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How to Find Your Cancer Soulmate (Zodiac Love Match)

How to Find Your Cancer Soulmate (Zodiac Love Match)

Cancer is known as the Great Nurturer and Caregiver of the Zodiac. 

They are sweet, sensitive, supremely compassionate, and skilled in the realms of art, imagination, and creativity. They’re also natural storytellers, musicians, psychics, healers, and counselors!

Cancer is able to draw information and secret knowledge from the subconscious realms.

This is because they are ruled by the Moon, the planet of the subconscious mind, instincts, intuition, astral and feminine wisdom, and imaginative gifts. 

All of this creates a very loving, deeply nurturing, and intimate and security craving individual. 

Knowing this can help you ascertain exactly what it is you need to do to find and attract your perfect Cancer soulmate. 

Who Is Cancers Soulmate?

Who is Cancers Soulmate?

Firstly, it’s useful to know who is Cancer’s soulmate- who the best match for Cancer is.

Here we explore the top 5 soulmates for the Cancer sign. 

#1. Scorpio: Sweetness and Sexual Attraction 

The instant attraction and magnetic pull these two have toward each other makes it clear that Scorpio is Cancer’s soulmate.

As water signs, they share similar qualities that make them the perfect match, even twin flame potential!

They´re both empathic, sweet, caring, sensitive, spiritual, instinctive, imaginative, and highly sexual.

Their sexual styles are almost identical. They are both givers with magnetic, passionate, and deep personalities.

Cancer admires Scorpio´s intuition and depth.

Scorpio loves how open Cancer is to nurturance, romance, physical touch, and affection. 

Cancer is also a natural caregiver, counselor, and healer, so it’s likely that they heal each other through their love and “healing hands.”

It’s not uncommon for Cancer and Scorpio to both practice Reiki, sound healing, or any other spiritual or even shamanic healing technique. 

The only thing to watch out for is extreme submissiveness in the bedroom (on Cancer´s behalf).

This can lead to controlling and possessive tendencies by Scorpio and people-pleasing from Cancer, leading to problems and miscommunication. 

Both are very soulful, and while Cancer will be fiercely protective of their love and relationship, Scorpio will be out bringing in the money.

Another positive is that they create a happy and security-infused home life together.

If a love match rating were to be given, it would look like this:

Overall compatibility: 9

Emotional bond: 8

Psychological bond: 9

Sex & intimacy: 10

True love potential: 10

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#2. Pisces: A Magical Co-Creation

Pisces and Cancer experience a deep pull.

There’s romance and affection right from the beginning. Actually, even within the first conversation or moment of eye contact, these two instinctively know that they are meant to be.

Pisces is extremely intuitive, caring, impressionable, and spiritual. Cancer adores these qualities!

Pisces represents unconditional love as the 12th and final sign. Well, Cancer is equally unconditionally loving and compassionate.

When these two “sister signs” come together, you can expect tantric lovemaking, intimacy on the deepest of levels, and blissful union on all planes; emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and physically.

They simultaneously stimulate each other´s creativity and imagination.

Thus, there are many opportunities to join artistic, musical, poetic, or imaginative forces for something spectacular. Pisces are Cancer are power couple potential. 

Imaginatively, telepathically, romantically, intimately, and with a sense of shared mission and soul purpose, the bond between Pisces and Cancer is unbreakable. 

Any problems? Money issues and practical concerns could arise.

They need to be careful not to get lost in their love, creativity, sensuality, or sexual connection.

Practicing and increasing boundaries is an effective way of securing their forevermore love.

Overall compatibility: 9

Emotional bond: 9

Psychological bond: 8

Sex & intimacy: 9.5

True love potential: 10

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#3. Taurus: Love At First Sight

Taurus as Soulmate for Cancer

Sensual and benevolent Taurus is a perfect match for sweet and compassionate Taurus.

It’s quite easy to find your Cancer soulmate when you’re a Taurus, or have your Moon, Rising, or Venus signs in Taurus.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Taurus is as closest to the embodiment of love, sensuality, and femininity out of all non-water signs.

Venus is the planet of female sexuality, love, beauty, luxury, and pleasure, so Cancer feels total serenity when in this earth sign´s company.

Other key qualities of Taurus include being nurturing, empathic, intelligent, sensual, benevolent, kind, generous, friendly, and loyal. 

Yet Taurus is not just Cancer´s dream date or lover for their sensitive and soulful gifts. Taurus is just as practical, security loving, and dependable as they are sensual and spiritual. 

Because Cancer is ruled by the 4th house of home, family, roots, physical foundations, and the other, this sweet and instinctive water sign seeks out security and stability.

They love a happy, luxurious, and materially comfortable home and house. 

They know both intuitively and through subconscious feelings and insights that Taurus can provide exactly this.

Overall compatibility: 9

Emotional bond: 8

Psychological bond: 8

Sex & intimacy: 9

True love potential: 9

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#4. Virgo: Harmonious Security 

Virgo and Cancer are a sweet and nurturing match.

They both value security, commitment, loyalty, and love- they’re both givers.

This makes them highly compatible with a unique type of synergy.

Virgo is very dependable, responsible, and financially minded, while Cancer offers a safe and nurturing home environment.

Both partners are protective and supportive in their own ways and compliment each other.

Cancer can be a little needy and clingy in a codependent type of way, and Virgo can be slightly emotionless.

But, they both have very similar values with genuine empathy and compassion for each other. 

In addition, Virgo provides Cancer the reassurance and true love they need through regular compliments and sincere affection.

Virgo is Cancer´s secret admirer!

Although they will never admit it, or maybe only once… 

This instinctively boosts Cancer´s self-esteem and unconditional love, sensitivity, and capacity to be loving and caring.

Overall compatibility: 8

Emotional bond: 7

Psychological bond: 9

Sex & intimacy: 8

True love potential: 8

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#5. Cancer: A Twin Flame Bond

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Synergy, soul union, an instant feeling of knowing each other from past lifetimes, and immediate telepathic connection… just wow!

Cancer and Cancer are a true mirror of each other.

To find, attract, and keep your Cancer soulmate, as a Cancer, you don’t really have to do much except be yourself and transcend your own toxic traits.

There are so many frequencies to draw from in this connection.

As instinctive and psychic water signs, Cancer is able to tune into the astral realms.

The subconscious realm and mind play a huge part in this bond, so they can frequently inspire each other and spark gems of wisdom and inspiration.

Imagination and shared artistic, musical, and healing or spiritual interests are the best areas in a Cancer-Cancer pairing

Both in and out of the bedroom, Cancer receives psychic, subtle, and subconscious impressions and instincts.

So harmony and unity are very, very achievable because they know how the other is feeling and what they need in each moment. 

As an empath, there is so much sensitivity, kindness, warth, caring, and compassion.

Yet they need to be mindful of losing boundaries and their sense of self in the other.

Also, people-pleasing, codependency, and self-sacrifice can get in the way of authentic and deeper intimacy. 

Overall compatibility: 9.5

Emotional bond: 10

Psychological bond: 9

Sex & intimacy: 9.5

True love potential: 10!

Top 3 Things to Do to Find & Keep A Cancer 

Cancer and Cancer pairing

1. Be sensitive

Cancer hates cold and emotionally abusive or harsh characters. They thrive off of- and admire- sensitivity, depth, and relying on intuition and instincts.

By cold, I am referring to insensitive types, like the fire signs at a low vibration.

It’s well known that Aries can be aggressive and a bully, Leo overly dominant and tyrannical, and Sagittarius harsh and hurtful (insensitive & aggressive!), so do take note, fire signs. 

If you are insensitive and superficial- air signs, I´m talking to you; embody more depth and intimacy.

Earth signs: take note to remain emotionally open and vulnerable, as anything less will turn this sweet nurturer off. 

2. Have some sort of creative gift

Cancer´s light gets turned on through artistic, creative, musical, and imaginative gifts, so it’s important to be skilled in one of these areas. 

They´re playing with a unique sense of humor, and their true funky & colorful inner soul shine comes out when they see you are creative too.

Cancer loves self-expression, just not in an overly fiery or dominant way.

Admire their sensitivity and imagination as well, as this is a sure way to captivate their gentle heart.

Pay them compliments, suggest a creative date, and wow them with your musical or poetic skills (without being arrogant or too in-your-face). 

3. Surprise them with soul…

In a masculine and superficial world, everyone loves a bit of soul!

Cancer has soul-depth, a majestic aura, and a deep connection to the ethereal waters of divinity. 

You can magnetize Cancer to you by speaking about things like mermaids or the power of sea animals.

For example, get educated on the spiritual and energetic powers of dolphins, whales, and sea otters. 

Or simply go to the beach!

You can definitely find Cancer by a lake, river, or ocean…

Music that awakens their senses and spiritual body is a win.

If you´re a musician or someone with any level of sensual radiance- a magnetic and subtle glow, you´re already ahead of the game. 

What to Avoid for Finding Love With Cancer

Woman looking at the sun

Firstly, avoid harshness and brutal remarks as mentioned above.

Even something considered a “joke” can be taken the wrong way when directed at Cancer.

They are incredibly self-protective and protective of the ones they love. They are actually fiercely protective and loyal. 

Cancer might seem shy and reserved, but they have a strong sense of self-love. They possess loyalty to themselves.

Yes, this is true even when they suffer from low self-esteem! 

Momentary low self-worth doesn´t take away from their unconditional love, and this is because they unconditionally love everyone else.

This means that even when they’re unconscious of their worth or unconscious of their depressive mood or cycle, they are still in a vibratory state of self-love. 

Don´t forget, Cancer is the Great Nurturer and Empathic Caregiver of the zodiac!

Thus, they exist perpetually and in harmony with the subconscious realm, which is always available to remind them of their light and power.

It simultaneously protects them when in temporary darkness. 

Further, tactics and flirting behavior that may seem normal or acceptable to many are not ok for Cancer.

Trying to make them feel jealous by talking about past lovers excessively will turn them off. 

Also, bragging, boasting, or being arrogant in any type of way is an immediate no-no.

It may be sexy or attractive to people with a lot of fire or air in their chart, but it’s a red flag for this sweet and sensual water sign. 

If you really want to draw Cancer into your personal energy field, appeal to their compassionate and caring side.

They love animals and nature too while speaking about healing, (positive/light) witchcraft, and spiritual therapies or metaphysics will never fail you. 

Last but not least, be sincere!

Seek out a genuine connection because one of their core desires in life is for co-creation – in whichever way this manifests.

Worst Love Matches: “Zodiac Enemies” For Cancer

Worst Zodiac Sign matches for Cancer

Who is not a Cancer soulmate? Let’s find out.

#1. Aries: A nightmare…

Aries is a bit of a bully, in all honesty. When hot-headed Aries think they´re just being direct or blunt and honest, Cancer sincerely feels like they’re being bullied.

Cancer will almost always feel like they can’t share their feelings, beliefs, needs, emotions- anything at all for this matter!

Aries will quite literally stomp all over Cancer while making them into their own personal doormat or emotional dumping ground.

The only other option is Aries becoming a real-life narcissist and player who cheats on their lover whilst giving the impression of being the caring and empathic faithful companion.

Their sexual styles are completely different as well. Overall, this is one of the worst matches there is…

General rating: 3/10 

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#2. Gemini: Harmony with clashes

Both harmony and clashes can be found in this love match. Gemini and Cancer are one of the best matches out of the worst soulmate connections.

This is because Gemini is just as affectionate, playful, loyal, and a caregiver as Cancer.

They need to research the significant differences between air and water to make this work.

There is much love and loyalty to be found, and both inspire each other differently.

General rating: 6/10

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#2. Leo: Conflict & confusion

Like Aries, Leo is too dominant for Cancer´s love, friendship, and communication style. It will be hard for Cancer to be able to speak or have a say in anything at all!

Leo represents the ultimate authority, yet Cancer is a symbol of sacrifice and submission. Even when at its strongest, Cancer will always be too soft.

This could very well end up as one of those “empath-narcissist” dysfunctional relationships.

Leo will always be unhappy without sometimes knowing why, and Cancer will sometimes feel psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually abused.

Out of all the fire signs, this is the one with the best potential. Cancer is a giver, while Leo craves intimacy, affection, and loyalty.

Romance is a very strong point so physical touch can be a saving grace.

General rating: 4-5/10 

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#4. Libra: A shadow of their true selves

Libra and Cancer often play out their shadow personalities with each other, projecting their toxic traits into one another.

It is a very superficial relationship because both enjoy and are attracted to the other´s positive qualities.

Yet find little to no security, soul-sparking passion, or deeper understanding there.

At first, it will appear like they have lots in common and conversation flows. But they both discover very quickly how incompatible they are.

Libra lacks depth, and Cancer comes across as codependent & clingy.

General rating: 4- 5/10. 

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#5. Sagittarius: The empath-narcissist dance

This is a true empath-narcissist entanglement, with Cancer feeling like a real-life victim of abuse and Sagittarius, unfortunately, becoming the aggressor.

Sag´s positive qualities are lost on Cancer. Super-sensitive Cancer equally feels like their inner magic and beauty can´t be shown.

The only way this would work is with multiple other harmonious planetary placements. Otherwise, just like with Aries, it could be a legitimate nightmare.

One positive aspect, although somewhat short-lived, is their shared sense of vision and inner artistry.

Both are highly creative- just in different ways… Joyful romance and satisfying intimacy are virtually non-existent.

General rating: 3/10

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#6. Aquarius: The visionary & the healer

Focusing purely on their good points, Cancer is a healer, and Aquarius is a visionary.

Cancer symbolizes unconditional love, and Aquarius is deeply altruistic, humanitarian, and concerned with the well-being of others, the planet as a whole, and animals.

These two could work together if they focus on their shared sense of mission, service, or soul purpose!

But, romance and true intimacy will be majorly lacking. While practical living and domestic, monetary, and basic survival matters will be a large focal point of their soulmate bond.

If they can overlook the lack of sexual and emotional satisfaction, they can find peace and contentment in the above areas.

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General rating: 4- 5/10

Thank you, I hope you enjoyed learning about the best Cancer Soulmates and also the worst. Do you agree, with what was said? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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