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How To Cleanse Crystals With Selenite (Step By Step Guide)

How To Cleanse Crystals With Selenite (Step By Step Guide)

Did you know that it's crucial to cleanse your crystals on a regular basis?

For clearing trapped energy and restoring your crystals to their original state, cleaning and charging them is necessary.

Selenite is a transparent, pearly-white type of gypsum that has been crystallized.

This high-vibrational crystal is excellent for eliminating bad energy, strengthening clarity and focus, and accelerating manifestations.

Selenite's self-cleaning qualities are one of its most distinctive features.

Because Selenite is constantly purifying, it has also been used to cleanse and charge the other crystals in your collection!

Using Selenite to cleanse, magnify, and reap the advantages of your crystals is a terrific way to do so.

Continue reading to learn how to cleanse crystals with Selenite, as well as ways in which you can cleanse your Selenite crystals. 

Why Cleanse Crystals With Selenite?

Crystals must be cleansed and charged in order to remove trapped energy and keep them fresh.

After a while, the energy of crystals, especially those that collect negative energies such as Black Tourmaline, can get blocked.

The efficacy of protecting stones tends to fade when they store far too much external energy.

That's something you don't want to happen. 

It's also vital to cleanse crystals as soon as possible after purchase.

Allow them to be free of any energy they may have picked up on their way to you.

It's important to understand that crystals are millions of years old and have been mined, exported, carried to a store, and possibly picked up and inspected by a lot of people before you have bought your crystal. 

One of several techniques is to use crystals to cleanse other crystals.

Selenite is competent in replenishing other natural stones due to its self-cleaning qualities.

There are just a few crystals that can do this, and while many people prefer transparent quartz, most experts think that Selenite is the finest choice. 

How To Cleanse Crystals With Selenite

Cleanse Crystals With Selenite

Constantly cleanse new crystals before using them, regardless if you bought them at a market or received them as a present from a friend.

You want to make sure that any residual energy from past owners or other settings is gone.

It is recommended that you cleanse your crystals once a month.

If you're going through a phase of significant transition, emotional pain, or anxiety, you can do this on a more regular basis.

The crystals should be cleansed as soon as possible if they are handled by anyone else or if they are used during an intense healing session.

It's easy to make a choice to cleanse your crystals.

You're the one who uses them, so trust your instincts if you think it's time for a cleanse.

Don't worry about overdoing it when it comes to caring for your crystals. It's a pleasant and healing experience.

Let’s take a look at how to cleanse crystals with Selenite. 

Selenite Bowl

Selenite has the property of amplifying and purifying the energy of other crystals.

Negative energy is automatically transmuted by selenite. Therefore it doesn't need to be cleansed.

This is why it is so effective at cleansing and charging the body.

Using a Selenite bowl to cleanse your gemstones and crystal jewelry:

  • For a few hours, place your stones in the Selenite basin.
  • You can leave your gemstones on Selenite for as long as you want; crystals enjoy the energy of Selenite.
  • For continued cleansing, we suggest keeping the crystals you use on a daily basis in your Selenite bowl.

Never utilize your new crystals until they've been cleansed.

The magnificent Selenite bowls are a beautiful addition to any decor. You can use them to store your crystal jewelry or other little tumbled crystals.

Selenite bowls, with their high frequency, can cleanse your favorite stones while also bringing harmony to your home.

Selenite Cluster

Selenite cluster to cleanse crystals

Arrange the crystals you'd want to cleanse on a level surface and circle them with your largest Selenite Cluster crystals.

Before returning them to their separate homes, give them a few hours to clear and cleanse any excess negative energy.

You should leave your crystals on the cluster for a minimum of 12 hours.

This will allow your cluster to draw out all of the bad energy trapped in your crystals.

You can keep them on the Selenite cluster for longer if you've been around a lot of negative and draining energies recently.

Place Them On A Selenite Slab

For clarity and safety, place your crystals on a Selenite slab.

Selene is the name of The Moon Goddess, who inspired the crystal Selenite.

Therefore, it is closely connected with the moon, the cycles of divine femininity.

Place a Selenite slab on a clean surface and leave your crystals to sit on it overnight.

Leave the crystals for 24 hours for maximum purification.

Tumbled stones that are smaller will likely require less time, but it's preferable to be safe.

If you're trying to charge a large crystal, utilize Selenite that's at least as big as the crystal.

Selenite Manifestation 

The cleansing properties of Selenite are excellent for removing bad or slow energy from your home, as well as yourself, but this stone is also valuable in another way.

Selenite improves your intentions and speeds up the manifestation process.

Apart from cleaning away old energy, one of the main reasons why people cleanse their stones is to reprogram them with fresh objectives. A stone's energy is ripe for accepting new aims when it is freshly charged.

Selenite is, without a doubt, the best stone for boosting energy.

To cleanse your crystals ready to use in your manifestation process, you want to place Selenite in your dominant hand with your other crystals in your non-dominant hand. Use a cleansing mantra to cleanse your crystals.

You will want to say your mantra a few times or until you feel that your crystals are sufficiently cleansed. 

Selenite Tower

Selenite tower used to cleanse crystals

Crystal points can also be used to charge Selenite.

Towers, also known as crystal points, are gemstones that stand erect on their own flat end and have six or eight sides, all of which come to a point directly.

Put your Selenite tower in the center of an area that you don't mind being covered in crystals the next day.

Arrange the stones you want to purify in a circle all around the tower once you've selected a good spot.

It'll be much great if they can get close to the tower. 

Selenite Charging Plates

With its shimmering, pearl-like sheen, a Selenite Charging Plate has powerful healing and purifying properties.

It can protect people or an area from harmful energies while also restoring mental clarity through a steady flow of positive energy.

Those who place crystals and gemstone jewelry on the Selenite Charging Plate will see their jewelry naturally cleansed, power is amplified, charged as well as reactivated.

The high vibrations of Selenite awaken all Chakras, especially the Crown Chakra.

The qualities of the Selenite plate, when combined with the aligned Chakras, emit a sense of quiet and serenity, making it excellent for meditation, healing, and spiritual growth. 

Because the plate connects with the Crown Chakra, it is ideal for you to charge your crystals that respond to your Crown Chakra the most, such as:

  • Amethyst
  • Clear Quartz
  • Lepidolite
  • Howlite
  • Labradorite
  • Sugilite
  • White Agate
  • Fluorite
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Moonstone
  • Charoite
  • White Calcite

How Long To Cleanse Crystals With Selenite?

Holding selenite

If you choose to charge your crystals with Selenite, the best time is roughly 24 hours.

Simply place your Selenite plate on top of the stones you'd like to charge.

This will thoroughly cleanse the gemstones and allow you to direct your energy elsewhere.

Some crystal cleansing methods might require more and less time.

At the end of the day, use your intuition to determine if your crystals are cleansed fully or need more time. 

Types Of Selenite You Can Cleanse Crystals With

Selenite is known by a variety of names, most of which are derived from the crystal's form, such as:

  • Desert Rose, when selenite forms in a rose pattern and is often the color of sand.
  • Satin Spar, which is typically transparent or opaque in color, creates rosettes that appear fibrous, similar to desert rose. 
  • Gypsum Rose forms rosettes that appear fibrous, though they are often curved as well.

You are able to cleanse your crystals with all the different variations of Selenite, but the more precise the crystal, the more beneficial it is for cleansing and charging other crystals. 

How To Look After Your Different Selenite Tools And Crystals

Selenite with other crystals

Selenite Bowls

Selenite Bowls are one of the most straightforward varieties of Selenite to use for cleansing.

They securely keep your stones and provide you peace of mind when you use them.

You don't have to be concerned about your stones shifting.

The bowls are great for holding larger gems and jewelry.

  • Because the light energy of selenite resonates with that of the Moon, charge your bowl by setting it in the moonlight.
  • Because it is a delicate crystal that might be harmed by water, do not wash it and keep it away from any water source.
  • Selenite is easily scratched and flaked, so only use a soft, dry cloth to clean it.

Selenite Clusters

The best technique to cleanse Selenite clusters is to use a soft-bristled toothbrush as well as some warm water to gently scrub the stone's surface.

If you need to use a little more force when cleaning, choose a natural soap and avoid wiry brushes and more vital chemicals since your Selenite will not appreciate it. 

If you want to be completely safe, skip the waterworks and instead cleanse your Selenite using sage smudging or another herbal cure.

Selenite Wands

If you have crystal jewelry rings, you can keep them charged or clear by placing them on your Selenite wand.

The added bonus of having a Selenite wand is that you are also able to do Chakra work with the wands as well. 

Does The Selenite Need To Be Cleansed After?

Selenite being cleansed

Some individuals believe that because Selenite is used for cleansing on its own, it does not need to be cleansed.

However, cleansing your Selenite on a frequent basis is very important.

It is important to note that all items and environments might benefit from energetic cleansing from time to time.

Instead, use one of the procedures listed below to cleanse your overworked Selenite.

These are effective methods for extracting negative energy from crystals without the use of additional stones:

Sunlight and moonlight appear to be the easiest method on the list.

It's as simple as leaving your crystal outside for a few hours. You allow your therapeutic crystal to interchange energies with Mother Earth at any time of day or night, just like in nature.

However, not all gemstones can be cleansed with solar light.

Natural light should not be used to cleanse some vivid gems, such as amethyst, because the color may fade.

Selenite is OK to cleanse outside or on a window ledge, but don't leave it (or any other crystal) out in the sun for too long.

If you stay up for more than four hours, you'll start to fade.

Other techniques might be more appealing to you than the ones we have mentioned above.

This link will share with you other cleansing options for your gemstones. 

Please Note

It's vital to remember that Selenite can't be washed in water because it dissolves.

Other brittle crystals, as well as stones containing elements that can rust, should be kept away from water.

For brief lengths of time in the water, the most common stones—Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst—are all safe.

The majority of crystals ending in “ITE” are water-soluble and should not be utilized in water.

This also applies to salt water. Malachite, fluorite, sodalite, and other similar-sounding minerals should always be double-checked before use.

Final Thoughts On How To Cleanse Crystals With Selenite

Selenite aids with mental clarity and inspires you to achieve profound inner calm.

It's a well-known stone for spiritual practice, including meditation, reiki healing, and other energy activities.

It reduces stress and allows you to focus more precisely on your objectives.

So now you know How to cleanse crystals with Selenite in several different ways. 

Furthermore, the stone comes with the great benefits of being an intention booster!

Selenite is an all-around crystal that can help heal you and cleanse your crystals all at the same time. 

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