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What To Say When Manifesting (And What Not To Say)

What To Say When Manifesting (And What Not To Say)

No matter how badly anyone wants to make it seem, there is no all-powerful way to manifest.

The truth is, manifestation is deeply personal as we all have our different gifts, corks, and weaknesses.

When manifesting, there are different factors can determine whether or not the manifestation will come to fruition.

Some of these things include: how much and what kind of energy goes into the manifestation, your karma, and even your personality traits. 

However, what you say when manifesting, .i.e the language you speak (or write or even think) plays a huge part in your manifestation process, regardless of which method you choose.

What To Say When Manifesting 

You have likely been manifesting things most of your life without even realizing it.

As humans, our subconscious plays a huge role in our manifestation process. The subconscious mind makes up 90% of who we are.

That’s right. An overwhelming 90% of who you are, you aren’t even conscious of. 

Things like: 

  • Your beliefs and values 
  • Emotions 
  • Habits
  • Long-term memory 
  • Protective reactions 
  • Imagination
  • Intuition 

These are all aspects of the subconscious mind.

The things you see, hear, and energetically receive can affect and shape how you feel and perceive the world around you.

Therefore, when you change your daily life and shift it to match your heart’s truest desires, it becomes easier to manifest those desires rather than old habits, beliefs, and so on. 

So what’s the easiest way to make your manifestations form the way you imagine them? Integrate your life, first and foremost. 

Live, breathe, think, feel, perceive the life you want, and it will be that much easier to manifest.

In a sense, you are controlling your subconscious mind by doing this.

Pay attention to the music you listen to, the media you consume, your thoughts about yourself and the world around you, and even how you treat your body and what foods you fuel it with.

Once you’ve done this, the next order of business is inspecting the language you speak, think, and write about your current life and the life you want. 

Below are a few tips to help you manifest your deepest desires as quickly as possible simply by the language you use: 

Using The Right Language For Manifesting 

woman knowing what to say when manifesting

Get clear on what it is that you want

Whether you practice writing your manifestations, speaking them into the universe, a combination of both, or some other method, you have to be as specific as possible.

Don’t skimp on the details, either!

Paint a picture of what you want. Not only will it help you embody what you want, but it sends clear intentions into the universe. 

Trust you are deserving of your manifestation 

This is where your thoughts really come into play.

If you don’t believe you are deserving of what you seek, it will slow down the seek. You have to believe it, to see it, and ultimately to be it. 

Remember to acknowledge and receive all that is sent your way

Good and bad, for better or worse, receive all gifts and lessons with open arms and an open mind. Don’t stop there, though.

Acknowledge out loud and on paper all that you receive. Express your gratitude and remember to find the positive in all things.

Sometimes our manifestations come in baby steps, and if we don’t acknowledge those steps, it may feel like our manifestations aren’t working properly. 

Consistently check back in with your process. Not only does it help to reiterate your intentions, but it helps you to see things you may have missed. 

Remove all resistance 

Any and all negative mindsets and actions only create resistance.

If you wake up fearful or doubting your potential, it’s not a sign that your manifestations aren’t working. It’s a sign that you need to take care of your energy and re-establishing that power within yourself.

Don’t hold onto the negativity. Allow it to flow through you and away from you, and replace it with positive affirmations.

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7 Affirmations To Help You Manifest

Woman in sunset

There are many different ways to go about manifesting, as mentioned before.

However, no one can argue the power of affirmations. Even if all they seem to do is instill confidence within you, that is enough to make them worth speaking, writing, and thinking into existence. 

Here are a few affirmations that you can say when manifesting: 

  • I am worthy of my manifestation and now release all things that do not serve my highest purpose. 
  • My soul is ready to live the reality of my dreams. 
  • The universe always has my back
  • I surround myself with people, animals, items, and media that genuinely help and encourage me to reach my goals. 
  • Every day, I move closer toward my best life. 
  • Everything works out perfectly for me. I am creating my dream life. 
  • I trust in the universe because she always gives me exactly what I need at the exact time I need it. 

You can use these affirmations, find others that align better with your goals, or create your own.

Use them as mantras for your life to keep you on track.

They work great when you feel tested because they help to bring you back to center. However, you can repeat them whenever you feel called. 

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What Not To Say When Manifesting

Woman not knowing what to say when manifesting

By now, you probably know that negativity is the curse to all manifestations.

Any sort of negativity can cause manifestations to slow or halt altogether.

Feelings of unworthiness, anxiety, fear, anger, uncertainty, pity, guilt, shame, etc. these are all low vibrational feelings that will not only halt your manifestations but lower your frequency in the process. 

It is important to maintain high energy and frequency levels to stay in alignment with your highest good, whether you are actively manifesting or not. 

But did you know there are certain words that aren’t inherently negative but can confuse, fog, or delay your manifestations?

Words hold so much power. While you are on your manifestation journey throughout your life, you will continue to become more cognizant of words that aren’t energetically aligned with your being. 

For example, some people start their days by saying, “grand rising!” rather than “good morning.” 

This might seem knit-picky, but it’s not!

Morning, while spelled differently, sounds the same as “mourning,” which is inherently lower in vibration than the word “rising.” 

Here are a few words/phrases that can halt your manifestations:

  • I Wish
  • I Never
  • I Hope
  • I Can’t 
  • I Want 
  • I’m Going to

A good rule of thumb is to always speak about your manifestations as if you already have them.

By saying, “I hope to one day have…” you are perpetuating the process to forever be out of reach. Instead, try rephrasing by saying, “I am so thankful that today I have…”. 

Manifesting is a lifelong art that you (or anyone) will ever truly master.

Life is constantly evolving, and so are we, which means the art of manifestation is constantly evolving with us.

However, these are the few tried and true things that can really help you get the ball rolling to figure out your own subjective method of manifesting that works best for you! 

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Friday 12th of August 2022

You’re blessed Lindsey. Thank you 🙏🏽


Saturday 1st of January 2022

Wonderful read. Thank you for sharing.


Thursday 5th of August 2021

Thanks for this blog , I have a doubt will universe get us whatever we want , like I want a soulmate who should be rich in terms of money and heart and i want him to be met by me when i do to my dream university , so over here going to dream university can be done by us by extra efforts and universe will provide the oppurtunities and blessing to do the best am i right ? and another one i want a soul mate , i shd meet him in my university n i shd have a big house near that university , he shd have a lot sourse for income he shd be good looking etc etc , so over here i can just ask the universe n pray n wait for it to come at the time i asked , is that correct ? will it happen like that ? and i have one more doubt pls do answer , tHE 1st week i started manifesting i was vry happy but the 2nd week i was not cuz i was not seeing any signs or any incidents like what i asked was to happen after 5 years as i asked so it's common to loose faith at that time but i did not give up i made myself comfotable n mademyself believe in universe then started the magic i saw 111, 1111 , 1010 , 121 daily atleast 5 times a day n a lot of meaning ful co incidence like a person i was thinking texted at that time , i was thinking the one work was not done by my friend n i got a notification that the work is done n still much more but the next week I only saw few 111 , 1111 numbers daily n that s all , what does it mean ? even now i only see few numbers like 1111 n u know i got a dream of 1111 like it was seen on a wall , so what does this mean , am i out of my path or everything i asked is aligned so i am not getting signs ? pls do answer it will be very helpful to me.


Sunday 1st of August 2021

Your Blogs are really very interesting , Thanks a lot for sharing . I have a doubt , From the day i started manifesting i was seeing a lot signs like angel numbers and increased synchronicities and other staff , the things i asked the universe is something which i need in my life after 5 years so i asked universe to show it at that time , but from past 1 week I am not seeing that much signs except few 1111 numbers and few incidents and because of that i am feeling bit hopeless and feeling that law of attraction doesn’t exist , what does it mean ? Am I on the wrong path or Is my manifestion already aligned in my life so i am not getting the signs anymore ?