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Black Crow: The Spiritual Meaning of These Mysterious Birds

Black Crow: The Spiritual Meaning of These Mysterious Birds

Is the Black Crow your spirit animal? According to Native American belief, everybody has spirit animals.

Some say that we have nine in total. These totem spirit animals are there looking out for us, guiding us throughout life.

Different ones might come in and out of our life at different moments when we need them, but there is always one that we identify with the most. 

Native American tradition puts emphasis on our connection with nature, and this is something we should all take on board.

During our life we might feel a spiritual disconnect to the world, overwhelmed by technology and modern society. But we all have spirits and we all have a deep connection to nature and mother earth. 

In learning what your spirit animal is and how they guide you is a step towards being at one with nature and the universe, and with this, you will achieve inner peace and happiness. 

What is the meaning of seeing black crows?

Contrary to popular belief, seeing black crows is not a bad omen. If you are seeing black crows often this suggests that change is coming. There is going to be a huge transformation in your life soon. 

Don’t be worried, though. This change will most likely be positive. Seeing black crows also has a link to creativity and magic.

Perhaps this is the time to make and create, your totem animal is backing you!

How To Know If The Black Crow Is Your Spirit Animal

How to know if the black crow is your spirit animal.

Perhaps you have a deep connection to black crows.

When going for walks do crows always seem to gather near you?

When you look out your window is there always a crow watching you?

Don’t be scared!

The black crow is your spirit animal and it is here to guide you!

Another sign that the black crow is your totem animal is if you dream about them a lot. Dreams show us our subconscious and therefore who we really are.

Because of this, it is easy for your spirit animal to appear to you in this form. In dreams, life is stripped back and laid bare. In dreams we have clarity. 

Black Crow Spirit Animal Traits

If the black crow is your spirit animal you have a strong creative streak to you.

You work well with your hands, being able to build, create, and make a whole range of wonderful things.

You have a magical ability to turn trash into treasure, always having a unique insight into any given situation. 

Crows are extremely intelligent.

If crows are your spirit animal, you are too. You have a high sense of intuition and an ability to see things from so many different perspectives.

You are alert and wary of others, taking your time to trust people. You have a great deal of personal integrity and are aware of your actions and the consequences of them. You are thoughtful and mindful when interacting with others. 

When the black crow is your totem, you should be aware of your mischievous ways.

The black crow is heavily linked to magic and mischief and this is a part of you that can be fun but also can cause harm. 

Being as intelligent as you are and having such an awareness of how you interact with others, you can use this to your advantage and trick people.

Sometimes you might not even know you are doing it!

When upset, do not resort to tricks and mayhem. Stay grounded and stay peaceful.

What Is The Spiritual And Symbolic Meaning of Seeing Crows?

spiritual meaning of seeing crows

The black crow totem symbolizes change and transformation.

This transformation is a spiritual one. If you are seeing black crows often, this suggests that change is coming and you must open your heart and mind to this change. 

You must embrace your spiritual journey and do not be afraid of this transformation.

This is a time for your spirit and psyche to grow. The black crow represents higher psychic powers and you must use your spiritual wisdom in a positive way. 

Crows have the magical ability to see the world in so many different ways.

They can connect to the different frequencies of life and they are connected to you because they feel a strong cosmic force from you. If you are seeing black crows often you must focus on your spiritual journey.

They have so much knowledge to share with you and have picked you because of your incredible characteristics. 

Crows also represent magic and trickery.

If you are seeing the crows often, be aware of your impact on the world. Magic is a powerful force, use it wisely.

Do not take advantage of others.

The magic that you have is powerful, even if you haven’t been able to harness it yet. Use it wisely and timely and do so for the good of yourself and others.      

Meaning Of Seeing A Black Crow In Your Dreams

If the black crow is your spirit animal it will often choose to appear in your dreams to guide you.

What your spirit animal is trying to tell you depends on the context of the dream and the backdrop of your life. 

If you are dreaming about a crow flying, this suggests that you have something you need to address in your subconscious before you can go forward and transform yourself spiritually. This might be about you or about someone else in your life.

Something is holding you back and not letting you spread your wings and fly. 

In order to be your best self, harnessing your deep wisdom, intellect, and magic, you must not be stuck in the past.

Your totem animal wants you to know that now is the time to leave the past behind you and embrace the spiritual transformation that is about to occur. 

If in your dreams, the black crow is sitting and watching you, you are on the right path towards your life goals.

Your totem animal has appeared to let you know that you are doing the right thing and you must carry on towards your true identity.

Don’t hold back and be proud of who you are.

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The Black Crow As An Omen

Black crow omen

In so many cultures throughout the world, crows are seen as omens.

The fact that the collective noun for them is murder doesn’t help and for many people, they associate seeing crows with death. This is because of how crows behave around their dead.

As these animals are incredibly intelligent, they are tuned into emotions and feelings.

When a crow dies, their death is mourned.

Other crows will gather around the corpse and make noise. Crows are also known to feast on dead human bodies, and this solidifies the link between them and death. 

Crows might be an omen for death, but in being an omen for death they are an omen for life and how we feel towards death.

They can teach us about how we should see death and how we should spend our lives. 

When we have a spiritual transformation a big part of this is accepting death and what happens afterward.

If the crow is your totem spirit animal, you are a very smart person. You can use this to connect with death in a way that makes you more alive. We have to respect and embrace death for it is the only absolute we have in life. 

In respecting death, we are respecting life.

Crows are seen as a guide to the other side when we die. But, they also guide us through our life, giving us meaning and a deep understanding of the world. 

The Meaning Of Black Crows In Mythology, Folklore And Native Cultures

Black crows are seen in so many different myths and legends all around the world. They seem to be always linked to death, life, magic, and transformation. 

In Celtic mythology, The Morrighan will often appear in the form of a crow, or have a flock of crows around her.

She is the goddess of battle and war and there are so many amazing folk tales about her and her shapeshifting abilities.

Linked to fate and destiny, The Morrighan is extremely significant in Irish culture.

This Morrighan is not the only way in which black crows are seen as magical shapeshifters.

In Welsh mythology, it is said that witches and sorcerers often disguise themselves as crows in order to avoid capture.

Crows have a big connection with magic and this is because they are smart animals with mystical and dark qualities. 

For many people who follow Paganism or Wiccan beliefs, crows are seen as a connection between the physical world and the spiritual world.

They have a connection with the other side and an ability to cross between life and death, physical and spiritual, this world and the other. 

Native American beliefs also put significance on the intelligence of the crows and see them as a sign of wisdom.

They are also often seen as a trickster with an ability to use others to their advantages. Either way, crows are important and there is a lot to be said about the deep connection that we have with them. 

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Interesting Facts About Black Crows

black crow interesting facts

Black crows are one of the most amazing birds and having one as your spirit animal is very lucky.

Crows are not just interesting because of their spiritual abilities but are fascinating for a whole range of reasons. 

You might think you know everything there is to know about crows. They are one of the birds we always see and exist all over the world. But their qualities and abilities are amazing and there is so much to learn about them. 

I talked a bit about how crows seem to mourn the dead.

They gather around the corpse of another crow and make noise. This is more than just mourning, however. When visiting the dead, the crows are working out how it died.

This amazing behaviour is for survival.

Crows are so smart and they want to learn how to avoid harm. By working out how one crow died, the surviving crows can learn to avoid certain things and therefore keep themselves safe. 

Crows are social. They enjoy each other's company and usually stick in pairs or groups throughout their life.

One amazing way in which crows work as a team is the way crows will help their parents look after their new offspring.

Crows are known to stay with their parents for years and when their parents have new babies, the older sibling will provide a helping hand (or claw). 

Crows are known to bring food to their families and sometimes feed their younger siblings directly.

Crows may wander off from their family for a while, but will often come back providing support and protection.  

Crows are not just social with each other, however, and some are known to form strong bonds with humans.

These birds can recognize human faces and have strong loyalties.

In the 19th century, crows were used to guard homes in Vietnam. These animals have had a strong relationship with humans forever and this is because they have chosen to bond with us.

Final Thoughts 

For centuries, black crows have been seen as special.

Their intellect and spirituality have influenced so many people around the world. If your totem spirit animal is a black crow, consider yourself very lucky.

To have crows looking out for you is an incredible privilege. 

You share traits with the crows, their intelligence being reflected in you.

You have magical qualities about you that you may not know but will soon discover. Never underestimate yourself or your abilities. 

You are creative and passionate and have a keen sense of the world, having the insight that nobody else does.

If you are seeing your black crow totem animal a lot recently, be focused on the transformation that is about to occur. Your spirit animal will be there for you and will guide you through it all.

Have faith in yourself and have faith in the black crows. 


Friday 17th of September 2021

Very well written. You get it and helped me confirm it. Thank you. I love my crows. :)

Denise Brewer-Sparks

Friday 16th of April 2021

Wow! Just wow! My dad recently passed away after a very short battle with cancer. During our last conversation just hours before he passed I asked him to send me signs from the other side to let me know he’s ok. Very early the next morning I was awakened by some loud squawking and right outside my window was a single crow. And I knew immediately it was him. When I was in high school my dad was hunting and found a tree that had fallen and a nest with one baby crow. He brought him home and fed him with an eye dropper til he could eat on his own. We named him jaybob and he stayed at our farm for years, landing on our shoulders and becoming quite the theif, bic lighters were a favorite. He was especially attached to my dad and would seek him out even when many people were present. I knew without a doubt my dad was at peace!

Alan Young

Monday 26th of April 2021

Thanks Denise for sharing your story! 🙏