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The Amazing Cheetah Spiritual Animal – Totem, Symbolism And More

The Amazing Cheetah Spiritual Animal – Totem, Symbolism And More

The cheetah is the fastest land animal and has amazing eyesight. An amazing animal from the continent of Africa, having the cheetah as your spirit animal is an incredible honor. 

According to Native American belief, there will be different spirit animals that come in and out of your life at moments when you need them.

There will be one that you identify with the most who is always with you, watching on and guiding you. This is your totem animal and will join you on your journey in life. 

What does the cheetah spirit animal represent? The cheetah spirit animal signifies opportunity, patience, and acting fast when needed. It represents the need to be focused on your goals and confident in your abilities. 

Do you think the cheetah is your spirit animal?

Do you feel a deep connection to cheetahs? 

Read on and discover the secrets of the cheetah spirit animal!

Signs The Cheetah Is Your Spirit Animal

cheetah spirit animal

Before we look at what the cheetah spirit animal represents, let’s first look at the signs that the cheetah is your spirit animal.

Most of the people in the western world don’t really see cheetahs in the wild so they cannot appear to us in this way, however, they still have the ability to connect and communicate with us. 

Do you dream of cheetahs? 

One of the ways in which our spirit animals guide us is through our dreams. If you are often dreaming of cheetahs they are probably a spirit guide and might even be your totem animal.

Write down every dream that you have, how you feel in them, and the context.

Do you feel a strong connection to cheetahs? 

Sometimes we have a strong innate link to a certain animal that to us might at first seem strange.

But this is because they are your totem spirit animal.

Are you drawn to cheetahs?

Do you think about them often?

When you see them on TV or in films do you have a strong reaction?

Perhaps you feel awe, fear, or hope?

If this is the case, the cheetah is probably your spirit animal!

Cheetah Spirit Animal Traits And Characteristics

cheetah traits and characteristics

If the cheetah is your spirit animal, their traits are reflected in you. The cheetah has chosen you because of your deep connection and similarities.

In some ways, your spirit animal knows you more than you know yourself. 

When discovering your totem animal and finding out how they will help your journey, looking at the traits and characteristics of the spirit animal will aid self-discovery and personal development. 

Positive Traits Of The Cheetah Spirit Animal

If the cheetah is your spirit animal you are smart and intuitive. You are fast-thinking, able to react quickly to negative situations, and changing them to positive ones. 

The cheetah is an active animal. When you have the cheetah as your totem animal, you love to keep yourself busy, always finding new tasks and objectives during every moment of the day!

You seem to be always preparing yourself for the next thing you are about to do, but remember you have to finish the task in front of you first! 

You are a patient person and know that dedication and hard work pays off. You always wait for the right time to strike, and always know when it is going to be! 

If the cheetah is your spirit animal you value knowledge. You love to discover more about the world around you and the universe you are in and enjoy reading and learning about science and history.

You know that knowledge is endless and you are always on a quest for more. 

Negative Traits Of The Cheetah Spirit Animal

Nobody is perfect.

We all have negative traits, but in learning about them we can make sure that we try and better ourselves every day!

The cheetah might seem the perfect animal. Fast, smart, and beautiful, what negative traits could there possibly be with this wild cat as your totem animal?

If the cheetah is your spirit animal, be wary of isolating yourself. You have a tendency to push people away to focus solely on your work or whatever project you have at that point in time. This can upset your loved ones, even though they know you don’t mean anything by it. 

Use your intelligence to understand the people around you and how you can help them, keeping your friends and family close in your life. 

You also have a judgemental streak about you, especially when it comes to people who might not be as smart as you.

Understand that everyone has their own talents and they might be different to yours!

Remember to feel grateful about where you are right now in life. If the cheetah is your spirit animal, you sometimes feel like you must always be bettering yourself and the situation you are in.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with this, but make sure that you recognize all the goodness in your life right now. 

The Spiritual Meaning Of Seeing Cheetahs

cheetahs spiritual meaning

If you are seeing cheetahs a lot in your life, it is one of your spirit animals trying to communicate with you and provide guidance. 

The cheetah spirit animal wants you to remember that your goals are important, but don’t burn yourself out! 

You need to strive for balance in your life.

Perhaps you are overworked?

Are you putting too many hours into one project and not looking after yourself?

Remember that you need to sleep and eat and take time to relax! Your work will still be there once you have recharged.

You are moving at high speed, this is just a part of your personality, but don’t push yourself too hard! 

Your cheetah spirit guide wants you to know that you might need to act quickly at a certain time in the near future. Don’t waste any opportunities that appear, and keep your eyes open for times to strike. 

This might be in work or in your personal life, perhaps you will have a romantic opportunity soon! 

Don’t hold back and isolate yourself. 

There will be big opportunities coming, and you don’t want to waste any of them, so make sure you are recharged and ready to go!

Cheetah Totem And Symbolism

If your totem animal is the cheetah and they are appearing a lot in your life, you must take notice of them and listen to their guidance. 

They might be worried about you spreading yourself too thin and trying to do too many things. Check-in on yourself and your basic, core needs. 

Are you developing any bad habits to cope with your hardworking nature? 

The cheetah symbolizes speed but it also symbolizes flexibility and adaptability. Don’t be too stuck in your ways and allow yourself a break if you need one. 

The cheetah symbolizes independence. Being independent means being brave and strong and not relying on others. 

These are great traits, but don’t push people away for the sake of your pride. Everybody needs a helping hand from time to time, even you!

The Meaning Of Cheetahs In Mythology

Cheetahs In Mythology

It is impossible to look at a cheetah and not feel awe. They are beautiful and powerful creatures and have some amazing traits.

Because of their wonder, cheetahs have often been valued and even worshiped in some cultures. 

It is common knowledge that the Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats.

The oldest known monumental structure in Egypt is the Great Sphinx of Giza, a huge limestone statue of a cat that dates back to 2500 BCE.

Cheetahs were held in high regard in Ancient Egypt and the goddess Mafdet was often portrayed as a cheetah.

She was the first recorded feline goddess and was the goddess of justice and judgment. She also protected against poisonous venom from snake bites.  

It is said that Ancient Egyptians might have even kept cheetahs as pets!

The Meaning Of Cheetahs In Dreams

If you are seeing the cheetah in your dreams, this will either be a warning or a sign of encouragement so pay attention to the context of the dream and the emotions that it brings. 

What is the cheetah doing in your dream?

How do you feel towards them?

Dreams that a cheetah is attacking you

If you are dreaming that a cheetah is attacking you, you need to be more sure of yourself.

You can be weak when standing up for your true beliefs and wants and this is not getting you anywhere. 

You may think that being passive and agreeable is the best way in order to avoid conflict, but actually, it can just make the situation worse. 

Be brave and speak the truth!

Dreams that a cheetah is chasing you

Another scary dream. However, this dream is a message of encouragement from your spirit animal. If you are dreaming that a cheetah is chasing you, you need to go ahead and pursue the goals that you have in your life!

You might be wasting time and putting off chasing your dreams.

Stop doing this and act now!

You may be insecure and riddled with self-doubt. The cheetah spirit animal wants you to know that you are capable of anything because they are behind you supporting you and giving you guidance. 

Dreams that a cheetah is hunting something

If in your dream the cheetah is hunting something that you cannot see and you are watching them passively, this is a sign that there is something missing in your life.

Your deep subconsciousness knows this, but you just need a nudge in the right direction. The cheetah spirit animal is here to do this. 

Are you fulfilled in your career?

Do you have a strong connection with the people in your life?

Dreaming of a cheetah hunting suggests that there is an emptiness to your life and you are not fulfilled spiritually. 

Try and work out if you are on the right path in life or not. Sometimes your spirit animal wants to warn you that you are going in the wrong direction and avoiding your true calling. 

Don’t worry too much though, there is time now to make the changes that you need to be fulfilled and happy!

Other Potential Hidden Messages Associated With The Cheetah

Cheetahs other messages

If you are seeing cheetahs often in your dreams or in the media, you should really start to wonder why. Sometimes it can be a warning sign for what is about to come. 

Cheetahs act fast. They are smart, powerful, and can run at high speeds. 

Soon you might need to act fast. 

Seeing the cheetah spirit animal on a regular basis might be because they are trying to provide you with some of their wisdom. They might know that a big event is coming up in your life. 

This big event will be make or break for a certain dream or relationship. 

You may get the push you are needing for the dream job or the perfect relationship, but ultimately it is down to you. The cheetah wants you to know that you must act fast when this event comes and go with your heart.

You will know what is right and you will pounce on the opportunity. The power of the cheetah totem animal is on your side and is supporting you all the way, so do not hesitate. 

Self-doubt and self-sabotage will have major consequences on your journey in life. 

Be brave and believe in your intelligence and power! 

Final Thoughts 

If your spirit animal is the cheetah, you are extremely lucky and have a lot of wonderful traits and powers. 

Intelligent, quick-witted, perceptive, and with an ability to act fast, the cheetah is a wonderful animal. To have the cheetah spirit animal watching out for you means that you will be incredibly successful in life.

Remember to not push yourself though, everybody needs a time out and time to enjoy themselves and the company of others.

Open up to your friends and family and have some fun! 

Remember to keep steady and not rush forward to fast!

Life is a long and beautiful journey, so enjoy the ride. Getting to the destination is just as fun as the destination itself!

Beth Floyd

Monday 20th of September 2021

I dreamt of a cheetah last night. It came to me through grass and stood and looked at me. I can still see its face so clearly. I read this article and it all coincides with what is going on in my life.