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11 Amazing Crystal Children Traits And Characteristics

11 Amazing Crystal Children Traits And Characteristics

Crystal children are a relatively new concept. In another article, I have described Diamond Children, the latest category of “New Energy Kids” that has been incarnating on our planet lately.

For those of you who have special spiritual or healing abilities but did not tick all the boxes necessary to be a Diamond Child, I am here describing another type of “New Energy Kids” – the well-known “Crystal Children”.

If you suspect that you might be a New Energy Kid but you’re not sure which type, I invite you to read this article and find out if you have any of the crystal children traits that reveal if you are one or not. 

First, I would like to explain the context in which these “New Energy Kids” appeared on Earth.

At the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the New Millennium, there has been a shift in the vibrational frequency of our planet. In the past, earth has been a place of dark energy, embodied through all the atrocities and cruel deeds people did in the first centuries of civilization as we know it.

Lately, the Universe has decided that Earth must increase its vibrational frequency and become a place of spiritual healing.

Therefore, souls from higher realms have been sent to incarnate as human beings. These souls are called “New Energy Kids” or Star Children, but the truth is that some of them have also been sent in the past, as a spiritual teacher or very powerful healers with miraculous abilities.

Very few of them have been sent before the 21st Century, but since the 1950s their number has been increasing.

The main categories of “New Energy Kids” are Indigo Children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, and Diamond Children – and this is the order in which they started coming to Earth. 

Indigo Children were the first type of “New Energy Kids” and although they came from high vibrational realms, they also have dark energy of anger inside them, which often causes them to be very feisty.

The second wave of celestial beings, “The Crystal Children” has very soft and light energy, as they have paid off most of their karma. They might still have a few lessons to learn, but the main purpose they are here is that they need to help other souls evolve and to help this vibrational shift of the planet to happen.

If you recognize yourself in most of the following Crystal Child traits then you are most likely one.

11 Crystal Children Traits And Characteristics 

Crystal children traits and characteristics

1. As a crystal child you were born in the 1980s – 1990s

As the main Crystal Children traits and the main traits of other star children or spiritually powerful people can be quite similar, it’s important to start with the year you were born.

Indigo Children mainly came to Earth after the 1950s, but that star children born after the 1980s are more likely to be Crystal Children.

What differentiates Indigo Children from Crystal Children is the feisty/angry energy that the Indigos possess.

Indigos needed this angry, aggressive energy because they came to change systems, and they need to be able to fight the injustices of previous systems. In contrast, the energy of Crystal Children is more peaceful, soft, and gentle.

People who can see auras stated that Crystal Children have a light, opalescent aura, different from the aura of Indigos or regular children.

2. You are incredibly psychic and telepathic since infancy

The difference between Crystal Children any other types of spiritually awakened people is that Crystal Children were born with the gift of psychic senses and telepathic ability.

By this, I mean that they did not develop these abilities later in life.

As a baby, you were able to communicate telepathically with your mother before you were able to speak. If you were hungry, thirsty, or just scared, you were able to send a mental signal to your mom and she would usually take action about it. 

3. Your parents sensed that you were a special child and that you were different from others

a crystal child is different

As a little child, it became very obvious that you were different from other kids.

Maybe you were quieter, more sensitive, or more empathic than other kids your age, or maybe you have a very high intelligence quotient or an unusual talent, but as a Crystal Child, you don’t exactly fit into the crowd. If you truly are a Crystal Child, chances are that even your teachers from school noticed that you were different.

Parents of Crystal Children need to be wary of this aspect.

As they come from high vibrational realms and they are very old, experienced souls, they are unlikely to behave like the typical child. 

Crystal Children have certain needs that other children do not have, and this is an important thing to know whether you are a Crystal Child yourself or the parent of one. They have a deep need for peace and harmony, for knowledge, and for deep, meaningful relationships.

4. As a crystal child you are highly intuitive and a real human lie detector

Perhaps this trait applies to all star or “New Energy Children”, even to all types of Empaths, but it still worth mentioning.

Crystal Children are also old, experienced souls, and even if they come from higher dimensions, they have experienced a variety of situations throughout their spiritual existence.

Therefore, they have an inner knowing of the truth feels and how a lie feels. Therefore, they are very hard to lie to, and they also have a strong intuition about what is the right action to take.

This is because, as they come from higher realms, they have very powerful spirit guides and guardian angels, who always nudge them in the right direction. 

5. You are very fond of nature and animals

As a Crystal child, you always had a special connection with nature and all the living creatures on the planet.

Maybe your love for animals is so powerful that you chose to become a vegetarian or at least you attempted.

As you are spiritually sensitive, nature is the perfect place for you to cleanse and to recharge. When it comes to animals, you feel very protective of them and you just love them very much.

When you see someone mistreat an animal, you always take action against it and you do not tolerate cruelty against them. 

6. You began to talk later than other children

talking later than other children

Another Crystal children trait is they might begin to speak later in life than regular children.

This happens because as old souls, they tend to be quieter and more introverted. Even as young kids, they were more likely to direct their attention inwards rather than outwards and to have a rich inner life.

Even more, as you could communicate your needs telepathically, the need for verbal communication was quite low at younger ages, therefore you began to talk only when it was absolutely necessary to talk to be able to integrate into society.

Perhaps you only started to speak towards the end of your kindergarten years or when you just started school, but you did understand everything that was being said to you.  

7. You have deep, unusually beautiful eyes

They say that eyes are the mirror of the soul, and to be honest, I couldn’t agree more.

An amazing Crystal children trait is that in general, they have astonishing, beautiful eyes. Your piercing gaze and unusual shape or color leave people amazed by your eyes. Some people can also feel “naked” under your gaze as if you could see straight through all the masks they put on and straight into their souls.

Little do they know, that is exactly what’s happening, as star children also can see through all the lies and fakeness.

8. You are a natural-born healer

As a Crystal Child, you manifested healing or spiritual abilities from an early age.

Somehow, you know that this is what you were meant to do – your mission in life.

You feel attracted to all fields related to healing but mostly to those related to spiritual or emotional healing. If you’re already adult chances are that you also chose a career that involves any type of healing. This can include being a nurse, a doctor, a therapist, a spiritual healer or simply using a talent to the benefit of others.

As a Crystal Child, you cannot even imagine a life in which you are not contributing to others. 

9. As a crystal child you make people confront their deepest inauthenticity

crystal children make people confront their deepest inauthenticity

As a Crystal child, not everyone is going to like you. This is because your energy is so different from the energy of regular people and so is your way of viewing the world.

You will not see eye to eye with most people, and you most likely will not allow people to act with a lack of authenticity. Even without wanting to, you will make people confront their deepest inauthenticity and to remove the masks they are wearing for society to accept them.

The interaction with you can make some people feel confronted, because they end up amid all their lies, and might not be willing to make a change and evolve.

Most likely, these people will begin to avoid you and they will remain at the same level of spiritual evolution until they are truly ready to make a change.

In contrast, people who are eager to evolve spiritually, change, and transform themselves will appreciate you even if you make them feel uncomfortable and confronted and will come back for more.

10. You are very sensitive to the environment

A Crystal Children trait can often manifest as them being difficult or fussy because as their energy is naturally elevated they do not fit in any environment.

Star seeds thrive best outdoors, in sunlight and nature, and they feel drained in environments that lack fresh air or have bright, artificial lights.

They are also sensitive to processed foods and drinks, which is why they might not eat what the average person eats. They will have a natural tendency to avoid artificial products even if others regard them as “tasty”, such as fizzy drinks and average snacks from the supermarket.

People around them might comment and say that are pretentious and precious, but in reality, they are made from a different cloth. 

11. People regard you as super-sensitive, yet fearless

Crystal children have an unusual way of being. They might be seen as a paradox at times. They are super-sensitive to the environment and often come across as difficult or fussy, but people cannot help but notice their powerful and fearless attitude.

Because they are old souls, they are very experienced in terms of dealing with problems, and even if they might be scared at times, they overcome that moment quickly and always find a solution.

They are sensitive physically and emotionally, yet a tremendous, out of this world power resides inside them. Crystal Children can readjust their sails and thrive in life even after the biggest disappointment. 

crystal children

If you recognize yourself in more than 7 of the crystal children traits listed above and most importantly, you are born in the timeframe 1980- 2000, you are most likely a Crystal Child.

If you are somehow similar to the description but you are born in another period, or you only meet a few criteria, I encourage you to research and read about the other types of Star Children – Indigo, Rainbow, and Diamond, or even about Empaths.

To understand yourself better, to acknowledge your life mission, and to know what you need to evolve, it’s important to know in which category you are.

You might think labels are not for humans, and I agree, but I also believe we need a way of categorizing the special souls that came to Earth, in order to help them understand themselves and fit in as much as possible.