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9 Pyrite Metaphysical Healing Properties + Guide To Using Pyrite

9 Pyrite Metaphysical Healing Properties + Guide To Using Pyrite

Pyrite, often known as “fool’s gold” has a wonderfully attractive gold-colored luster that possesses a fiery energy within its core. It protects, energizes, and offers mental clarity. 

With its name coming from ‘pyrós’ – the Greek word for fire – this stone is a real powerhouse of positive energy that has many meanings and uses. 

We take a detailed look at Pyrite’s metaphysical and healing properties below.

What Is Pyrite?

Pyrite is a truly beautiful stone with its striking colour resembling the precious metal, gold.

It is an iron sulfide mineral that is found in many places around the world from Spain, Mexico, and Peru to South Africa, Russia, and Canada. 

It forms in many different ways deriving from hydrothermal veins, metamorphic deposits, stalactites, and other sedimentary formations. 

It presents itself as pentagonal dodecahedral crystals, octahedrons, striped cubes, and even as the more unusual flat sun-like discs sometimes referred to as “dollars”. 

It can be used as a fire starter as it emits sparks when struck against another stone or piece of metal, hence its name coming from the Greek word for fire.

Having the wonderful gold colour that it does, Pyrite was often thought to be the real thing, therefore earning the nickname of “fool’s gold”. 

You can imagine the excitement one would have felt when coming across a chunk of this! 

Pyrite is harder than gold having a rating of 6-6.5 on the Mohs scale, and can sometimes tarnish in color to a dull brown-yellow compared to the real thing. 

You would be far from foolish to keep this stone close as it has incredible protective properties both physically and emotionally. 

Pyrite was highly prized by Native American Indians and they used it to polish and make mirrors which they believed showed them their souls.  They would also use it to adorn their costumes during rituals and celebrations. 

It was also very popular in Victorian times in England and was used to make jewelry, ornaments, and other embellishments, due to its shiny metallic appearance.

Pyrite Healing Properties

Hand holding healing Pyrite

Pyrite resonates with the yellow and orange of the 2nd (sacral or Svadhisthana) and 3rd (solar plexus or Manipura) chakras, connecting with our passion, inner strength, and motivation centres. 

It can be used to correct emotional imbalances and also to heal and restore many different emotional and spiritual pathways.

Emotional Protection

Pyrite has extremely powerful emotional protective qualities.  It can help to ward off any negative, manipulative or threatening behavior that others may try to bring to your personal space and keep those emotional vampires from getting their teeth into you! 

It will also protect you from controlling behavior and teach you how to shift the balance of power to a healthier state without feeling upset or angry. 

Pyrite will continue working hard for you once you give it a home close to you, making you feel safe and protected in every aspect of your life.


Pyrite can be a great stone to use when dealing with a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem.  Its incredibly positive energy can help heal a wounded soul and bring positive thoughts and feelings about oneself. 

You can keep this stone close when you are in a situation where you may anticipate feelings of intimidation and low self-worth. 

It will help you to combat these negative feelings of inferiority and replace them with confidence and a can-do attitude that you may well have never experienced before.


Pyrite can help you stay strong during times when you feel your resolve and willpower are weakening.

Maybe you have embarked on a clean-eating, no-alcohol regime, or even ended a bad relationship.  All of these things require willpower to stick to your decisions and make sure you don’t weaken your resolve. 

Use the sparkly pyrite stone to give positive energy to your thoughts and to make sure you do not undermine your own beliefs and desires.

Negative Thought Processes

If you are someone who feels they often have negative thoughts which tend to spiral out of control, Pyrite could be the answer to your prayers! 

With its wonderfully vibrant color and positive energy, this stone can help rid you of these damaging thoughts and set you on a more positive path in life.  Not only is the Pyrite stone an absolutely fascinating joy to look at, but it is also great to work with direct chakra contact, or to simply have a piece in your room.

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Auric Rebalancing

Pyrite is a fantastic stone for rebalancing your aura if you feel things are out of key. 

The sheer radiance of Pyrite is a powerful enough tool to connect with your aura and shift things back to better balance, ridding negativity and replacing it with a wonderful sense of positivity and harmony within oneself. 

Helping you to tune in to your emotions with clarity and address any imbalances with ease, Pyrite is a very powerful aura repairer.

Pyrite Metaphysical Properties

Picture of Metaphysical Pyrite

There are many wonderful physical and metaphysical healing properties that Pyrite can bring to our lives making it a real must-have in a stone collection.

As a great all-rounder and positive, shimmering life light, it can be used in a variety of ways to bring the things you need and desire into your life.  Some of these are:

Physical Protection

The wonderful metallic luster of the Pyrite becomes like your own personal piece of kryptonite against environmental pollutants such as EMFs (Electro-Magnetic Frequencies) that are emitted from mobile phones, microwaves, wifi, and many other devices and items in our homes and workplaces. 

It's said to act as a shield between you and them, protecting you from their harmful frequencies. It is also great for protecting those who work in environments with possible dangers and hazards, as well as those who have emotionally intense and draining jobs, like a Social Worker for example.

Good Luck

It is believed that Pyrite can bring general good luck into your life, making it possible for you to achieve your dreams. 

As well as filling you with positivity, this eye-catching stone will bring good things your way for sure, so make space for a shining example of one in your life. 

Wealth & Prosperity

Pyrite can help you find prosperity and wealth in life.  This doesn’t necessarily mean in a monetary way as wealth and prosperity come in many forms – basically, anything that enriches your life and makes you feel you are thriving and successful. 

Wealth can also be knowledge and Pyrite can teach you so many good things by way of its wonderfully positive vibrations.

Creativity and Focus

If you are a creative person, Pyrite can help to unlock new layers of creativity within you, allowing you to focus on your feelings and create from them. 

An artist, poet, writer, or musician could find new creative ways when keeping a piece of Pyrite in their lives. 

Mental focus is another great asset that Pyrite can gift us with.  If you are studying or have a particularly brain-heavy job, this stone can really help to keep your focus right on point.

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Spiritual Meanings Associated With Pyrite

Spiritual meaning of Pyrite

Pyrite is a spiritual protector on physical, emotional, and ethereal planes. 

It has been used in divination and meditation for thousands of years.  It can help connect us to the Universe and to feel the purity of this connection in a very profound way. 

It nourishes our energetic fields and restores and guides us to become greater and purer beings.

How to Use Pyrite

Pyrite is sometimes listed as a “toxic” stone because it may contain very small amounts of arsenic and sulfur, making it hazardous to be ingested in any way, either orally or by inhaling the dust. 

But Pyrite is not water-soluble so it is therefore totally safe to handle and wear.  So just how can Pyrite be used in order to impart its wonderful energies to you?


With its pretty silvery/gold colouring, Pyrite makes great jewellery as it resembles the precious metal, gold, but it has a different texture and surface, which makes it rather fascinating to look at. 

Wearing a piece of jewelry made from Pyrite will most certainly attract good luck to you as well as giving you more inner strength to deal with tricky situations. 

So always be sure to wear your treasured item when you feel vulnerable and most in need of its positive energy.

Feng Shui

Pyrite is a great stone to use in Feng Shui as it is so pleasant to look at. 

It can be incorporated in any manner of art designs from eye-catching sculptures to clever interior designs such as light fittings, or simply as a raw stone. 

It will emit great energy into your space and being such a powerful protector, placing a piece of Pyrite within your chosen environment will help to protect you both physically and emotionally from negativity and harm.


Pyrite is a great stone to meditate with and has long been believed to be so powerful at manifestations, that it is thought to hold magic within its beautiful composition. 

Placing your intentions within the Pyrite stone will help to release its powerful energetic vibrations to bring about what you truly desire and need.  It can help you become a better version of yourself by giving you access to higher levels of spirituality and understanding.

How To Cleanse Pyrite

how to cleanse Pyrite


As mentioned above Pyrite is not water-soluble, but getting it wet could cause the colour to change because of oxidation of the iron content within the stone. 

You don’t want your beautiful golden stone to become a yellowy-brown dull one as this could also affect the energetic flow of the stone, especially if there are dark brown or black spots on it.

So a far better way to cleanse this stone is to use a smudge stick and wave the crystal through the smoke.  Picture the negative energies that have built up in the stone dissipating and floating away as purer energy. 

As this stone has such a connection with fire it will respond well to being cleansed in this manner.


This is another great way to cleanse your Pyrite.  Salt can literally suck the negative energy from your stone and purify it ready for its next use. 

You can place it in a bowl of pure sea salt and leave for 4-6 hours, or if you don’t want it to be in direct contact with the salt, it can be placed in a small cloth bag or even in a smaller bowl that is then placed in the larger one containing the salt. 

If you leave this overnight your Pyrite piece will be wonderfully cleansed and purified.

How to Recharge Pyrite

Picture of Pyrite

An effective way to recharge your Pyrite is to place it in a closed container made from natural material such as wood, along with a piece of Hematite and Black Tourmaline

This combination of stones will recharge each other when left overnight and be ready to work their wonders again by morning.

You can also use sound to recharge your Pyrite, specifically the frequency of OM.  You can do this by using a tuning fork set at 136.1 Hz and after striking it, place the tip on your piece of Pyrite to let the vibration penetrate it.

You may not be able to hear the sound it emits but it is very powerful and is believed to be the basis of all creation, so your stone will be reset to its natural energetic state.

Keeping Pyrite in Best Condition

As well as not exposing it to water or extreme moisture, make sure you do not leave your pyrite sitting in strong sunlight, or close to heat sources. 

This will affect its energy and natural vibrations, as well as its appearance, and at worse could pose a fire risk! 

So this is not a crystal to place on the windowsill on a very sunny/hot day.


As always, care for and respect your wonderful gift from nature, making sure you cleanse it often and keep it in an appropriate environment and your pretty Pyrite will continue to emit its priceless and precious uplifting and protective energetic flow to you and your loved ones. 

Thanks I hope you enjoyed this article on the Pyrite metaphysical and healing properties.