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6 Most Compatible Scorpio Soulmates (Ranked By Love Match)

6 Most Compatible Scorpio Soulmates (Ranked By Love Match)

The sensual and seductive water sign, Scorpio is both spiritual and ambitious.

They have ancient ruler Mars and modern ruler Pluto to thank for this double dose of power!

Scorpio is intense and mysterious, intuitive, psychic, caring, devoted, and gifted in the realms of art and creativity.

They radiate sensuality and soul in equal measure, and people who appreciate depth and sensitivity often find them irresistible. 

The best soulmate for Scorpio is arguably a fellow water sign, an earth sign, or someone with a lot of water and earth in their (natal) chart.

Let's find out why!

Top Rated Scorpio Soulmates

Best Soulmates for Scorpio

#1. Pisces: The perfect partner

Sweet and unconditionally loving Pisces is one of the best love matches for Scorpio.

In fact, this is a power couple and true love potential. Scorpio and Pisces share a magnetic, unexplainable, and powerful bond.

They gravitate toward each other and instantly find common ground and shared resonance.

They´re both two of the most intuitive, creative, musical, imaginative, and spiritual signs of the zodiac, so it wouldn't be a surprise if they instantly started giving each other Reiki or playing musical instruments together!

A lot of magic can be found in this bond. Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically, this is pretty much a perfect match.

Telepathy is strong; they both know what the other is feeling, thinking, and needing instinctively.

They're both givers with very well-developed hearts and third-eye chakras too. 

They have shared goals and dreams too, and when Scorpio turns more towards business and making money, Pisces is here to keep the bond infused with soul, depth, and majesty.

The only thing to be mindful of is the tendency of Pisces to be submissive and Scorpio more dominant.

As ruler of the 9th house of sex and death, and with ancient ruler Mars- the plants of passion, energy, and vitality but also competition, lust, and aggression;

Scorpios can sometimes seek power over their partner, turning towards BDSM or other dom-sub roles.

It may be kinky and pleasurable at first, but both partners need to stay connected to the empathic, compassionate, and caring energy they share… to overcome potential toxicity. 

Overall compatibility: 9.5

Emotional bond: 8

Psychological bond: 9

Sex & intimacy: 9

True love potential: 10

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#2. Cancer: Sweet synergy…

Similar to Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer feel an instant spark and connection.

Cancer is known as the caregiver and instinctive protector of the zodiac, and Scorpio loves this.

Being so nurturing, compassionate, caring, and intuitive to their partner´s needs is something deep Scorpio will never be tired of.

Scorpio actually admires how submissive and supportive Cancer is, while Cancer is equally smitten by Scorpio´s sexiness, sensitivity, and intensity!

They measure high on the Scorpio soulmate scale.

There may be some issues of inequality regarding sex. Everything expressed for Pisces applies.

However, Cancer is even more likely to become Scorpio´s personal sex slave! With consent, of course…

But generally, they flow and merge together in beautiful, loving, and harmonious ways. 

Musically, domestically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically, this is a match made in heaven.

Cancer can be a bit moody and hypersensitive for Scorpio, who is always a bit more level-headed out of the two.

However, Cancer equally represents unconditional love, so honesty and vulnerability can overcome any potential problems.

There is potential to start a healing, counseling, or therapeutic business together or inspire others through shared creative gifts. 

Overall compatibility: 9

Emotional bond: 8

Psychological bond: 9

Sex & intimacy: 9

True love potential: 10

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#3. Scorpio: Power couple chemistry

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

A perfect synergy and flowing of yin and yang… Scorpio and Scorpio are dualities in oneness, or oneness in duality.

This could even be a twin flame connection.

Telepathy, resonance on multiple levels, an imaginative and artistic romance, creative passions, and similar or identical goals in life relating to finances, family, and resources bring these two together in a magical way.

Synchronicity is strong and constant in this love match. Even if they choose to stay as friends, the true love bond is undeniable;

There is little bad to say: the only thing they need to watch out for is manipulative tendencies and some possible jealousy. 

Generally speaking, they are mirrors of each other, reflecting back the other´s hopes, desires, strengths, passions, and hidden feelings and beliefs.

Even weaknesses are brought to light in a healing and self-mastery-focused way.

Sexually? Let's just say this is as hot, soul-infused, and kinky a connection as they come…

Overall compatibility: 9

Emotional bond: 9

Psychological bond: 8

Sex & intimacy: 9

True love potential: 10

#4. Virgo: An artistic romance

When Virgo and Scorpio come together, it is a very artistic bond.

Virgo is a major perfectionist, always striving for skill mastery and talent acquisition.

They have a deeply analytical and methodological approach to educational, musical instruments, art, and professional development, yet they are also sensual and down-to-earth.

Scorpio is a sensual, spiritual, incredibly intuitive, and mystical/mysterious water sign, yet they have a highly ambitious and resourceful streak.

Joining forces brings considerable power, passion, and innovation.

Romance is strong, they clearly have a lot of passion for each other!

Communication is often open and direct, there´s little wishy-washiness with this pairing, and this creates the potential for something long-term.

Both Scorpio and Virgo value security, longevity, and a loyal commitment.

Therefore, there shouldn't be many issues in shared values when it comes to a happy home & family life. 

This is an artistic and creative, however equally stable and grounded, loving and sweet bond.

The relationship is full of chemistry, nurturance, empathy, consideration, respect, harmony, and sweetness.

Neither partner likes coldness or a lack of warmth & sensitivity.

Although Virgo can be a little emotionless for Scorpio's taste, further not being as open-minded or spiritual as the naturally shamanic and soul-deep Scorpion…

Overall compatibility: 8

Emotional bond: 8

Psychological bond: 8

Sex & intimacy: 8

True love potential: 8

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#5. Capricorn: A driving force in the world

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

This is one of those power-house couples where people are inspired by their sheer success and joint accomplishment.

Scorpio and Capricorn seem to have the perfect house, home, family, careers, and livelihoods.

Anyone observing them together, in action and flow, maybe slightly envious!

Capricorn is ruled by the tough-love teacher, task-master, and “father of time” Saturn, which brings incredible authority and a savvy business or money mindset into the equation.

Scorpio is deep, amazingly intuitive, and multi-talented, often gifted in intelligence, music, art, imagination, business, resources, and finances.

There are many ways a grounded and mature Scorpio can make their money.

Furthermore, they measure high up on the Scorpio soulmate scale because they are naturally compatible.

Earth and water generally blend very well together.

Scorpio offers a soulful sensitivity and gentleness to Capricorn, while Capricorn provides a love (and mastery) of structure and organization, which sometimes keeps super-spiritual Scorpio aligned to their goals and aspirations.

This can be quite a practical relationship, but they share some intense moments of chemistry and passion behind closed doors.

There shouldn't be many issues as long as there's enough romance to keep the emotional and physical bond going. 

Overall compatibility: 8

Emotional bond: 8

Psychological bond: 7

Sex & intimacy: 9

True love potential: 8

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#6. Taurus: Passionate self-evolution 

As Scorpio´s opposite, Taurus is definitely considered a soulmate.

Both are fixed signs, which means that even though they may not be Scorpio's best soulmate, they rank quite high on the list.

A lot of growth, learning, and self-discovery comes through partnering up with your opposite star sign.

Each partner can evolve through their lover´s strengths while simultaneously discovering what they lack and what qualities they need to embody or integrate more.

They actually have a really deep and passionate emotional bond, with lots of shared hobbies and interests that make them think, “wow, this is my true life partner!”

The things they need to work on actually to get to this place within and around are their jealousy and possessiveness.

As fixed signs, both can be infuriatingly jealous, possessive, clingy, and either manipulative or vindictive when their feelings are hurt.

Emotional and psychological violence can ensue when this happens.

Positively, Taurus is wonderfully practical and dependable, providing a strong foundation and financial aspect to the relationship while equally being supportive, affectionate, loyal, and benevolent- qualities Scorpio adores.

Scorpio simultaneously learns more about their own ability to secure a stable income, be dependable and reliable, and bring joy and warmth to others through their light.

Overall compatibility: 8

Emotional bond: 8

Psychological bond: 9

Sex & intimacy: 7- 9 (Depending on how willing they are to work on insecurities.) 

True love potential: 8

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Who Is Not Scorpio's Soulmate? (Worst love matches!) 

Worst love matches for Scorpio

When asking who Scorpio's soulmate is, it's important to know who isn´t, who ranks lowest, and what signs may even be called a “zodiac enemy.”

Typically, the fire and air signs are least compatible with Scorpio.

But do remember that there is more to astrological synergy and soulmate potential than star signs! You should also consider your partner´s or sweetheart´s Moon, Rising, Venus, and other planetary placements. 

#1. Aries: The aggressive one

Quite simply, Aries is too aggressive, bully-like, and overbearing for sweet Scorpio´s preference.

There are some major clashes here. Over time, Scorpio will most likely become more like their fiery partner, being less soulful, nurturing, compassionate, and gently empathic; and more insensitive, selfish, and chaos-loving.

They may be totally unconscious of it too.

Aries- especially a less evolved lower vibrational Aries- brings out Scorpio´s worst side, the primal, over-powering, control-seeking, emotionally insensitive, and un-empathic version of this usually caring and soulful empath.

Scorpio will first be attracted to Aries´assertiveness and bold, independent, and direct personality.

However, ultimately this bond does not have longevity (unless they are willing to sacrifice some of their core values & qualities!).

General rating: 4- 5/10

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#2. Gemini: The superficial chameleon

A bit too superficial for Scorpio´s depth, to begin with, they will be attracted to the color, charisma, and creativity shared and valued.

However, for longevity, each would need to make very big sacrifices.

Scorpio will feel emotionally (and potentially spiritually) dissatisfied, and Gemini will feel restricted and repressed.

Gemini craves lots of friendships and acquaintances, also thriving off of an intellectual, bubbly, and upbeat (aka superficial, to Scorpio) vibe.

Scorpio prefers depth, sensitivity, and an intense magnetic bond.

Neither will truly understand the way the other functions, and over time this leads to disrespect and a lack of unity, harmony, and joy.

General rating: 4- 5/10 

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#3. Leo: Opposites attract, but…

A soulmate connection can also be formed in an “incompatible” connection.

Leo is a prime example of this- similar to Taurus, Scorpio´s opposite, there are lots of differences that can make both partners grow and access unexplored parts of themselves.

Yet, there are some really, really, apparent and clear fundamental differences.

Leo is all about glamor, luxury, seeking the spotlight, and shining in a way that often diminishes the more sensitive and introverted or artistic people´s light.

Scorpio is the sensitive and modest artistic one! Fire and water create steam, there´s lots of passion and inspiration to be found.

However, ultimately, there is too much distortion, arguments, and disagreements to overlook.

General rating: 4- 5/10 

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#4. Libra: Somewhere in the middle

Libra has the highest potential for a lasting soulmate connection out of all the fire and air signs.

Libra is ruled by the feminine planet Venus, which gives them a feminine and sensitive edge.

They are also just as intuitive, imaginative, and empathic as they are logical and intellectual, so Scorpio sees a lot of positive traits and opportunities for harmony in this bond.

Further, Libra is actually the symbol of harmony and peace, despising conflict and being balanced in the masculine (air sign) and feminine (feminine planet) attributes.

Libra is deeply romantic, sensual, artistic, and imaginative too. Overall, this could really work.

Sex and intimacy are areas to work on.

General rating: 6/10

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#5. Sagittarius: Lacking longevity 

As much as they find each other extremely attractive and fun, there is little to no trust in this love match, and a lot of conflict and drama.

Longevity, security, commitment, and trust issues are major issues.

This would work as one of those “friends with benefits” bonds.

However, Scorpio wants something deeper and with some soul and caring vibes.

Sagittarius can be affectioning and caring, but they are primarily free spirits who want multiple lovers or to be a bit of a player- or polyamorous.

Different sides of the same coin.

Scorpio may also come across as moody and mellow for the optimistic and fiery Sag personality.

General rating: 4- 5/10

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#6. Aquarius: Emotionally aloof and detached

As much as they both have a dreamy, idealistic, and share artistic, creative, and imaginative vibe- in addition to both Scorpio and Aquarius being practical and resourceful, both partners function in completely different ways.

Aquarius´aloof and emotionally detached nature will be a perpetual problem throughout the relationship, and unless Aquarius has their Moon, Rising, and other placements in more sensitive and feminine signs, this won't work.

It's unfortunate because shared values and passions measure high.

It's just that analytical Aquarius will “think” their way into the relationship- romance and sex included- while Scorpio “feels.”

General rating: 4/10

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Thank you, I hope you enjoyed learning about the best and worst Scorpio soulmates.

Do you agree?

Let us know in the comments below!

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