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7 Reasons You MUST Let Go To Be A Better Manifestor – Law Of Attraction

7 Reasons You MUST Let Go To Be A Better Manifestor – Law Of Attraction

So you’ve got everything you need to be a great manifestor. You know all the techniques, and you apply them faithfully.

You find yourself having a series of small successes.

But for some reason, when it comes to the stuff that really matters to you, you are not doing so great.

Now you’re on the path of doubt.

“I did everything right, so why isn’t this working? Is the law a sham? Am I wasting my time? Was I better off not knowing about the law of attraction, than I am now?”

It’s natural to have these questions pop up.

Heck, I even asked myself this a lot when I was first starting out on my manifesting journey. I’ve been there, so I completely understand your frustration.

Would you like to know the one little thing you might need to do, that could just totally rev up your manifesting?

Well it’s this: LET GO!

I know, you’ve read this a bajillion times, and you’ve tried it. Doesn’t work. Besides, how is one supposed to let go of the very thing they want the most in the entire world?

Why should I let go of it, and why would that help me manifest it to begin with?

Great questions. Which I'll answer for you now.

Here Are 7 Reasons You Must Let Go To Be A Better Manifestor.


1. Letting Go Takes The Pressure Off Of You.

You’ll notice, everytime I talk about manifesting, or give techniques, I always start off with recommending you set yourself at ease. 

You need to relax if you want to manifest successfully.

It’s not just about relaxing your body and your mind when you do your visualization. It’s relaxing despite not having your desire physically.

You cannot manifest your desires, if you continue to hold on to them so tight.

You need to assume an air of “divine nonchalance.” Take the pressure off yourself. You’ve done your part. Now allow things to unfold naturally, until your manifestation is yours!

Take action, but be sure your actions are coming from a place of inspiration, versus desperation.

2. Letting Go Lets You “Live In The End.”

By living in the end, I mean the end of the story, where you have the thing you’ve been desiring all this time.

Now I want you to think carefully about something. Look at your phone. Your computer. Your home. Your car. Your whatever.

Think back to times when you did not have these things, when you would have killed to have them.

Remember then? How you were consumed with desire? How when you thought you were about to get it you were so excited? How if it failed to come, you were devastated?

Contrast them to now. How do you feel about having all these things? Nothing, right?

You’re not jumping all over the place in excitement.

Here’s the thing, once you’ve done your manifestation techniques, let go.

Fast-forward to how you’d feel about having whatever it is you want.

Hate to break it to you, but you don’t feel particularly attached or excited.

So, to speed up your manifestation, learn to let go of all that extra unnecessary needy emotion.

Let your desire feel like you’ve always had it, and now you’re “meh” about it.

3. Letting Go Tricks Your Subconscious Into Thinking It’s Attainable.

Let’s say you want a million dollars. Every time you think about having it, you get so excited. Your toes curl. Your heart beats faster.

Why is that?

I’ll let you in on a secret. It’s because in the beginning, when you’ve identified your desire, it feels new to you.

It feels – wait for it – unnatural. Maybe Impossible.

Why else would you be so ridiculously excited?

If you knew you could just cross over to the grocery store and buy some bread like you’ve always done, you don’t get so antsy about it. You just do it.

When you start to let go of your desire, by letting it feel ordinary to you, your subconscious is impressed with the feeling that this one million dollars thing is actually not unusual.

So what happens when you let go?

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4. Letting Go Makes Things Happen Faster.

Try this.

Make a list of very random things you’re not attached to.

Things you’d like to manifest, like, a free coffee, free lunch, a compliment, a red car, three ladies wearing purple.

Don’t give these things too much thought. Just forget about your list.

Then at the end of your day, go through it to see how many of them manifested.

I guarantee a lot of them, maybe even all of them will happen.

Why? You weren’t so attached. You weren’t waiting for it to happen. You just wrote it down, and boom! It happens.

Take that same approach to manifesting your desires.

5. Letting Go Puts Your Desires In Perspective.

Something Abraham-Hicks always says is this: “It is as easy to create a castle as it is a button.” And it’s so true!

But because our minds are wired to think of things as having various degrees of difficulty, we mess up the process.

We tend to find it easier to get the free lunch, but not the free home.

So how does letting go fix that? When you let go, you’re no longer so moved by things that reflect your desire or lack of it.

It doesn’t seem so distant and unattainable anymore.

6. Letting Go Will Release Everything Needed To Make Your Desire Real.

When you’re holding on, you’re in a state of want.

When you want, it means you don’t have it.

When you’re so hungry for it, it means you lack it.

Soon as you flip the script, and let go of that feeling of desire, guess what happens?

Everyone who needs to appear to make your desire happen, will do and they'll play their part.

Everything that needs to happen for you to have it, will immediately start to be.

Letting go is like hitting the play button on your desire, you can finally get to the end, where you have it.

7. Letting Go Builds Your Confidence.

I know it seems really scary.

It feels like if you let go, then it’s never going to happen for you.

But trust me on this, letting go is a statement to yourself,

And the world at large, that you’re confident your desire is as good as done.

You’re so confident about this fact that you no longer desire it as you did.

It’s old news. It’s like you know you ordered some pizza, and it’s on the way.

You don’t care if it’s snowing, raining, or hailing.

You know for a fact, any second now, that doorbell’s going to go off, and you’re going to have yourself a nice yummy slice or two.

That’s the kind of confidence letting go gives you.

So there ya go!

7 reasons you need to let go when manifesting with the law of attraction.

I hope you found this post helpful and feel free to give it a pin 🙂


Friday 16th of April 2021

Thank you so much, felt relieved, exactly I got the answer to my doubt.

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Monday 26th of April 2021



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Thursday 14th of March 2019

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