, since it’s hard to get a good surface-to-surface touch.

A Selenite cleansing plate is a flat platform on which you can place other crystals.

Let the crystals sit on top of the plate for 24 hours for maximum purification.

The smaller tumbled stones will require less time, but it is better to be on the safe side. Selenite of an equal or greater size should be used if you are charging a large crystal.


Cleansing crystals with incense is a simple and effective method that can be conveniently integrated into any lifestyle. Many households already have incense, making it a handy option when other methods are not feasible. Incense can be used for quick cleansing and recharging of crystals. 

Method: Light your preferred incense, ideally in a holder, and gently pass each crystal through the resulting smoke. Ensure the smoke covers all sides of the crystal, spending at least a minute on each stone for thorough cleansing. 

For smaller stones, using a box-style incense burner allows the crystals to be fully engulfed in the smoke, enhancing the cleansing process. This method is particularly useful when you’re distant from natural elements like saltwater or moonlight, offering an immediate and accessible way to purify your crystals.

Singing Bowl/Sound

Singing bowl for crystal cleansing

Cleansing crystals with sound, particularly through the use of a singing bowl, offers a unique and harmonious way to rejuvenate their energy. The process is simple, yet profoundly effective, suitable for all types of crystals. This method is ideal for those with large collections, as it allows for the simultaneous cleansing of multiple crystals.

To begin, place your crystals around a singing bowl, ensuring they are within the range of its sound vibrations. As you strike or circle the bowl’s rim with a mallet, it produces a resonant, healing sound. This sound creates a vibrational energy field that purifies and recharges the crystals. The sound waves, rich in harmonics, interact with the crystalline structures, resetting their energetic frequencies.

Tip: You can incorporate chanting or vocal toning alongside the bowl’s sound for a more personalized touch. Your voice adds intention and focus to the cleansing process, enhancing vibrational impact.

Allow the sound from the singing bowl to wash over your crystals for 5-10 minutes. This duration ensures that the sound waves thoroughly permeate the crystals, effectively clearing any stagnant or negative energy they may have absorbed.

Remember, the beauty of this method lies in its simplicity and the profound effect of sound vibrations. Not only do they cleanse your crystals, but they also create a serene and meditative atmosphere, benefiting both you and your space. 

Himalayan Salt

Harnessing the purifying properties of Himalayan salt offers an efficient and profound way to cleanse your crystals. This unique salt, renowned for its purity and mineral content, acts as a natural cleanser that can energetically reset your crystals, restoring their original vibrancy and power.

To utilize Himalayan salt for cleansing, follow these steps:

  • Prepare the Salt Bed: Fill a shallow dish with Himalayan salt, about three-quarters full.
  • Place Crystals: Set your crystals on the salt, ensuring they don’t overlap.
  • Cleansing Duration: Leave them for 24-48 hours for thorough cleansing.

Note: Some crystals may be sensitive to salt. It’s important to check their compatibility before using this method. This practice helps maintain the energetic purity and effectiveness of your crystals.

For more info, check out this guide on cleansing crystals with Himalayan salt.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo cleansing quartz

Palo santo is a type of resin that grows in hot, dry climates. Its name means “holy wood” in Spanish. When burned, it releases a beautiful aromatic smoke into the air.

Method: Begin by gently igniting the Palo Santo stick, allowing it to smolder and emit its characteristic fragrant smoke. Carefully pass your crystals through this smoke, enveloping them in its essence. 

This method is believed to not only cleanse the crystals of accumulated negative energies but also to infuse them with the wood’s purifying and grounding qualities.

Ideal for those seeking a harmonious and mindful practice, cleansing crystals with Palo Santo is a time-honored technique that respects the natural synergy between the earth’s elements and the profound energies of crystals.


Reiki, a form of energy healing, offers a unique and profound way to cleanse and rejuvenate crystals. This method not only purifies the crystal from accumulated energies but also imbues it with positive, healing vibrations. Here’s how to effectively cleanse your crystals using Reiki:

  • Prepare Your Space: Find a quiet, peaceful area where you won’t be disturbed. You may want to light some candles or play soft, meditative music to create a serene ambiance.
  • Intention Setting: Before you begin, set a clear intention for the cleansing process. This could be something like, “I intend to clear this crystal of all negative energies and recharge it with healing, positive energy.”
  • Reiki Activation: If you’re attuned to Reiki, activate the energy flow by placing your hands together and invoking Reiki. For those attuned to Reiki Level 2 or above, use the Cho Ku Rei symbol to enhance the energy.
  • Cleansing Process: Hold the crystal in your hands or place it in front of you. Channel Reiki energy through your hands into the crystal. Visualize the energy as a bright light, engulfing the crystal and washing away all negativity.
  • Use of Symbols: For those trained in Reiki Level 2, employing symbols like Sei He Ki can be particularly effective. This symbol helps in balancing the emotional and mental energies of the crystal.
  • Duration: Continue to channel Reiki into the crystal for about 5-10 minutes, or until you intuitively feel the process is complete. Trust your instincts; your energy connection will guide you.
  • Sealing the Energy: Once the cleansing is complete, use the Cho Ku Rei symbol again to seal the healing energy within the crystal.
  • Gratitude: Finish the session by expressing gratitude to the Reiki energy, the crystal, and the universe for facilitating this healing process.

By using Reiki, you’re not just cleansing your crystal; you’re also aligning it with a higher vibrational frequency. This makes the crystal more potent in its healing capabilities and enhances its alignment with your intentions. Remember, the key to effective Reiki cleansing is your intention and focus, allowing the universal energy to flow and work through you.


crystals in soil

Cleansing crystals with Earth involves returning them to their natural element for rejuvenation. 

Method: Bury your crystal either directly in the soil or within a container for retrieval. The duration of burial should reflect the crystal’s energetic needs; some may require only a day, while others might need weeks. 

This method is particularly effective for crystals that feel excessively burdened or have been previously programmed, as Earth’s grounding energies help reset them to their natural state. 

For crystals obtained from places like antique shops or as hand-me-downs, which often carry residual energies, this technique is especially beneficial. Earth cleansing allows these stones to release any unwanted energies and recharge with the healing power of Mother Earth, ensuring they’re refreshed and ready for your use.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crystal Cleansing

What happens if you don’t cleanse your crystals?

Neglecting to cleanse your crystals can lead to a buildup of negative energy, which may diminish their effectiveness. This can affect your meditation or healing practices, as the crystals’ vibration might not align properly with your aura or chakras. Regular cleansing ensures that your crystals maintain a clear, positive energy conducive to health and well-being.

Which crystals don’t need cleaning?

Certain crystals, like Citrine and Kyanite, are believed to be self-cleansing and do not require regular cleaning. However, it’s still beneficial to occasionally cleanse these to ensure they are at their optimal energetic state. Quartz varieties, known for their robust energy, may also need less frequent cleansing compared to other stones.

Do crystals lose their energy?

Crystals don’t lose their energy but can become energetically dull due to the absorption of different energies from their environment. Regular cleansing helps in restoring their natural vibration and energy levels, ensuring they continue to benefit your spiritual and health practices.

How long does it take to cleanse crystals?

The time required to cleanse crystals can vary depending on the cleansing methods used. Quick methods like smudging or visualization can take a few minutes, while salt water or earth burial might require 24 hours or more. The key is to trust your intuition; you might sense when a crystal has been cleansed and is ready to use.

How often do you need to cleanse crystals?

The frequency of cleansing crystals depends on how often they are used and the type of energy they are exposed to. As a general guideline, cleansing them once a month is a good practice. However, if you use crystals regularly for meditation or healing work, or if they are exposed to high-stress environments, more frequent cleansing may be beneficial to maintain their vibrational integrity.