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21 Traits Of Strong Energy Connections Between Two People

21 Traits Of Strong Energy Connections Between Two People

Have you ever met a person with whom the relationship was solid and special from the very beginning? 

We encounter different types of relationships throughout our lifetime, but the most meaningful ones are when we share a strong energy connection with the other person. 

There are multiple types of energy connections between two people, the most widely known being the karmic relationships, soulmates, karmic soulmates, and twin flames.

A person with whom you share an energy connection is going to impact your life from the first day you’ve met them. 

Their purpose in your life is to help grow and evolve spiritually and face whatever spiritual lessons you are meant to in this lifetime to fulfill your Divine Mission and evolve on your spiritual path.

If you are at the beginning of your spiritual journey, you could be confused when it comes to recognizing that there is an energy connection between two people – in this case, you and your partner.

You could be tempted to believe that all the extraordinary things you experience with them are coincidences.

In case you’re not sure if there is an energy connection between you and a certain person, below are the key signs of an energy connection between two people:

21 Traits of Energy Connection Between Two People

Energy Connections Between Two People

1. A deja-vu feeling when you’ve just met them

The first trait of an energy connection between two people is a Deja-vu feeling that they both experienced when they first meet. 

Deja-vu is the sensation we experience when we’re in a situation in which we’ve been before – or the strange feeling that this has happened before. 

If you experience a Deja-vu feeling when you’ve just met the person, it’s because you share a strong energy connection with them, from a past life. 

Regardless of the type of energy connection you have – Twin Flame, karmic relationship, etc., you have definitely met in past incarnations, and if the energy connection is very strong, your soul will instantly recognize them.

2. Destined meeting

Another major trait of an energy connection between two people is when their meeting seems to have been destined, or somehow “orchestrated” by the Universe. 

An example of such a destined meeting is when something happens and events are highly altered for you to be able to meet them. 

One of you could miss a train, or receive a surprise trip somewhere where you happen to meet them. 

Whatever the circumstances are, they were a bit unexpected and if you look closely you can see that events unfolded in such a way that you two end up meeting each other.

3. You “click” instantly

When two people’s energies connect, there will be an instant “click.”

This “click” is like a strong sensation that they are meant to be in your life, meant to teach you things, and that you have many goals to achieve together. 

This click can involve sexual or romantic attraction, but it doesn’t have to.

The idea is that you feel instantly drawn to the person, regardless of the nature of the connection.

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4. Strong romantic attraction

Another important trait of an energy connection between two people is a strong romantic attraction to them when you’ve just met them. 

This is not mandatory to happen for you to have an energy connection with someone, however, when it does happen it’s definitely a sign of an energetic connection.

This instant romantic attraction should feel something like falling in love at first sight, kinda like what you see in the movies.

5. Mutual trust and respect

A major sign that you are energetically connected to someone is a strong sense of trust and respect that you have towards them, even if you’ve barely met them. 

Even if this is a karmic relationship, meant to challenge you further down the line, in the beginning, you will strongly feel that you can trust this person. 

Your connection will be strong and sacred, based on a solid foundation of trust, respect, and mutual support.

6. Major similarities

a strong energy connection between two people share similarities

When there is a strong energy connection between two people, they are most likely very similar to each other in a multitude of ways. 

This similarity may not always be obvious from the very beginning, as on the surface they could seem to have completely different personalities. 

However, when they get to know each other better, they will discover that they share very similar life experiences and that their personalities are in fact, very similar. 

They could even have identical stories about certain events that shaped their lives, such as how their first relationship was, the first day of school, their relationship with their mother, etc. 

7. Emotional connection

Another way in which you can tell that there is an energy connection between two people is by observing their emotional bond.

Do they mirror each other’s emotions? Do they understand what the other one is feeling without words? 

Do they pick up on each other’s emotions – no words necessary?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then indeed, these two people are sharing an undeniable energy connection – as emotion is in fact, energy. 

8. Telepathy

When two people’s energies connect, they will start experiencing telepathy.

This means that they will easily read others’ minds and know what the other one is thinking, without any communication. 

This means that they will not be able to lie to each other or play games with each other, as the other one will instantly know. 

Telepathy also refers to the emotional connection I mentioned before, as the concept of telepathy encompasses the ability to perceive someone’s emotions and thoughts. 

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9. Finishing each other’s sentences

An obvious sign of an energy connection between two people is when they start finishing each other’s sentences, or when they are saying the same thing at the same time.

This shows that they have already started to think very much alike and that they are energetically synchronized. 

10. Having similar taste

Another major sign of a strong energy connection between two people is when they start sharing the same taste. 

They could wear similar clothes, have similar hobbies, or share the same taste in music. 

Whatever the area, when two people’s energies connect, they start making the same choices and having similar tastes in many areas of life. 

They could be similar in taste and in choices right from the very beginning, or they could become more similar as they spend more time with each other. 

11. Similar behavior

When two people’s energies connect, they start acting similarly, talking similarly, and thinking similarly. 

They will have similar or identical reactions in certain situations. They may even start talking in similar ways – using the same expressions, same tone of voice, etc.

They may get angry or happy for the same reasons and at the same time.

Basically, everyone around them will notice that they are quite “synchronized” when it comes to reactions, and sometimes people can say that they resemble each other. 

12. Synchronized body language

feeling energy between two people

When two people are connected at a deeper level, their body language will synchronize as well. 

The body language always shows what we actually think.

Also, a person’s body language is determined by their “mirror neurons”, a set of neurons that “connect” to the mirror neurons of the people around us. 

This connection happens when two people think alike and when there is mutual sympathy between them. 

From a spiritual point of view, two peoples’ mirror neurons connect when they share an energy connection.

Thus, when two people’s energies connect, their body language will be identical (sitting in the same positions, doing the same gestures, etc.), and will express sympathy towards each other (through positive gestures, such as pupils being dilated, raising their palms openly, orienting their body towards the other person, etc.). 

13. They crave each other’s company

The energy between two people is very strong and positive when they miss each other soon after they parted.

Because they really like each other and they share a powerful energy connection, they will crave each other’s company every time they are apart. 

Their energetic structures became used to one another and they share a soul connection, thus, they will always miss each other intensely when they are not together. 

14. Comfortable silence

Another sign of an energy connection between two people is when they can sit in silence together, without feeling awkward. 

When two people share the same energy, their connection will transcend societal norms, and will not need to always talk to fill a void.

When one of them feels comfortable being silent, the other one feels that and adjusts their mood so that they will feel comfortable in silence as well. 

Also, when there is a strong connection between two people, they will not need words to communicate. 

They always communicate at an energetic level, thus, silence is not uncomfortable for them.

15. Time flies when they are together 

When two people have a strong energy connection, time together seems to fly very fast. 

They have this feeling that they just met when they have to say goodbye, even if they spent hours together. 

This happens because they enjoy their time together so much, that they can’t get enough of it. 

Time spent together becomes addictive, and they almost start feeling as if someone was taking their favorite drug away from them when they have to part. 

16. Together, they feel as if they’re in another world

Another trait of a strong energy connection between two people is that when they are together, they feel as if they’re in another world. 

The feeling is almost as if the drawer from Narnia was real and they walked right through it, ending up in an amazing, fairy tale land. 

The amazing conversations they have, make them travel mentally in different dimensions. 

Together, they feel as if they are the only people left on earth and nothing else matters. 

Their powerful energy connection also makes them feel like they are in a  “bubble” surrounding them and separating them from the world. 

When they are together, an energy bubble literally forms around them and they only have eyes for each other.

17. They have fascinating, deep conversations

When two people share an amazing energy connection, their conversations are very different from the ordinary, boring small talk other couples have. 

For them, no conversation is boring or mundane, because they stimulate each other both intellectually and emotionally.

They will feel so safe around each other that they will talk about anything, and will share each other’s most intimate secrets without fear or hesitation, knowing that whatever they shared will stay between the two. 

Also, both of them will bring up any topic that fascinates them, and they will emerge into deep, amazing, and stimulating conversations from which both of them will learn and grow. 

18. They care deeply for each other

Couple caring deeply for each other

Another major trait of a powerful energy connection between two people is that their relationship is built on the best and purest intentions, and they care deeply about each other. 

If they end up in a romantic partnership, their love will be authentic and unconditional. 

If they ever fight, they will always make amends and come back to each other because they simply can’t live without one another. 

They care for each other so deeply that when one of them is sad, the other one starts crying too. 

Sometimes, when one of them is hurt, the other one can suffer more for their partner's pain than they would suffer if they were the injured one.

When one of them is happy for some reason, the other one will be happy too, even if normally they would not have reasons to be happy.

19. They laugh together 

Another trait of an undeniable energy connection between two people is that they have a lot of fun together. 

When they meet, the energy between them is so positive that they always end up having good fun and enjoying their time together. 

They will quickly develop “inside jokes” that only they will understand and will make other people wonder how they can get along so well. 

A sign of a strong energy connection is that they laugh together until their face hurts, and if at some point they have a disagreement and fall out, they will always forgive each other and get back together. 

20. They grow together 

One way you can tell that two people share a powerful energy connection is by noticing that they help each other grow as people and become better versions of themselves. 

They are similar but still different in some critical points of view, thus, they have a lot to learn from each other. 

The amazing thing is that they are open to learning from each other and they help each other grow spiritually by challenging one another. 

When one person is challenged by the person they love the most, they will do their best to learn the spiritual lesson behind it and evolve, rather than leave the relationship. 

Friends and family will notice that both of them are better versions of themselves now, than they were in the past, as they have healed and matured through this connection.

21. They would do anything for each other

A couple loving each other deeply

The most important trait of an energy connection between two people is that they would do anything for each other. 

They love each other so much and care about each other in such profound ways, that there isn’t something that one would not do for the other one. 

They are partners in crime, a bit like Bonnie and Clyde.

They share a deep, unconditional friendship, which is the main foundation for their relationship. 

They would lend money to each other, lie for each other, be there for each other unconditionally, and maybe even go to jail for one another. 

Yes, this could sound exaggerated but when two people share a positive and deep energy connection, they end up caring for each other so much that they would indeed, do anything for each other. 

If you have someone in your life with whom you share an amazing energy connection, we would love to read your unique story in the comments section below, with all the details about how you met, how the relationship evolved, and how their presence makes your life better!

Also, if you enjoyed this article about the main traits of energy connections between two people, let us know!

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