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11 Symptoms Of A Blocked Throat Chakra

11 Symptoms Of A Blocked Throat Chakra

The Throat Chakra, also known as “the Communication Chakra”, the “Fifth Chakra” or in Sanskrit, “Vishuddha Chakra” is one of the main Chakras of the human body and it’s located at the base of the neck.

This Chakra governs our communication and ability to fully express thoughts, intentions, and emotions into the outer world.

The color associated with Vishuddha Chakra is blue and its corresponding element is ether.

Vishuddha is one of the most important energy centers in our body, due to the fact that the way in which we communicate shapes our world – good, honest communication helps us build lasting, deep relationships.

Meanwhile an impaired, restrained communication might prevent us from living a powerful, authentic life.

Communication is a gift from above.

As they say, “Word creates the world”.

Words are so powerful that they can build bridges, or they can hurt people and destroy relationships.

We must be aware of the power that our words hold and use them wisely, as a sharp instrument that can help us build the world that we want.

Words are the purest expression of intent.

The Fifth Chakra is associated with our self-expression.

The way in which we manage to make our intentions understood correctly by others and fully express our thoughts and emotions is directly related to our ability to communicate.

The Fifth Chakra is responsible for our voice and our ability to speak your mind, clearly, gracefully, and powerfully.

If you feel that you struggle with communication, or that you don’t manage to fully and freely express yourself, you might have your Throat Chakra blocked.

I have met people whose Throat Chakra was so blocked, that whenever they tried to say something, somehow, people around them understood the opposite of what they were trying to say.

The Communication Chakra can close or can be blocked as a result of poor education regarding speaking your mind, or due to trauma and anxiety.

If you suspect that your Throat Chakra could be blocked, have a look at the following signs and see if you recognize yourself in any of them:

11 Symptoms Of A Blocked Throat Chakra

1. You Experience Frequent Health Problems

woman experiencing health problems

In the area of your body that is governed by the Fifth Chakra – such as soreness of the throat, shoulder pain, hearing problems, impairments in the functioning of your thyroid gland, dental issues, mouth ulcers, and so on.

The Fifth Chakra is responsible for all our body parts located between our nose and chest, but especially for the throat, mouth, and ears – as these are the main organs involved in the emission and reception of information.

The way in which we understand others or make ourselves understood is dictated by the degree in which our Throat Chakra functions, or not functions.

These physical symptoms are very easy to spot, but if you have reached the level of having a physical problem it means that the communication issue has been left unresolved for a very long time and that it's time to take action and heal your Throat Chakra.

2. You Lack Self-Expression And Creativity

You struggle to express yourself, to say what you truly believe, or to express your creativity freely, without fear of judgment.

You feel like a little robot – you live your life on auto-pilot, accepting what it brings but not being able to respond to it or to take any initiative.

Maybe you used to have any sort of creative talent in the past, therefore the inability to express yourself creatively is even more painful for you.

When you do manage to speak your mind, no one seems to listen or to take you seriously.

When you manage to create a piece of art, no one appreciates it.

That’s because people feel your insecurity and you give out a vibe of fear and hesitation.

Until you do not unblock your Communication Chakra your words or creations will not inspire anyone.

I strongly suggest that you work with a spiritual therapist to try and see what trauma blocks your creativity and self-expression, and then start taking steps towards healing.

3. You Are Very Shy And You Tend To Self-Isolate

woman who's shy is a sign of blocked throat chakra

You don’t feel comfortable in social situations, you are extremely shy when in a large group of people and you feel as if you “close” anytime someone tries to approach you.

This feeling of discomfort becomes so intense that it makes you avoid everyone, and you stop going to events that require meeting new people and getting out of your comfort zone.

This shyness has its roots into shame, therefore it has been created by unresolved trauma that it’s so deep that it destroys your self-confidence.

If you find that you are extremely shy and you feel strongly uncomfortable around people, I suggest that you find a good therapist to help you process any shame that you are still carrying with you from certain events in your life.

Shame is a piece of heavy baggage to carry around, and it may prevent you from advancing on this beautiful path called life.

4. You Experience Anxiety In A Variety Of Situations

Anxiety is a form of intense fear.

Fear arises as a response from a stimulus in the environment, and it’s a learned reaction.

We learned that we must be afraid of certain people and situations in order to protect ourselves.

When someone experiences anxiety, they anticipate a negative event or outcome.

When they experience anxiety in social situations or situations that involve expressing their opinions and beliefs, they are still impacted by a past event in which they have expressed themselves and have been punished for doing so.

If your parents used to punish you for speaking up for yourself or for expressing beliefs that were different from theirs, or if you were once publically humiliated, now you will experience anxiety in most situations that somehow involve self-expression or social interaction.

In order to release the shame and to heal the wound, I suggest the use of hypnosis.

5. You Experience Panic Attacks In Social Situations

having a panic attack is a symptom of a blocked throat chakra

Panic attacks are a form of anxiety disorder, but I decided to speak about them separately as they can be quite a challenge for anyone experiencing them.

Panic attacks are terrible – you cannot breathe, you experience an intense fear that leaves you paralyzed, you see dark before your eyes, your palms are sweating and shaking, and so on.

One major sign of a Throat Chakra that is both blocked and damaged are panic attacks that manifest before any uncomfortable social situation or conversation.

I suggest that you take panic attacks seriously, and start healing yourself and unblock your throat chakra, as they are the major sign that the trauma is strong and deeply rooted and it impacts you greatly.

6. You Lack Self-Confidence And Self-esteem

Self-confidence and self-esteem are both related to self-expression and to the ability to communicate harmoniously.

A person who does not have self-confidence and has low self-esteem will not be able to speak with courage and authenticity, to freely express thoughts and emotions, and to stand up for themselves.

The reason for this is that the inner self is so wounded and ingrained with negative beliefs that it does not believe that it deserved to be heard, seen, and appreciated.

Also, when the inner self is hurt, it doesn’t believe it can do anything right anymore.

Therefore, all the fear and anxiety.

In order to restore your self-confidence and self-esteem, you need to heal your inner child and to reparent yourself, because probably your parents were so strict and critical of you that they destroyed your self-esteem and self-confidence.

This is not an easy situation to be in, but the good news is that you can fix the damage and heal yourself in order to be able to build the life that you want.

7. You Feel A Knot In Your Throat When You Are Trying To Speak

feeling a knot in throat

Whenever you find yourself in the middle of a difficult conversation, you feel as if there is an invisible knot in your throat, preventing the words from coming out.

This knot is also accompanied by intense fear, guilt, or shame.

In case you wonder where the guilt is coming from – you feel guilty for speaking up for yourself, but I will cover this topic more in-depth in the next paragraph.

This knot, as invisible as it may be, it’s very real and it’s basically an energy block.

It is literally a ball of low-vibrational energy blocking your Throat Chakra and it is created from fear, guilt, shame, or any other negative emotion.

In order to remove it, you must identify the emotion as well as the thoughts and situations causing it.

To remove the negative energy you can also use any form of energy therapy.

8. You Feel Guilty For Expressing Your Needs, Beliefs, And Desires

When your throat chakra is blocked, you do not feel comfortable expressing your needs, beliefs, and desires or standing up for yourself.

That is because your self-esteem is low and deep down you don’t believe that you deserve to be heard and acknowledged, let alone have your needs and desires met.

You find it more comfortable to deny your needs again and again and to always choose others instead of choosing yourself.

This can make you feel drained and lost after a while if you do not decide to choose yourself one day, and after that to keep choosing yourself every day.

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9. You Fear Being Vulnerable

woman with a blocked throat chakra has the symptom of being scared and vulnerable

Being vulnerable is in fact a true sign of power.

A person who chooses to be vulnerable in front of other people has a strong sense of self and inner confidence.

They do not fear the opinion of others and they stand for how they feel.

They also express themselves freely, without fear of judgment, and acknowledge their weaknesses and fears.

When your Fifth Chakra is blocked, you cannot do any of these, because this blockage makes you live in fear, therefore you cannot stand for yourself without being afraid of judgment.

When your Throat Chakra is not functioning properly, vulnerability is what you dread the most.

What I encourage you to do to unblock your chakra is to expose yourself to situations in which you might look vulnerable as often as possible.

It might be a horrible experience at first, but the more you do it, the more you realize there is nothing to fear!

Vulnerability is truly empowering, as it allows you to be yourself and to let go of other people’s opinions.

The vulnerability allows you to truly embrace both your positive and negative side and to face your biggest fears.

From my own experience, after allowing yourself to be vulnerable you feel more powerful than ever.

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10. You Transmit The Opposite Intention From What You Were Trying To Say

There is no gentle way of putting this: when your Throat Chakra is blocked, your communication is terrible!

When you are trying to say something, you somehow end up saying exactly the opposite, and then you are confused by the results you caused.

For example, you try to make someone a compliment and they somehow end up feeling insulted.

You may want to re-evaluate the way in which you communicate before assuming the other person is oversensitive.

When your Fifth Chakra is not functioning properly, you are not using the words as you should.

If you notice that people quite often misinterpret what you say, I suggest that reconsider the way in which you say it before assuming it's their fault.

This happens because your self-expression is impaired, and your way of thinking is dominated by fear.

You don’t trust yourself in order to transmit what you want to say freely, clearly, and unapologetically.

A good way of noticing what communication errors you make is to record some of the difficult conversations you have with people, and to listen to them after a while.

This allows you to see who you are being in your conversations, how your voice sounds, what impression you make, and if you have any negative communication patterns that you tend to reproduce in all of your conversations.

From there, you are free to decide what mistakes you need to correct and what you can improve in the way you communicate.

11. Most Of Your Relationships Are Dysfunctional Or Toxic

toxic relationship is a symptom of a blocked throat chakra

If you have a tendency for dysfunctional or toxic relationships, guess what?

It’s the Throat Chakra again.

Our Communication Chakra is also responsible for the way in which we set healthy boundaries and we assert ourselves.

If you are not able to speak assertively for yourself and to create healthy interactions, it is due to a communication error.

The more dysfunctional relationships you have in your life the more blocked your Throat Chakra probably is.

One way of unblocking your Chakra is to re-evaluate your toxic relationships and see what limits you can impose for your needs to be taken into account as well, for your voice to be heard and for you to be seen and respected.

Once you do this, your whole life will change for the better and you will have the courage to stand up for yourself.

Your Throat Chakra will balance, and that will contribute to your overall wellbeing, happiness, and fulfillment. 

Communication is very important in our lives.

If we have good communication skills, we can build amazing friendships, work, or romantic relationships and we can be ourselves, living authentically and unapologetically.

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However, how many people can say they don’t have any communication issues?

The Fifth Chakra can sometimes be affected by unresolved trauma, which leaves us afraid to speak up and unable to express ourselves freely.

When your Communication Chakra is impaired, you may feel blocked, afraid, lost, and unable to create the life that you want.

However, there are many ways in which you can heal, and healing can become a beautiful, fascinating journey that allows you to discover yourself and to understand life at a deeper level than ever before.

Embrace the journey of healing, give yourself time and space to heal and you too will bloom.

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