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Are You a Lightworker? Discover 9 Signs That Say ‘Yes’!

Are You a Lightworker? Discover 9 Signs That Say ‘Yes’!

A strong sense of empathy for those around you.

A willingness to help and care for those in need.

A sense of duty to your fellow human.

If any of these sentences describe you, you could very well be a lightworker.

Maybe you have a strong urge to harness positive energy and use it for good.

It could be something you draw upon at work or something you are passionate about in your spare time.

Before we move on to the common signs that suggest you could be a lightworker, let’s define the term.

What is a lightworker?

So what is a lightworker, and why should you care? Well, in essence, a lightworker is someone who has a strong presence and is acutely aware of the needs of others.

An excellent way to think of a lightworker is as a spiritual healer. Someone who can quickly assess the thoughts and feelings of another. Someone who can help others move in the right direction.

You should care because being a lightworker means you have the potential to affect the lives of others significantly.

You have the power to heal those you love back to strength.

If you are curious to explore the possibility of being a lightworker, then read on as we discuss the more obvious signs that you are one.

The 9 Signs You Could Be A Lightworker

Lightworker Sign 1. You regularly encounter hardship

If you are a lightworker, the chances are you’ll have faced your fair share of adversity. You may feel like you can’t get a break sometimes, and you are regularly tested by life.

This is the universe’s way of putting you under the fire and bringing out the energetic healer within. Without adversity, you might never have the chance to see the power inside of you.

By facing regular struggle, you are more able to see that in others which you can heal. You empathize through personal experience. This pain drives you and makes you want to reach out and help those around you.

Rather than withdraw with every challenge you face, you come back stronger. Each test passed is another which brings you closer to your true potential as a lightworker.

Lightworker Sign 2. You strive for growth

After these challenges you meet in life, you not only bounce back but push forward.

You aim to grow every day and bring those around you along for the journey.

While others sometimes seem stagnant, you are not content with staying still. You are always seeking to improve yourself.

By improving yourself, you put yourself in a better position to help others. While you may not see it as such sometimes, you lift others up through your words and actions.

Lightworker Sign 3. You believe in the spiritual

Perhaps you are skeptical about what is out there, but you believe there is something.

You know inside of you that there is an energy to the universe and a higher power.

Maybe you have taken steps towards the spiritual through Eastern teachings or practices such as yoga or meditation. These actions give you strength and purpose.

You want everyone to feel this same power within themselves. You see the hidden potential in other people and want to help them unlock it.

While not directly preaching to others about what they should do, you gently guide them when possible. Offering some advice that feels right for them and can help enrich their experience of life.

Lightworker Sign 4. You express yourself creatively

Chances are, if you’re a lightworker, you are well-versed in creative art. That is to say, you enjoy expression through an artistic medium, like writing or drawing.

You have an energy inside of you that moves in different ways. It takes a creative person to channel it through their work. While you may just draw or write for fun, you feel a strong need to produce at times.

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Lightworker Sign 5. You like socializing, but it often drains you

Much like the stereotypical introvert, a lightworker lives for social connection but is also drained by it.

Maybe you wish it were different. I know I often struggle to convince myself to be social when I know it can zap my energy. Yet this sensitivity you have is also your best strength.

Being highly empathetic, you can get taken up in other people’s energies. Yet this shouldn’t stop you from wanting to engage with other people.

You sense deep down that social bonding is your lifeblood, you just need it in smaller doses sometimes.

Lightworker Sign 6. You are drawn to helping others

Maybe it’s a significant part of your work. If you are a veterinarian or nurse, for example, there’s a strong chance you were drawn to this career for a reason.

The desire to heal as we discussed earlier is present in some area of your life. Even if you aren’t in a job that requires you to help people directly, maybe you volunteer or spend your spare time wondering how you can give back.

Whatever it is, you have a feeling inside you that comes out when you do good for others. The empathy you feel will often lead you to take positive action.

Lightworker Sign 7. You are strongly affected by negative energy

Have you ever been in the room with someone with negative energy and felt drained? Do you feel down when your partner isn’t at 100%? If so, this could be related to your strong sense of empathy.

Often people who are lightworkers can’t help but be affected by negative events.

Seeing something in the newspaper or hearing some bad news can trigger deep sadness.

This feeling shows that you empathize with those who suffer. That you have a desire to overcome this feeling of pain and help others get through it.

Lightworker Sign 8. Your mental health suffers at times

Due to this high sensitivity to negative energy, you can often feel prone to depression. Being so empathetic causes you distress and gets the better of you sometimes.

This may also arise in the form of anxiety. You feel a sense of helplessness when it comes to specific events in the world.

Your will to help and heal means you struggle when you feel like you can’t help some people.

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Lightworker Sign 9. You want to affect meaningful change

Just as you are prone to seek ways to improve and help those around you, you also have a burning desire to change the world.
You wish things were different, and feel an urgency in your actions.

It can seem frustrating to see other people not care about the environment and others’ suffering. You are well aware of these issues and striving for positive change.

So if you resonate with a few of the signs on this list, maybe you are indeed a lightworker.

What does this mean for you? Well, you have a special ability to heal others and make the world a better place. A unique, powerful guiding force, which you should look to use for good, whenever you see an opportunity present itself.

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