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Answered: What Is a LIGHTWORKER? And Are YOU One?

Answered: What Is a LIGHTWORKER? And Are YOU One?

The term “lightworker” was first used about 40 years ago by a man named Michael Mirdad. It wasn’t used much again until Doreen Virtue wrote a book called The Lightworker’s Way. 

In today’s world, more and more people are waking up to the fact that they are a lightworker and that they incarnated on Earth to help spread love and teach humanity divine lessons of the universe. 

What is a lightworker? A lightworker is someone with an innate ability to help others. It is typically someone who is also empathetic and sensitive to energy.

Knowing what kind of lightworker you are can be tricky, and it’s possible you are more than one type.

That said, the more work you do on yourself first directly correlates to your lightworking abilities on Earth. 

If you are unsure whether or not you are a lightworker, continue reading below to learn the common signs of a lightworker. 

What Is a Lightworker and How Many Types Are There?

There are many names for a lightworker: 

  • Indigo child
  • Crystal baby
  • Earth Angel
  • Starseed 

Whatever name you prefer, you have a divine purpose of serving humanity. As a lightworker, you were given the opportunity to incarnate on the Earthly plane as a divine-human.

You have the ability to make incredible changes in the world. If you feel an immense pull to help others or to share your wisdom with those around you, you could be a lightworker

Lightworkers are said to be blessed by Source to feel great compassion and empathy towards others.

This allows them to do their work properly. It is also said, anyone has the opportunity to access this divine power.

Some people are born with an inner knowing that they can access this power, while others have a “spiritual awakening” later in life that gains them access to such power. 

These two different types are known as Newly Awakened Lightworkers vs. Retro Lightworkers.

One is not dominant over the other, but without Retro Lightworkers, Newly Awakened Lightworkers essentially wouldn’t exist.

There at least, wouldn’t be as many Newly Awakened Lightworkers today. 

It seems as though it could have something to do with generations as a whole.

Many Retro Lightworkers of today’s world are Millennials, or at least there seems to be a large number of Millennials that are here to serve humanity, and they are helping with the great energetic shift that is happening in the world right now.

More and more people are becoming Newly Awakened Lightworkers and using their power to help change the world for the better. 

As you harness your power and step into your light, you can begin to identify with where your power lies in the sense that you’ll start to notice the easiest ways for you to share your light with the world. 

At the end of the day, that’s all light working is. It is someone that is born with an inner knowing or someone that goes through the shadow work to gain access to their inner light.

This light is what fuels them. It is their strongest passion in life.

When you learn to harness this passion and use it for the greater good of humanity, you are essentially practicing light working.

The Many Types of Lightworkers

Just like anything else in life, some people are better in one area, while others succeed in a different area. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

Some people also work on a collective scale by helping humanity as a whole, while others work best in individual settings with one or a few people at a time.

Below are the common types of lightworkers walking the Earth today: 

The Transmuters

Another name for The Transmuters is The Neutralizers. They are particularly good at dispelling bad energy.

Doing so then restores and neutralizes the energy, which in turn brings balance to the environment or person in question. 

The Travelers/Dreamers

This type of lightworker does his or her best work through dreamscapes.

If you are particularly good at lucid dreaming and astral projection, you can use your lightwork energy to manifest things into the physical plane via your dreams. 

The Ascension Guides

The Ascension Guide Lightworkers are more of the visionaries. They work on the higher plane to create new possibilities and broaden the horizons for the future of mankind.

You likely are in fluid communication with the Ascended Masters if you are this type of lightworker. 

The Messengers

Those that have the inner power to spread crucial messages across the world with a captivating and relatable flair are known as The Messengers.

People love to listen to or read the words of The Messengers because they possess a likable and knowledgeable trait that humanity can respect and connect with.

These types of people are blessed with practicing their lightwork as motivational speakers, writers and bloggers, life coaches, artists, and teachers/philosophers. 

The Manifestors

The Manifestors have mastered the art of manifesting things into the physical plane.

As a Manifestor, you will probably start on a personal level by manifesting things into your own life.

Once you have mastered this, try expanding to friends and family, and then eventually the entire collective.

Manifesting for the collective is a feat that almost never accomplished, but with enough practice, passion, and discipline, anything is possible. 

The Grid workers/Gatekeepers

Harnessing the Gatekeeper light working energy is usually something that one won’t experience until later in life.

It is an advanced light working technique in which the lightworker specializes in the work of clearing out energy. 

Their primary role is to work with interdimensional grid lines. The grid is the vehicle that connects all things.

They do clearing work throughout the entire grid. Doing this allows love and light to flow through with ease. 

If you are ever in contact with a Gatekeeper, you will likely feel a great amount of positive energy, kindness, fairness, and peace radiating from them. 

The Psychics

Psychic lightworkers are a rare breed as well.

They have immense intuitive powers that they use alongside their elevated awareness that allow them to see things beyond the physical plane.

The most common lightwork of The Psychic is to help increase the chance of a positive outcome.

The end goal of The Psychic is to promote things like unity, peace, and harmony across the world.

The Healers/Spiritual Guides

The Healer lightworkers serve humanity with their abilities to heal mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments.

This type of lightworker tends to be more highly receptive to emotions than other types of lightworkers.

They must work hard to maintain their own health while simultaneously healing others. 

As a lightworker, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and fatigued at times. It is vital to your health and your ability to effectively help others to maintain a self-care regimen.

Do not allow yourself to sway away from this schedule. Self-care is the only way you can continue to do your work properly in this life and all after. 

Maybe you aren’t sure of what kind of lightworker you are or if you even are one at all.

Not to worry, if you are still a little confused as to what a lightworker actually is, continue reading below to learn the common signs that you are a lightworker

How to Know If YOU Are a Lightworker

You could be a lightworker without even knowing it. There are common signs and symptoms that people experience when their light working skills aren’t being utilized properly.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, chances are you have light working abilities you aren’t harnessing.

Once you begin to pay attention and hone in on your strengths, you will begin to help the collective as it shifts and transcends. 

Some of the common signs that you are a lightworker are: 

1. You’re Intuitive By Nature

It used to be thought that intuition was something you were either born with, or you weren’t.

This, however, is no longer the case. For some people, it just takes growing into their power until they can feel and understand how to read their own intuition.

It is that gut instinct you feel that helps you make decisions in life

It can be used to tell you what is good and bad, right and wrong, and whether or not people in your life are there to serve your greater good. 

Your intuition is also something you use to directly communicate with the divine. This is your personal gateway to the other realms.

The more you trust it, the easier it will be to communicate and see these other realms. 

2. You Feel As Though You Are An Old Soul

Maybe this is something that people have told you throughout different periods in your life. People that have old souls tend to feel as though they have been on Earth before.

They typically give great advice and seem wise beyond their years. 

Having an old soul is a common trait of lightworkers because lightworkers have incarnated on the physical plane since the dawn of time.

You absolutely have been here before, and knowing that helps you harness in on your strengths. 

3. You’re Extremely Empathic

Lightworkers are commonly so empathic that they are not only sensitive to the feelings of others but their thoughts as well.

As someone that is highly empathic, it can be hard to turn off sometimes. You must work to maintain a protective energetic barrier over yourself at all times.

This will help you continue your work without it becoming overbearing. 

4. Spirituality Is Something You Are Passionate About

Spirituality isn’t something that is taught in school or even considered one of the major religions.

It is something you are born with. Maybe it took you a while to become introduced to the spiritual side of life, but once you know, the passion tends to overcome you.

It becomes a part of who you are and everything you do. 

5. Some Might Regard You As a Spiritual Teacher

Because you are someone with an old soul that lives a life tailored to spirituality, many of those around you might even consider you a spiritual teacher.

Even if you aren’t directly trying to teach others, it is embodied in who you are. Your energy is wisdom are things that cannot be suppressed.

Others see this in you and look to you for guidance. 

6. You Have Struggled With Mental Illness

Mental illness is extremely common, especially in those that do not know they are lightworkers or those that are going against their natural abilities.

Many lightworkers often feel misunderstood by the human race in general, which can lead to a life of isolation.

Not only that, but whether you are aware of your abilities or not, it can still lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. 

Self-care is one of the most important things for a lightworker.

Not only that but checking in on yourself and spending time to re-discover yourself every now and then is crucial to your mental health as well. 

7. You Stay Away From Drama

Drama is a surface level problem that tends not to bother those that listen to and live by their intuition and the divine beings of the universe.

If your friends come to you with the latest gossip and it is something that doesn’t interest you or even bothers you that they are wasting energy talking about something so trivial, chances are you are a lightworker. 

8. You Have A Passion For Helping And Serving Humanity

Serving humanity is the core of light working. Many lightworkers show signs of this trait in childhood.

It is something that you have an undeniable drive to do. It could even be seen as the only true purpose for all of humanity in your eyes.

Maybe you see your life as a chance to bring humans into harmony with themselves and others. This is one of the first signs that you are a lightworker

9. You Are Sensitive To Injustice

Injustice happens in the physical world every day.

When you hear of these things happening to indigenous people, children, animals, and Mother Earth, it is extremely common for lightworkers to feel a deep-rooted sorrow for these such events.

In return, it only fuels the inner fire to help serve humanity and make Earth a safe and healthy place to live for everyone. 

Lightworkers are special people that are in tune with the spiritual and divine energies of the world.

Not only that, but they have their own abilities to help move humanity into a more positive direction.

The divine beings guide the lightworkers, and the lightworkers guide those that are still in the dark.

The ultimate goal for humanity is for all to awaken to their own light source and to work to be their best self for all of eternity. 

If you feel as though you are a lightworker, don’t be afraid to listen to yourself and begin practicing with your abilities.

You wouldn’t have these gifts if you weren’t meant to use them. Trust yourself and trust in the divine.

You are here to serve humanity and bring the collective into higher consciousness. Welcome, and thank you for your service.

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