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Desert Rose Crystal: 14 Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

Desert Rose Crystal: 14 Healing Properties, Benefits & Uses

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the Desert Rose crystal and its properties, benefits, and variety of uses. 

The name of this crystal is pretty self-explanatory as this semiprecious rock comes mostly from deserts – Mexico, Morocco, Australia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan. 

Desert Rose crystal is mostly selenite gypsum and it occurs naturally. 

It’s the combination of Selenite and Barite and it forms through a simple process of moisture condensation.  

When the Selenite clusters together it creates a mass, and this mass is subjected to wind, sand, and erosion, and thus the Desert Rose is formed. 

The crystal itself looks like a cluster made up of smaller pieces, basically like another form of a cactus found in deserts, only more sparkly. 

These clusters have been recorded up to 99cm (39 inches) tall and weighing more than 453kg (1000lbs). 

Desert Rose clusters of these proportions are rare and highly valuable to collectors. 

That being said, these geodes are usually broken down into smaller pieces that highly resemble rosebuds and then are then sold in singular units. 

What Is The Desert Rose Crystal Meaning?

The Desert Rose Crystal Meaning

This crystal is also called the Sand Rose, Selenite Rose, and less commonly Gypsum Rose. 

Since this crystal is found in deserts and completely void of water regions, it’s believed that each one contains a unique spirit guardian.

And since it’s basically a form of Selenite, this crystal is highly connected to the Lunar mansion that holds a variety of guardian angels and spirit guides who help the inhabitants of our planet. 

This crystal has been used as a talisman for protection and shielding from phobias. 

It’s also said that it boosts confidence and belief in oneself. It helps humans feel the presence and the support of their guardian angels and spirits. 

The main Desert Rose crystal meanings are around its cleansing and protective properties as well as enhancing confidence in its wearer. 

This unique crystal also has the power to recharge any crystals placed on top of it or next to it. 

This extraordinary crystal is the combination of sand, wind, and water, and as such it holds three out of the four basic elements in it. 

This is highly unique and peculiar, and as such, it can connect with Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, and Crown chakras and boost their opening and optimal working. 

What Are The Desert Rose Crystal Properties?

Desert Rose Crystal Properties

Desert Rose crystal is infamous for enhancing psychic abilities through dreams and past-life recall. 

This crystal is very useful for people who practice shamanistic and spiritual practices (like Reiki, Theta Healing, and PEAT for example). 

Desert Rose cleanses and activates Crown chakra and the pineal gland, which is essential for past-life regression, astral travel, and enlightenment. 

1. Vibration Raising and Higher Truth attunement 

It raises the vibration of everyone and everything near it, and awoken individuals know how very important this is, especially in the 3D world where our natural vibration is already lowered by inhabiting the suit of flesh. 

This crystal helps us get back into the higher states of consciousness, be aware of the higher dimensions and existence of more than what our limited senses perceive. 

It helps us be attuned to the higher truth and in tune with our higher purpose. 

2. Balance restoring and awareness raising 

Restores balance within the chakras and influences the overall wellbeing of our “meat suit.” 

Through the balancing and optimization of our chakras, Desert Rose crystal influences the overall state of the body and it helps with physical manifestations of the symptoms that are narrowly connected to the metaphysical root of the problem. 

This stone is very precious not because of its valuable minerals and materials, but because it has the ability to raise awareness of the multidimensional existence. 

It helps us be aware of the layers of reality and that leads to not taking ourselves so seriously all the time, it positively affects our overall mood and improves our sense of humor. 

3. Soothing and mind-calming 

Soothing and mind-calming properties of the Desert Rose crystal

One of the helpful Desert Rose crystal properties is it quiets the worries and anxious thoughts. 

It embodies strength and it is a symbol of standing your ground. 

Desert Rose inspires heart-centered thoughts and compassion, and it brings clarity to understanding one’s own emotional body. 

Desert Rose enhances the proper flow of universal life force, it aligns the cosmic currents to your own biorhythm which strengthens devotion and commitment between you and your loved ones. 

Desert Rose crystal is an excellent tool to calm down rowdy households and subdue frequent rows between the housemates.

It balances out forces and unique energies creating an even pool of calm energies. 

Desert Rose brings out diplomacy in people and openness of mind which makes it a perfect choice to keep at the center of the desk at meetings and brainstorming centers.

4. It molds the characters and excites

This is a uniquely powerful stone as it can help mold one’s character. 

This is why it’s very good for children and teens – it raises one’s vibration to higher states of consciousness, creates an unbreakable bond with the Source of the universe, and downloads empathy and kindness into one’s being. 

Desert Rose crystal can help elderly people get excited about life again, feel spiritually rejuvenated, awakened and open to life’s adventures. 

It’s an excellent stone for all people in retirement who want to experience life’s joys once again. 

Now you know the 4 main Desert Rose crystal properties let's move on to how to use Desert Rose Crystal in your life.

How To Use Desert Rose Crystal

Using Desert Rose crystal

Desert Rose has many various uses. 

It’s a diverse crystal with a lot of special abilities, thus there are many (creative) uses for it, as you can see below. 

1. Around the house 

You can place it in the four corners of your sleeping room in order to create a protective grid that wards off negative energies and elementals. 

This will also enhance your dreams and astral travels, and it will help you remember your dreams when you wake up. 

2. In the bedroom 

Keep it near your pillow in order to act as a warden of your sleep and to help you have psychic dreams. 

Desert Rose is known for enhancing foresight and seer energy, so keeping it next to your pillow or beneath it, is a good way of strengthening both your 3rd Eye and Crown chakras. 

3. In the kitchen 

If you place it near your hearth or in the four corners of your kitchen you will invite abundance and prosperity. 

This stone is associated with the Wood element, and as such it invokes peace, harmony, and prosperity into one’s home. 

4. On your person 

Holding Desert rose crystal

Keeping it on your person, or placing Desert Rose on a picture of a person/animal can help keep the person/animal safe and protected. 

Since this stone “works” with higher dimensions of existence, Lunar mansions, guardian angels, and spirits, its effects will transmit onto those who keep it close or those upon whose picture this crystal is placed. 

5. In the Moonlight 

Placing your Desert Rose crystal in the Moonlight can help infuse it with positive energy and it's sort of like “watering” it. 

Since Desert Rose shouldn’t come in touch with (actual) water, keeping it in Moonlight is like charging it with powerful energy and giving it a boost. 

6. As a magical decoration 

If you place it in a bowl filled with dried flowers and herbs (like sage, chamomile, thyme…) and add pieces of Clear Quartz you can create an energy matrix that will act as a portal to the higher dimensions in your home, and you can expect to invite powerful creative and protective energies. 

7. Mixing it with Fire element 

Keeping a Desert Rose crystal next to a white or beige candle, lit at night, adds a fire element to it and it makes it more powerful (practice caution with an open flame!). 

By doing this, especially on Mondays and Fridays, you can attract soulmates, true love, and meaningful connections into your life. 

8. Combining it with color white 

Desert rose crystal on white surface

Having it on a white surface in your bathroom, especially when you’re taking a cleansing bath, can help get your aura cleansed and it helps with stress relief. 

Make sure that your Desert Rose crystal is safeguarded against water, though. 

9. Reiki charge and Lunar phases 

Charging this crystal with Reiki and intent/purpose can make it into a very powerful talisman and protection charm. 

Especially if you do so during a Full Moon, or on Monday during the Moon hour. 

It is said that if you hold the Desert Rose crystal in your palm and make a wish upon it during the New Moon, that it will come true. 

If your wish is connected with fertility or love you can also make a wish on Friday. 

If your wish is connected with family and protection, you can make it Monday. 

If your wish is connected with goals and ambitions, you can make it on Tuesday. 

If it has to do with academic achievement and writing, make it on Wednesday. 

If it has to do with sports and good luck – make it on Thursday. 

And if it has to do with agriculture or long-term business success – make it on Saturday. 

On Sunday whatever wish you make upon the Desert Rose crystal, it is said that it will come true very fast and that it will turn out to be the best possible outcome for everyone involved. 

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10. Placing it on/next to art

It is said that the Desert Rose crystal has the power of a spirit guardian within it, thus it is great to put a child’s drawings, wishes, hopes, and dreams beneath this crystal and let it work its magic. 

Desert Rose is an especially powerful tool for all kinds of artistic work, so keeping it in your atelier/working room can make all the (positive) difference. 

And this crystal is said to have the power to annul the writer’s block or any kind of creative block.

How To Cleanse Desert Rose Crystal

Cleansing desert rose crystal

Desert Rose crystal doesn’t require cleansing as most crystals do. 

Since it’s a soft mineral, and it comes from a desert, it should always be kept dry. 

You can cleanse this majestic stone by smudging, bells – ringing bells over it, by placing it next to a Tibetan singing bowl, keeping it in Moonlight, and keeping it next to a Clear Quartz or Amethyst. 

You can also do Reiki on it, especially the cleansing types in order to banish any negative energies and restore the crystal’s balance.

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Desert Rose Crystal Summary

The desert rose crystal meaning is vast and varied, as are its many healing properties and uses.

This stone can help to raise vibration, restore balance, calm the mind, and even mold characters.

It's an incredibly versatile tool that you can use around your home or on your person to enjoy its many benefits.

If you are looking for a stone that can help you connect with your higher truth and bring about balance in your life, look no further than the desert rose crystal.

Desert Rose Crystal FAQ

Can Desert Rose Crystal Get Wet?

No, you should never get Desert Rose crystal wet; this is a water-sensitive stone that should be kept dry at all times, or else it might break down. 

How Do You Clean Desert Rose Crystal?

By smudging it, ringing bells over it, keeping it in Moonlight or next to a Clear Quartz or Amethyst. Reiki practitioners can do cleansing Reiki on it, as well.  

What Chakra Does Desert Rose Crystal Work Best with?

Since Desert Rose consists of three elements and is said to emanate Wood element properties, the Desert Rose crystal is best for opening Crown, 3rd Eye, and Heart chakras.