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3 Part Daily Law of Attraction Routine That Actually Works

3 Part Daily Law of Attraction Routine That Actually Works

Law of Attraction has become insanely popular lately, and yet, a lot of people are practicing it with no success, only to give up after a short while. 

However, the Law of Attraction is a very powerful tool that you can use to manifest the life that you want – if you are using it right. 

There are a few principles that you need to understand before practicing the Law of Attraction, and if you understand these principles, nothing can stop you from getting what you want. 

If you have been using Law of Attraction techniques with little or no success, you need to learn a bit more about how these techniques should be used.

One important, yet basic principle that you need to understand to have success with your manifestations is having faith in the Law of Attraction. 

If you don’t fully believe in the Law of Attraction, yet you try to use it to manifest, you will likely be unsuccessful. 

To be able to have faith in the Law of Attraction, you must first understand how it can change your life and why a Law of Attraction routine is so important, which is exactly what I am going to explain.

Why a Law of Attraction Routine is important

Doing a law of attraction routine

The second important principle you need to know before using the Law of Attraction is the principle of consistency.

Consistency is the key to success when it comes to many things in life, thus, it’s the same when it comes to the Law of Attraction and successful manifestations.

To break it down to you and help you understand why consistency is important, I am going to start by saying that the Law of Attraction works by aligning you to the vibrational frequency of that which you want to obtain. 

Let’s suppose that you want to attract a loving relationship and a well-paid job into your life. 

Love is a high-vibrational emotion and energy, and so is abundance – expressed through a well-paid job and the opportunity to earn a lot of money. 

If you don’t already have them, you are most likely in lower vibrational frequency than the frequency of love and abundance. 

Otherwise, if your vibration was higher, you would have these in your life without putting in any effort.

The purpose of a Law of Attraction Routine is to help you achieve the vibrational frequency of the things which you desire, by raising your vibration. 

However, raising your vibration doesn’t happen overnight. It requires consistency, effort, and dedication because it’s a process of energy and emotion cleansing. 

This is why having a Law of Attraction Routine in place, which you practice with faith and regularity, is crucial in getting what you want.

The 3 Part Law of Attraction Routine

The 3 parts of a law of attraction routine

To practice the Law of Attraction with consistency, I suggest that you try the 3 parts routine I created for you, which is designed to give you a little bit of work during all 3 major parts of the day – morning, midday, and night. 

This way, you are always engrained in this process, and both your mental and emotional energy are oriented towards it, speeding it up and helping you achieve what you want. 

If you have a 3 part LOA routine, it’s less likely that you get distracted and hijacked by negative thinking, or any negativity coming from the environment, because you simply don’t have time for that.

Thus, have a look at the 3 part LOA routine down below:

Part 1: Law of Attraction Routine – morning 

Having a mourning routine as part of your daily LOA practice is crucial. 

The morning is that part of the day that sets the tone for the rest of your day and determines whether you will be in a good mood or not. 

Starting your day thinking about your goals and wishes and working towards manifesting them shows a lot of dedication and determination which the universe will reward. 

From my point of view, the best LOA morning routine looks like this: 

Get out of bed, draw your curtains and get sunlight

The first step is to get your body out of that sleepy state, especially if you woke up still a bit tired, as this can happen to some of us. 

Draw your curtains and try to get some natural light, even if the sun is not shining. 

If it's still dark outside or you’re not lucky enough to have a sunny day, try to visualize the sun, with your eyes close and imagine how you’re receiving solar energy. 

This exercise will give you a fantastic level of energy and a very good mood. 

Do invigorating yoga poses 

Because you could still be a bit sleepy after this exercise, and your body could benefit from a bit of movement to feel invigorated and refreshed, I recommend that the second step you do is to do some yoga poses that are aimed at raising your energy level. 

My personal favorites for the morning are the “Sun Salutation”, which is a series of poses meant to increase your energy, and the “Tree Pose” – meant to connect you to both Mother Earth (to ground you), and to the Divine Source. 

However, feel free to choose whichever yoga poses you resonate with most, but I really suggest that you try these ones.

Practice affirmations and visualization

Now that you have woken up properly and attuned your mind and body to positive energies, you are ready to start your affirmations and visualization practice. 

For this, you need to be sat comfortably – in a chair or back in your bed and get into a meditative state by doing a bit of muscular relaxation.

From this meditative state, start saying positive affirmations aimed at whatever you want to attract – health affirmations, love affirmations, money, etc.

Then, engage in imagining a movie in your mind, in which your purpose has come true.

Visualize it as if it has already happened, whether you are visualizing a relationship, a job, money, a house, or your dream life overall.

You can end the meditation by using a mantra, which you can choose and create according to your needs and wants, such as “ I am a love magnet”, “I am a natural force that attracts amazing things”, or whatever suits you. 


To end your morning routine, I suggest praying on your knees. I did specify “on your knees” because I think it suggests a great deal of surrendering to the universe, as well as a humble attitude, and from personal experience, it can make the prayer more effective.

However, you can pray whichever way you feel comfortable, but don’t forget to include gratitude for what you just visualized, as if you had already received it.

Part 2: Midday Law of Attraction Routine

During midday, you are probably busier, perhaps even at work, having a hectic day. 

Thus, the midday routine can be shorter than the morning and night routines, but it should also be very powerful. 

As a midday LOA routine, I suggest visualizing and scripting. 

Make sure you go somewhere where you can sit in silence and relax, and follow the next steps: 

  • Ground yourself – you can do this by imagining that you are a tree that grows roots deep in the earth, or by sitting barefoot on grass
  • Get into a slightly meditative state- You may not be able to do a full muscular relaxation, but try to relax a bit and get as close to the theta state as possible
  • Start visualizing or scripting your purpose being achieved – Scripting means to write it in a diary as if you were telling a story that has already taken place while feeling and thinking that it has already happened. 

Part 3: Night Law of Attraction Routine

Practicing a night-time law of attraction routine

The Night LOA routine is quite important because during sleep your brain works and processes everything.

Depending on how much time you have before bedtime, I share with you what is my LOA attraction routine for the night, and you can decide which parts you are going to do: 

Prayer – Praying at the end of the day is one necessary, and extremely beneficial step. 

Prayer is a very positive way of ending your day. In this prayer, I would focus and have a look at what I could’ve done together on that day, and promise to do better next time.

Also, giving thanks and showing gratitude for the things that did go well on that day is very important. 

Asking for what you would like to receive is not a bad thing to do, but make sure you ask with faith that you will receive, and not with desperation. 

Looking at the Vision Board

Creating a Vision Board is one important step of the manifestation process. 

A Vision Board is a collage of photos of the things you want to receive.

For example, you could have a happy couple picture representing love, a photo of your dream house or car, a photo of a mother with kids if you want kids, a photo of money and nice things for abundance, and so on. 

The collage can be created in an online program using digital photos and print it like that, or you can print each one separately and glue all of them together on a piece of cardboard. 

Doesn’t matter which way you choose to do it, but make sure that you put it somewhere where you can see it from your bed when laying down. 

This exercise from the night LOA routine entails looking at each picture in turn, visualizing how whatever the picture represents has happened to you already, how you have that thing in your life, and how you feel while having it. 

Affirmations and visualization

 To finalize your night LOA routine, I suggest the meditation based on affirmations and visualization again, and you can fall asleep directly from this meditation. 

The fact that you have just looked at the pictures before should help you visualize better, and feel those intense emotions as if everything had already happened in your life.

Now that I’ve shared my favorite, most effective LOA routine with you, I am going to speak about the benefits of having a solid manifestation routine in place. 

Understanding the benefits of a consistent LOA routine can help you do it more effectively and with more determination because it will give you the motivation you need. 

Law of Attraction Routine Benefits

Experiencing the benefits of a law of attraction routine

Benefit #1. You get to create the life you want 

 By having a consistent LOA routine in place, you get to create the life you want, bit by bit. 

It is going to take, patience and consistency, however, if you practice your routine with faith, you should the desired results at some point. 

Living the life you truly desire and being the creator of your universe sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

Benefit #2. You realize what a powerful creator you are 

There may have been times in your life when you felt powerless and weak, like a victim. 

This is what I call “operating from victim-mode”. 

Most likely, this way of living wasn’t very good and did not bring much satisfaction. 

It made you believe that you cannot achieve anything and that you are a weak being, at the mercy of others. 

The LOA helps you realize what a powerful creator you are, and that the Universe delivers you anything you ask. 

Thus, having an LOA routine in place can help you feel better and believe more in yourself, expanding the realm of what is possible for you, way beyond what you can imagine. 

Benefit #3. Boosts your self-confidence 

By helping you realize that you are a powerful creator, the LOA can also boost your self-confidence and your sense of self-worth. 

Many of us grew up with a lot of limiting beliefs about life, such as “ I am not worthy of happiness”, “happiness doesn’t exist”, “I don’t deserve to be loved”, “I don’t deserve to have beautiful things”, “you have to work hard for everything”, “life is hard”, and so on. 

These were probably transmitted by our parents, who did not know better at the time. 

The LOA can help you overcome these limiting beliefs and can help you realize that life doesn't have to be hard. 

You are worthy of love and all the good things that life has to offer, you just have to allow yourself to receive them. 

Having a good LOA routine in place is going to help you trust, love, and respect yourself more so that you make better choices and allow yourself to be happy.

Benefit #4. Improves your general state

An improved mental state

Practicing a good LOA routine will help you be more connected to the things that you love, and will give you a new perspective on life.

By practicing affirmations and praying a lot, also spending time thinking about the things you love and feeling positive emotions – everything the routine encompasses, you will start to feel better in general.

Basically, a good LOA routine should shift your emotional state in the positive direction, for good.

Benefit #5. Makes you more disciplined 

An LOA routine can help you become more disciplined in other areas of your life as well, due to the fact that it will help you learn discipline in the first place.

This routine will challenge you to stick to a plan and to find the time and energy to practice it 3 times a day. 

This will help you develop discipline which then you can apply to all areas of your life where it’s needed. 

Benefit #6. Raises your vibration

By kind of “forcing” you to implement positive habits and practice them every day – such as yoga, prayer, and thinking positive thoughts an LOA routine will help raise your vibration almost permanently. 

I’m saying almost because it also depends on how long you practice this routine, and what you do afterward. 

But your vibration should be raised consistently after having such a routine in place for a few months. 

I recommend that even after receiving what you want, you begin to manifest something, to keep yourself in the high vibrations, and to continue to be a creator of your life, rather than a victim.

Benefit #7. Helps you align with your Higher Self

Assuming that you are manifesting your heart’s real desires, I will say that a good LOA routine helps you align with your Higher Self

This happens in 2 ways: the first one is through the vibrational raise I was telling you about.

The second way is by allowing you to understand your heart’s real desires.

Your Higher Self is the version of you that can manifest everything that is truly meant for you and that you truly desire. 

If you truly desire something and resonate with that one thing, it is probably meant for you, and your best and highest version is meant to have it. 

If you enjoyed this article about the best LOA, and the benefits of having one, let us know in the comment section below. 

Also, if you know another very effective Law of Attraction routine, share it with us and with our readers, as you know what they say – good things are meant to be shared.