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How To Cleanse Crystals With Sage? Step By Step Guide

How To Cleanse Crystals With Sage? Step By Step Guide

Smudging crystals is a safe and effective approach to clear them of unwanted energy.

This ancient technique purifies objects and the environment that surround you.

When you clean your crystals with sage, how do you do it? 

Smudging, which involves blowing smoke from burning dried Sage leaves into and around the spiritual field around your crystal, is the most common way to cleanse crystals using Sage.

This smoke is used to rid objects such as crystals, locations, or individuals of negative energy, leaving them feeling cleansed, re-energized, and ready to take on the world. 

We have done the research and have come up with answers to all your smudging questions and techniques.

Read on to learn more about why you should use Sage to cleanse your crystals, when you should cleanse your crystals using Sage as well as how you can cleanse your crystals with Sage using different techniques and methods. 

Why Should You Cleanse Crystals With Sage?

A sense of energy and relaxation is produced by the Aromatherapy of sage, which sends messages to your brain to bring more oxygen to your body.

The smells and aromas of Sage smudge sticks, essential oil, and smoke will help you cleanse your crystals as well as helps you transform your negative energies into something more light and positive. 

In terms of how this can help your crystal, it can heal the rapport you have with your crystal, which is one of the greatest ways to cleanse it.

One thing you need to consider when smudging is your intention.

Keeping a positive mindset is crucial to the process, so make sure your dreams and desires are clear.

The Different Types Of Sage You Can Cleanse Your Crystals With

Different types of Sage to cleanse your crystals with

There are many kinds of sages, and it's difficult to track them all. Not getting too caught up in picking the appropriate type of Sage is crucial because they all have to purify properties.

White Sage is the most widely used sage for smudging, but we will review the other common sages used or questioned.

Let’s look at the different types of Sage you can use to cleanse your crystals. 

#1. White Sage, also known as Salvia Apiana

White Sage is by far the most popular form of sage used in smudging ceremonies.

These are the types of bundles that are most commonly found in spiritual or health food stores.

It addresses the most basic ritual cleansing requirements, such as negative energy transmutation, healing, and protection.

It has been gathered by Native Americans for ages and is revered as a sacred plant utilized in ceremonies, communicating with the spirit realm, and medicinal healing.

#2. Garden Sage, also known as Salvia Officinalis

The edible Sage found in the common home and garden is known as Garden Sage.

Garden Sage may have a purifying impact if dried and wrapped properly, but it is best used when mixed with White Sage.

White Sage, and Garden Sage mixed, which has been dried and packaged specifically for smudging ceremonies, is one of the best choices for smudging.

#3. Lavender Sage, also known as Salvia Leucophylla

Lavender Sage is well-known for its sedative and soothing properties, making it ideal for anxiety relief. It also aids in the transformation of bad energy into loving, peaceful energy.

When burned, it emits a nice floral aroma.

Lavender Sage is frequently seen in smudging bundles with White Sage since the two energies work well together to remove negative energy from your crystal and convert it into love energy.

Ways In Which You Can Cleanse Crystals Using Sage

How to cleanse crystals with Sage

Now that we know which Sage types are used for cleansing crystals in smudge sticks let’s look at ways you can cleanse your crystals using Sage. 

Citrine and Kyanite are the two stones that do not absorb energy. Hence they do not need to be cleansed.

#1. Smudging Your Crystals Using Sage

As we mentioned before, smudging is a Native American technique in which smoke from dried plants is used in a ritual to cleanse, purify, and bring an object, location, or person back into equilibrium.

It's effective because it incorporates all four natural elements: water, earth, air, and fire.

If you follow this practice, you should place the sage wreath in an abalone shell, which represents freshwater, or you can use a nonporous, heat-proof bowl.

The earth element is represented by the sage that is being burned. 

The fire element is responsible for lighting the sage stick.

The air element is represented by the smoke caused by the sage herbs.

You can disperse the smoke around the object using a feather, which also represents the element of air.

What You’ll Need:

  • Matches or a lighter
  • Your choice of Sage bundle
  • A shell of abalone or a heat-resistant vessel
  • You can guide the smoke with your hand or with a feather
  • Sand is a material that can be used (optional)

Light the tip of the smudge bundle of your choosing with the lighter.

Allow it to burn for 30 seconds before blowing it out, leaving the tips of the leaves burning and emitting smoke.

Distribute the smoke around the crystal using your hand or a feather so that all sections of it are in touch with a smokey stream of air.

Extinguish the burning sage in a bed of sand until the burning goes out and the smoke stops.

Make sure you're not inhaling the smoke directly and that the place isn't too densely suffocated by it.

To maintain airflow, open some windows or doors.

Also, remember that too much-concentrated smoke in a confined space can set off your smoke alarm.

#2. Using An Essential Oil Diffuser

Cleansing Crystals with Sage Essential Oil

Use the essential oil of the sage plant, which has amazing cleaning benefits, as an alternative to smoking.

This is essentially the plant's spirit. All kinds of sage essential oils are available.

However, it is always preferred to use White Sage essential oil for cleansing if you can find it.

You may either burn the essential oil in a diffuser and run your crystal over it or put a few drops in a steam diffuser and run your crystal through the steam.

This has the same air-cleaning effects as smoking while being gentler on your lungs.

Another method is to mix a few drops of White Sage essential oil with filtered water in a spray bottle.

Mix the essential oil in the bottle, and then spray the concentrated mix onto your crystals.

You want to picture the bad energy being transformed into good energy as if it were smoke.

#3. Sage Cleansing Tea

White Sage leaves can be purchased loose and steeped in filtered water until the water is lukewarm.

Remove the tea leaves with a strainer and strain the tea over your crystal in a sink or dish.

Consider how negative energy could be transformed into loving energy.

Please note: This form of crystal cleansing can only be done on crystals that can go in the water.

As a general rule, if a crystal ends in ‘ITE,’ it can be damaged when placed in water.

You are advised to use another method of cleansing for these crystals. 

#4. Dried Out Sage Leaves 

Collecting loose dead sage leaves and placing them in a basin is a very simple and hands-off approach to cleansing with sage.

Place your crystal on top of the sage leaf bed and leave it there for eight-twelve hours or overnight.

Over the course of this time, the sage's energy will gradually cleanse your crystal.

What Is The Best Time To Cleanse Crystals With Sage?

Best time to cleanse crystals with Sage

When you first get a crystal, you should always cleanse it spiritually.

Because you have no idea what kind of energy it was exposed to on its way to you, it's better to start your connection with a nice cleanse.

If you routinely wear the crystal on your body, you should cleanse it once a month or around every full moon cycle.

It will be able to resync with your energy in a systematic and rhythmic manner, keeping up with your growth cycles.

When you have a crystal in your house, but it is rarely in contact with you, cleanse it once a month – or at least four times a year.

It's a good idea to ensure you connect your crystals to the environment they're in. 

Lastly, and most vitally, you should cleanse your crystals from the negative energies whenever you feel like your crystals have been through a lot. 

Place your hands on your crystal; if you intuitively sense that it needs to be cleaned, go ahead and do it.

It's a quick and easy technique that offers you and your space a boost in energy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleansing Crystals With Sage

You might still have a few questions about cleansing crystals with Sage.

Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions!

#1. Are You Able To Cleanse Crystals By Smudgig Them Without Sage?

Yes, you can cleanse your crystals without using Sage.

Although using sage to cleanse negative energy is one solution, there are many others to consider.

Other dried plants/woods, such as Palo Santo or Sweetgrass, can be used to cleanse your crystals. 

You can also cleanse and charge your crystals using other methods. If you feel like smudging is not your method, you can look at other methods, such as singing bowls

#2. What Does It Mean When My Sage Smudge Stick Is Not Giving Off A lot Of Smoke?

Lightning a bundle of Sage

If your smudge bundle doesn't keep a flame or emits a lot of smoke, it's thought that your place or thing doesn't need to be cleared.

Try again after a day or two. It's also possible that the sage you're using hasn't been thoroughly dried and is still damp.

If this continues, get a new sage bundle. 

#3. Where Can You Buy Sage Smudge Sticks?

Sage smudge sticks are not hard to come by.

You can buy them from your local crystal stores, natural healing stores, and online.

When buying, you want to ensure that you are buying smudge sticks made from natural Sage and not herbs that are dried out and sprayed with Sage essential oil.

The purer the Sage, the better the cleansing properties. 

Final Thoughts On Using Sage To Cleanse Your Crystals

When you use Sage to cleanse your crystals, keep a loving mindset in mind, and the energy that doesn't serve you will vanish, leaving energy with beneficial properties behind.

The process takes a few minutes, but I always recommend continuing until you get a sense of clarity.

After you have cleansed your crystals, you may use them to help bring that energy back into your environment in a big way.

It is always strongly recommended that you use the favorable effect of smudging to cleanse your stones and gems today.

You might discover that it's your go-to method for clearing your energy and recharging your batteries. 

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