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How To STOP Manifesting What You DON’T Want (6 Methods)

How To STOP Manifesting What You DON’T Want (6 Methods)

Sometimes it may seem like you are really good at manifesting negative situations, this is possibly because the mainstream culture has accepted and promoted a reality that is often fear-based and pre-emptive of the worse case situation.

When you begin to understand the workings of manifestation you know that what you get is what you truly believe and think about the most and with the most emotional charge.

The good news is that every negative situation provides an opportunity to clarify and realign with what you desire most and so you can then decide to consciously manifest those desires.

Within this article we will explore in-depth how you can stop manifesting what you don’t want by understanding the role of unconscious intrusive thoughts and emotions as well as fears; these are the main causes of manifesting the unwanted.

Can Intrusive Negative Thoughts Manifest?

can negative thoughts manifest?

Understanding the role of thoughts in manifestation

When you come across the common statement ‘your thoughts create your reality’ that is associated with manifestation and even while knowing this you find yourself struggling with intrusive thoughts, mental chatter, and anxiety, you then maybe begin to worry that these intrusive thoughts will manifest into reality.

The thing we need to become aware of is that this worry adds more emotional potency to such thoughts which will make them more likely to manifest.

 The law of attraction is unbiased in manifesting situations that are good or bad.

It is what you give your focus and energy to the most that will manifest, charging these intrusive thoughts by attributing negative meaning through negative attention.

We must understand that it is not our thoughts alone that set into motion a manifestation, it the emotion and attention we continually give to an idea or thought that causes it to manifest. It is all about how we react to our thoughts.

To answer the question…can intrusive thoughts manifest?

With the above been said, it is not a definite yes or no that intrusive thoughts will manifest.

It is really dependant on the dominance of the thought and mostly dependant on how you deal with the intrusive thought that will determine if it manifests how much it manifests or if it does not manifest.

You will find some information in the next section of this article that will help you to actively stop manifesting your fears.  

How To Stop Manifesting Your Fears   

stop manifesting your fears

A comforting piece of information to note is that with all manifestation there is a lag time or delay before any thought becomes fully manifest.

Manifestation is not instantaneous and this lag time allows us a grace period to change our mind, to turn our attention anew, turn the thoughts around, to get clear and realign.

The following practices and perspectives can assist you to stop manifesting what you do not want:

1. Meditation 

Meditation is a potent practice that generally entails using an intentional focus on the breath, silence, or a specific object of attention (such as neutrally observing thought forms).

The stillness, presence, and focus that a dedicated meditation practice cultivates will allow you to become more mindful.

Being aware of your present moment thoughts through meditation will allow you to become aware of any unwanted thoughts and deal with them consciously before they fully manifest. Mediation can also assist you in intentionally choosing your thoughts, energizing, and aligning as these are key ingredients in conscious manifestation.

You can integrate other powerful manifestation techniques such as visualization and affirmation within meditation. 

2. Raise Your Vibration

Actively cultivating wellbeing and ease as your dominant perspective and state of being will both prevent you from manifesting your fears and call in high vibrational wanted manifestations.

When your thoughts and emotions are of a high vibration you will naturally be energized and be able to consciously manifest. In order to raise your vibration practice meditation as mentioned above as well as practices such as positive affirmations, sound healing frequencies, crystal healing, and ecstatic dance.

Taking great care of your physical body with a clean healthy diet and physical training will assist you in keeping your energy body vibrant and your vibe high.

The most powerful practice to maintain a high vibration is gratitude; this will be sure to raise your vibration and a daily gratitude practice works wonders in alleviating or counteracting any intrusive thoughts and fears that may be manifesting.

Practice gratitude by simply noticing and feeling grateful throughout your day for each and every blessing, you can also practice gratitude within meditation, journaling, or by communicating and radiating gratitude to those around you.

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3. Honouring The Contrast 

honour the contrast

Although it may not seem like it most times our challenges are actually our greatest blessings.

Any unwanted thought, emotion, or manifestation provides an opportunity for contrast; we can learn to regard each of these as a signal that we are out of alignment and that something needs to change.

When we experience an unwanted thought we are motivated and inspired to find clarity, to know and feel what we truly desire.

The clarity and desire born from contrast are key ingredients for successful conscious manifestation 

4. Balance Your Chakras

The chakras are the 7 energy centers of the body that govern various energetic functions and balances.

When your chakras are balanced you are naturally in a more vital, clear, and aligned state of being.

This higher consciousness state of being will enable you to avoid unwanted manifestations or deal with them more consciously should they arise. When all of the chakras are aligned you have a strong connection to source energy, higher self-perspective, and intuition.

You will have an increased ability to meditate, visualize, and communicate effectively.

You will be open to both giving and receiving. You will be confident in who you are, knowing what you truly desire, and be able to ground your visions into the earthly physical realm.

Balancing your chakras is a highly effective way to get into a vibration where you will naturally stop manifesting what you don’t want.

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5. Shadow Work

Shadow work is a concept that has been defined by renowned psychoanalyst Carl Jung as the integration of the unconscious aspects of you.

It is all about getting to know the darker, wounded or unknown parts of yourself and acknowledging, healing, or accepting these aspects of yourself.

This work is of importance when you are seeking to stop manifesting something unwanted as it is often the shadow or usually unconscious parts of yourself that fuel unconscious manifestations.

When the shadow is integrated you will either cease to manifest things that you don't want or see these manifestations from a new perspective.

When we repress or ignore our shadow side it is likely that these shadows will manifest in unhealthy or unwanted ways and through integration, we can learn to either heal or accept our shadow parts and consciously manifest experiences that honor our whole being.

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6. Words And Language

An extremely powerful factor that impacts what we manifest is the language we use, this is not referring to dialect but rather the level of consciousness and intention that you speak with.

The words you choose to use to describe and define your reality affects how your reality is manifested in successive moments. If you take some time to observe how you predominantly speak about yourself, your goals, your relationships, and your world view you will likely discover some red flags that link to unwanted manifestation you are experiencing.

Become more mindful of how you speak, you can always speak the truth but with a little more intent and eloquence you can be well on your way to stop manifesting what you don’t want.

Some examples that will clarify this are as follows: saying ‘I am healing’ instead of ‘I am unwell’ or saying ‘I would really appreciate some rest and relaxation’ instead of ‘I am exhausted and burnt out’.

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Using Thoughts And Emotions To Stop Manifesting Unwanted Things

thoughts and emotions

Both our thoughts and emotions are essential ingredients whether we are unconsciously manifesting our fears or consciously manifesting our desires.

The points below will detail some of the ways we can approach our thoughts and emotions in order to stop manifesting what we don’t want.

Harnessing Your Emotions 

As we have learned emotions are a vital ingredient in manifestation, emotion can actually be considered a form of instant manifestation as you often will get the feeling of what you are manifesting before the physical experience.

It is necessary to be tapped into the emotional vibration or resonance of something before the physically manifest experience is formed.

This power of emotion needs to be understood in order to consciously and intentionally manifest as both wanted and unwanted emotions can charge your manifestations.

It can become quite frustrating with regards to‘ unwanted’ emotions because when we recognize that emotion is unwanted it can cause further unwanted emotions and this can fuel the manifesting of a fear.

It is so important to learn to get in touch with our emotions; approaching our emotions more presently and consciously can include starting with simply becoming more aware of and observing emotions for what they are, learning to feel and release emotions without judging yourself and stirring up other unwanted emotions and finally learning to intentionally cultivate desirable emotions (through practices such as meditation, affirmations, a healthy lifestyle and consuming healthy content).

Ignore The Thoughts

Often it is our thoughts that inspire our emotional responses and so directly communicates and impacts what we manifest.

Both the practice of harnessing your emotions and your thoughts start with becoming more present and mindful of what is. Sometimes you will notice you have certain thoughts that are unnecessary (For example memories that hold negative charge such as a time you failed or got criticized unnecessarily).

It is simply not worth remembering and not worth getting your emotions flowing and manifesting situations of this lower vibration.

Of course, ignoring your thoughts is not always the solution, we have to use our knowledge of the law of attraction along with common sense and discretion to decide which thoughts need to be dismissed and which need to be addressed ( we don’t want to fall into the phenomenon of spiritual bypassing).

Sometimes a thought comes to us as a signal that inspires valuable opportunity to manifest change or make us aware of deeper issues that need to addressed with intentional healing and growth in order to free up your energy flow and wellbeing.

If you are unable to ignore a thought it is likely there may be something you need to address or you need to implement some of the other practices discussed in the points below; releasing resistance and replacing the thoughts.

Release Resistance To The Thoughts 

release resistance to thoughts

Releasing resistance to your thoughts can be similar to ignoring a thought and sometimes entails ignoring, releasing resistance can involve taking some moments to acknowledge the thoughts with neutral observation and then simply letting them be.

Do not expend much time analyzing and just make the decision to not resist the thought with overthinking and negative emotion every time it passes by your mind.

If you are unable to do this when a thought comes by it is likely you have a little more work to do to release the energy of the thought, this can involve some meditation and contemplation surrounding the thought; does it relate to deep-seated insecurity or fear you hold on to?

It could even be linked to a trauma you experienced?

In these cases in order to release resistance to the thought, you will need to engage in healing, this may be on a mental, spiritual, or physical level.

Healing the root cause of these thoughts will allow you to release resistance and therefore ensure that you don't give these thoughts more energy and emotions which could allow them to manifest fully or repeatedly.

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Replace The Thoughts

A powerful way of healing unwanted thought patterns is to put the thoughts into perspective by seeing them for the higher purpose they serve of providing contrast and an opportunity for growth, once this is acknowledged you can go on to consciously and intentionally replace these thoughts.

Every time you notice the old thought coming up simply mentally state the replacing thought.

The power of this practice can be understood by understanding concepts such as neuroplasticity, entrainment, and the process of forming a long-standing habit; all of these concepts deal with the patterning of the mind and acknowledge that this takes a level of consistency and repetition in order to be effective.

If you begin to consider a new higher vibrational thought every time you notice an unwanted thought and do so repeatedly in time the better feeling thought will take precedence and blossom into new tangible manifestations.

This practice of deactivating thought patterns by replacing them with new thoughts can be integrated within your meditation practice as well as linked with affirmation and visualization exercises detailed in the final section of this article.

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Resetting Your Point Of Attraction With Affirmations And Visualization

Affirmations And Visualization

Once you have identified what it is you are manifesting that you don’t want and the thoughts and emotions linked to the manifestation you can create contrasting affirmations that create a new intentional point of attraction for what you are manifesting. 

Some examples of this:

You have the thought or emotion such as “I really hate this job” you could turn this into affirmation such as “I am appreciative that this job provides what it does” “I am looking forward to what comes next” 

“I fear that I will fail” you could turn this into positive affirmations such as “I gain valuable knowledge from every experience” “I am embracing the exhilaration and rewards that come along with confidence and courage” 

This resetting of vibration exercise can also be used with the practice of visualization.

Identify the manifestation that you want to stop and then set aside some time to be completely present for a visualization exercise:

  • Start with a short meditation or deep breathing exercise. Simply breathe in and out until you feel grounded and present.
  • Revisit the manifestation that you want to stop. Accept whatever emotions you are feeling and take some time to continue breathing; imagine on every in-breath that you breathe in pure light energy of infinite potential and on every out-breath you breathe out the emotions, sending them deep into the earth to be composted.
  • Now you should be able to revisit the manifestation you want to stop from a more neutral emotional state; take some time to think of the opposite of the situation you are experiencing or a way that the unwanted manifested situation could be transformed into something good. 
  • When you find a new thought relating to the situation or its opposite begin to focus on this thought and start to construct a vision within your mind of how your desired outcome plays out. Include as much sensory detail as possible and in the moments of visualizing let go and feel as if what is happening in your vision is the reality of the present moment. Enjoy the emotions that come with this and take as long as you need to soak in this new reset point of attraction.

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When you integrate a deeper understanding of manifestation and take the time to explore the practices suggested in this article you will begin to feel the new aligned emotions and reset your point of attraction to what you desire; you will stop manifesting what you don’t want as you have now clearly communicated and aligned to what you do want to manifest.