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Diamond Children – 15 Amazing Traits And Characteristics

Diamond Children – 15 Amazing Traits And Characteristics

As the vibration of planet earth is rising, the type of souls sent here for incarnation has been changing.

In the past, Earth has been populated by all types of souls and entities – old souls, young souls, angels, demons, etc.

Lately, as we enter the Era of Healing and Transformation, the universe has been sending more high-vibrational, powerful souls such as Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, Golden Children, Crystal Children, and most recently – Diamond Children.

What do all of these souls have in common?

They have all come here with a specific mission – to change the world into a better place, to nurture and help others on their journey of healing, and to ultimately raise the vibration of planet Earth.

In this article, I am going to focus on Diamond Children, as they are the newest type of high-vibrational soul currently sent to Earth to help facilitate the spiritual growth of our planet.

Diamond Children are the purest form of Empaths, and while many people are Empaths, not all Empaths are Diamond Children.

The internet doesn’t offer much information about Diamond Children yet, because they are fairly new around and there wasn’t much knowledge about them. Diamond Children started coming recently, which means that most of them are young children at the moment, but they're a few of them who have been around for a few decades.

These older Diamond Children will have the role of guiding and looking after the younger ones.

If you suspect that you, your child or someone you know might be a diamond child, go on and read the following key traits and characteristics and find out if your hunches are right or not: 

What Are The Traits And Characteristics Of Diamond Children?

1. Magical Eyes That Seem To Be Out This World

diamond child with big blue eyes

Most Diamond Children have green or blue eyes, due to the fact that they come from very high-vibrational dimensions, and their soul is charged with light.

But I’m not just talking about the color – there is more to their eyes than that.

Their eyes are big, almond-shaped, and have a certain magic that you have never seen before.

The eyes are what you first notice about them and they can be so beautiful and intense they will have you stare at them in disbelief. These eyes will make people stop on the street just to look better at them – these eyes can change the world.

You know what they say – eyes are the mirrors of the soul.

Therefore, a diamond child’s eyes will reflect all the light, beauty, and strength that resides within them. Many people are empathic, but the eyes will make Diamond Children stand out from the other ones. 

2. Empathy Above Average Levels

As Diamond Children are here to help heal the world, one of their most prominent characteristics is empathy.

Empathy enables any sort of Empath or Light Worker to do their work, as Empathy makes them feel what a person in suffering is feeling and makes them want to provide help.

Diamond Children are the purest form of Empath – they possess all the characteristics an Empath possesses at the highest levels. They will manifest empathy towards any living creature that crosses their path.

Empathy is a beautiful, precious trait to have, because it is a the root of love, altruism and self-lessness. 

3. They Are Sensitive To Energies

sensitive to negative energies

Diamond Children will pick up on any vibe which tells them that something is off.

They will feel the energy of every place they go into or of every person or animal they come across.

This can sometimes become debilitating, as these energies will affect them in many ways. It is very difficult for Diamond Children to be around negative people or to go to places of dark energy.

They might need a few days to recover from it and they will try anything in their power to avoid it.

4. They Need A Special Diet

Because the Diamond Energy is a very high vibrational energy, Diamond children will have a hard time accepting any sort of low-vibe energy, especially when it comes to what they put into their bodies.

In terms of food, they will have a hard time eating anything that is not natural, or meat.

In general, they will eat small amounts of food, and they will prefer natural, raw food, in general fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

Their bodies will naturally reject anything that is a low vibe, especially alcohol, tobacco, and drugs.

They never crave any of these, and therefore will be immune to vices. 

5. They Are Human Lie-Detectors

diamond child not listening

All Empaths are natural lie-detectors, but Diamond Children are the best.

Because they vibrate so high, they will feel any lie the second it was told to them. They don’t even need to see the liar while speaking, as they will not detect the lie using knowledge or logic, but their intuition will do the work for them.

Needless to say, Diamond Children will avoid being around any person that lies frequently or that gives off a very negative, doubtful vibe. 

6. They Tend To Isolate Themselves From The World

Because Diamond Children are highly empathetic and naturally attuned to a very high vibrational frequency, they might have a hard time adjusting to the energy of planet Earth.

Because of this, they will have the tendency to isolate themselves in order to protect themselves energetically.

At times, life might not be easy for them.

Due to this tendency to isolate, other people might view them as arrogant, weird, or even crazy. But they are far from being any of these- they just need more time to cleanse energetically, due to the fact that their system is not made to process the earthly energy.

They will not have any tolerance for anger, hatred, violence, or any other form of dark energy, and when they come across it, they feel the strong need to cleanse. 

7. They Possess Psychic Abilities Such As Telepathy, Clairvoyance, And Telekinesis

diamond child Psychic Abilities

Many old souls or Empaths might possess these attributes, but again, Diamond Children will possess them at very high rates.

They will always feel when someone is thinking about them, and they will pick up other people’s thoughts.

They will predict future events all the time, and will almost always know what other people are about to say to them. They will also have the ability of telekinesis, which is probably the most spectacular psychic ability.

Telekinesis is the ability to make something happen in the physical world by using the power of your mind, or in other words- energy.

It is quite common for Diamond Children to make an alarm go off or to close a door with the power of their intent. And this is just one example of what these extremely powerful light beings can do once they tap into their powers and embrace their potential. 

8. They Think With Their Heart

Diamond Children are already beyond logical thinking – they think, feel, and speak from their hearts.

They don’t waste time weighing pros and cons before a decision, as they instinctively feel what is right and what is wrong.

They naturally live from the heart, they don’t need meditations to help them do that, as that is their default way of operating in all aspects of life – relationships, work, decisions, etc. 

9. Their Karma Is Lighter Than The Average Person

diamond child with light karma

Diamond Children do not come on Earth to learn lessons and pay karmic debts.

They are beings of light that come from very high dimensions, so they’ve learned their lessons and paid their karma many lifetimes ago. Chances are, they might even be on Earth for the first time as they have evolved and lived in another dimension.

As they do not have heavy karma to pay, they are here to help others in the process of paying their karmic debt and to elevate the vibration of Earth. 

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10. They Have A Special Mission To Fulfill In This Life Time

Diamond children most likely came on Earth with a special mission – to spread love, to help heal humanity, to change the general way of thinking, and so on.

Most likely, they came to help humanity start thinking with the heart, thus transforming Earth into a place of love, instead of a place of fear and low vibe emotions.

This mission is easy to notice by their hobbies and interests.

They will most likely have a passion for spirituality, for meditation, astrology, white magic, healing, psychology, and everything mystical or healing-related. They will surround themselves with people that have similar interests and will tend to avoid people with maleficent intentions or negative interests. 

11. They Crave Silence And Nature

diamond child spending time alone

Because they need to periodically purify on an energetical level, they will love spending time alone and/or in nature, due to the fact that nature is the perfect environment for this.

When in nature, their bodies will discard any negative energy and Earth will absorb it.

The sun and fresh air will cleanse and charge them.

This purifying process happens to any human, but it is more intense when it comes to the beings of light. Empaths, Diamond Children, and other sorts of people that are sensitive to energy have a faster pace of cleansing energetically.

Their bodies absorb a lot of negative energy from the environment but also get rid of it just as fast.

This process could be viewed as a way of purifying the planet, as they absorb the negative energy and transmute it into light or make it disappear. 

12. They Are Very Fond Of Animals And Plants

Diamond Children will have the utmost respect and deep love for any living being.

They will never agree that one race – the human race for example is more important than the other creatures living on Earth. They will be the people that feed all the stray cats and dogs and that instead of killing the spider that just appeared in their house, will take it and gently put it outside.

They will also love plants, flowers and everything green.

They will cherish all living things and they are most likely to own more pets or to get involved in altruistic activities such as volunteering for an animal shelter. 

13. They Are Selfless And Altruistic

selfless diamond child

Because they value all living creatures, they will also have a soft spot for human beings living in need or poverty.

More often than not, they might have a soft spot for the homeless.

As they are highly empathetic, they will not tolerate seeing someone living on the street, struggling with cold and hunger. Most of the time they will put themselves in the shoes of that person and they will feel intense emotional pain when they will see someone living in very bad conditions.

They will be that person always involved in helping the homeless, and will never judge them or looking at them in a superior way like most people do.

They will do a lot of voluntary work helping the homeless and give them money every time, disregarding the common view that the homeless “deserve their condition” or that “they did something bad” and this is why the Universe is punishing them.

Basically, Diamond Children will be found in many charities or associations that aim to aid animals or people in need. They will be unable to dedicate their time to unimportant or petty causes. 

14. The Universe Always Has Their Back In A Magical Way

There will be a certain magic revolving Diamond Children.

When you look at them, you can feel something is unusual but you can’t quite put your finger on it. Besides their magical, out of this world eyes, it looks like they have a special aura surrounding them.

You cannot help but notice that they always achieve their goals, no matter how big or unrealistic they are.

When it looks like they have failed and all hope is lost in fulfilling an objective, they still surprise you and turn the situation around. When they do something silly or reckless – because they are still human, the universe somehow protects them from any harsh consequences.

In other words, they seem to be untouchable.

This is because their field of protection is very high – like an aura of light always surrounding them. Basically, they only answer to God, and that is their attitude in life as well. 

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15. People View Them As Distant And “Weird”

diamond child alone

Because they are very sensitive to energy and they vibrate on a higher level than most people, they will be very aware of the dangers of being friends with everyone.

They will also get bored by plain, usual activities and hobbies, and this is why they will steer away from the crowd.

They will only be willing to dedicate their time and energy to a bunch of select few people, which most likely will be similar to them. But because of this, their lives might get quite lonely at times, and people might view them as outcasts, loners, arrogant or weird.

Deep down people will feel rejected by Diamond Children, and because of that, they might put all sorts of labels on them. But Diamond Children have a very strong personality.

If they will temporarily feel affected by these labels, they will shake it off pretty quick, as they will understand they are not here to fit in this world, but to help create a new one. 

If you recognize yourself, your child, or someone you in more of these traits and characteristics, the chances are that person is a Diamond Soul.

A Diamond Soul is here to change the world in a positive way, and despite the fact that their Divine Protection is amazing, their path will not be easy. At times, they might need a lot of love, support, and even healing and therapy to be able to face the obstacles that might be on their path.

They might face a lot of opposition for their open-minded way of thinking and a lot of envy from other people.

Nonetheless, they will always find a way out of trouble and a way of turning things around. Where there is a Diamond Child, a lot of miracles and positive things happen. 

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Wednesday 8th of December 2021

Dear Alexandra, many thanks for this article. You describe me impecably. Yes, I had several major depressions throughout my live. Yes, I allways felt like a weirdo. Yes, I volonteer in an animal shelter picking up and addapting stray cats (29) and dogs (at present only 3), the shelter beeing my soul mate's and my house. No, we are neither selfless nor altruistic, as we don't want to have to live in a world where, if we come across and have the possibility, souls in need are left behind in cold blood, even though we have to be very careful with our money. Having to live on this planet is very tough, but we're not an exception. Again, many thanks. Love, Charles