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How To Charge Crystals (9 Powerful Ways)

How To Charge Crystals (9 Powerful Ways)

If you want to get the most out of your crystals, it's important to know how to properly charge them.

Charging crystals is important because it helps to clear away any negative energy and helps to restore the crystal's natural energies so you get the most out of them.

There are many different ways to do this and in this blog post, we'll explore 9 of the most powerful ways you can charge crystals.

By the end, you'll be an expert in charging your own crystals!

How To Charge Crystals With Intention

How To Charge Crystals With Intention

Having cleansed and charged a stone, you need to set a clear intention for how it will be used. 

Although we have the best of intentions, we are often out of balance and may have incorrect intentions for the stones. 

When we don't have a clear purpose, our thoughts and emotions can get in the way of allowing the stones to do their work.

It is essential to set an intention when using your crystal to ensure that it is always used for the highest good.

To do this, start by holding your charged and cleansed crystal in both hands in a quiet place.

Concentrate on it, and declare it will be used “in light, in love, and for the good of all.

Then add anything you desire for it, such as protection, love, harmony, etc.

You will seal your intention in the crystal by ending with “And so it is.”

Your healing crystal will be ready to be used once it has been cleansed, charged, and set with the intention.

As you perform this ritual more often, the healing energy of the crystal will grow stronger. 

How To Charge Crystals – 9 Ways

Showing how to charge crystals

They are many crystal charging methods, so how do you determine which one to use for a particular crystal?

At the end of the day, the best way for charging your crystals will be the method that speaks to you the most. 

Building an intuitive relationship with your crystals is extremely important.

Your success in using crystals each day will be based on your ability to develop a unique relationship with your crystals.

There is no better charging method than another.

Make sure you keep an eye on the specific crystal you have and whether it does OK in water or salt, as some will not. 

Below are nine methods on how to charge crystals successfully. 


Our first method for charging crystals is sunlight. 

Sunlight is the masculine counterpart to celestial light energy, which is gentle, soft, and feminine in nature.

The power of the sun's positive energy is both strong and vibrant.

The energy feeds, strengthens, and propels forward. As a result, sunlight provides crystals with a boost of energy.

You can put your crystal in direct sunlight to charge as long as it isn't sensitive to light and it has been cleansed beforehand.

If you would like to learn more about cleansing crystals, this article will show you how to cleanse your crystals the right way. 

As a complementary approach to sea salt and water for charging crystals, direct sunlight can also be used to assist in cleaning your stones.

As long as your crystals aren't sensitive to either light or water, you can place them in a bowl of salt water (sea salt and water) and then place them in bright sunlight.

Further energizing the cleansing water with the sun will occur as the stone becomes cleansed, and as it becomes charged with the sunlight.

It depends on how much sunlight there is, what kind of sunlight it is, the type of stone you have, and how much you want to charge it.

You may have to wait a few minutes or a long time, depending on what your circumstances are and how much you want to charge your crystals.

Try to intuitively feel if the crystal is sufficiently charged for you by holding it.


Often, people are surprised to learn that fire can play such an essential role in the cleansing and recharging of crystals.

Traditionally, fire is seen as such a destructive force that it can be easy to overlook its energizing, inspiring, and nurturing properties.

Fire has played a central role in much of humanity's progress over the centuries.

Similar to smoke and flames, crystals can be energized by spiritual feelings, particularly those of the fire element and association.

Fire energy can be beneficial to gemstones such as Tiger's Eye, Quartz, Jasper, Red Agate, and Bloodstone.

Smoke and fire can be used to cleanse and charge crystals.

Negative energies are burned away by direct fire. A candle flame can be used for this method, which can be accomplished in less than a minute.

In addition to using sage sticks, you can use other incense sticks such as Sandalwood to smudge your crystals.

For about a half-minute, pass your crystal or stone through the smoke. At the same time, it will be cleansed and charged. 

Crystal Cluster

Charging crystals with using a cluster

A single gemstone cluster can be used to both charge and cleanse crystals. Cluster crystals are also known as cleansing crystals.

A crystal cluster is a group of crystal points that grow from one base and circulate energy continuously.

In addition to charging crystals placed on top of them, these crystals can also clean and charge themselves at the same time. 

You can recharge your smaller crystals and jewelry for a day by placing them in a geode of Amethyst, Clear Quartz, or Citrine.

You want to make sure that your cluster is more significant than the crystals you are placing onto the cluster.

Once you have placed the crystal for a while onto the cluster, remove the crystal and feel if it is charged. 

You can use your intuition to feel if you need to charge the crystal longer or if it is ready to be used during your day. 

Placing Them Under The Full Moon

You can also clear and charge your favorite crystals during the full moon, which is a powerful lunar cycle point.

It's okay if you miss the exact Full Moon. It is perfectly acceptable to put them out the night before or the night after the Moon is full.

To charge with lunar energy, just place your crystals overnight outside on the ground on the night of the full moon.

It can even be placed inside on a windowsill that gets moonlight!

Also, moonlight energy is not affected by clouds. While it's ideal and, some say, more powerful for your crystals to be in direct moonlight, it's not entirely necessary.

Therefore, you can still use full moonlight energies to cleanse your crystals no matter what the weather is.

Even if it happens to be a cloudy evening, don't forget to put out crystals that are safe to come in contact with water.

Many tumble stones and crystals from the Quartz family are safe to be outside in the rain. Water and rain can even cleanse them.

Many people keep their crystals in a plastic container with a see-through top or under glass to keep them safe while outside.

Which is right for you will depend on your circumstances and your comfort level. 

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Use moon water

Throughout history, many religious traditions have given special attention to the moon, believing it affects our moods and physical well-being.

For centuries, people have used rituals to harness the power of the moon. The most common method is to collect moon water.

According to some, this water is charged with lunar energy, which can be used to cleanse negative emotions or promote spiritual growth.

When the moon is in a certain phase, moon water can be created at home.

Typically, it is collected during the full moon, when the moon's energy is at its peak.

Take precautions when making moon water. Make sure your jars are clean so that the water is not contaminated. 

Place your crystals in the moon water after you have collected the water.

It is important to ensure that the crystals you are placing into the water are able to sustain the water charging method. 

Ensure that your bottles are labeled and dated, and stored in the refrigerator.

Do not store them for more than one month. You don't want stagnant water to grow bacteria.

Make sure crystals are safe for consumption if you plan to use them in your water.

Bury Them In The Earth

Bury crystals in the earth to charge them

You can bury crystals as well as a great way to charge crystals.

Simply, place your crystal on natural earth, or bury it in the soil if you want it to be charged with the earth's energy.

Your crystal can be charged with mother earth by surrounding it with plants and dirt.

In your pot or jar, bury the crystals in the soil. Cover the pot in the remaining soil after you lower it into the hole.

Leave the stone buried for at least one week after marking it with a flag.

In this way, your stone will be blessed with the powerful properties of the ground it came from.

Use Breath To Charge Them

It is also possible to charge crystals with your breath. Clear your mind of all outside thoughts before charging a stone with your breath.

When you charge your crystals, it is important that your intention is clear. 

While waving your other hand over the crystal, hold the crystal in one hand and forcefully exhale.

It's important to remember your intention when performing this method.

This is how you charge your crystals with intention: Telling the stone your desire or need while you are exhaling will program the crystal to help you achieve that goal.

Ask yourself, how does this crystal help you in your everyday life? Keep those uses in mind so that you are able to charge the crystals with that in mind. 

Think about the energies of the crystal connecting with your higher beings and powers when doing this method.

Connect Them With Your Spirit Guides

Your crystals can be connected with deities or spiritual guides if you work with them when you take a moment to connect to your crystals.

Whether, through prayer or meditation, you will be able to connect to your guides.

It's possible that people mean different things when they use the word “energy” to describe how a crystal is charged.

Imagining your energy force, aura, chi, or whatever else you want to call it into the crystal can be one way of directing one's own energy into the object.

There have been claims that people have felt themselves entering the crystal.

The best way to connect your crystal with your spirit guide is to first relax and clear your mind.

Once you have done this, hold the crystal in your hand and focus on your breathing.

Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply until you feel yourself relaxing. Then, ask your spirit guide to come forward and connect with you.

You may see or feel them appear, or you may simply sense their presence.

Trust whatever experience you have, and allow yourself to learn from them.

Thank your spirit guide for their help, and ask them to continue to watch over you.

Finally, release the crystal and ground yourself by focusing on your breath once more.

To determine whether you are doing this properly, you may wish to rely on your own instincts or those of a mentor.

Direct Your Thoughts Into Charging Your Crystals 

Through prayers, visualizations, chants, and focused meditations, you can direct thoughts and intentions onto a crystal.

It is important to remember to take your time when directing your thoughts into your crystals.

In many cases, the more time or effort you put into these thoughts, the stronger the charge will be perceived to be.

Imagine that the crystal is filling with light as you close your eyes. Imagine the crystal becomes so bright and full of light that you cannot see it anymore.

As you meditate, pray for the crystal to turn into a healing force that is charged with good intentions and powerful healing properties.

The guiding force in your life can be God, the earth, or whatever else you believe.

It is also possible to charge healing crystals with intention like we said earlier or Reiki

How To Charge Crystals FAQ

charging crystals with Reiki

Why Charge Crystals?

It's not always a good thing for crystals to store the energy that they're exposed to.

Therefore, if you use a crystal to protect yourself, for example, that stone is absorbing the energy it is protecting you from.

All the negative energy that you are asking the crystal to protect you from getting stored in the crystal over time. 

Therefore, it is essential to purge your crystal of any negative energy that has accumulated.

Every night, we need to refuel our energy, just like we need to refuel our bodies. 

Some people refer to charging crystals as clearing them, as clearing their energetic slate is part of the process of charging them.

In the following step, you will need to fill your crystal up again, often with grounding energy obtained in nature: moonlight, soil, water, etc.

It is important for you to charge crystals because just like you need food to sustain your body, your crystals need to replenish their energy by being charged correctly.  

When Should You Charge Crystals?

Every time you acquire a new crystal, you'll want to charge it. As a crystal works, it absorbs energy, too.

Each crystal has its own purpose, just as people need time to rest and recharge from time to time.

Crystals may feel heavy or dull, or you may receive an intuitive message that it needs to be refreshed.

When performing particularly intensive work – after a fight or during times of illness or trauma, for example – crystals should be cleared before being used again.

You may discover your own special magic to partner with the gems you cherish as you deepen your work with the crystal realm.

It is imperative to treat them with the utmost respect since they are both assets and a blessing from our planet.

How Long Should You Charge A Crystal?

Holding a crystal while it charges

You should know how long to charge your crystals, whether you are doing it yourself or having someone else do it.

You can then be sure that you are charging your crystals properly and following all of the rules.

It is recommended that you charge your crystals for about 8 hours or even overnight.

There are people who charge them for longer periods of time (up to 24 hours), and some who charge them for shorter periods of time (for example, 2-4 hours).

The charging technique really depends on your intention and the person doing it.

Crystals are commonly charged overnight because we sleep during this time, and we believe our subconscious minds will carry on the work.

When we are in our subconscious state, we are able to do the best spiritual healing work.

This should be considered by the person charging your crystals if they are also working with you psychically or energetically.

How Often Should You Charge Crystals?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the environment the crystals were exposed to at a given time.

On a day when you did not do a lot, you might not want to take a shower, but if you worked out and broke a sweat, you want to take a shower.

Crystals are no different.

When you first receive a crystal, you definitely want to give it a sound clearing (singing bowls are great for this) and charging before you use it.

Then it's about determining how much you've used it, whether it's been exposed to negative energy, etc.

Where Should You Store Your Crystals Once They Are Charged?

In order to keep your crystals safe when they're not on display, you should place them in a small soft pouch.

They'll be protected from dust and scratches this way. If pieces are knocked around, they may break off if there are any sharp edges.

You can keep them in a satin bag to keep them protected, a wooden box, or in natural material so that your crystals keep their powerful healing energies. 

Things To Keep In Mind When Charging Crystals 

Crystals on the third eye

When it comes to charging crystals, it doesn't have to be complicated, but here are some tips you should keep in mind if you're just getting started:

  • Find out if your crystals can handle salt or water. Water does not harm Quartz, Amethyst, Agate, Moonstone, or Citrine. Choose a different clearing method if in doubt.
  • Find out which element the crystal is associated with. It is recommended that looking up the properties of each crystal to see what they are rooted in will help you charge your crystals properly. For instance, Malachite is associated with Earth, so burying it in the ground makes sense.
  • When you get crystals home from the shop, you should clear them as soon as possible since they can go through many hands before they reach you. Those stones could hold lots of different energies!

Final Thoughts On How To Charge Crystals 

Charging crystals strengthens the chakras, amplifies their energy, manifests their intentions, and restores their natural state.

Today, you have learned how to charge crystals properly that you can get the best out of your crystals! 

Natural energy sources such as the sun, moon, eclipse, running water, and soil can be used to charge crystals.

The method you choose should be based on your healing crystal, the props you have at hand, the time of day, the chemical properties, and other factors. 

When charging crystals for healing and other purposes, make sure that you are aware of your intentions and thoughts when holding your crystals.

You want to bring in a powerful white light of healing to your crystals and get rid of all negativity that surrounds them.